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There are many myths about Assisted 
Living being like Nursing Homes. This 
is not true at all. Nursing facilities are for 
those with chronic health issues who require 
care around the clock from medical 

In Assisted Living, one will get the support 
as needed, such as getting help with 
showering, grooming, and dressing. 
Again, these services are based on the 
seniors needs. 

There are many reasons in working with 
us. At Safe Path for Seniors, we will assess the senior and depending on their care needs and budget, make 
recommendations. For example, we may suggest that the right fit is a Board and Care Home (normally a 
6-bedroom house) as opposed to an Assisted Living Community or a Memory Support Facility. You will 
work with an experienced agent who 
knows the industry well and will give you recommendations. The good news is that there is no cost for this 

If you have any questions about placing a loved one, visit or call Steve at 


Dear Savvy Senior:
What tips do you recommend to Medicare beneficiaries 
dealing with hefty medical bills? My husband recently 
had open heart surgery and is recovering slowly, but the 
medical bills are coming in fast and furious and they’re 
putting us in medical debt. Struggling in Springfield 

Dear Struggling:
I’m sorry to hear about your billing struggles, but medical debt has unfortunately become a chronic 
problem in this country. According to U.S. Census data 19 percent of Americans households carry medical 
debt, including 10 percent of households headed by someone 65 or older. Even seniors on Medicare 
can easily get snagged in a web of complicated billing and coverage problems. 

To help you slash your medical bills, here are some tips recommended by health care experts that you 
should try. 

Double check your bills: Almost half of all medical bills contain at least one error, including duplicate 
charges or charges for services you never received. If you’re facing a high bill and are on the hook for 
some portion of it, request itemized invoices from the hospital and other providers that detail everything 
you were charged for and go through them line by line. If you find something you don’t understand or 
find fishy contact the provider for an explanation or a correction. 

Wait for your EOB: Doctors’ offices and hospitals may mail initial bills to you before they even submit 
them to your health insurer. So, hold off on any payment until you receive an explanation of benefits 
(EOB) from your provider – Medicare, supplemental Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or private insurer. 
This will show what you owe after your insurance has paid its portion. 

If your EOB shows that your insurer is refusing to pay for services that you think should be covered, call 
them to see whether it’s a correctable mistake, such as a coding error for a certain test or treatment. If it’s 
truly a denial of coverage, you may need to file an appeal. For details on how to file a Medicare appeal, 

Ask for a discount: Call the hospital’s accounting office or the billing staff at your doctor’s practice and 
ask if they can reduce your bill. You’d be surprised how often this works. Or if you have the funds to pay 
the entire bill, ask the hospital or provider for a “prompt pay” discount which may save you 15 percent 
or more. 

If it’s best for you to pay your bills over time, ask the billing office to set up a no-interest payment plan 
for you. It’s in the provider’s interest to work with you to obtain payment. 

You can also call the hospital where your husband had his surgery and ask a billing specialist if the facility 
offers financial assistance. According to the American Hospital Association, about half of U.S. hospitals 
are nonprofit. This means they are required to offer free or discounted services in some instances. 
This is usually reserved for low to moderate income patients who have limited or no health insurance, 
but requirements vary from hospital to hospital. 

Get help: If you’ve gotten nowhere on your own, contact the Patient Advocate Foundation (patientadvocate.
org, 800-532-5274) who can help you understand and negotiate your medical bills, free of charge. 
Or consider hiring a medical billing professional to negotiate for you but be aware that these services 
can cost upward of $100 an hour. You can find potential candidates through the Alliance of Professional 
Health Advocates ( Be sure to choose someone who is credentialed by the Patient 
Advocate Certification Board. 

Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller 
is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book. 


 By Marc Garlett 


Whether it’s called “The 

as possible, clearly communicate with your children, 
Great Wealth Transfer,” 

grandchildren, and other heirs what wealth means to 
“The Silver Tsunami,” 

you and how you’d like them to use the assets they in-
or some other catchy 

herit. Make such discussions a regular event, so you can 
sounding name, it’s a fact that a tremendous amount of 

address different aspects of wealth with your family as 
wealth will pass from Baby Boomers to younger genera-

the younger generations grow and mature. 
tions in the next few decades. In fact, it’s said to be the 

With everyone gathered under one roof for the holiday 
largest transfer of intergenerational wealth in history. 

season, right now is the ideal time to have this discus-
Because no one knows exactly how long aging Boomers 

sion. And when you do have the conversation with 
will live or how much money they’ll spend before they 

your loved ones, focus the discussion on the values you 
pass on, it’s impossible to accurately predict just how 

want to instill, rather than what and how much they 
much wealth will be transferred. However, studies sug

can expect to inherit. Let them know what values are 
gest it’s somewhere between $30 and $90 trillion. Yes, 

most important to you and try to mirror those values in 
that’s “trillion” with a “t.” 

your family life as much as possible. Whether it’s saving 
money, charitable giving, or community service, hav-
A blessing or a curse? 

ing your loved ones see you live your most important 
While most are talking about the many benefits the 

values is often the best way to ensure they carry those 
wealth transfer might have for younger generations 

values on once you are no longer around. 
and the economy, fewer are talking about the potential 
negative ramifications. Yet there’s plenty of evidence 

3 - Discuss your wealth’s purpose 
suggesting that many people, especially younger gen-

Outside of clearly communicating your values, you 
erations, are woefully unprepared to handle such an 

should also discuss the specific purpose you want your 

wealth to serve in your loved ones’ lives. You worked 
In fact, an Ohio State University study found that one 

hard to build your family wealth, so you’ve more than 
third of people who received an inheritance had a nega

earned the right to stipulate how it gets used and mantive 
savings within two years of getting the money. An-

aged when you’re gone. While you can add specific 
other study by The Williams Group found that inter-

terms and conditions for your wealth’s future use in 
generational wealth transfers often become a source of 

estate planning vehicles like Trusts, don’t make your 
tension and conflict among family members, and 70% 

loved ones wait until you’re dead to learn how you want 
of such transfers fail by the time they reach the second 

their inheritance used. 

If you want your wealth to be used to fund your chil-
Regardless of whether you’ll be the one passing on 

dren’s college education, provide the down payment on 
wealth or inheriting it, you must have a well-prepared 

their first home, or invest for their retirement, tell them 
estate plan in place to prevent the potentially disastrous 

so. By discussing how you would like to see their in-
losses and other negative outcomes such transfers can 

heritance used while you are still around, you can make 
lead to. Without proper planning, the money and other 

certain your loved ones know why you made the estate 
assets passed on can easily become more of a curse than 

planning decisions you did. And having these convera 
blessing for you and your loved ones. 

sations now can greatly reduce future conflict and confusion 
among your family about what your true wishes 
Proactive planning is the key 

really are when you are no longer able to explain your 
There are several proactive measures you can take to 

help reduce the risks posed by the coming wealth transfer. 
Beyond putting in place a comprehensive estate 

A Trusted, Lifelong Guide for You and Your Family 
plan that’s regularly updated, openly discussing your 

No matter how much, or how little, wealth you plan to 
values and legacy with your loved ones can be a key way 

pass on—or stand to inherit—it’s critical that you act 
to ensure your estate planning strategies work exactly 

now to make sure that wealth is secure and offers the 
as you intend. Here’s what we suggest: 

maximum benefit to your family. Moreover, don’t just 
talk about money. Be sure to include your personal his1 
- Create your own estate plan 

tory, stories, and values in the discussion as well. These 
If you haven’t created your own estate plan yet—and far 

intangible assets form the foundation of your family 
too many haven’t—it’s essential that you put a plan in 

legacy, and they are often what we value most of all 
place as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how young 

when it comes to our inheritance. Unfortunately, these 
you are, how much wealth you have, or if you have any 

are the assets most often overlooked in traditional es-
children yet—all adults over age 18 should have some 

tate planning. 
basic estate planning vehicles in place. From there, be 
sure to regularly update your plan on a regular basis 

To your health, wealth, and family legacy, 
and immediately after major life events like marriage, 
births, deaths, inheritances, and divorce. 

Marc Garlett, Esq.
Cali Law Family Leg

2 - Talk about wealth with your family early and often 

acy Matters 

Don’t put off talking about wealth with your family 

until you are in retirement or nearing death. As soon 




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SIERRA MADRE SENIOR CLUB Every Saturday from 11:30am-3:30 pm in the Hart 
Park House Senior Center. Join us as we celebrate birthdays, holidays and play BINGO. 
Must be 50+ to join. For more information call Mark at 626-355-3951. 

DOMINOES TRAIN GAME 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 11:00 am— 12:30 pm Hart Park 
House The object of the game is for a player to play all the tiles from their hand onto one or 
more trains, emanating from a central hub or “station”. Call Lawren with questions that you 
may have. 


Staff has launched a new book club series, Tea 
and Talk, which meets twice a month to discuss 
the fun, suspense, intrigue, love and so much 
more that each selection will have in store! 

CHAIR YOGA Every Monday and Wednesday, 
10-10:45 am Please join us for some gentle 
stretching, yoga, balance exercise and overall relaxation 
with Paul. Classes are ongoing and held 
in the Memorial Park Covered Pavilion or the 
Hart Park House.. 

Friday, 10-10:45 am Bring a lei, your flower skirt 
or just your desire to dance! Hula in the Park is 
back and waiting for you to join in on all the fun! 
Memorial Park Pavilion. 

BLOOD PRESSURE CLINIC - Tuesday, Dec.13 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Methodist Hospital will be holding a free to 
seniors clinic once a month in the Hart Park 
House. Walk in are welcome - no pre-registration 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder 


Quite frankly, I do not believe 
in luck in any degree. 

I finally got up to the nurse's desk and asked 
Once in a while, I will say it, 

where my granddaughter would be. Right be-
but I don't believe it. Luck has no place in my 

hind me was a hallway, and her room was the 

seventh one on the left. 

Sometimes things happen that you can't plan 

I knocked on the door in full preparation 
for, which turns out to be rather good. Luck 

that I had the wrong room. I was invited in, 
has nothing to do with it. 

and “as luck would have it,” I was at the right 

place, and there was my granddaugh-ter. 
This past week my granddaughter went to 
the hospital on a Tuesday morning to have 

The new father-to-be and his mother were 
her first baby. 

there beside her. I joined them, and we had a 
very pleasant conversation. I thought I would 
The day was busy for me. On the other side 

be there for 10, maybe 15 minutes, and then 
of town, I visited somebody in the hospi-

I would leave and go home. It was around 4 
tal. I stopped at my bank to do a little bit 

o'clock, so I planned to go home for supper. 
of business. I also had to pick up some 

As the conversation developed, she was ready 
to have the baby anytime. "As luck would 
I stopped, don't let The Gracious Mistress of 

have it," I would be there and see our great-
the Parsonage know, and got a cup of cof

granddaughter before my wife would be 
fee and a delicious Apple Fritter. So while 

there. She planned to be there on Wednesday 
munching on this forbidden fruit, I looked at 

when the baby was due. 
my watch and saw that it was a little after 3 

The nurse came in, and we went out to the 

waiting room to wait for the good news. 
I thought I might have time to stop at the 
hospital and check on my granddaughter to 

I now know why they call it the "waiting 
see how she was doing. 

room." All you can do in that room is wait, 
wait, wait. My waiting was weighing heavy 
I didn't have to think very long along this 

upon my patience. 
line, and as I pulled out of my Apple Fritter 
palace, I decided to go to the hospital on the 

Over two hours later, we received notificaother 
side of town. 

tion that she had the baby and we could go in. 

The traffic was terrible at 3 o'clock in the af-

As we walked down the hall to the room, we 
ternoon, and I almost decided to go home. 

were stopped, and it was the wrong ba-by. 
But, "as luck would have it," I decided to con-

Therefore, we had to go back to the "waiting 
tinue to the hospital. 

room" and wait some more. 

Arriving at the hospital, the parking lot was 

Finally, we got another call, and it was the 
so full that it took me some time to find 

right one this time, and we went in and saw 
a parking space. Finally, I found a place 

the new baby, my great-granddaughter. Of all 
and parked my vehicle and headed for the 

the babies I've seen, this has to be one of the 

most beautiful. 

I would never say this out loud, but some-

We all had the privilege of holding this baby, 
times these hospitals are almost like psych 

and I was elated when it was my turn. I now 
wards. At the front desk I introduced myself 

could go home and rub this in The Gracious 
and asked where my granddaughter was. 

Mistress of the Parsonage's face. I got to hold 
They told me the floor and room number. 

our great-granddaughter before she did. I 
certainly will remember this for the rest of 
I went to the elevator and saw a sign that said, 

my life. 
"Do not enter if flashing." I'm not quite sure, 
but I can't remember the last time I did any 

Wallowing in my delight about my new 
flashing. So very cautiously, I got into the el

Great-granddaughter I could not help but 
evator. Thankfully, I was alone. 

think of what Solomon said in Proverbs 
17:6, “Children's children are the crown of 
But how many 4th floors can a hospital have? 

old men; and the glory of children are their 
I was to go to the fourth floor, and they gave 

me the room number. So I went there, and 
when I walked in, I almost dropped over. In 

Whenever I feel sorry for myself because I’m 
the bed was a man who looked like he was 

getting old, and getting old does have a nega125 
years old and had every physical problem 

tive side, there is the positive side. If I was not 
in the book. So I gasped and then went back 

as old as I am, I would never have seen my 
to the nurse's desk in panic. 


I found out this hospital has two 4th floors, 

Dr. James L. Snyder lives in Ocala, FL with 
and, "as luck would have it," I was on the 

the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. 
wrong 4th floor. 

Telephone 1-352-216-3025, e-mail jamessnyder51@, website www.jamessny-
I had to go down the hallway, turn to my 
right, then turn to my left and I will find a 
door that would lead me to where I wanted 
to go. 

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