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Mountain View News Saturday, July 3, 2021 
Cosmic Cocktail Hour July 7: Pasadena Humane Renews San Marino 4th Of July HomeAre We Alone in the Universe? All Local City Contracts Decorating Contest Winners 

The city of San Marino 
announced Thursday the 
winners of the Second 
Annual 4th of July Home 
Decorating Contest! In 
order to encourage some 
patriotic community spirit 
leading up to the holiday, 
our Community Services 
Department gave out free 
home decorating starter 
kits, and residents were 
then asked to decorate their 
homes with them and any 
other decorations. 46 kits 
were distributed, and from 
the residents who then 
submitted an entry into our 
home decorating contest, 
3 winners were chosen. 
The categories were: most 
creative (pictured), most 
patriotic, and judge’s choice. 
The winners will each receive 
a $100 gift card to a local 
business and a recognition 
lawn sign. 

Senior Center, the cost for 

All of the planets in our Cosmic Cocktail Hour is only 
galaxy, the Milky Way, orbit $7 for members and $10 for vested interest in servingaround our largest star, the Sun. nonmembers 50 and older. Pasadena Humane announced our community because we 
Planets that orbit around other Residency in Pasadena is not Thursday that the cities of believe we can provide the best 
stars in the universe are called required. Pasadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, outcomes for the animals in 
exoplanets, which are very hard To register, visit South Pasadena, San Marino, need of care,” said DuVernet.

to see directly with telescopes and La Cañada-Flintridge, Sierra “These contracts are core to 
on Earth and in outer space click on Events, Clubs and Madre, and Bradbury have all our mission of leading the 

because they are hidden by the Lectures, then Online Events approved five-year contracts way towards a compassionate 
bright glare of the stars they or call 626-795-4331. Everyone for animal care and control and caring community for all 
orbit. who registers will receive an services with Pasadena animals.”

 For the monthly Cosmic email link to access the Zoom Humane that began July 1. A notable change in the 

Cocktail Hour Wednesday, event. Anyone who does not These contracts are the result contracts is that Pasadena 
July 7, at 4 p.m. via Zoom, have WiFi or an email address of ongoing negotiations to Humane will now retain all pet 
Dr. Johanna Teske, a scientist can dial 626-795-4331 standardize services across the licensing fees. It is Pasadena

with the Earth and Planets receive a number to call to join cities and reach fair terms for Humane’s hope this will 
Laboratory at Carnegie this Zoom event by phone. all parties. encourage more pet owners 
Institution for Science, will Are we alone in the universe? “We’ve come to a mutual to comply with local licensingexplain why exoplanets and Does Earth have an inhabited agreement that will allow ordinances, knowing that the 
planet formation are crucial twin planet in a galaxy far, far Pasadena Humane to continue fees help to support Pasadena 
to our understanding of what away? Which kinds of stars to provide its unparalleled Humane services. NASA’s Self-Driving Marsmakes a planet in our galaxy provide long-lasting, stable services for the community it As a socially conscious shelter, 

and potentially billions of other conditions that could allow has served for well over 100 Pasadena Humane accepts 
galaxies a place with all the right life a chance to take hold and years,” said Dia DuVernet, animals from contract cities, Rover ‘Takes the Wheel’ 
ingredients and conditions for evolve like it did here on Earth? president and CEO of Pasadena regardless of health, age, breed, The agency’s newest remains critical in planning and 

life – what scientists refer to as Pour your favorite beverage, Humane. “Pasadena Humane behavior, or other criteria. driving Perseverance’s route.

rover is trekking

habitability. The first confirmed sit back and enjoy the trip. greatly appreciates these cities Pasadena Humane employs An entire team of specialists 
discovery of an exoplanet was For more information about for seeing the value in the four veterinarians and seven across the Martian develops a navigation route 
in 1995. Since then, about online activities as well as high-quality, lifesaving care we behavior specialists, which landscape using a along with planning the rover’s 

4,000 have been confirmed by in-person events and other provide.” allows the shelter to assist activity, whether it’s examining

newly enhanced auto-

multiple discovery methods, programs and services of the Pasadena Humane was medically or behaviorally a geologically interesting 
with about 3,000 more awaiting Pasadena Senior Center, visit obligated to increase fees for challenged animals -making navigation system. feature on the way to its 
verification. the website or call 626-795-animal care and control due sure no animal is left behind. destination or, soon, takingPresented by the Pasadena 4331. to rising costs associated with Pasadena Humane is a NASA’s newest six-wheeled samples. 
achieving the community’s donor-supported, non-profit robot on Mars, the Perseverance Because of the radio signal

Bills to Establish Private expected standards of care in organization that provides rover, is beginning an epic delay between Earth and Mars, 
sheltering and live outcomes. animal care and services for journey across a crater floor they can’t simply move the 
While city contracts have homeless and owned animals in seeking signs of ancient life. rover forward with a joystick.

Use of Force Training Pass 
Use of Force Training Pass 
increased by Consumer Price the Greater Los Angeles Area. That means the rover team is Instead, they scrutinize satellite 
Index (CPI) over decades, The organization is dedicated to deeply engaged with planning images, sometimes donning

Assemblymember Chris for private security service 

best practices in animal care promoting humane treatment navigation routes, drafting those 3D glasses to view the 

employees in consultation

Holden’s legislation, AB 229 and sheltering have evolved and compassionate care for all instructions to be beamed up, Martian surface in the rover’s 

which establishes use of force with the Commission on even donning special 3D glasses

exponentially. animals. The animals in its care vicinity. Once the team signs 

trainings for private security, Peace Officer Standards and The shelter’s robust adoption come from 11 animal control to help map their course. off, they beam the instructions 
and AB 948 which address Training. programs, behavior training service areas, as well as partner But increasingly, the rover to Mars, and the rover executes 
discrimination in the real AB 948 requires the Bureau and veterinary services lead to shelters across the Los Angeles-will take charge of the drive those instructions the following 
estate appraisal process of California Real Estate healthy animals and thousands area and beyond. Pasadena by itself, using a powerful day.
both passed, Wednesday, Appraisals to gather data on of adoptions each year, helping Humane also offers lifesaving auto-navigation system. Called Perseverance’s wheels were 
with bipartisan support in demographic information Pasadena Humane achieve a programs and services to the AutoNav, this enhanced system modified as well to help with 
the Senate Committee on of buyers and sellers of real live release rate of more than 91 community that support the makes 3D maps of the terrain just how swiftly those plans 
percent for companion animals human-animal bond and keeps ahead, identifies hazards, are executed: Along with being

Business, Professions, and estate property and compile and plans a route around any slightly greater in diameter

by placing 100% of safe and pets healthy and safe.Economic Development. data of homeowners from healthy animals. For more information visit: obstacles without additional and narrower than Curiosity’s

“When private security protected classes who file “Pasadena Humane has a direction from controllers back wheels, they each feature 48 
are responsible for the complaints based on low on Earth. treads that look like slightlysafety of the general public, appraisals. The legislation “We have a capability called wavy lines, as opposed to


those private operators also requires appraisers to ‘thinking while driving,’” Curiosity’s 24 chevron-pattern 
must have the proper take anti-bias training when and Their said Vandi Verma, a senior treads. The goals were to 
training in order to apply renewing their license. engineer, rover planner, and help with traction as well as 
the appropriate use of force “Black homeowners Journeys: driver at NASA’s Jet Propulsion durability. 

Laboratory in Southern “Curiosity couldn’t AutoNav

in any particular situation,” in predominately white 

California. “The rover is 

because of the wheel-wear

said Assemblymember neighborhoods are getting Mike Brown 

thinking about the autonomous issue,” Trosper said. “Early in

Chris Holden. “We put a lot their homes appraised for far drive while its wheels are the mission, we experienced of attention on our State’s less than their neighbors,” How I Killed Pluto and turning.” small, sharp, pointy rocks 
peace officers, but private said Assemblymember Why It Had It Coming That capability, combined with starting to put holes in the 
security, who sometimes are Chris Holden. “It’s just other improvements, might wheels, and our AutoNav didn’t 
in similar circumstances, another example of how Presented in Zoom • Sign Who Shape Our World as enable Perseverance to hit a top avoid those.” 

speed of 393 feet (120 meters) Higher clearance for

need comparable training.” bias, whether explicit or up at: well as one of Los Angeles 

per hour; its predecessor, Perseverance’s belly also

AB 229 requires the implicit, creates inequity library/calendar, and a link magazine’s Most Influential 

Curiosity, equipped with an enables the rover to roll

Bureau of Security and for Black Americans. This is to join will be sent to you. People in L.A. 

earlier version of AutoNav, safely over rougher ground 


Investigative Services (BSIS) redlining 2.0.” Mike Brown is a Professor In 2005, Brown shook 

covers about 66 feet (20 meters) including good-size rocks. And

to develop curriculum and Both bills will next be heard of Planetary Astronomy the world of astronomy by 

per hour as it climbs Mount Perseverance’s beefed-up auto-

training courses on the in the Senate Appropriations at Caltech who, in 2006, discovering the existence Sharp to the southeast. navigation capabilities include appropriate use of force Committee. was named one of Time of a tenth planet, slightly “We sped up AutoNav by four ENav, or enhanced navigation, 

magazine’s 100 People bigger than Pluto. But or five times,” said Michael an algorithm-and-software 
rather than resulting in one McHenry, the mobility domain combination that allows more 
more planet being added to lead and part of JPL’s team of precise hazard detection. 

rover planners. “We’re driving a Unlike its predecessors,

our solar system, Brown’s 

lot farther in a lot less time than Perseverance can employ

find ignited a firestorm of 

Curiosity demonstrated.” one of its computers just for

controversy that culminated 

As Perseverance begins its first navigation on the surface; its

in the demotion of Pluto 

science campaign on the floor main computer can devotefrom real planet to the newly of Jezero Crater, AutoNav will itself to the many other tasks coined category of “dwarf ” be a key feature in helping get that keep the rover healthy and planet. In his 2005 book, the job done. active.

How I Killed Pluto and Why This crater once was a lake, This Vision Compute Element,
It Had It Coming, Brown when, billions of years ago, or VCE, guided Perseverance to 
takes the reader through Mars was wetter than today, the Martian surface during its 

and Perseverance’s destination entry, descent, and landing in

the most tumultuous year 

is a dried-out river delta at the February. Now it’s being used

in modern astronomy with 

crater’s edge. If life ever took full-time to map out the rover’s

both humor and drama. 

hold on early Mars, signs of it journey while helping it avoid

Caltech comedian Sandra 

might be found there. The rover trouble along the way.

Tsing said

Loh of the will gather samples over some The rover also keeps track of

book, “Mike Brown is the 9 miles (15 kilometers), then how far it’s moved from onefunniest, smartest, and most prep the samples for collection spot to another using a system 
surprisingly poetic Caltech by a future mission that would called “visual odometry.” 
astronomer who ever made take them back to Earth for Perseverance periodically 

my daughters cry. Certainly analysis. captures images as it moves,

“We’re going to be able to get comparing one position to

their happy nine-planet 

childhoods were worth to places the scientists want the next to see if it moved the 

to go much more quickly,” expected distance.

sacrificing for this truly 

said Jennifer Trosper, who has Team members say they look

fascinating and engaging 

worked on every one of NASA’s forward to letting AutoNav


Martian rovers and is the “take the wheel.” But they’ll

Mike Brown will use his 

Mars 2020 Perseverance rover also be ready to intervene whenbook as a starting point project manager. “Now we are needed. And just what is it like 
to reveal the most recent able to drive through these to drive on Mars? The planners 
discoveries in space that more complex terrains instead and drivers say it never gets old. 
point to the existence of of going around them: It’s not “Jezero is incredible,” Verma 
an unseen giant planet something we’ve been able to said. “It’s a rover driver’s 
well beyond Neptune. do before.” paradise. When you put on the 

The Human Element 3D glasses, you see so much

He’ll provide an update on 

Of course, Perseverance can’t more undulation in the terrain.

scientists’ progress in the 

get by on AutoNav alone. The Some days I just stare at the

search for this Planet Nine, involvement of the rover team images.” 

including new discoveries 
which continues to 
strengthen the hypothesis, 
new analysis which refines 
where to look, and new 
observations that will — 
sometime soon — reveal 
this hidden giant. 

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