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Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 30, 2021 


Christian Lebano, Producing Artistic Director of 
the Sierra Madre Playhouse, has resigned his position 
and membership of the board. 

Lebano had been Artistic Director of the Sierra 
Madre Playhouse since 2014. He has produced, 
directed or acted in over 40 shows since starting 
with SMP in 2011 – many of which have been honored 
with Ovation Awards and nominations, LATimes 
Critic’s Choices, BroadwayWorld and Scenie 

As an actor he has played major roles at theaters 
across the country including the Oregon Shakespeare 
Festival, Utah Shakespearean Festival, Chicago 
Shakespeare Theater, and American Players 
Theater. Favorites roles include: Atticus in To Kill 
a Mockingbird (SMP) [BroadwayWorld nom, Best 
Actor], Elliot in Opus (Fountain Theater) [LA 
Weekly nom, Best Actor; Ovation nom. Best Ensemble], 
Suffolk in Henry VI pt. 1 (OSF Ashland); 
Cymbeline (Utah Shakes Fest.); Stage Manager 

in Our Town (SMP); Lloyd in Noises Off (Chicago); and Oberon/Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s 
Dream (Montana Shakespeare-in-the-Parks). 

In addition to the many positive 
changes during his tenure at the 
Playhouse, he also had to weather 
the storm of AB5 which had a devastating 
financial impact on actors 
and others that made productions 
possible. Among the hardships 
was the cancellation of Charlotte's 
Web in early 2020 due to increased 
costs of $38,000 - the result of AB5 
independent contractor restrictions. 
The cancellation occurred 
in January and shortly thereafter 
the theater had to shut down completely 
due to COVID 19. 

Despite COVID 19, Lebano was 
able to keep SMPH alive through 
such creative endeavors as the 
Sierra Madre Playhouse Virtual 

Of his departure Lebano said: “Of 
all the wonderful aspects of working 
at SMP the last 10 years the part I enjoyed most was the relationships I built with so many people. 
I'm very proud of what we accomplished over those years together. I thank them all for their ongoing 
support both to me personally and to the Playhouse. Working at the Playhouse has been one of the 
greatest joys of my life.” 

David Gordon, president of the board of the Playhouse, stated, “Since he took over as Artistic Director 
in 2014, Christian has raised the level of excellence of the productions at the Playhouse, innovated with 
You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown in the Park, started the Off The Page and Off The Screen programs, 
was active in education and generally in the community. He has worked hard, selflessly and with great 
dedication. The board thanks him sincerely for all this and hopes he will return to direct.” 

Christian Lebano, with his effervescent spirit and remarkable creative talent, will definitely be missed 
by Sierra Madre. 


The Sierra Madre Rose Float Association has opened 
the online sign up program for decorating the Sierra 
Madre Rose Float during Deco Week (December 26th 
to December 31st). 

Please sign up for this year’s float entitled “Nature’s 
Classroom” and join us preparing our beautiful Amazon 

Sign up through our website at https://sierramadrerosefloat.
org/getinvolved/volunteer/decorate/ to 
get involved, then volunteer, then decorate! 

Our Volunteer Guidelines have changed this year, and we have some new restrictions and Covid-
19 protocols, so it is important to read our guidelines BEFORE you sign up through iVolunteer. 
If you have difficulty signing up or have questions, please email us at info2021@sierramadrerosefloat.

If you have a group of 8 or more, you need to schedule a time that would be convenient for your 
group to work. Please complete the Application for Group of Volunteers form and return it to 

We may be able to open up more spots when it gets closer to Deco Week, so if you don’t find 
your preferred shift or the shifts are full, please check back in December. 

Thank you for participating and we’ll see you at the barn! 

A disappointed Lebano with the cancellation of Charlotte's Web

Photos courtesy SMPH 


 October 17, 2021 to October 23, 2021 -During this period the 
Sierra Madre Police Department responded to 159 calls for service. 


On 10-17-21 at 7:22AM a report of a vehicle burglary was field. 
The victim had her debit/credit cards stolen from her locked vehicle parked in the 600 block 
of E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Case to Detectives 


On 10-20-21 at 2:06AM, a traffic stop of a vehicle where the driver failed to stop at a 
stop sign. Following a field interview, it was determined the driver was driving a motor 
vehicle while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and unable to safely operate 
a motor vehicle. The driver was arrested and later transported to the Pasadena jail andbooked. Case to DA’s office 


Sometime between 10-20-21 at 9:00PM and 10-22-21 at 10:00AM, in the north east portion 
of the city, several reports were filed of vehicles that were both locked and unlocked had been 
broken into and ransacked, with personal items taken. 

During the same time period and area, two vehicles were stolen, with one recovered the following 
morning in Los Angeles. 

A reminder to keep your vehicles locked, park in a well-lit area 
and to report any suspicious activity in you neighborhood 



by Deanne Davis 

“For when the One Great Scorer 
comes to write against your name,
He marks – not that you won or 
lost – But how you played the 
game.” Grantland Rice 

“The Gambler” Kenny Rogers“You've got to know when to hold 
'em Know when to fold 'em 
Know when to walk awayAnd know when to run 

You never count your moneyWhen you're sittin' at the tableThere'll be time enough for 
countin'When the dealin's done 
Every gambler knowsThat the secret to survivin' 
Is knowin' what to throw awayAnd knowin' what to keep'Cause every hand's a winnerAnd every hand's a loserAnd the best that you can hope 
for Is to die in your sleep" 

These Halloween gamblers 
couldn’t figure out when it was 
time to fold ‘em and walk away. 
So there they sat, revolvers at the 
ready should there be an ace hidden up a sleeve. The whiskey’d all been drunk, the 
stories all been told. None of them died in their sleep. Gamblers never do. They rise 
late at night on Halloween, year after forgotten year, to play that hand one more time, 
lay out their cards one more time to see if this hand might be a winner. The barmaid 
saunters over to see if anyone would like a fresh drink but the gamblers are too intent 
on the game to answer. Stacks of gold wait on the table for the final hand to play out. 
The stagecoach stops at midnight to take them back to hell, to wait till Halloween comes 
again. Yes, every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser and there’ll be time enough 
for countin’ when the dealin’s done. And it looks like, for these gamblers, the dealin’ is 
indeed done! 

So many great scarecrows around town this year but my favorites were Luca and the 
Library entry, of the crayons saying, “I’m drawn to the Library.” Luca had a tough time 
as he was so incredibly cute that one of our local bears wanted to hug him, which really 
didn’t do him any good at all, but his creator, Rocio Austin, recreated him better than 
ever, and he had many visitors who walked up the Canyon to have their picture taken 
with him. Great year for scarecrows! 

Tomorrow night is Halloween….All Hallows Eve.... is coming,
A deadly....dreadly night...
When ghouls and ghosts and creepies,
And other awful blights,
Are free to roam and wander, anywhere they might. 

Creating scary terror everywhere they can,
And scream inducing, faint-producing,
hair-raising, bone-melting,
What's that right there behind me...
Quivery, shivery...Fright!! 

They creep out of their crypts and graves,
These creatures of the night.
They haunt the roads and byways,
Run rampant through the park.
They hide between the bushes,
And everywhere it's dark. 

All Hallows Eve.... is coming,
A deadly.... dreadly night.....
When ghouls and ghosts and creepies,
And other awful blights,
Are free to roam and wander, anywhere they might. 

Up and down the streets of town,
They race in search of plunder,
These ghouls and ghosts and monsters,
About three feet tall or under! 
They shriek for treats and threaten tricks,
But are satisfied with candy.
These creatures rule the darkness, 
As long as Mom and Dad are handy. 

All Hallows Eve.... is coming,
A deadly.....dreadly night....
With ghouls and ghosts and monsters,
And other awful sights,
Are dancing through the shadows, into circles of street lights. 

Beware...take care, 
Who knows what’s waiting,
Just around the bend. 
Could be Jack the Ripper, come to call again,
Or Dracula or Frankenstein, the undead walk tonight.
Maybe just stay safe inside...and turn off that porch light. 

In case you didn’t know, Tootsie Rolls are really good with a nice Chardonnay! 


At long last, the new Emma Gainsworth novelette is out!
“Hurricane: An Emma Gainsworth Adventure 
Look for it on my book page: Deanne Davis 
Here’s the link: is up to her elbows in disaster…you’ll love it! Trust me! 

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