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What could be more American than a Hot Dog, so why am I 
writing about Pastrami, read on my loyal readers. My late Pappy 
always told me, “Son, never debate sex, politics or religion. I am 
going to have to add one additional item to his list, a Sandwich/
Dip. You probably couldn’t go more than a couple blocks in most 
cities and not come across one, an American Sandwich Shop. It 
may be the most versatile food item ever created. I eat them for 
lunch, dinner and sometimes, even for breakfast. We are lucky 
for in the San Gabriel area we have a number of All-Stars sandwich 
shops to choose from. There is Tops on Walnut, Connel’s 
Grinders on E. Washington, and The Hat, which has several locations. 
The Hat has been around since 1951, and I glad to say, it 
is a family run business. They are actively involved in the community, 
and that fact was fully demonstrated to me when Ron 
“Corky” Conzonire held the position of President of the Tournament 
of Roses, from 2008-2009. 

The Pastrami Sandwich or “Dip,” as the menu proffers, is the 
Hat’s signature dish. Sure, they have burgers, hot dogs and salads, 
but the menu item that keeps them coming back is the “Pastrami Dip.” It is a World Famous plunge 
of sandwich into au jus. I am planning on a trip to South America next month and I am going to ask 
everyone I meet, about LA’ based World Famous Dishes. I’m just kidding… a little. But, I do develop 
a chuckle in that self anointed phrase. The World Famous Pastrami Sandwich is priced at a reasonable 
($6.99). The meat is thinly sliced and the portion is generous. The bread is light and fluffy; it may be a 
little too light and fluffy in my opinion. For my next visit I will try it on regular sandwich bread. My 
sources inform me that the Hat goes through 14 tons of Pastrami per week. By my calculations, that is a 
lot of sandwiches. My dining companion “Mike” had the Hot Dog and a huge portion of fries .He is on 
a diet it appears. The prices are right at The Hat, everything is under ($10). If you haven’t checked it out, 
you will love the Dip. For the location near you, they have a slick web site 

Happy 4th of July enjoy the Festivities. 


For the period of Sunday, June 20th through Saturday, 
June 26th, the Police Department responded to 1,038 
calls for service, of which 99 required formal investigations. 
The following is a summary report of some of 
the major incidents handled by the Department during 
this period. 

Sunday, June 20:

1. At 12:47 a.m., an officer responded to the Westfield 
Santa Anita Mall, located at 400 South Baldwin 
Avenue, regarding a theft from vehicle report. Sometime 
between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. during the previous 
night, someone stole the catalytic converter from 
her 2005 Honda CRV. Another catalytic converter theft 
was reported during the same time and near the same 
2. At 12:32 p.m., an officer responded to Majoco 
Mountain Corp., located at 159 East Huntington Drive, 
regarding a commercial burglary report. The officer 
determined someone removed a rear window from its 
frame and entered the business but fled empty-handed. 
Monday, June 21:

3. At 1:26 p.m., an officer responded to the 1000 
block of Arcadia Avenue regarding a stolen vehicle report. 
Sometime between 12:30 p.m. and 1:20 p.m. on 
June 21st, someone stole the victim’s Nissan Frontier 
that was parked in the driveway. The truck bed contained 
numerous pieces of gardening equipment. 
4. At 2:34 p.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 300 block of South Old Ranch Road regarding a 
vandalism report. The victim discovered someone had 
broken a rear window to the home. It does not appear 
the suspect(s) entered the home or stole any property. 
Tuesday, June 22:

5. At 9:55 a.m., an officer responded to the 100 
block of East Foothill Boulevard regarding a vehicle 
burglary report. An investigation revealed the suspect 
tampered with the victim’s door lock and stole her 
6. At 11:43 a.m., an officer took a report of a 
grand theft incident that occurred at 405 East Santa 
Clara Street, which is a vacant commercial building. 
The property manager showed the location to a potential 
buyer on June 17th and discovered on June 19th 
that someone had stolen two backflow water valves. 
7. At 7:19 p.m., an officer responded to the 900 
block of Arcadia Avenue regarding a battery report. 
The officer discovered the husband battered his wife 
leaving her with visible injuries. The suspect, a 41-yearold 
male from Arcadia, was arrested and transported to 
the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
Wednesday, June 23: 

8. At 9:08 a.m., an officer responded to Coco’s 
Restaurant, located at 1150 West Colorado Boulevard, 
regarding a robbery report. An investigation revealed 
the unidentified suspect approached the victim in the 
parking lot, spontaneously hit him in the face, and stole 
the victim’s necklace and cellphone. The suspect fled on 
9. At 11:37 a.m., an officer responded to Arcadia 
Congregation Church, located at 2607 South Santa 
Anita Avenue, regarding a commercial burglary report. 
The officer determined unidentified suspect(s) forced 
their way into the church and stole organ pipes. 
Thursday, June 24:

10. At 2:09 p.m., Arcadia Fire and officers responded 
to the intersection of East Foothill Boulevard and 
Highland Oaks Drive regarding an active fire. An investigation 
revealed a suspect had started the fire on 
the trail behind 1012 North First Avenue. The 30-yearold 
male was arrested and transported to the Arcadia 
City Jail for booking. 
Friday, June 25:

11. At 8:41 a.m., an officer responded to Chevron, 
located at 11 East Live Oak Avenue, regarding a theft 
from vehicle report. While the victim was pumping gas 
into her vehicle, the suspect opened the passenger door 
of the victim’s car and stole her purse. The suspect, a 
Hispanic female wearing a dark jacket and mask, then 
returned to her vehicle, a dark colored SUV, and fled. 
The suspect then attempted to use the victim’s ATM 
card to make cash withdrawals, but the transactions 
were declined. The investigation is ongoing. 
12. At 12:56 p.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 300 block of South Old Ranch Road regarding 
a vandalism report. Sometime between Thursday 
night at 7:30 p.m. and Friday afternoon at 12 p.m., 
someone broke a front window of the victim’s residence. 
It does not appear as though the suspect(s) entered the 
home and no loss was reported.
13. At 9:36 p.m., an officer responded to 128 
Wheeler Avenue regarding subjects trespassing in a 
vacant building. An investigation revealed one of the 
suspects cut a lock to enter the secured garage area 
and was also stealing the property owner’s electricity. 
The two suspects, a 41-year-old male from Azusa and 
a 40-year-old male from Pasadena were arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
Saturday, June 26:

14. At 1:35 p.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 1900 block of South 6th Avenue regarding 
a grand theft report. The victim discovered her vintage 
sink was stolen from her yard. The incident occurred 
sometime between January 1st and June 1st. 
As COVID-19 Transmission Continues to Increase in L.A. 
County, Public Health Encourages Everyone to Celebrate In-
dependence Day Safely5 New Deaths and 549 New Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in 
Los Angeles County 
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) again 
confirms a new high of COVID-19 cases in a day since April with 549 new cases. 
Test positivity has more than quadrupled from the low of 0.3% seen the first week 
of June; today’s test positivity rate is 1.3%. 
Two weeks ago, daily hospitalizations were in the low 200s. Currently, there are 
280 people with COVID-19 currently hospitalized and 26% of these people are 
in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 
Public Health encourages everyone to enjoy the Independence Day holiday 
weekend safely as COVID-19 transmission increases in L.A. County. 
With Fourth of July holiday celebrations happening this weekend, the best way 
to stay safe is to be fully vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated and around people 
outside your household, your mask of-fers strong protection against the virus. If 
you or any friends or family are at gatherings and are un-vaccinated or immu-
nocompromised, stay outside as much as possible, and always wear masks when 
indoors except when eating and drinking. 
Public Health recommends, as a precaution, everyone to wear masks indoors 
in settings where vac-cination status cannot be verified to protect the unvac-
cinated and prevent viral transmission while more is learned about the highly 
transmissible Delta variant. There is enough risk and over 4 million unvaccinated 
residents for the Delta variant to pose a threat and masking up now could help 
prevent a resurgence in transmission. 
"We send our deepest condolences to everyone suffering the loss of someone 
they love due to COVID-19,” said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, Director of 
Public Health. “Whenever we see a doubling of cases and a quadrupling of test 
positivity over a short period of time, we are reminded of how easily the virus 
can spread. The three vaccines we have in the U.S. provide powerful protection 
against serious illness, and death from all the variants, and the commonly cir-
culating virus. While the most important thing is to get vaccinated, it is sensible 
when you go indoors to a place and you don't know everyone's vaccination sta-
tus, to put on a face covering to maximize protection for everyone. If you are not 
fully vaccinated, you must wear your mask in all indoor public settings.” 
Beginning today, Friday, July 2 through next Thursday, July 8 at county-run vac-
cination sites, LA City sites, and St. John’s Well Child and Family Center sites, 
everyone 18 and older coming to get a vac-cine will have an opportunity to win 
one of four packages of tickets and passes to botanical gardens in the area. Each 
prize package consists of one annual membership to the Huntington Botanical 
Gardens and one-day passes to Descanso Gardens, L.A. County Arboretum, and 
South Coast Botanic Garden. Official rules and participating site locations is on-
line on the Los Angeles Vaccination Sweepstakes page. 
Cases: 1,248,415 
Deaths: 24,465 
Altadena 43,260 3,356 76 
Arcadia 57,754 2,747 137 
Bradbury 1,069 39 0 
Duarte 22,016 2,322 97 
Monrovia 38,800 3,202 78 
Pasadena 141,371 11,324 349 
Sierra Madre 10,989 473 13 
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