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Mountain View News Saturday, July 2, 2022 



It is with deep sorrow and much love that we 
mourn the passing of Brunell “Nelly” Irene 
Haynes on June 17, 2022, at the age of 93 years. 
She will be dearly missed by her 5 children, 10 
grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, and 4 
great-great grandchildren. 

Nelly was born in New Orleans, LA and resided 
in Sierra Madre, CA at the time of her passing. 
Nelly was a proud resident of Sierra Madre for 
72 years and was heavily involved in the community. 
She and her husband raised their 5 
children there, she worked at the Sierra Madre 
Skilled Nursing Facility, she volunteered at 
the Senior Center and Wisteria thrift shop for 
years, and was a member of the Sierra Madre 
Women's Club. 

Nelly was full of life and her spirit will live on 
in those that hold her dear. She was kind, feisty, 
silly, and loved deeply. Nelly loved spending 
time with her family, volunteering, and walking / driving around Sierra Madre. She was charismatic 
and talked to all that passed by. A people person that will not easily be forgotten. 

A funeral service in her honor is scheduled for 10am on July 22nd at St. Rita Catholic Parrish.

Sierra Madre Fourth oF July 

For over 55 years the Sierra Madre Community has joined together in celebration of the great American 
tradition with music, picnics, games and the ever popular 4th of July Parade. Residents and guests 
crowd Sierra Madre Boulevard to watch youngsters on their patriotic bikes stroll down the route along 
side hometown heroes like the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team and Sierra Madre Fire Department. 
The Official Sponsor of the 2022 Parade is The Kensington. The Kensington-Sierra Madre is an 
assisted living and memory care residence in the heart of Sierra Madre, along the parade route. 

The Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee is pleased to honor Chris Cimino as the 2022 Fourth of July 
Parade Grand Marshal. “The Grand Marshal is a person or persons whose efforts over a long period of 
time has been beneficial to the community of Sierra Madre. The title of Grand Marshal is intended to 
honor a person or persons’ volume of work, dedication and overall enhancements to our community.” 

Pre-parade Party -before the parade on the 4th, the town will be rockin’ in Memorial Park for the Pre-
Parade Party & Picnic on July 3rd from 5:30 - 10:00 pm featuring the outstanding local rock music of 
Groovy Lemon Pie and for the not to be missed Bubblewrap fireworks at 8:00 pm. Kids and grown-up 
alike stopping on hundreds of square feet of bubble wrap making the sounds of shooting fireworks. 
Other park activities include the Friends of Heasley Field Be er Garden (sales benefit youth sports), 
Civic Clubs famous confetti eggs, Sierra Madre Little League Dunk Tank (where you might be able to 
dunk a local celebrity) and tons of food for purchase. 

Morning of the 4th of July at 8:00 a.m. Woman’s Club Pre-Parade Community Open House with Continental 
breakfast and Live Music by the Wabash Wailers – 550 West Sierra Madre Blvd. 

The Annual 4th of July parade which kicks off at the corner of Sierra Madre Blvd. and Sunnyside Avenue 
at 10 am sharp! Parade travels down Sierra Madre Blvd to Sierra Vista Park where the party keeps 

AND SHE IS BACK ! The Ice Princess will be @ Sierra Vista Park 10am-12pm following the end of the 
parade selling her fun icy treats. 

For more information or to donate to support the activities of the Sierra Madre 4th of July visit http:// 

The volunteers of the Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee extends our gratitude to all the members of 
the Sierra Madre community for their generosity, support and donations. Every penny counts and this 
event could not happen without you. Thank you. 

Parade Title SponsorThe Kensington ~ Sierra Madre 

Media Sponsor

Mountain View News 

Patriot Sponsor

The Gooden School 
VFW Post 3208 
Calleton Family 

Business Partners 

Leonora Moss, Ixora Florists, Nobee Florist, Carol Canterbury & Pamela Cimino – Berkshire Hathaway, 
Michelle Keith – MimiTravels, Greg Tortell - Sierra Madre Speed Shop/Groovy Lemon Pie, Sierra 
Madre Fire Department, Sierra Madre Public Works, Sierra Madre Police Department, Sierra Madre 
Community Service Department, Sierra Madre Community Foundation, Sierra Madre Chamber of 
Commerce, Sierra Madre Civic Club, Sierra Madre Woman’s Club, The Buccaneer Lounge 

Stars & Stripes

Earth Systems Pacific, David Howard, Campbell FamilySierra Madre Rotary Club, Hood FamilySGV Management, The Buccaneer Lounge 

Red, White & Blue 

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, The Only Place in Town, Mother Moo Creamery, 
St. Rita’s School, Redstone Commercial Real Estate, Sierra Madre Animal HospitalDPP Real Estate Services, Carbone Family,Genevieve & Jacob Fakoory, Donna CampbellDoug & Janice Hayes, Stephen and Gordana Perlof, Clara Maarse, John & Jacalyn OldhamRick & Margie Simpson, The Priscillas, Cancer Support Center - Pasadena 


Best Buy Drugs, Casa Del Rey, St. Rita Church, Sierra Madre Senior Club, Taylor’s Ol’Fashioned Market, 
Danny Osti Tree Service, Roberts-Parker Family, Matchin Family, Foothill Homecare Partners, Kate & 
Tom Cook, Louise Neiby, De La Paz Family, Shannon King & Frank Moore, Heinen Family, Col. Ron 
& Linda Larson, Stephanie Jones, Eden & Terry Slegr, Susan Day, JoAnn William, Four Seasons Tea 
Room, Nancy Beckham, Erik and Jen Quintana, Billy & Megan Abel, Denzil & Aloma Ratnasoma, 
Patricia Hall, Marlene Enmark, Gary & Kathy Churchwell, Ron & Jean Coleman, Anne Vaughan, 
Sargent Family, Lisa & Andy Milne, Perry-Crowley Family, Phil Cannon, John Van Nest, Maggie Ellis, 
John & Carol Fung, Cecilia McKee, Paula & Georgia Carpenter, Jeff & Patricia Barron, Randa Khoury, 
Salembier Family, The Kiwanis Club of Sierra Madre, Gowen Family, Kathleen Lucas and Basil Anton, 
Albert Metzger, Michael and Beverly Powers, Robin and Janie Guentert 


by Deanne Davis 

“The pedigree of honey 
does not concern the 
bee; a clover, anytime, to 
him, is aristocracy.” 
Emily Dickinson 

I don’t know what it is 
about that quote, but I 
just love it. Maybe because 
we have so many 
bee-enticing, nectar-
filled goodies around us. 
Every flower is a potential 
banquet to these little 

“It was a good day for a 
parade, sunny and unseasonably 
the sky a Sunday School 
cartoon of heaven.” Tom 

“Half the people in Sierra 
Madre are watching the parade and the other half are in it!” 

Our next big summer event, the July 4th Parade is Monday! The parade is such 
a great time. John and I always got up early, drove downtown, set up our chairs 
in front of Happy’s Liquor, had coffee and oatmeal at Beantown then walked all 
over town to see who we would see. Every year it just gets better. Best parade anywhere. 
We always loved it, my best parade kibitzer buddy, John, and I. Loved seeing 
the kids from all the teams, the fire engines, the parents pulling wagons with little 
people looking bewildered. We admired the Search & Rescue Guys, we waved at 
the dignitaries smiling in the backs of open cars, trying not to sweat, wondering if 
they’ve got enough sunblock on, working hard to look responsible and re-electable. 
Speaking of dignitaries, be sure to watch for Mountain Views News Editor, Susan 
Henderson and fellow columnist, Rich Johnson (of JJ Jukebox fame), waving from a 
classic convertible. Don’t miss it, friends and neighbors! And be sure to stand when 
the flag goes by. 

All the Saturday afternoon events sound great and how could you not stay at the 
park and listen to a band entitled “Groovy Lemon Pie?” 

“You have to love a Nation that celebrates its independence every July 4th, not with 
a parade of guns, tanks and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of 
strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw frisbees, the potato 
salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you’ve overeaten, but 
it is patriotism.” Erma Bombeck 

JULY 4TH FUN – Deanne Davis

 I’ll bring the hot dogs,
You bring the beer,
The Fourth of July,
Is finally here!
Let’s walk downtown,
And watch the parade.
I hope we can find,
A place in the shade.
It’s our day to celebrate,
Our Nation’s story.
Is your hand on your heart?
Here she comes! It’s Old Glory!
Let’s stand up and cheer!
Old Glory’s passing by.
Here come our V.A. guys,
Standing so tall and straight!
Thank you, guys, for your service,
We think you’re just great!
We love those old cars, 
Filled with folks that we know. 
We’ll barbeque later,
A burger…or three,
And have potato salad,
Sure! It’s calorie free! (Not!)
We’ll count all our blessings,
Be glad that we live in a land that is free.
Free to celebrate Independence Day,
To celebrate…Liberty! 

Speaking of potato salad, I’m fond of the hard-boiled eggs, pickle relish, onions, potatoes, 
celery salt and seed, pepper, dill, mustard, mayonnaise, a dash of 1000 Island 
dressing and of making it a couple of days ahead of time so everything has a chance 
to get acquainted and develop flavor. I’ve cut out dozens of potato salad recipes 
from magazines and various newspaper cooking pages but I can’t bring myself to 
deviate from the old familiar one. 

Whatever you do this July 4th weekend, be sure you have a great time with people 
you love, people who enjoy food, laughter, each other, and maybe you can sit out 
somewhere and see fireworks bursting in the sky. Put your feet in the water, have 
another hot dog and delight in every minute. Somewhere along the way, be sure to 
remember that freedom isn’t free. It has been bought and paid for at great cost by 
people who gave all. 

The photo this week, courtesy of Celia Kalm, is the house at the corner of Mountain 
Trail and Grandview. This is so cute. Drive by and take a look…it’s a guaranteed 
smile! I’m sure it’s one of the house decoration contest winners. 
Let’s Celebrate Everything! 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Where you’ll find “Sunrises and Sunflowers Speak Hope”
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