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Mountain View News Saturday, April 9, 2022 

City ManagerRecruitment 
Now Open

 Pasadena city officials 
announced Wednesday 
that they have opened 
recruitment for the position 
of city manager.

“We are a world class city 
that prides itself on providing 
full service to our residents 
including our own police, 
fire, utilities and health 
departments,” Pasadena 
Mayor Victor Gordo said.
“We understand the 
complexity of local 
government and strive to 
recruit a city manager who 
can lead a dynamic and 
complex municipality and is 
passionate about serving the 
people of Pasadena,” saidThe new city manager will 
oversee a public sector agency, 
public/private partnerships, 
and a full-service City 
with robust services with 
an approximate budget of 
$900 million and a staff of 
approximately 2,000. They 
will support an experienced 
and committed City Council 
and an engaged community 
of approximately 140,000.

 In addition to overseeing the 
municipal administration, 
the ideal candidate will also 
partner in the oversight 
and management of the 
City-owned Rose Bowl 
Stadium, Convention Center 
and Visitors Bureau, and 
Pasadena Community Public 
Access Television.

 Candidate interviews are 
scheduled for June 3 and June 
4 in person.

 The salary range is listed 
as $290,000 to $330,000and is negotiable depending 

upon experience and 


 For more information 
including the application and 
a recruitment brochure visit: 

Art Talk and 
Painting Demo 

Join the Altadena Public 
Library for a talk and live 
painting demonstration by 
Keni Arts Saturday, April 
30, 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. at the 
Main Library Pocket Park. 
Registration is required.

 Keni Arts is a plein 
air painter. ‘Plein air’ is 
French for one who paints 
outdoors or on site. Keni 
has been plopping his easel 
down on sidewalks, from 
Altadena to New York 
and points in between for 
many years.

 Keni will provide a 
breakdown of the process 
of plein air painting, 
including the motivation, 
rewards and challenges for 
painting en plain air. He 
will also discuss marketing 
and selling artwork along 
with the tools and supplies 
of a plein air painter. Q&A 
included. (It is recommend 
you bring your own chair.)

 This program is made 
possible by the Friends of 
the Altadena Library. 

 For more information 
and to register visit: 

CommunityAngered byChanges toCity CouncilMeetings

 Some speakers cut off

mid sentence after the 
time limit shortened from 
3 minutes to 1.5 minutes 
per person. 

By Dean Lee

 The Pasadena City Council 
got an earful of angry residents 
Monday after proposing the idea 
of changing their agenda format 
by moving public comment, on 
matters not on the agenda, to 
the end of the meeting. The idea 
would make the meetings more 
efficient according to an ad hoc 
committee formed to discuss 
and analyze the idea.

Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo 
said moving public comment 
would first start on a trial basis. 

 “I”ve listened to this council’s 
discussion, its infuriating and 
its insulting, we’re taking about 
20 minutes,” one community 
members said echoing many 
of the concerns the speakers 
had including, the “interest of 
our seniors, parents of small 
children and others that are 
unable wait 4 to 6 hours until 
the end of the meeting?”

 Another speaker said that of 
the 25 cities, in California, that 
are of a similar size to Pasadena, 
20 have public comment at the 
beginning of their agenda and 
five have it at the end. 

 “We are looking at many, many 
cities that do the right thing, and 
a few like, Glendale, Corona and 
a few others... that don’t said Kat 
Ross. “And I’m saddened to hear 
that Pasadena is considering 
putting themselves in the camp 
of the very few, distancing their 
fears from public opinion.”

 One resident, Ellen Finkelpearl, 

took issue with prioritizing 
items, already, on the agenda, 
“This is to assume that the mayor 
and the council are the ones 
who know what’s important and 
not the collection of community 
members who have shown up 
to speak... Certain [council] 
members want make sure that 
some voices in the community 
that have been very vocal would 
simply go away. Burying your 
head in the sand is not the way 
to solve anything.” 

Former, District 6, City 
Council candidate Ryan Bell 
said that the council meeting 
went long because some council 
members give long speeches 
and suggested they address that 
instead of 20 minutes at the 
beginning for public comment.

 Another resident that 
immediately followed Bell, 
bluntly said, the council did 
not want to hear about police 

 Other speakers spoke on 
the idea not being part of the 
Pasadena way, with a guiding 
principle that “community 
participation will be a 
permanent part of achieving a 
greater city.” 

A number of the public speakers 
were cut off in mid thought, 
including Black Lives Matter 
activist Michael Williams, “This 
is against the freedom of speech, 
this is violating rights, you all 
should be embarrassed that you 
even put this on the agenda... 
show the rest of the world how 
anti black and anti free speech 
you are... fire the officers that 
killed Anthony McClain..., he 
said before Pasadena city clerk 
Mark Jomsky simply went to the 
next caller.”

 Speakers were cut off after 
going over the allotted 1.5 
minute time– a change from 3 

 Activist, Adriana Bautista, was 
cut off exactly at the time she 
threaten to sue the city, “We do 
intend to sue...” she tried to say 
as Jomsky starts talking over 

 None of the speakers were 

Holden’s Camp Safety BillAB 1737 Passes Committee 

 On Tuesday, Assemblymember 
Chris Holden’s bill, Children’s 
camps: local registration 
and inspections, which is 
in response to the wholly 
preventable drowning death of 
6-year-old Roxie Forbes at a LosAngeles County summer camp,
as well as a history of traumaticincidents at children’s campsstatewide, passed the AssemblyCommittee on Health . AB 
1737, a long overdue measurethat establishes health and safety 
standards to protect millions ofchild campers and counselors.

 “We owe children and their 
guardians the promise of safely 
returning home” Holden said. 
“With AB 1737, we establish 
safety protocols for the 
security of children throughout 

 AB 1737 would clarify that 
day and overnight camps 

attended by children are subject 
to California Department 
of Public Health (CDPH) 
regulations and specifically 
outline the obligations of 
CDPH, local agencies, and 
children’s camps prior to 
and during operation of the 
children’s camps. The bill would 
also require children’s camps to 
include in their operating plan 
submitted to their local agency 
normal operation procedures, 
security and emergency 
procedures, health and safety 
policies, and indicate whether 
the camp offers any high-risk 
activities, such as swimming 
and horseback riding.

 “It is our responsibility as the 
adults in the room to provide 
supervision while parents/
guardians are at work,” Holden 

 For more information visit: 

in favor of moving public 

 “My hart is really broken 
because if this was a reasonable 
consideration there would be 
people on both sides...,” said 
Pastor Kerwin Manning. “All 
of the voices tonight have been 
in support of keeping the space 
[comment period] and time 
where it is.” 

 Gordo suggested that all the 
negative comments were due to 
the council still not meeting in 
person, “I think we can all agree 
that if we were back in person 
and members of the public were 
here, it would likely result in a 
different situation... or a way 

 He also reminded the council 
that “This is intended to provide 
us with more public comment 
for matters that are agendized, 
and noticed as, items that the 
council will take up often with 
final action.”

 City staff said, at the beginning 
of the meeting, that the council 
does not need to vote to make 
changes to their agenda. 

Council set 
to Discuses 

 Pasadena Mayor Victor 

Gordo made the follow 

statement Wednesday on what 

the city is planing as the next 

steps after District Attorney 

George Gascón said his office 

will not file criminal charges 

against the officers involved in 

shooting and killing Anthony 


 “On April 6, 2022, the City 

of Pasadena was notified 

that the Los Angeles County 

District’s Attorney’s Office has 

completed its investigation 

into the August 15, 2020 

Officer Involved Shooting of 

Anthony McClain. District 

Attorney George Gascón has 

concluded that he will not file 

criminal charges in the matter. 

Now, it is important for our 

community to understand 

the next step(s) involved in 

the administrative review 

process of this matter and 

the associated timeline. It is 

also vital that we provide our 

community an opportunity 

to offer public comment on 

the matter. As such, I have 

added an item to Monday’s 

agenda and asked our City 

Attorney and City Manager 

to be prepared to present the 

information at this Monday’s 

City Council meeting. The 

meeting is scheduled for 

April 11 at 4:30 p.m. solely 

by video/teleconference. 

During the meeting, members 

of the public will have the 

opportunity provide live 

public comment by submitting 

a speaker card prior to the start 

of public comment on that 

item at:


Tournament Announces 2022 
Rose Scholars and Awards 

(Back row, from left to right; Pasadena Tournament of RosesPresident Amy Wainscott, Citizens Business Bank President and

Chief Executive Officer David A. Brager, Celeste Edell. Secondrow; Pasadena Unified School District Chief Academic OfficerDr. Elizabeth Blanco, Nagma Shakur-Frank, Matthew Fowler,

Sergio Gonzalez, Citizens Business Bank Senior Vice President,

Director of Treasury Management and Marketing LaVon Short,

Front row: Cecilia Grane, Kennedy Hackett, Oswald Guerra, 


The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses Association 
announced Thursday that 
it has selected eight high 
school seniors as the 2022 
ROSE Scholars. This year, 
the program awarded 
$20,000 in scholarships to 
eight graduating seniors 
from the Pasadena Unified 
School District (PUSD). 
ROSE Scholars, presented 
by Citizens Business Bank, is 
a program designed to help 
students in our community 
thrive and to foster their 

 As part of the application 
process, students were 
invited to submit a creative 
piece that reflected their 
future dreams, goals and 
aspirations. A one-page 
reflection describing their 
thoughts and feelings about 
the piece was also required, 
as well as still images of their 
work and a video recording 
describing their inspiration.
2022 ROSE Scholars 
Gabriela Castillo – John 
Muir High SchoolSergio Gonzalez – Rose City 
High SchoolCeleste Edell – Pasadena 
High SchoolOswald Guerra – John Muir 
High SchoolMatthew Fowler – John 
Muir High SchoolKennedy Hackett – John 
Muir High SchoolCecilia Grane – Marshall 
Fundamental Secondary 
Nagma Shakur-Frank – 
Pasadena High School

 “Citizens Business Bank 
is honored to support 
the 2022 Class of Rose 
Scholars,” ” said David A. 
Brager, President and Chief 
Executive Officer of Citizens 
Business Bank. “Our 
ongoing partnership with 
the Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses Association continues 
to make a positive difference 
in the communities we serve 

by providing scholarships 
to local students to pursue 
their education. We wish all 
the Pasadena Unified School 
District students who 
applied or were selected well 
in their future endeavors.”

 Instead of a minimum GPA 
requirement, applicants 
were asked to obtain a 
recommendation from a 
teacher, coach, counselor or 
community member.

 “Congratulations to the 
2022 Class of Rose Scholars, 
said Brian McDonald, 
Ed.D., Superintendent of 
the Pasadena Unified School 
District. “Through their hard 
work and determination, 
the recipients of the awards 
have demonstrated that they 
are prepared for the next 
part of their educational 
journey. I would like to 
thank Citizens Business 
Bank and the Tournament 
of Roses for their continued 
commitment to the students 
and schools of the Pasadena 
Unified School District.”

 Applications were reviewed 
and scored based on the 
structure of their art, the 
organization and language 
of their written reflection, 
and the recommendation 
from an educator, coach 
or community member. 
The review committee was 
composed of Tournament 
of Roses members, staff and 
PUSD representatives.

 The Association and 
the Tournament of Roses 
Foundation are focused 
on positively impacting 
the Pasadena community 
with charitable giving, 
volunteerism and 
community involvement. 
As part of this work, the 
Association has partnered 
with Citizens Business Bank 
for ROSE Scholars and 
other signature community 

 For more information visit: 

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