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First Cases of 

 The Pasadena Public 
Health Department 
(PPHD) announced 
Tuesday that they have 
received reports of the 
first cases of monkeypox 
infection in four Pasadena 
residents. All cases being 
reported have been 
confirmed by PPHD 
to meet the Centers 
for Disease Control 
and Prevention (CDC) 
definition for either a 
probable or confirmed 
case. Monkeypox 
generally spreads through 
prolonged skin-to-skin 
contact. Contact includes 
prolonged intimate 
interactions, and sharing 
of infected bedding or 
clothing. If you have sex or 
intimate physical contact 
with many people, risk of 
contracting monkeypox is 

 The individuals are adults 
and are recovering with 
monitoring and support 
from PPHD. 

 “We have been 
coordinating with our 
healthcare partners who 
are managing cases of 
monkeypox infections,” 
said PPHD Director and 
Health Officer Dr. Ying-
Ying Goh. “We will are 
recommending individual 
and community mitigation 
measures to reduce the 
risk of spread of the 
monkeypox virus, and we 
will continue to provide 
vaccination to eligible 
populations as quickly 
as we receive federally-

supplied vaccine.”

 Monkeypox is a viral 
infection that can spread 
through contact with body 
fluids, monkeypox sores, 
or shared items (such as 
clothing and bedding) that 
have been contaminated 
with fluids from sores of a 
person with monkeypox. 
Although monkeypox is 
not generally considered 
a sexually transmitted 
infection, it can be 
transmitted during sex 
through skin-to-skin and 
other intimate contact, 
regardless of gender or 
sexual orientation. 

 Most people with 
monkeypox have a mild 
illness that improves 
without treatment over 2 
to 4 weeks. Treatment is 
supportive and focused 
on easing the symptoms 
of the illness. Monkeypox 
is contagious and spreads 
easily to others until scabs 
have fallen off and a new 
layer of skin has formed. 
Monkeypox is NOT spread 
through casual brief 
conversations or walking 
by someone (like in a 
grocery store).

 Public Health will 
directly communicate 
to eligible individuals to 
provide details on how 
and where to access the 
JYNNEOS vaccine. PPHD 
is providing monkeypox 
vaccines by invitation only.

 For more information 
Additional information 
may be found at CDC 

City to Look at Rent Control Measure 

By Dean Lee

 The Pasadena city council to set 
to take up three maters Monday 
as they relate to a Charter 
Amendment Rent Control 
Measure —which qualified 
for the November 8 General 
Election ballot. 

The council is first set to discuss, 
without any action, finding of 
a report and overview of “The 
Pasadena Fair and Equitable 
Housing Charter Amendment” 
commissioned by Management 
Partners. After that, during 
a separate agenda item, the 
council will take a position in 

support or opposition or remain 

the City Council to oversee 

neutral on the measure. They 

the Amendment’s various 

will then, in another agenda 

provisions with members 

item vote to approve language, 

compensated for their service. 

mailing and other criteria for 

• It is estimated that to fully 
the measure. 

implement the Amendment 

 The Management Partners 

would cost $5.8 million and 

Report included costs, potential 

require hiring 26 employees 

impacts on existing and future 

as well as securing office 

housing stock and identified 

space, equipment and software 

potential inconsistencies 

necessary for the program. The 

between the Amendment 

costs would be paid for through 

and existing rules, policies or 

annual fees charged to landlords 


for each rental unit. These fees 

Conclusions and finding for the 

could not be passed on to 

report include: 

tenants. The annual fee amount 

• The regulations would affect 
would be approximately $184 

31,316 rental units in Pasadena, 

per unit based upon the 

over 75,000 residents, and 

estimated numbers to date, but 

hundreds of landlords. 

the actual fee could be higher or 

• The Amendment’s rent 

regulations would limit the 

• Modern rent stabilization 
year-to-year increases in rents 

measures have no discernable 

to 75 percent of the regional 

effect on new housing 

CPI increase and the eviction 

production but may increase 

regulations would prohibit 

the conversion from rental to 

evictions except in specified 

for sale units. 


• In California, single-family 
• An 11 member Rental Housing 
home and multi-family rental 

Board would be appointed by 

units constructed after February 

City Awarded $2.5 MillionGrant for Violence Prevention 

 Pasadena Public Health 
Department (PPHD) 
announced Teusday that it 
has been awarded $2,510,394 
in grant funding through 
the California Violence 
Intervention and Prevention 
(CalVIP) program funded by 
the California Board of State 
and Community Corrections 
(BSCC). The purpose of 
CalVIP is to improve public 
health and safety by supporting 
effective violence reduction 
initiatives in communities 
disproportionately impacted 
by violence, particularly group 
member-involved homicides, 
shootings and aggravated 
assaults. The CalVIP grant 
period is three years, from July 
2022 to June 2025.

 “The public health department 
is focused on addressing 
underlying risk factors for 
youth in Pasadena,” said Manuel 
Carmona, deputy director of 
public health. “Our goal is to 
help them make healthy choices, 
build positive self-perception, 
and access support to protect 
them from involvement in gangs 
and other pathways to violence.”

 The grant will support PPHD’s 
implementation of the Pasadena 
Intervention and Prevention 
Project (PIPP), which focuses 
Prevention: Providing 
multidimensional family 
therapy (MDFT) and referrals 
to other needed services to 
youth and young adults age 
10-24 who are at risk of gettinginvolved in gang life and/orperpetuating violence. MDFTinterventions are integrated andcoordinated within and across 
four domains: youth, parents,
family and community.
Intervention: Identifying a 
youth-focused gang outreach 
worker to build relationshipsand trust with youth in thecommunity to promote MDFT.
The program expects hesitancybut intends to provide persistent 
and frequent outreach to 
ensure the program is available 

when youth are ready to make 
life changes. In addition, the 
outreach worker will help 
de-escalate tensions to stop 
incidents before they happen.
System Development: 
Supporting a consortium 
of community partners to 
build, improve and maintain 
collaborative community 
capacity to provide prevention 
services necessary to reducing 
youth gang and gun violence. 
The consortium will convene 
community members, agencies 
and community-based 
organizations to promote 
collaboration and create action 

 PPHD engaged stakeholders 
and hosted listening sessions 
for feedback on the new 
PIPP program. “Many 
Pasadena community-based 
organizations have engaged 
in this work for years, if not 
decades. We have and will 
continue to seek them out for 
input and opportunities to build 
on their work,” said Whitney 
Harrison, division manager of 
social & mental health services 
at PPHD. “Ending community 
gang violence will take all of 
our best efforts, and the public 
health department is committed 
to helping leverage these grant 
funds to build a collaborative 
community response essential 
for achieving peace in our 

 At their Aug. 1 meeting, 
Pasadena City Council voted 
to accept the grant from the 
BSCC and authorized the 
city manager to enter into 
contracts with D’Veal Youth 
and Family Services to deliver 
multidimensional family 
therapy, and the Boys & Girls 
Club of Pasadena to provide 
supportive services to program 
participants. Proposals for 
additional subcontracting 
opportunities are currently 
being sought from interested 
individuals and organizations. 

 For more information visit: 

1995 are exempt from local rent 
stabilization laws.

 According to the council’s 
staff report, the LA County 
Registrar reported that county 
officials reviewed 20,564submitted petition signatures 
and validated 15,101 to be the 
signatures of registered voters 
in the city of Pasadena. The 
minimum number of signatures 
needed to qualify the initiative 
petition, at the required 15 
percent threshold, was 13,555 

 The council meets at 4:30 

p.m. solely by Zoom. For moreinformation, including publiccomments visit: cityofpasadena.
Library to



Pasadena officials 
announced late Friday that 
the Allendale Branch Public 
Library will temporarily 
close for seismic and 
roofing repairs beginning 
on Monday. Construction is 
scheduled to be completed 
October 7. The branch will 
reopen the week of October 

10. These improvements 
will allow the Allendale 
Branch to better serve the 
community they said. 
During the closure 
Allendale patrons are 
encouraged to visit their 
nearby branch libraries: 
Hill Avenue Branch, 55 S. 
Hill Avenue, or San Rafael 
Branch, 1240 Nithsdale 
Road. All library material 
requests set to be delivered 
to Allendale Branch will be 
available for pick up at the 
Hill Avenue Branch during 
the closure.

 The Pasadena Public 
Library is an information 
center for the Pasadena 
community in order to 
preserve and encourage 
the free expression of ideas 
essential to an informed 
citizenry. A variety of 
highly vetted programs are 
presented for children and 
adults and they represent 
the research and opinions 
of the presenter and do not 
reflect an endorsement by 
the City of Pasadena nor the 
Pasadena Public Library.

 For more information 
and a list of events visit:
or call (626) 744-4066. 

Applications Now OpenFor the 2023 Royal Court 

Photo; 2022 Tournament of Roses Royal Court 

experience countless 

 Applications for the 2023 benefits; becoming part of 
Pasadena Tournament of an organization dedicated 
Roses Royal Court are now to hands-on volunteerism, 
available on the Tournament discovering opportunities to 
of Roses website. Members connect with and give back 
of the 2023 Royal Court to the local community, 
will each receive a $7,500 developing public speaking 
educational scholarship and skills and growing self-
serve as ambassadors of the confidence. The Rose 
Tournament of Roses, the Queen® and Royal Court are 
Pasadena community and iconic traditions, steeped in 
the greater Los Angeles area. the Pasadena Tournament 

 All are encouraged to of Roses’ history and will 
apply and participate in continue as a treasured 
one of the initial interview legacy. 
sessions at Tournament Members of the 2023 
House on Saturday, Royal Court must be 
September 10 or Monday, fully vaccinated and 
September 12. Participants provide proof of full 
are selected based upon a COVID-19 vaccination. 
combination of qualities, Royal Court eligibility 
including public speaking requirements and additional 
ability, youth leadership, information can be found 
academic achievement, at 
and community and school about/royal-court/ 
involvement. Information The 2023 Royal Court will 
about what to expect during ride down Colorado Blvd. 
the interview process on the Royal Court float 
and frequently asked in the 134th Rose Parade 
questions can be found on presented by Honda and 
the Tournament of Roses attend the 109th Rose Bowl 
website. Game, both on Monday, 

Royal Court members January 2, 2023. 

Dine Aug. 24 to SupportPasadena Senior Center

 Leave the dinner preparation to Edwin Mills by Equator, 22 
Mills Alley in Old Pasadena on Wednesday, Aug. 24, from 3 to 11 

p.m. and support the Pasadena Senior Center at the same time.
Featuring New American cuisine such as potato-wrappedsnapper, sweet chicken, short rib tacos and more, the restaurant 
will donate 15 percent of that evening’s profits to the Pasadena 
Senior Center on behalf of everyone who prints out the flyer from 
the PSC website and hands it to a server or cashier. Diners can 
eat at the restaurant or order takeout. The menu can be found at 

To download the flyer, visit: and click 
on Dine Out & Benefit PSC. 

 “Teddy, the owner of Edwin Mills, has been a generous supporter 
of the Pasadena Senior Center, from making sizable donations to 
personally delivering meals to our staff during the pandemic,” said 
Akila Gibbs, executive director of the center. “I really encourage 
the people of Pasadena to show some support of Edwin Mills by 
Equator on Aug. 24, which also will help support the Pasadena 
Senior Center.” 

 Anyone who cannot dine at Edwin Mills by Equator on Aug. 
24 will still have an opportunity to support the center by visiting 
the Pasadena Senior Center website and clicking on Donation & 

 For more information visit the PSC website or call 626-795-4331. 

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