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Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 14, 2021 


Because of robust advance 
ticket sales, Sierra 
Madre Playhouse is 
adding performances of 
its outdoor production 
of You’re a Good Man, 
Charlie Brown, extending 
its run through September 

 You’re a Good Man, 
Charlie Brown, the classic 
musical comedy based 
on the beloved Peanuts 
comic strip created by 
Charles M. Schulz, co-
presented with the City 
of Sierra Madre, is being 
performed outdoors in 
Sierra Madre Memorial 
Park, located at 222 W. 
Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra 
Madre, CA 91024. 

The cast includes Hamilton 
Davis Weaver as 
Charlie Brown, Mary 
Zastrow as Lucy, Marcha 
Kia as Sally, Luke 
Sweeney as Schroeder, 
Alexander Mashikian as 
Snoopy, and Melvin Biteng as Linus. Melvin previously appeared in the Playhouse’s production of 
Nothing Is the Same. 

Charlie Brown and the entire Peanuts gang explore life’s great questions as they play baseball, struggle 
with homework, sing songs, swoon over their crushes, and celebrate the joy of friendship.

 Book, music and lyrics by Clark Gesner. Additional music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa. Additional 
dialogue by Michael Mayer. Produced and directed by Christian Lebano. Associate producer: Gary 
Lamb. Musical director: Sean Paxton. Choreography: Palmer Davis. Presented by arrangement with 
Concord Theatricals on behalf of Tams-Witmark LLC.

 Scenic design: Nick Santiago. Costume design: Shon Leblanc. Lighting design: Derek Jones. Wig 
design: Diahann McCrary. SFX design: Gary Lamb/ Jeanne Valleroy. Production Stage Manager: 
Jeanne Valleroy. Assistant stage manager: Payton Emerson. Technical director: Todd McCraw. Assistant 
technical director: John Dimitri. Production manager: Owen Lewis. Dramaturg/ Audience 
engagement: Christa Backstrom. House manager: Pamela Winters. Patron services manager: Mary 

 Covid safety protocols in effect will be observed. Seating will be in socially distanced circles, six feet 
apart, to accommodate parties of two, four, or six. This will primarily be lawn seating (please bring 
your own blankets), but there will also be circles designated for people who bring chairs. A limited 
number of lawn chairs will also be available for rent.

 Circles are now on sale and can be purchased at or by calling (626) 

• Schedule: Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on August 12. 
• Fridays at 7:00 on August 20, August 27, and September 10. 
• Saturdays at 7:00 on August 14, August 21, August 28, September 4, September 11. 
• Sundays at 7:00 on August 15, August 22, August 29, September 5, and September 12. 

by Deanne Davis 

Came across the following somewhere or other and liked the 
whole idea so much I thought I’d pass it along to you, dear 
friends and neighbors: 

“I have a decision I can make every morning when I wake up. I 
have a choice. I can spend the day in bed going through the difficulty 
I have with my body parts that aren’t working as I’d like 
them to, or get out of bed and be thankful for the parts that do 

Each day is a gift, and as long as my eyes open, I will focus on the 
new day and the happy memories I’ve stored just for this time 
in my life. 

HAPPINESS is like a bank account. You withdraw from it what 
you deposit. So my choice – and I’m sure yours, too - is to deposit 
a lot of happiness into my memory accounts. 

Remember five simple things: 

1. Free your heart from hate/discord 
2. Free your mind from worries 
3. Live simply 
4. Give more 
5. Take less” 
And one more thing, give yourself the gift of flowers in your house. The picture today is of the 
flowers in my bedroom. The first things I see when I open my eyes are these flowers, Alstroemeria, 
which are always fresh at my grocery store for about $2.99 a bunch. They last for over a week 
and seeing flowers and thanking God that He made them is a great start to the day. 

We’ve had a little rain lately, which fills us all with joy and makes the whole world look better. 
There is more in store for us, we hope, and, considering the fires and drought conditions everywhere, 
we are so grateful for any rain at all. 

School is in for us, yes, there is dancing in the streets when the car door closes behind our little 
sweeties, and we watch them stagger away under backpacks filled with books and supplies that 
weigh more than they do. One of these days the schools are going to allow the children to use 
lockers again and there will be more rejoicing over that! Daughter Crissy, mother of Jessie and 
Emily, and I took advantage of their being in school and treated ourselves to a second trip to 
see “Jungle Cruise,” and it was just as enjoyable as the first time. You guys have gotta go see that 
movie! It’s high adventure and only the first few minutes are connected to the Disneyland ride. 

Trust me! You’ll like it! 

As it’s been incredibly hot everywhere we’ve been lately and the best thing possible is to step 
out of the heat and humidity and back into our air- conditioned houses. Yes, our electric bill 
makes us gasp when we open it, but life is so much better with A/C than without it. John and I 
suffered through about 44 years of stifling, mind-numbing heat in our hundred-year-old house 
on Alegria before we finally were able to get air conditioning, which made life so much more 

We continually offer thanksgiving to the fine minds who came up with air conditioning and, 
thanks to Wikipedia, here’s something you might not know about this best invention ever: The 
basic concept behind air conditioning is said to have happened in ancient Egypt, where reeds 
were hung in windows and moistened with trickling water. The evaporation of water cooled the 
air blowing through the window. This process also made the air more humid, which was beneficial 
in that dry desert climate. In ancient Rome, water from aqueducts was circulated through 
the walls of certain houses (think mansions) to cool them. 2nd century Chinese inventor Ding 
Huan of the Han Dynasty invented a rotary fan for air conditioning, with 7 wheels, 10 ft. in diameter, 
manually powered by prisoners of the time. Emperor Xuanzong (712-762) of the Tang 
Dynasty had the “cool hall” built in the imperial palace which used water-powered fan wheels 
for air conditioning, as well as rising jet streams of water from fountains. In the 17th century, 
Cornelis Drebbel “turned summer into winter” for James 1st of England by adding salt to water. 
And we, here in the 21st century just press a button and enjoy instant relief. Thank you, modern 
technology, we are beyond grateful. 

As you might recall, last week I mentioned receiving a letter from the IRS demanding more and 
better information. Happily, my tax preparer experts sent them a whole bunch of stuff and a 
stern letter and my fingers are crossed hoping that’s the end of it. 

I’m enjoying “Confessions of a Tax Collector: One Man’s Tour of Duty Inside The IRS” tremendously. 
Here’s a little bit about it: “With a rich mix of humor, horror, and angst, Confessions of 
a Tax Collector contains an astonishing cast of too-strange-for-fiction characters. But the most 
intriguing character of all is Yancey himself who -- in detailing how the job changed him and 
how he managed to pull himself back from the brink of moral, ethical, and spiritual bankruptcy 

– reveals what really lies beneath those dark suits and mirrored sunglasses.” 
I understand that Starbucks is going to unveil their Fall drinks on August 24th, which seems a 
little early, but popular demand rules. Pumpkin Spice Latte! 
Deposit some joy into your happiness bank account today. 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Where you’ll find 
“A Treasure Map, A Drunken Owl & 47 Rattlers in A Bag - 
True Tales of Early California.” 
Hot summer is the perfect time to read this exciting adventure. 
For you Emma Gainsworth fans, all her escapades are there AND, there’s a new Emma story in 

the works! 


July 18, 2021 to August 7, 2021 

 During this period the Sierra Madre Police Department 
responded to 340 calls for service. 
On 7-30-21 at 6:21PM, officers received a “hit” 
on the Lo-Jack, the stolen vehicle recovery system. 
The vehicle was stolen out of the City of 
South Gate and located in Monrovia and towed. 
Case to South Gate PD. 

On 7-31-21 at 3:04AM, officers conducted a 
traffic stop on a vehicle driving erraticallyon S. Michillinda Ave. Following field sobriety 
tests the driver was arrested and taken to the 
Pasadena Jail for booking. Case to the Pasadena 
DA’s office 

On 8-2-21 at 12:45AM, a traffic stop at Baldwin 
Ave. and Bonita Blvd., of a vehicle where the 
driver was found to be driving a motor vehicle 
while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. 
The driver was arrested and later transported 
to the Pasadena jail for booking.
Case to Pasadena’s DA’s office 

On 8-6-21 at 12:57AM, A vehicle was stopped 
in the 200 block of W. Sierra Madre Blvd. for a 
vehicle code violation. The driver was found to 
be driving impaired under the influence of an 
alcoholic beverage. The driver was arrested and 
transported to Pasadena jail for booking. Case 
to the Pasadena’s DA office 

On 8-7-21 at 2:19AM. A vehicle was stopped 
for a vehicle code violation. The driver had objective 
symptoms of intoxication, but refused 
all sobriety tests. The driver was 
arrested and taken to Pasadena Jail for booking.
Case to Pasadena DA’s office 

Hit and Run 
On 8-1-21 at 1:06AM, a vehicle drove onto the 
sidewalk and crashed into a business 
in the100 block of W. Sierra Madre Blvd. The 
driver fled the scene. 
Case to Detectives 

On 8-2-21, at 6:09PM, an injury traffic collision 
involving a vehicle that collided into 
an unoccupied parked vehicle in the 100 block 
of W Grandview. The driver was 
treated by the Sierra Madre Fire Paramedics at 
the scene. 

Theft from Vehicle 
On 8-5-21 at 10:45AM, a report was filed that a 
theft from a vehicle occurred in the 
carport in the 300 block of Sycamore Pl. between 
8-4-21 at 12:00AM and 8-5-21, at 
7:00AM. The suspect(s) entered the victim's 
unlocked vehicle and removed the 
victim's property. Case to Detective 


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