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Mountain View News Saturday, August 14, 2021 
Mountain View News Saturday, August 14, 2021 
South Pasadena 2021 International Panel Provide a Free Haircut or Beauty Treatment 
New Window on Rising Seas Today for getting Vaccinations

Election Information

 Pasadena Public Health cases per day compared to

The California Gubernatorial Recall Election voting period 

Department is partnering 4.1 cases per day on July

begins, August 16 in LA County, and ends September 14, 2021. You 

with Luke Walker’s Barber 1. Furthermore, the rate of

can register to vote or check your registration status by visiting the

LA County Registrar Recorder website. All registered voters will and Beauty Care, 627 N. COVID-19 cases over the last 
receive a vote by mail ballot, and ballot boxes will be available for Fair Oaks Ave., and Alpha seven days among Pasadena 

submissions beginning August 16. If you have any questions about Kappa Alpha sorority’s Eta Black/ African-American 
the Gubernatorial Recall Election visit: Lambda Omega Chapter to residents is more than twice 

South Pasadena Vote Center: provide COVID-19 vaccines the rate observed for Latinx 
War Memorial Building today, from 10 to 11:30 a.m. residents, and for other racial

435 Fair Oaks Avenue South Pasadena 

The Pfizer, Moderna, and groups.

Hours: daily: 9:00a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Johnson & Johnson vaccines “At Luke Walker’s Barber and 

will offered at no cost. People Beauty Care, we are here for

PASADENA CRIME BLOTTER vaccinated at the clinic will our community and in doing 

receive a gift card for a future our part to help diminish

 The critical events detailed local hospital for medical haircut or beauty service at COVID-19 and ask everyone 

below are merely a snapshot treatment. Officers canvassed NASA’s Sea Level Change Team users to focus on the effects of to vaccinated,” said

Luke Walker’s valued at $25, get 

of the calls received to the the area for witnesses has created a sea level projection different processes that drive while supplies last. 

Patricia Walker, marketing

tool that makes extensive data sea level rise. Those processes

Police Communications and evidence. Further “The COVID-19 Delta manager.

on future sea level rise from include the melting of ice sheetsCenter every day. Your investigation revealed a the Intergovernmental Panel and glaciers and the extent to variant continues to “We are pleased to be able 

police department strives vehicle was struck outside on Change (IPCC) and who to support the partnership

Climate which ocean waters shift their spread, anyone 
to better serve the Pasadena of the residence as well. This easily accessible to the public circulation patterns or expand is unvaccinated is at risk,” with local institutions like 
community. Under Police investigation is ongoing. – and to everyone with a stake as they warm, which can affect said Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, Luke Walker’s Barber and 
Chief John Perez, the July 9, 2021 at 12:04pm: in planning for the changes to the height of the ocean. health officer and director Beauty Care and the Cityprinciples of the “Pasadena Pasadena Officers initiated a come. “As communities across the of Pasadena Public Health of Pasadena to amplify the 
Way” will forever have traffic stop for a vehicle code Pull up the tool’s layers of country prepare for the impacts Department. “Thanks importance of vaccines and 
a lasting impact on all violation near the intersection maps, click anywhere on the of sea level rise, access to good, to like

partners Luke their availability from trusted 

global ocean and coastlines, clear data is key to helping

employees who serve in the of Colorado Blvd. and Walker’s Barber and Beauty sources in our community,” 

and pick any decade between save lives and livelihoods,” 

organization, as we continue Parkwood Ave. During the Care and Alpha Kappa said Ashley Vickers, chapter

2020 and 2150: The tool, hosted said NASA Administrator Bill

to police with compassion encounter, one of the three Alpha, we are meeting the president.

on NASA’s Sea Level Portal, Nelson. “NASA’s new sea level 

and best intentions occupants was identified as projection tool will arm the Everyone age 12 and older is

will deliver a detailed report community where they are,

July 2, 2021 at 12:30pm: being on parole and a search for the location based on the American people and decision and making the safe and eligible to receive the vaccine. 

Pasadena Officers responded of the car was conducted. As projections in the IPCC’s Sixth makers with the information effective COVID-19 vaccines For more information and 

to a traffic collision at Lake one of the occupants exited Assessment Report, released needed to make critical convenient and accessible.” to register for upcomingAve. and Washington Bl. the vehicle, he dropped a on Aug. 9, which addresses decisions about economic Getting vaccinated remains clinics, visit: 

When officers arrived, the firearm. The firearm and the most updated physical and public policy, to protect the single best way to protect or:

driver was several additional rounds of understanding of the climate communities the and family

unresponsive from yourself public-health/covid-19

our your 

system and climate change. potentially devastating effects of

and Deputies from the Los ammunition were recovered against COVID-19. Since vaccine/#vaccination-sites.

The IPCC has provided global-sea level rise.” 

Angeles County Sheriff ’s from the vehicle. Further July 1, 2021, the seven-day People under the age of 18

scale assessments of Earth’s The tool can display possible

Department were performing investigation was conducted average number of Pasadena must be accompanied by

climate every five to seven years future sea levels under several

CPR, who stop to assist after which led to the recovery since 1988, focusing on changes greenhouse-gas-emission and cases has increased by over a parent or legal guardian, 
seeing the aftermath of the of more ammunition, in temperature, ice cover, socioeconomic scenarios, 620%. As of yesterday, and masks are required for 

collision. The Pasadena Fire narcotics, and identity theft greenhouse gas emissions, including a low-emissions Pasadena is currently everyone over age 2. People 

Department was summoned paraphernalia. All three and sea level across the planet. future, a “business as usual” experiencing a seven-day should stay home if they are 

to the scene and continued occupants were arrested. Their sea level projections are trajectory with emissions average of 29.9 confirmed sick or have COVID-19. 

CPR on the victim. The July 11, 2021 at 3:49am: informed by data gathered by on their current track, and 

victim was transported to Pasadena Officers responded satellites and instruments on the an “accelerated emissions” Pasadena Literary Alliance

a local hospital and died to Huntington Hospital to ground, as well as analyses and scenario. A low-emission 

at the hospital. Accident investigate a stabbing victim computer simulations. future, for example, would Awards $47,000 in Grants

But for the first time, anyone occur if humanity reduces its

investigators believe the who had been dropped off. 

will be able to see a visualization greenhouse gas emissions, annual event, the Pasadenadriver suffered from a The victim had non-life of how sea levels will change lessening the effects of climate-Following a successful Festival of Women Authors,

medical emergency while threatening wounds, but was 

on a local level using the new driven sea level change. The year of online activities, the was brilliantly presenteddriving, which caused the so intoxicated that he could online tool, a granularity that is other end of the emission Pasadena Literary Alliance online in 2020 and 2021 withminor collision. not provide information difficult to capture in the IPCC spectrum yields projections recently awarded over women authors sharing theirJuly 3, 2021 at 9:17pm: to officers. The victim later report itself. with the most rapid rise in sea 

$47,000 in grants in keeping personal journeys, including

Pasadena Officers responded told officers that he had an “What’s new here is a tool level, information that could be 

with its mission of supporting Madeline Miller, Laila

to a domestic disturbance at altercation with another that we are providing to the useful for coastal planning that 

literary programs. Lalami, Kiley Reid and Alka

community, to distribute takes less likely but potentially

a residence in the 600 block individual but would not 

the latest climate knowledge more destructive possibilities Grants were awarded to Joshi. 

of N. Oakland Ave. While indicate who stabbed him or 

produced by the IPCC and into account. the Pasadena Senior Center The Pasadena Literary

investigating the disturbance, where the incident occurred. 

NASA scientists in an accessible “The goal is to deliver the (Lifetime Learning Masters Alliance is resuming in-

officers learned from one July 11, 2021 at 6:10am: 

and user-friendly way while projection data in the IPCC Series), Pasadena City person author discussions on of the residents that the Pasadena Officers responded maintaining scientific integrity,” report in a usable form while College (Writer-in-Residence Tuesday, October 19, 2021other person involved was a to a call of an unconscious said Nadya Vinogradova Shiffer, also providing easy visualization program), Pasadena Public with their Open Book series. convicted felon who placed subject inside a car in the 100 program scientist and manager of the future scenarios,” 

Library (One City, One Story The event will feature Emmy-

a firearm in his vehicle prior block of W. California Blvd. at NASA, who directs NASA’s said Ben Hamlington, a 

program), PEN America nominated and Edgar Award-

to officers arrival. A search Witnesses indicated that they Sea Level Change science team. research scientist at NASA’s 

Los Angeles (You Are a winning writer Attica Locke 

of the vehicle was conducted tried waking the subject by “As the first data-delivery Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 

Writer workshops) and in conversation with Rachel 

and both the weapon and knocking on the window, but partnership between the IPCC Southern California, who leads 
and a federal agency, NASA’s the agency’s Sea Level Change WriteGirl (creative writing Howzell Hall. It will be held 

ammunition, were recovered. to no avail. While checking 

new sea level projection tool science team. workshops for high school in Pasadena’s glamorous

T.he suspect was arrested for on the subject’s welfare, 

will help pave the way for The sea level projection tool girls). According to Katie NOOR ballroom. The PLA 

a weapons violation. officers were able to wake the 

future activities that facilitate should help people at all levels Poole, PLA President, this will host next year’s Pasadena

July 4, 2021 at 12:46am: subject and rule out medical 

knowledge sharing, open of government in countries year’s awards bring the Festival of Women Authors

Pasadena Police Dispatch attention. Officers located science, and easy access to the around the world to forecast organization’s cumulative at the Pasadena Convention 

received a call of a shooting an unregistered handgun on state-of-the-art climate science. future scenarios and to develop 

grant total to over $400,000. Center on March 19, 2022.

in the 1300 block of Ridge the front passenger seat. The This information is critical coastal resources accordingly.

 In response to the pandemic, The online programs created

Way. Officers arrived on suspect was arrested without to increase climate resilience “Making sea level science 

the group transitioned to an by the PLA were available for 

scene and contacted the incident and was later of nations with large coastal accessible is our primary goal,” 

online format, Open Book free, but donations of $25

populations, infrastructure, said Carmen Boening, a NASA

victim who stated that three discovered to be a convicted 

and economies that will be oceanographer who also heads on Location, and produced were suggested. The Open 

gunshots were heard. Upon felon. 

impacted by sea level rise,” said the agency’s Sea Level Portal, 13 stellar discussion panels Book on Location series,

further investigation, officers July 11, 2021 at 9:22pm: 

Vinogradova Shiffer. which hosts the projection tool. featuring authors such as Pasadena Festival of Women

discovered the resident’s Pasadena Officers conducted 

Along with providing snapshots Learn more about sea level and Michael Connelly, Barbara Authors and information

home had been struck. a traffic stop of a vehicle of rising sea levels in the decades climate change at: sealevel.nasa. Kingsolver, Laurie King, on their upcoming event

Fortunately, no one was for vehicle code violations 

to come, the tool enables gov/ Cornelia Funke, Charles can be accessed online at

injured as a result of this in the area of Hammond 

Yu and many more. Their

shooting. St. and Summit Ave. Upon 

Cosmic Cocktail Hour Aug. 18

July 5, 2021 at 3:41pm: contact, officers observed an 
Pasadena Officers initiated open containers of alcohol Motor Classic Returns

 Carnegie Observatories’ an overview of the library’s

a traffic stop for a vehicle in the vehicle and detained 

large astronomy collections Amelia Island in Florida and 

code violation in the area of the driver forfurther Hale Library and

Astronomicalglass Plates of books, periodicals, sky The Rotary Club of San the Louis Vuitton Classic in

Colorado Bl. and Sunnyslope investigation. A loaded 

charts, films and more. Marino announced Monday New York.

Ave. The driver was contacted handgun and an additional Archive.

 Presented by the Pasadena that the upcoming San Pasadena Humane’s Wiggle 

and an open container of loaded magazine were 

The Carnegie Observatories’ Senior Center, the cost for Marino Motor Classic event Waggle Wagon will also be on 

alcohol was seen in the front discovered in the vehicle. 

Astronomical Plate Archive Cosmic Cocktail Hour is is set to be held August 22 at site with adoptable animals 

passenger compartment. The driver was arrested 

is the second largest in the only $7 for members and Lacy Park in San Marino. In from the shelter, along with

During a search of the vehicle, for weapons charges and 

U.S. and includes some of the $10 for nonmembers 50 and its tenth year the prestigious food trucks. 
officers located a firearm in the firearm and additional 

most important observations older. Residency in Pasadena classic car show will include On Saturday afternoon,

the passenger compartment. evidence was collected by 

in astronomy in the past 100 is not required. the Concorso Ferrari, August 21 from 4 p.m. to

The firearm was loaded and officers. 

years. These images sparked “The photographic plate Classic Car Club of America 6 p.m. 12 internationally

unregistered. The driver is a July 14, 2021 at 4:56pm: 

Grand Classic and Packards renowned automotive artists

Edwin Hubble’s realization collection is intended for

convicted felon and arrested Pasadena Officers responded 

of the expanding universe, scientific research solely International Grand Salon. will display their most recent

for the firearms violation. to the area of Glenarm Blvd. 

led George Ellery Hale to by accredited professional The San Marino Motor works at the Automotive

July 5, 2021 at 10:10pm: and Pasadena Ave. on a call 

discover the sun’s magnetic astronomers from around Classic supports San Marino Fine Arts Society (AFAS)

Pasadena Officers responded of a man throwing objects 

field and provided the basis the world,” said Annie Rotary as well as the Cancer Pavilion at the San Marino

to the 700 block of at moving vehicles. As 

for theories of how stars and Laskey, director of special Support Center and Pasadena Motor Classic. Wine and

Worchester Ave. regarding officers attempted to detain 

galaxies form. events at the Pasadena Humane along with other light snacks will be served. 

an assault. Officers were the subject, he assaulted

 For the monthly Cosmic Senior Center. “This Zoom local organizations. Admission is free. Guests

informed a roommate had two officers causing minor 

Cocktail Hour Wednesday, event will be a very The San Marino Motor are encouraged to purchase


stabbed another roommate. injuries. The suspect was 

Aug. 18, at 4 p.m. via Zoom, opportunity for the public to Classic is one of the premier tickets for the Symphony of

Officers arrived and found arrested for assault on a peace 

Kit Whitten, librarian see some of the images and concours-level exhibitions Cars Gala that immediately

the injured victim outside officer, throwing objects at 

in Southern California. commences after the AFAS

and archivist at the Hale learn more about them.” 

of the residence. The victim vehicles and vandalism. 

Library, will show and To register, visit: Concours d’Elegance exposition. To learn more

told officers that a roommate July 14, 2021 at 7:26pm: 

explain images from the (French literal translation, about the Symphony of Cars 

came home and assaulted the Pasadena Officers responded 

library’s Astronomical and click on Events, Clubs “competition of elegance”) Gala and to order tickets,

victim with no provocation. to the 700 block of Marengo 

Plate Archive of more than and Lectures, then Online competitions have existed visit: sanmarinomotorclassic.

Officers arrested the suspect Ave. regarding an armed 

200,000 photographic glass Events or call 626-795-4331. since seventeenth century com. 

at the residence and was robbery that occurred the 

plate negatives created Everyone who registers France and since the mid-Parking is available on 

arrested for assault. The previous day. The victim 

between 1892 and the early will receive an email link to 20th century in America. the residential streets 

victim was transported to a reported he was robbed at 

1990s using telescopes at access the Zoom event. Other notable American surrounding the park. A

local hospital for treatment. gunpoint as he waited for 

Mount Wilson, Palomar, Las In addition to online Concours d’Elegance trolley will run throughout

July 8, 2021 at 8:11pm: rideshare service. He was 

Campanas and Kenwood classes, onsite events and shows include Pebble the neighborhoods to bring

Pasadena Officers responded on his cell phone when a 

observatories. The archives other activities, members Beach Concours d’Elegance you to the park entrance.

to the 1800 block of Navarro vehicle pulled up next him 

also include a collection and nonmembers of the in northern California, Look for the “Tram Stop” 

Ave. regarding a shooting. and four subjects exited the 

of photographic prints Pasadena Senior Center Meadow Brook in Michigan, signs.

The victim was in the living vehicle, surrounding him. 

of deep space, historical are encouraged to visit

room seated on a chair. The subjects forcibly took 

photographs of the Carnegie the website regularly for

She heard a loud pop and the victim’s phone and other 

Observatories, including Las COVID-19 updates for

felt pain to her left leg. She property and when the 

Campanas and Kenwood, older adults and other timely

stood and saw that she was victim attempted to get his 

and engineering drawings information, a weekly blog,

bleeding from her leg. She property back, one of the 

and blueprints of Carnegie monthly magazine, ongoing

immediately called 9-11. subjects pointed a handgun 

Observatory telescopes. activities throughout the

Paramedics responded at the victim. The suspects

 Whitten also will provide year and more.

and transported her to a fled the area in the vehicle. 

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