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Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 11, 2021 


Be Aware of Your Surroundings! 

A word from Corporal Lilian Shaw, SMPD 

While you may have your eye on a hot ticket item for Christmas this 
holiday season, robbery suspects may have their eyes on you! A rash of 
follow-home robberies has caused police to be on alert and warn people 
about this growing crime trend. 

Whether you’re out shopping at a high end store, dining at a five star 
restaurant, or simply out for a stroll, you may find yourself as a target. 
Criminals have become brazen, trailing people in affluent neighborhoods 
and ultimately robbing them at gunpoint, taking jewelry, cash and even 
the victim’s vehicles. On some occasions victims were followed home and 
forced to open their door, where suspects then ransacked their valuables before fleeing the scene. 

Although news reports show that some arrests have been made in connection to these robberies, 
this trend continues to plague southern California and surrounding areas, often resulting 
in violent and even fatal attacks. Police warn the public to be aware of their surroundings, keep 
your cell phone handy and always know your location in case you need to call police. If you are 
driving and believe you are being followed, don’t go home or to your place of business, drive to 
your nearest police station instead. 

Here are some safety tips for pedestrians: 

-Avoid walking alone at night in areas that aren’t well lit 
-Walk against traffic so that cars cannot surprise you from behind 
-Carry a wallet instead of a purse 
-Don’t be complacent, look for anyone walking too close to you or possibly hiding in wait 
-Criminal see someone who is unable to care for themselves as an easy target, stay sober! 
-Keep your keys in hand so that you can open your door quickly 
-Wear comfortable shoes in case you have to run to get help 
-Stay alert and be prepared to give police a description of the suspects if needed 

If you are confronted by suspects don’t put your life in added danger by fighting for your property, 
let them have it! 

If you have any information that can help in identify any suspects from previous cases please 
contact your local law enforcement agency as soon as possible. 

Stay safe! 


The final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) 
for "The Meadows at Bailey Canyon" housing 
project proposed to be built on the Monastery 
property has not yet been released. One 
of the latest timelines states the plan will be 
presented in early 2022. But timelines have 
been changed regularly. 

We are concerned that once that report is out, 

there will be scant time for citizens to read, 
review and respond to the final report. The State has mandated that there be only five meetings 
concerning a development. The City plans for two Planning Commission and two City Council 
Meetings. That leaves one for a Citizens Town Hall. 

There needs to be a Town Hall scheduled after the EIR has been released before the Planning 
Commission meetings. We believe you can make that happen. Let our city planners know how 
important it is. We also believe that you should start voicing your concerns now about the many 
problems of the development by writing to the Planning Commission and the City Council 

The major issues the Steering Committee of Preserve Sierra Madre addressed in the Draft EIR 

Safety: Our General Plan states that the City “avoid construction of new development 
on land currently unimproved in a very high fire area.” The development is not only in a very 
high area, this area has been evacuated many times due to wildfires threatening the area, including 
the Bobcat Fire in 2020. The ingress and egress portion of this project from Carter Avenue 
presents a clear danger if evacuation should be necessary as Carter Avenue is only 20 feet wide 
at this point; city streets are required to be 37 feet wide. 

There is no provision for pedestrian or bicycle traffic on that very thin stretch of road on 
the entrance to the development on Carter Avenue. Nor is there a provision to add sidewalks or 
bike paths on Sunnyside, Grove, or Fairview Avenues. This goes against our General P l a n 
and causes very dangerous situations for walkers and bikers alike. 

Water: The issue of Net-Zero water is extremely significant since we all know that the 
extreme drought will prevent the City’s ability to purchase water from any source to save for the 
future, nor do we know when in the future water will be available. Governor Newsom has asked 
us all to cut back our water usage, even though we have already done so during our five-year 
drought. The Colorado River is at an all-time low, as is every lake in California. Most are at 35% 
of their normal level. Minimal snowfall, our major source of water, is already being predicted 
for this winter. 

Trees: The plan proposes to cut down 100 mature trees. Ten of those trees are well-
established protected oaks. Even though the developers have proposed to replace most of the 
100 trees, it is inconceivable that sapling trees could survive given the climate concerns of today 
and the need for increased watering during a drought. The trees they propose to remove also 
provide shade, shelter, and food to the wildlife that inhabits the area. This includes bats, birds, 
bears, and deer. 

Please email, write, or call your Councilmembers and Planning Commission members with 
your concerns about this project. Ask them to plan for a timely Town Hall so you can address 
these problems when the project comes before the Planning Commission and the City Council.
Be heard and be specific with your concerns; not just that you don't like the development, or that 
it shouldn't happen. 

City Council:,, egarcia@,, 

Planning Commission:,,,, pdallas@cityofsierramadre.comCity Manager:; Planning Director: vgonzalez@cityofsierramadre.


The Sierra Madre Rose Float Association has opened the online sign 
up program for decorating the Sierra Madre Rose Float during Deco 
Week (December 26th to December 31st). 

Please sign up for this year’s float entitled “Nature’s Classroom” and 
join us preparing our beautiful Amazon rainforest. 

Sign up through our website at
volunteer/decorate/ to get involved, then volunteer, then 

Our Volunteer Guidelines have changed this year, and we have some new restrictions and Covid-19 protocols, 
so it is important to read our guidelines BEFORE you sign up through iVolunteer. If you have difficulty 
signing up or have questions, please email us at 

If you have a group of 8 or more, you need to schedule a time that would be convenient for your group 
to work. Please complete the Application for Group of Volunteers form and return it to volunteer@sierramadrerosefloat.

We may be able to open up more spots when it gets closer to Deco Week, so if you don’t find your preferred 
shift or the shifts are full, please check back in December. 

Thank you for participating and we’ll see you at the barn! 


by Deanne Davis 

“Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard, or too sad when 
you’ve got a Christmas tree in the living room.” Nora 

“Christmas is not a time, nor a season, but a state of 
mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous 
in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” Calvin 

“Christmas gifts suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. 
To an opponent, tolerance. 
To a friend, your heart. To every child, a good example. 
To all, charity. To yourself, respect.” 

The picture today is an old one but I know you’ll enjoy 
seeing this big snowman next to Kersting Court. He’s 
enormous, jaunty and captures the joy of Christmas. 

As I’m writing Walking Sierra Madre today, it has 
just dawned on me that Christmas is only a couple of 
weeks away. I’m mostly ready. I’m decorated. All the 
Christmas ornaments the children made in Sunday 
School through the years are right at the front of the 
tree. The little hands pressed into plaster of paris, are 
there, too, along with the pictures mounted in bread 
dough frames, the bead ornaments Leah made one year, the red globes that date from the beginning 
of our marriage, some fifty+ years ago…I guess they are now valuable antiques. They are also 
somewhat cracked and crazed (which, occasionally, our marriage was, too) but they are precious 
in my sight. 

Playing Christmas music and rediscovering each cute little Christmas item is such fun. I’m especially 
partial to all my little lighted houses. My mother started collecting them many years ago and 
gave her collection to me. I have added to it over the years and now think I have about twenty of 
them. They look fantastic on top of the bookcases, and the tall cabinet. The most interesting part 
of putting these things up is, of course, not falling off the step ladder. The second most interesting 
part is figuring out how to get them all plugged in somewhere. The ones on top of the bookcase in 
my office even turn on and off with the wall switch, which is fabulous. 

Every Christmas I am reminded (and I remind all of you, too) of Santa’s Band, which was John’s 
favorite Christmas decoration. Many years ago, he went to Costco and came home with his eyes 
alight and excitement spilling out of his every word as he described this wonderful band of little 
musicians attached to bells and electrically driven so every time you turned it on, it played a 
Christmas carol. They had quite a repertoire and the band leader, of course, was Santa. John went 
to Costco several times and came home each time with more stories of the glories of Santa’s Band. 
I finally took his hand, looked deep into his eyes and said, “You know, honey, you can buy Santa’s 
Band yourself, with your own money!” He had never thought of that. Back he went and Santa’s 
Band decorated the top of one of our bookcases every year from then on. Yes, it got up there after 
I spent an hour untangling all the wires, bells and little people, but he loved it. Apparently, all our 
children loved it, too, and there was lively discussion over who should have Santa’s Band after 
John started celebrating Christmas in heaven. Our daughter, Patti, ended up with it and I was 
happy to hand it over and let her untangle all those wires and bells. 

I’ve got Christmas cards sitting on the counter. That doesn’t mean I’ve done anything with them, 
but I will…I hope! Thanks to World Vision, my gift to all of our grandchildren again this year is 
a couple of chickens and a goat to people in places like Zambia, India, Haiti. A couple of chickens 
can supply hungry people with eggs and, as they reproduce quickly, more eggs to provide a little 
income. My gift to daughter, Patti, and her family, including the newlyweds, Nicole and Chris, 
also through World Vision, is keeping John’s dream for clean water for everyone in the world alive. 
When I read about people, mostly children, trekking miles to get water which is frequently polluted, 
I have to help World Vision as they put in wells and pumps to make clean water available. 

We’ve talked about what to serve for Christmas Day and I’m pushing for Honey-baked ham, 
whatever sides Honey-baked has, like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and maybe some smoked 
turkey. We’ll get some really good bread and plan on never getting dressed, opening presents and 
having sandwiches. I will make Helen’s Lime Jell-O Salad. But that’s all. Nobody’s cooking anything 
or cleaning it up, either. In case you’re looking for a Jell-O salad, I put the recipe for Helen’s 
Lime Jell-O in my column before Thanksgiving. 

Am I ready for Christmas? 

“And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 
An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they 
were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy 
that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is 
Christ, the Lord...Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising 
God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor 
rests.” Luke 2:8-13 

Yes, I’m ready for Christmas and I’m sure you are, too. 

“On a night like this, centuries ago,
A brilliant star rose in the East,
To show the Wise Men where to go.
They set out on a journey,
To find an unknown King.
Their hearts were filled with happinessAnd praises they would sing!” 

(“A Night Like This” from “Star of Wonder – A Christmas Musical”
Book & Lyrics by Deanne Davis, Music by David Wheatley) 
“Christmas, it’s almost here! My favorite, favorite time of year!” 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Christmas is just a few days away and my books: 
“A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter” and“Sunrises and Sunflowers Speak Hope” 
Would be really nice gifts for everyone you know.
You can find them on 
“Star of Wonder” a delightful Christmas Kindle story is there, too.
If you’d like a little preview, take a look at: 


This year marks the 5th Annual City of Sierra Madre and Sierra Madre Chamber of Commerce joint 
event honoring those organizations and individuals that work tirelessly to make Sierra Madre a wonderful 
place to live, work and play! 

In 2020, the event was held virtually due to the pandemic. This year, the event will once again be held 
in person, with all the pomp and circumstance due to the honorees. 

The Awards ceremony will be held on January 19, 2022. Nominations will be accepted for the following 

SIERRA MADRE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR for residents who have benefited the city during 2019 
as a volunteer. 

SIERRA MADRE BUSINESS OF THE YEAR for an outstanding business existing in Sierra Madre 
for more than 5 years that has been an active supporter of the community. 

GEORGE MAURER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for a person/entity whose lifetime of 
service embodies the spirit of volunteerism. 

THE WISTARIA AWARD recognizing a City/Community Partnership that assists with providing 
community wide programs and services 

THE PUBLIC SAFETY AWARD for an employee/individual for protecting and maintaining safety 
in Sierra Madre. 

COMMUNITY YOUTH SERVICE AWARD presented to youth under 18 for outstanding service 
and dedication to the community. 

To nominate, simply email your candidates with the reasons why you feel this person or organization 
is deserving to by 5:00 pm December 15th, 2021 to either or HonorsDinner@ 

You can also mail your nomination to: 

Honors Dinner Nomination 
c/o Sierra Madre City Hall232 W Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024. 


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