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By Meghan Malooly 

 This week's lovely shinee is 
someone whose name I heard 
many many times before officially 
getting to meet them, and 
that's the wonderful, and very 
busy, Sharon Pevsner. Sharon 
grew up on the east coast, New 
England, before finding herself 
in our quaint little town 
and falling in love with it! (I 
mean who couldn't? I'm definitely 
not biased but I heard 
Sierra Madre has some pretty 
cool people living there, including 
a snowman that comes 
out to say hello almost every 
year! Except if it's raining, that 
would get dark real quick and 
if you’ve ever seen Frozen you 
know what would happen..). 
Sharon said what drew her to 
SM was its resemblance to her 
native home coast. What sweet 
and nice praise from such a 
kind woman! 

 So many of you probably already 
know this week's hero. 
She’s currently involved in a 
million different groups and 
organizations that benefit the 
town and has been a part of 
even more in the past! Some of the current and past organizations she has worked with include: 
The Sierra Madre Community Foundation, The Mt Wilson Conservancy, the Mt Wilson 
Trail Race Committee, The SIerra Madre Girls Softball Board as well being extremely 
active in her two children’s schools by being the president of the Sierra Madre Community 
Nursery School and having had a seat on the parent board at the Gooden School. With already 
having been involved in so much her good work continued during COVID and that's 
how I first came across her. I love when I see people who were already wanting to help others 
before the quarantine just doubled down and did even more when COVID came about. 

Pretty early on in the quarantine Sharon started organizing a space for our community to 
support and help the Sierra Madre Police Department. She not only created the group but 
took what little free time she does have, to manage it and come up with different ways we 
can show our local PD our appreciation. From fundraisers to drop in lunches, Sharon always 
makes sure that the men and women who continued to go to work during a worldwide pandemic 
and ensure our communities safety, were taken care of and given the accelaides they 
deserve and now it's her turn, Not only does Sharon do all the aforementioned but her family 
gets involved as well! As a team The Pevsner’s have worked together to benefit our community 
over the years including helping out at The Mount Wilson Trail Race. Sharon is one of 
those crazy people who enjoy running, again I wish this was something I could relate to but 
between the sweating, chaffing and odors that come with it I just can't seem to get on board. 
So she was very happy when she could marry her love of running together with giving back 
and along with another great woman, Jill Liston, they trained kids for The Mount Wilson 
Trail Race.

 What's so great about a woman like Sharon is knowing that she isn't done yet, not by a long 
shot. Although I don't know her too well, she seems like someone who is going to continue to 

Sharon, second from right with her husband Bill, Daughter Julia and Son Jake. 

give back to her community and help those in need until there's no longer a need, which lets 
be real, there will always be a need. I admire and respect a person that does so much but is 
still somehow put together and not locked away in a padded room screaming at the shadows 
to give her some alone time. (I myself have been known to scream at a shadow or two and 
although it's cathartic, you look and feel crazy.) As the pandemic, hopefully, comes to an end 
its people like Sharon that I know will continue to do their good work and help when they can 
even when the world isn't in the middle of a free fall. It's for that reason that I was so excited 
to do this story on her. She doesnt help out of boredom or necessity but because it's what SHE 
wants to do and feels like should be done. Even though this article is supposed to be solely 
on her and how amazing of a person she is, she never misses the opportunity to talk about 
yet another great event she is putting together to benefit our town. While some people might 
have spent the entire time talking about themselves and how awesome and special they are 
(and there's nothing wrong with that, if you got it, flaunt it) but not Sharon. She was sure to 
mention her newest venture, “I am the current chair of the Whiskey and Wine Event that the 
Sierra Madre Community Foundation is putting on on April 2, 2022. It’s a fundraiser to raise 
funds to give back to our awesome community. 

There will be 16 whiskey’s and 6 different wines to taste along with light hor-d'oeuvres. It’s an 
event not to be missed! Tickets are limited and are on sale now here www.Sierramadrefoundation.
org.” - Sharon Pevsner. So as I say adieu to this week's special spotlight I’d like to end it 
in a fashion I think Sharon would approve of. 

Cheers to Sharon and her selfless work and if you would like to show her your support and 
gratitude for all that she's done, please consider attending or donating to her incredible upcoming 
Whiskey and Wine event. Let's support her, supporting us! 

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