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Bethany Christian School hosted Paul Couglin, author of Freedom From Bullying, on September 
30, 2021 for a community seminar on strategies to reduce bullying in our communities and schools. 
Paul focused on several key strategies which research has proven effective. One strategy is known 
as “the power of two” in which two students covenant to speak up together against bullying. Studies 
have shown that children are much more likely to change from bystanders watching a bullying event 
to standing alongside the victim if they have a friend to stand with. Another strategy is to carefully 
define bullying as repeated, one way harassment to distinguish it from the normal disagreements 
that can happen among children. It is also important to distinguish reporting from tattling and to 
have multiple means of reporting. Research shows that children are more likely to tell a trusted 
friend or older child than a parent or teacher. Thus creating buddy programs in schools between 
older and younger children can be an effective strategy to provide a safe environment for reporting. 

Paul spent time at Bethany Christian school training teachers, students and the community. Bethany 
Christian School will be implementing the Protectors curriculum throughout the school to 
train students how to stand up for those being bullied and help reduce bullying in our society. For 
more information on this and other programs, please contact Bethany Christian School at 626-3553527 
or You may also visit for general information about the 



1. *Hitchcock's 1963 movie, with The
6. Bad-mouth 
9. H or O in H2O, e.g.
13. France's longest river
14. Bauxite, e.g.
15. Opposite of adore
16. Proprietor
17. Quaker Man's cereal
18. Oozes 
19. *Corpse
21. *Bobbing for what?, pl.
23. One time around 
24. Bébé's mother 
25. General Post Office 
28. Actuary's concern
30. Named, in bygone era
35. Not easy
37. Accepted behavior
39. Kitchen floor layer?
40. Northern European capital
41. *Overly consumed on Halloween?
43. Actress Spelling
44. Nature's rage
46. Bangladeshi currency
47. Colossal 
48. Bowling prop
50. Famous Himalayan
52. Bugling ungulate
53. Valedictorian's spot
55. Possessive of "it" 
57. *Pennywise and Joker, e.g.
60. *Traditional Halloween garb
64. Honolulu greeting
65. Costa del ____ 
67. Plant fungus
68. Mild and pleasant, weather-wise
69. E.T. transporter
70. Popular spring flower
71. Hole-making tools
72. Young newt
73. Country singer ____ Hill 

1. Coalition 
2. Corn Belt state 
3. Drink garnish
4. Cheerlessness 
5. Offered on a platter
6. *Door-to-____ 
7. George Gershwin's brother
8. Plural of seta 
9. Cain's biblical brother 
10. You, in bygone era
11. Uh-oh 
12. Wife's title 
15. Facet 
20. Actress Linda of "Dynasty" fame
22. Be nosy
24. South American wild cats 
25. *Bedsheet with holes? 
26. Command that follows "cut" 
27. Acrylic fiber
29. Show off 
31. Low-cal 
32. Skip the wedding hoopla
33. State of danger
34. *As opposed to treat
36. Small town or hamlet 
38. Manufacture 
42. 2:3, e.g.
45. Carnie's domain 
49. Grandmother, for short
51. Reflexive of "it" 
54. Question in dispute
56. Parallel grooves
57. *Raven's grabber
58. Take it easy
59. Electrical resistance units 
60. Blood-related problem
61. Tangerine grapefruit hybrid
62. Castle protector
63. Carve, as in stone
64. Lawyers' league
66. "____ with their head!" 

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Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Garzia 

Lisa Feldman: Head of School 

Website: Wilson Middle School 
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