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Kiwanis Boot Skootin' Chili Cook-Off - Saturday, May 7, 2022.......Page 2 

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330 Toyon Road | $1,035 per foot 
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Listed at $2,399,000 | Open Sunday 2-4pm 
471 Auburn Avenue | 
4 beds | 4 baths | 3,679 sqft | 11,179 sqft lot 
real estate 

Passive and active feeding of wildlife is 
prohibited; violators could see fines. 

By Kevin McGuire 

After frequent and sometimes 
scary encounters with a 
momma bear and its cubs and 
other wildlife, City Council 
adopted the Sierra Madre 
Wildlife Management Plan 
on February 22, 2022. One of 
the top priorities of that plan 
was to present a local ordinance 
to curb the feeding of 
wild animals. 

On April 12, Ordinance 1453 
had its first read before CityCouncil during a public 
hearing. In a presentation, 
Management Analyst, James 
Carlson, outlined the new ordinance, 
which would add a 
chapter to Title 6, “Animals.” 
Chapter 6.10 will be entitled 
“Feeding Of Wildlife Prohibited.” 
In addition, there will 
be an amendment to section 

8.16.010 “Property Maintenance 
Nuisances” of Chapter 
8.16 (Site Nuisances) of 
Title 8 “Health and Safety” of 
The Sierra Madre Municipal 
Code to prohibit the feeding 
of certain wildlife. Did I 
lose you? Well, let me break 
it down. 
Now, it’s already against the 
law to feed wildlife, as indicated 
by the California Code 
of Regulations and Los Angeles 
County Ordinances. 
But, the city’s Wildlife Management 
Plan recommends 
that Sierra Madre adopt its 
ordinance to point out more 
specific areas that need to be 
addressed locally. The hope is 
that this new ordinance will 
bring attention to the dangers 
and challenges residents face 
when dealing with the wildlife 
in Sierra Madre. 

One bear, in particular, 
known as “bear 508” and 
her two cubs, made national 
headlines when it broke a 
car window to get some food 
left on the seat, knocked the 
parking brake, and crashed 
the car into a wall. The interior 
of the vehicle was torn 
to bits. And it could have 
been much worse. In other 
instances, pets have been taken, 
houses have been broken 

into, and damage has been 
done inside the properties. 

In recent months, there has 
been a “dip” in bear-related 
instances, at least as far as 
break-ins and property damage 
is concerned, according 
to Carlson. 

Many residents unintentionally 
feed wildlife by leaving 
smelly food open in their 
trash cans or leaving pet food 
and water dishes on porches 
and in yards. Others intentionally 
feed squirrels and 
other critters. Soon, both actions 
could take a bite out of 
your wallet. 

Ordinance 1453 addresses 
both active and passive feeding 
activities. The following 
activities will be prohibited: 

• Leaving or storing refuseor garbage in a negligent 
• Leaving or storing pet foodand seed (including birdseed)
in a negligent manner
• Leaving or storing fruit, 
meat, dairy, vegetable, grain,
or other food in a negligent 
• Leaving or storingwater sources in a negligent 
The Ordinance also provides 
for discretionary application 
for additional activities that 
may be found to be sources of 
attractants to wildlife, including 
the following: 

• Securing or removingoutdoor refrigerators
• Removing bird 
• Removing fruit tree 
• Eliminating standing 
• Eliminating composting 
The ordinance was unanimously 
adopted and will return 
for a second reading at a 
later date. 

VOLUME 16 NO. 18 


2021 Citizen Of The Year Recipient Bob Spears and his wife Sue 

On Wednesday, the City of Sierra Madre and the Sierra Madre Chamber of 
Commerce honored the Volunteers and Employees who gave so much to 
the community during 2021. 

More than 150 residents and guests gathered in Memorial Park, which had 
been converted to a formal outdoor dining room, to say thanks to the 
honorees. Honorees were selected by members of the community for their 
service in 2021, however due to concerns about public health, the event 
was postponed until April, 2022. 

In addition to the Awards from the City and The Chamber, Congresswoman 
Judy Chu, State Senator Anthony Portantino and Assemblyman 
Chris Holden also sent Proclamations honoring the awardees dedication 

Ward & Louise Calaway 

and hard work. 
Honored were: 
Youth Community Service Award:
Exemplary Public Service Award: 
Avery BogueRoberta Malfitano,
Public Works 
Exemplary Employee Award: 
Spirit of Sierra Madre Awards: 
Christian Delgado,
IT DepartmentHeidi Hartman 
Sharon Pevsner 
2021 Mayor’s Award: 
George Maurer Lifetime Achievement Award 
Pat and De Alcorn 

Business of the Year: Paul Mansour, Best Buy Drugs 

The event was catered by Corfu Restaurant and Fred Thomas provided the 
music and AV Support. 


Assessments show infrastructure deficiencies for 
Lizzie’s Trail Inn and Richardson House 

By Kevin McGuire 

City Council requested a report 
from staff on the state of the City’s 
infrastructure regarding the his-
toric Lizzie’s Trail Inn and the 
Richardson House Museums. The 
information presented by Chris 
Cimino, Director of Public Works, 
outlines the current deficien-
cies and immediate needs of both 
structures over 100 years old. 
City staff met with Lesley Ziff,
President of the Historical Society, 
and former Mayor John Capoccia, 
who now serves as a Historical So-
ciety Board Member, to discuss the 
high-priority infrastructural needs 
to preserve both buildings. It’s the 
Historical Society’s responsibil-
ity to maintain the interiors of the 
museums at its own expense, according 
to the agreed-upon lease. 
The city is responsible for all exterior 
repairs and maintenance, 
though the Historical Society has 
taken care of outside wood and 
window repairs, paint, and electrical 

Richardson House 

Located at 167 E. Mira Monte Ave., 
the Richardson House is said to 
have been built around 1890. It 
was named for John Richardson, aCivil War veteran who was granted 
a patent for 150 acres 

(continued on page 4) 

This bear cub caused quite a stir earlier in the week while crossingSanta Anita Ct. He may have been searching for food unwittingly 
made available by unsuspecting residents. SMPD alerted residents in 
the immediate area that the cub was 'on the prowl' and encouraged 
them to avoid the area until the visitor was gone.

Photo by resident Merrill Joan Gerber 

AZUSA $1,099,000 

4 bed 3.5 bath 2,995 sf 
Newer home in the Rosedale 
Community of Azusa 

PASADENA $849,000 

1 bed 1 bath 715 sf 
Great opportunity to build in prime 
NE Pasadena. Avail 5/2/22 

SIERRA MADRE $1,100,000 
3 bed 1.5 bath 1,282 sf 
Traditional Home with Remodeled 
Kitchen and Mountain Views

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