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Mountain Views News Saturday, July 24, 2021 Mountain Views News Saturday, July 24, 2021 

Pasadena Resident Lina Liu 

Over 200 people held a 
candlelight vigil in front of 
the Los Angeles Chinese 
Consulate on July 18. It 
marked the 22nd anniversary 
of the Chinese Communist 
Party's persecution 
towards the spiritual group 
Falun Gong, a body and 
mind exercise based on traditional 
Chinese culture. 

Lina Liu is among the 12 
Pasadena residents participating 
in the event. 
The 75-year-old grandma 
recalled how Chinese authorities 
arrested her in 
2000 for doing the Falun 
Gong meditation in a garden. 
"They detained me for 
two weeks, but it was only 
the beginning of the nightmare." she said. The police 
began to harass her day and night. Sometimes they 
called her at midnight asking what she was doing. The 
local government hired one of her neighbors to monitor 
her activities. At that time, Liu lived with her son, 
daughter-in-law, and her newborn granddaughter. A 
police officer sat in their living room every evening, 
asking her to give up the Fa-lun Gong practice. After 
Liu refused, they pressured her son and daughter-inlaw. 
The family lived in fear. 

Liu quickly decided to leave the country. Fortunately, 
her husband was in Thai-land, and she was able to 
join him. After spending seven years in Thailand, the 
couple came to the United States in 2008. 

Several survivors from Chinese prisons shared their 
personal experiences. Hanna Zhao was in her 20s 
when the Shanghai Police arrested her for distributing 
DVDs exposing the persecution. She served a three-
and-a-half-year prison term. Xiaoxia Ding, a former 
teacher from China, had spent nearly nine years in 
Chinese prisons and labor camps before escaping to 
the U.S. She knows 25 Falun Gong practition-ers tortured 
to death during detention. 

Professor Yingnian Wu from UCLA said the Chinese 
Communist Party's persecu-tion towards Falun Gong 
was due to "jealousy." The authorities detain millions 
of people because they follow Falun Gong's principles 
"Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" instead 
of Communism. During the first six months of 2021, 
67 died from the persecution, and 9470 people were 
detained, according to, a website documenting 
the persecution cases of Falun Gong. The 
website recorded a total of 4677 deaths as a result of 

age and censorship by the Chinese government. 

In May, the U.S. State Department announced sanctions 
against a Chinese Com-munist Party official for 
persecuting Falun Gong. Senator Robert Menendez, 
chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 
released a statement on July 20, "I join the international 
community in calling on Beijing to respect the 
reli-gious beliefs and practices of all its citizens, including 
its Falun Gong practitioners. No one should 
have to face prison, torture, or worse simply for how 
they choose to practice their religion. China should 
immediately release all Falun Gong practi-tioners it 
has detained, and allow them to practice their faith 
with dignity and re-spect." 

Wu encouraged people not to give up because the 
Communist Party is shaken from inside. "Falun Gong 
is always peaceful and non-violent. We do not hate 
anyone, not even those who participated in the persecution. 
We hope more Chinese people can stay 
away from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and 
choose a bright future for themselves." 

Lina Liu has been volunteering for the Tuidang Movement. 
Tuidang means "Withdraw from the CCP." A 
person can make a public declaration to disavow any 
previous ties with the party and its affiliated organizations. 
There are 381 million statements published on 
the website of Tuidang since the movement started in 

During the pandemic, she and her husband meditate 
every morning in the garden of their senior center. 
She plans to start a new practice site at Central Park 
to teach meditation to more newcomers. 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dillsthechefknows@yahoo.compersecution since 1999. The actual number of deaths 
is likely much higher because of information block-More information about local Falun Gong activities 
can be found at

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Zinfandel - 

 Smokey cheese fondue, baked brie with walnuts and 
figs, jalapeno - cheddar cheese, Buffalo wings, smoked 
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Bordeaux style 

Manchego, Swiss Cheese, White Cheddar, Provolone, 
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chocolate - perfect match. 

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The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) confirms 3,058 new 
cases of COVID-19, marking the third day in a row with more than 2,500 cases reported in 
a day. Over the last four days more than 10,000 cases were reported. 

As transmission accelerates in L.A. County, Public Health cautions that unvaccinated people 
are be-coming infected at 5 times the rate of transmission of just one month ago. 

If you are eligible for a vaccine but have not yet been vaccinated, consider getting vaccinated 
now. Fully vaccinated people remain well protected from severe illness and death 
from COVID-19 and known variants of concern like the Delta variant. 

Because of the intensity of COVID-19 transmission in L.A. County, masks are required 
for everyone 2 years of age and older, regardless of vaccination status, in all indoor public 
places to prevent COVID-19 spread. 

Residents should be aware of certain places where COVID-19 can spread more easily, 

• Indoors and closed spaces. 
• Crowded places with many people nearby. 
• Close contact settings especially where people are talking, shouting, or singing (or 
breathing heavily) close together. 
Knowing which situations are riskier can help you to assess your risk and take steps to 
protect yourself in different situations. 

Public Health tracks the impact of COVID-19 on expecting and new moms and newborns. 
As of July 20, there are 10,614 pregnant women who tested positive for COVID-19; an 
increase of 213 cases from the previous week. Seventy-seven percent of pregnant women 
testing positive for COVID-19 are Latina/Latinx, 11% are White, 5% are African American/
Black, 4% are Asian. Among the 10,266 births where there was testing information, 
55 infants tested positive for the virus. Twelve pregnant women positive for COVID-19 
passed away. 

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding can choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine 
with any of the three vaccines. If you are an expecting mom or new mom and have 
questions about getting vaccinated, speak with your healthcare provider. While a conversation 
with your healthcare pro-vider may be helpful, it is not required prior to vaccination. 

Through Thursday, July 29 at County run vaccination sites, LA City sites, and St. John’s Well 
Child and Family Center sites, everyone 18 and older coming to get a vaccine will have an 
opportunity to win one of seven packages of tickets to an array of concerts presented by 

To find a vaccination site near you, make an appointment at vaccination sites, and much 
more, visit: (English) and 
(Spanish). If you don’t have internet access, can’t use a computer, or you’re over 65, you can 
call 1-833-540-0473 for help finding an appointment, connecting to free transportation to 
and from a vaccination site, or scheduling a homevisit if you are homebound. Vaccinations 
are always free and open to eligible residents and workers regardless of immigration status. 

COVID-19 Sector Protocols, Best Practices, COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard, COVID-19 
Surveillance Interactive Dashboard, Recovery Dashboard, and additional actions you can 
take to protect yourself, your family and your community are on the Public Health website, 

LOCAL STATISTICS 07/16/2021 vs. 07/23/2021 

Cases: 1,262,578 
Deaths: 24,566 


Altadena 43,260 3,378 76 
Arcadia 57,754 2,772 137 
Bradbury 1,069 39 0 
Duarte 22,016 2,333 97 
Monrovia 38,800 3,227 79 
Pasadena 141,371 11,484 351 
Sierra Madre 10,989 481 13 

Cases: 1,279,171 
Deaths: 24,614 


Altadena 43,260 3,453 77 
Arcadia 57,754 2,860 141 
Bradbury 1,069 39 0 
Duarte 22,016 2,366 97 
Monrovia 38,800 3,272 79 
Pasadena 141,371 11,627 351 
Sierra Madre 10,989 497 13 

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