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Mountain View News Saturday, August 6, 2022 2 F.Y.I. Mountain View News Saturday, August 6, 2022 2 F.Y.I. 

By Meghan Malooly 


Sorry I disappeared for a minute there, my mountain family! I have no idea what's 

going on, but I swear these days are going by faster than I can breathe! I know they 

say time flies when you're having fun, but trust me, all I do is work and time is still 
zipping by! Although you had to wait a couple weeks, I promise it's worth it! I’m sure most of you 
know, if not the actual person, then by name from facebook, Jackie Lam. Over the last couple years 
I have noticed her quietly, but consistently, doing some great things in our community. 

Jackie is a born and bred Burbank girl who is coming up on her 4 year Sierra Madre anniversary!
She currently works as “a personal finance writer and a financial educator, particularly for creatives” 
and received a BA in anthropology from UCLA (U..C..L..A..FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! Sorry, 
can't help it, my sister was also an undergrad there and their school pride is contagious! I didn't 
even go there and I know the 8 clap, but ask me if my college had something similar and I'll bury 
my head in shame). 

Unlike some of the other people I have spotlighted in this 
column Jackie does not have an “official” role in Sierra 
Madre. Everything she does, is solely done on her own 
with the only intention being to help. 

What first brought her to my attention was her adorable 
and super sweet sticker program that she’s named “HappyMail.” I mean, the name alone is promising, but just wait. 
If any of you are like me, I love to get mail, actually let me 
specify, I love to get fun mail. As a kid, I once complained 
to my dad about wanting to get mail and he, generously, 
started letting me open his, which were bills. Before 
I could even come up with a sassy sarcastic comeback 
to “thank” him and give them back he already shouted 
NOSE GOES, thanks dad! 
Although tricking your kids into taking your bills might be a belly full of laughs for you, your shallow 
breathing, ramen eating, netflix password sharing kids may not enjoy it as much, but that's 
where Jackie’s Happy Mail comes in! She is obsessed with stickers and making people happy! She 
described it best when she said, “I created it because it was just a way to bring joy and spread joy, 
connection and community.” She is quite active on the Sierra Madre Buy Nothing Facebook both 
requesting and giving items for this sweet program of hers. 

Another event she created during the quarantine was in person buy nothing potluck boutiques. 
Basically she would pick a day where everyone was invited to meet up ( at her home, the park, etc.) 
to not only bring yummy food to share but also their free items they were trying to relocate. But it 
wasn't just about getting rid of items you no longer needed. What I find so fascinating about it, is 
that she saw that people were struggling with being isolated and she found a way to not only safelybring them together for some human interaction but to bring them together for a purpose. 

I am very grateful for the chance to meet Jackie and I look forward to getting to know her more 
and see what additional good she’ll do in the future, because if there's one thing you can bet on, its 
that Jackie is not done leaving her generous and heartwarming mark of the citizens of Sierra Madre. 


Meghan MaloolyOwner Paper Heart Concierge ServicesFacebook/Instagram: Paper Heart Concierge Services 


Sierra Madre's newest Lending Library is dedicated to serve our dog community and is located on 
West Grandview Avenue overlooking the Sierra Madre Elementary School Field. The sign is self-
explanatory. So next time you are walking your dog, feel free to stop by. You can even sit on the 
adjacent bench while your dog searches through the stick se-lection. Photo courtesy Sue Spears 




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