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[Nyergesis an author 
His latest 
Survival Guide” by Skyhorse, 

is available at Amazon or from 

the store at www.Schoolof] 

Guys with knives in their 
pockets always seem to know 
that their knife is best. After 
all, that’s why they purchased 
that knife. Maybe, maybe not. 
Let’s explore the many reasons 
why not to buy that knife.
We’ve seen knives advertised Nyerges with his three favorite knives: from left, Swiss Army knife, Elijah Wilthis 
way – that they were liams original, and a Cold Steel Bushman. 

VERY shiny! Wow! Shiny! 
Maybe a child would respond to such advertising, 
but shiny has nothing to do with anything, except 
that they shined it! Shiny probably means stainless, 
but not necessarily. It tells you nothing about 
the quality of manufacture or of the steel.
I’ve seen magazine ads telling you that their 
knives were RAZOR S-H-A-A-A-R- P…. yes, 
they stretched out the letters of the word, as if 
that would make the knife even sharper than you 
might expect, and to impress you perhaps. But a 
knife that is sharp at this moment doesn’t always 
stay sharp, and sharpness alone tells you next to 
nothing about the quality of the knife. But then, 
every knife will get dull in time, and that’s why 
owning a knife also means that you should know 
how to sharpen a knife. 
Yes, I used to buy these freaks of nature – knives 
with built in survival kits, and saws, hammers, 
wire saws, etc. etc. They are great for pulling out 
at parties when there is a lull in the conversation 
while the record is being changed, and lots of guys 
will gather around and ooh and ah as you show 
your trinket. Once the music comes back on, 
no one will care about the multi-purpose knife. 
Mostly, these freaks tend to do 40 things poorly. 
Once the tool is scheduled to do three, four, and 
more tasks, it’s probably not worth having.
Too cheap is not worth having, if it’s really junky. 
Saving money is not always saving money. You 
might find a good deal on a quality knife at a yard 
sale or thrift store, but – generally – you really do 
get what you pay for. 
Klingon knife? Tommy Lee Jones knife? Book of 
Eli knife? Rambo knife? Maybe, sometimes, you 
get a good idea that comes through on a tv shows 
but usually, you are seeing an unrealistic knife 
used in an unrealistic manner. 
We’ve seen women used to advertise a lot of stuff, 

and those ads work, not because the knife is good 

– well, it might be – but advertisers know that 
young men cannot control themselves, and when 
they buy a knife—or any product – with an attractive 
woman attached to it, they think, somehow, 
that the woman comes with it –and she doesn’t! 
So, to repeat, just because a knife is advertised 
with an awesome woman doesn’t mean the knife 
is bad… it just means that you’re suddenly being 
controlled by your limbic urges and not your 
You know who I mean, the beefy survival guy of 
the year…. With a knife that is heavier than his 
son…. The knives these guys carry are big and 
heavy and expensive, and we can say with certainty 
that if the guy sells a lot of them, he can 
better pay off his mortgage and get his children 
through college…. But, it probably isn’t the knife 
you need. 
There really is a lot of lore and history that has 
to do with both knives and swords. We all have 
heard of Excalibur, but that’s more myth than reality. 
And then there was the sword of Longinus, 
the legendary sword that was used to pierce the 
side of Jesus. It’s a real sword, and the stories associated 
with it are always good for discussion. And 
swords of the Samurai are legendary, with numerous 
cheap knock-offs that are available from the 
ads in magazines. But what does a Samurai sword 
– real or knock-off – have to do with your daily 
life? Not much. 
Quality knives are readily available on-line, and at 
cutlery stores. There are folding knives to choose 
from, and sheath knives (or, those that do not fold, 
like a kitchen knife). You will usually get what you 
pay for, so a quality knife won’t be cheap. Still, if 
you know what you want, and what to look for, 
you can do as I have done many times, and find 
great bargains at yard sales and thrift stores. 

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Look at those adorable faces! 
Both are two of four siblings 
ready for their furever 

VIVIAN is very social and 
likes to be the first to do 
something, especially with 
exploring and people. She's 

black & white with "bangs" over one eye! 

HENRY is shy and likes being with another kitten. Henry 
gets SO involved in playing with dangling toys that he 
forgets he's shy and enjoys the pettings! See the cute little 
Marilyn Monroe beauty spot on his pink nose? Both 
are being raised with 2 nurturing dogs. They are only 3 
months old and will be delivered to their furever home 
already spayed/neutered, vetted, chipped, and more! 
Please submit your application found on our website. Can't adopt yet? Please share with any 
who can. Find the adoption application on our website where you'll also find more adorable 
pix on our Very Young Cats page. 

Pet of the Week 

Daenerys will brighten your day with her 
big smile and wagging tail! At nine yearsold, Daenerys has a calm and relaxedvibe, but is also quite active when she getsinto play mode. Daenerys is extremelyaffectionate and loves a good back rub,
and will even lean into you to get moreaffection. This smart girl walks great on 
a loose leash and knows sit, down, and 
paw. If you’re looking for a dog who cansnuggle on the couch with you after a briskmorning walk, Daenerys could be your 
perfect companion! 

Join us at Pasadena Humane on Saturday,
July 16 from 10am-2pm for Free AdoptionDay presented by Gabrielle Bruveris! 
Adoption fees will be waived for all 
available dogs, cats and critters at this walk-
in event. All dog adoptions include spay 

or neuter, 
and age-

adopters will 
receive a 
complimentary health-and-wellness examfrom VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as agoody bag filled with information abouthow to care for your pet. 

View photos of adoptable pets at 

Pets may not be available for adoption andcannot be held for potential adopters byphone calls or email. 

Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285 Email: Website: