Mountain Views News, Combined Edition Saturday, February 11, 2023

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Mountain Views News Saturday, February 11, 2023 
Mountain Views News Saturday, February 11, 2023 
San Marino UpcomingEvents & Programming 

Joyful Living Happy Life

Sunday, from 2:00 – 4:30 PM, Barth Community RoomThis workshop gives you tools to face challenges in theworkplace, social life, and family life. Join the Unified CharityFoundation as they talk about the customs and traditions in anew land and how to remove cultural obstacles to prosperity.
Registration is not required.

Kindness Rocks 

Tuesday, February 14 at 3:30 PM, Barth Community RoomKindness has been shown to increase self-esteem, empathy,
and compassion, and improve mood. Children ages 3 and upare invited to learn about random acts of kindness throughgames and creating their own kindness rocks. Registration isnot required.

Accessing Digital Media

Friday, February 17 at 11 AM, Barth Community RoomWith a Crowell Public Library card, you can access eBooks,
audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers on your computer,
mobile device, or Kindle. In this class, we will dive into Libbyand PressReader, and explore the techniques for getting themost out of the Library’s digital media platforms. Registrationis recommended. 

All City Track and Field Meet

Friday, March 10 at 4 PM, San Marino High School StadiumAll students born between 2008 and 2016 who are San 
Marino residents or attend a San Marino school are eligibleto participate. Participants can sign-up for a maximum of2 events and 1 relay. Cost is $10 per activity. Fees are nonrefundable. 
Sign up now through February 17 online.

Traffic Advisories and Annual Street Rehabilitation 
Project Update

Starting today, All American Asphalt will be paving on WestDrive, between Huntington Dr and Sherwood Road, andon eastbound Huntington Drive, between Virginia Roadand West Drive. This work will occur on Saturday to avoidconflicting with school-related activities at HuntingtonMiddle School. Residents should be advised of minor 
construction-related traffic delays on these streets.
On Saturdays, February 18 and 25, All American Asphaltwill be paving on Sierra Madre Boulevard, between Robles 
Avenue and Huntington Drive. This work will occur on twoSaturdays in order to help minimize traffic delays in the area.
Residents on impacted streets will receive notices from theCity’s contractor, All American Asphalt, with additionaldetails about the project timeline, what residents can expectduring the project, and what the project’s impact to theneighborhood will be.
The Annual Street Rehabilitation Project aims to resurface31 streets between February 6 - 25. The City appreciatesresident cooperation, as the street rehabilitation programhelps improve the City’s infrastructure and resident safety.

Give your input for the next City Manager

The City Manager Recruitment Community Forums will 
be held for residents to attend on February 23 and March16! Join City Staff and the City’s Executive Recruiting firm,
Bob Murray and Associates, for an opportunity to give yourinput on what the City should be looking for in the next CityManager.
Both meetings will be held from 6 PM - 7 PM at the BarthRoom at Crowell Public Library and can also be attended via

Zoom. For more meeting details, go to cityofsanmarino.

Dogs at Lacy Park Must Be On-LeashSan Marino Police Department and Code Enforcement willbe making visits to Lacy Park throughout the next few weeksto saturate enforcement on having dogs on leashes.
Please do your part to make Lacy Park safe and enjoyablefor all. 
MeetingsRecreation Commission MeetingMonday, February 13 at 6:00 PM; Teleconference and BarthRoom 
Design Review CommitteeWednesday, February 15 at 6:00 PM; Teleconference andBarth Room 
Planning Commission MeetingWednesday, February 22 at 6:00 PM; Teleconference andCity Hall Council ChambersCity Council Joint Meeting with Planning CommissionFriday, February 24 at 8:30 AM; Teleconference and BarthRoom 

Pasadena Playhouse to holdMusical Theater Boot Camp 

Producing Artistic Directorof Pasadena Playhouse, DannyFeldman, announced ThursdayPasadena Playhouse’s first everMusical Theater Boot Campfor high school students offeredover 2 sessions this summer: 
Session 1: July 5-14, Session 2:
July 17-28. Video auditions arebeing accepted until April 1.
Decisions will be made on or 
around Apr 15, 2023. Additionaldetails, including cost and 
scholarship information can befound at pasadenaplayhouse. 

Over a two week period,

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM Mondaythrough Friday, industryprofessionals and guest artistswill instruct students in acting,
singing, dancing, movement,
theater history and the collegetheater landscape. Each sessionculminates in a showcase for 
family and friends. 
Students will focus on the 
audition process rather than aproduction, allowing them toenter the college applicationseason with a repertoire ofmonologues and songs, as wellas the skills needed to find 
material appropriate for theirage and type.

 Producing Artistic Directorof Pasadena Playhouse, DannyFeldman says “We are so excited 
to offer this one-of-a kind,
hands on learning opportunityto the High School studentsof Pasadena. As part of ourcommitment to celebratingand exploring the AmericanMusical, we’re expanding ourreach beyond our stage and 
into the classroom in our 
pursuit to nurture the next 
generation of musical theaterprofessionals. Coming on theheels of our co-productionwith Pasadena Unified School 
District, Sondheim’s Into theWoods, which gave over 200high school students their firstexperience working side byside with theater professionals, 
we can’t think of a better wayto launch summer at Pasadena 

 Musical Theater Boot Campwill be led by Will Pellegrini,
who received his BA in Theater 
from UCLA and his MFA in 
Directing from Mason GrossSchool of the Arts at RutgersUniversity. Will has had an 

extensive television career; he’sworked in a variety of rolesand on numerous TV shows,
including Fox’s musical hit, 
Glee. Outside of television, Willis an independent filmmakerwho’s directed several music 
videos and short films. His 
numerous Los Angeles theatercredits include work at The 
Actors’ Gang, Theater of NOTE,
and East Los Angeles CollegeTheater Arts Department where 
he’s an adjunct professor.
He is also an award-winningscenic designer and puppeteer!

Adam McDonald will serve 
as Musical Director for the 
program. A recent Los Angelestransplant, Adam spent almost adecade on the road with Wicked 
and Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch 
Stole Christmas. In Los Angeles,
he helms a classical/pop fusionpiano trio, teaches all facets ofmusic from kindergarten thruBroadway at his personal studio,
and plays for the Broadwaytours that come through thePantages and Dolby Theaters.

 A total of 25-40 students, ages14-18 will be chosen per session.
All applicants must submit avideo audition that includes a 
personal introduction as well asthe audition criteria in 1 video 
(can be edited together). Pleasebe mindful of all instructions,
especially posted time limits.

The Playhouse is one of the 
only professional theaters in thegreater Los Angeles area thatself-produces original works 
with most recent acclaimed 
productions, Ragtime and LittleShop of Horrors.
Pasadena Playhouse is a placewhere people have gathered for100 years to experience boldand important theater. It is one 
of the most prolific theatersin American history with alegacy of profound theatricalimpact and courageous newwork. In 1937, the Playhousewas officially recognized as theState Theater of California for its 
contribution and commitment 
to the dramatic arts. Todayit continues that tradition of 
excellence under the helm of 
producing artistic director 
Danny Feldman. Dedicated toenriching lives through theater,
community programs and 
learning initiatives, PasadenaPlayhouse is a living force in thecommunity. 

Library BlackHistory MonthFree Events

 The Pasadena Public 
Library will host two freeevents next week startingTuesday at 10 a.m. withNotable Black Scientist 
Buttons and Bookmarks.

 Celebrate the 
contributions that Black 
American scientists have 
made by collecting threecommemorative buttons 
and bookmarks. While 
supplies last.

 Then on Thursday at 4 p.m. 
“Dr. Alaina Roberts: I’ve 
Been Here All the While, 
Black Freedom on Native 
Land” as part of Black 
History Month recognizingthe achievements and 
contributions of African 
Americans and their 
central role in our nation’s 

 Perhaps no other symbolhas more resonance in 
African American historythan that of “40 acres and 
a mule” -the lost promiseof Black reparations forslavery after the Civil 
War. In I’ve Been Here All 
the While, we meet the 
Black people who received 
this mythic 40 acres, theAmerican settlers who 
coveted this land, and the 
Native Americans whose 
holdings it originated from.

 For more information 

Curiosity Finds SurpriseClues to Mars’ Watery Past

 When NASA’s Curiosity rover three times before finding a spot 
arrived at the “sulfate-bearing soft enough to drill. 
unit” last fall, scientists thought Scientists will be looking for 
they’d seen the last evidence that softer rock in the week ahead. 
lakes once covered this region But even if they never get a 
of Mars. That’s because the sample from this unusual strip 
rock layers here formed in drier of rock, there are other sites 
settings than regions explored they’re eager to explore. 
earlier in the mission. The area’s Martian Clues 
sulfates – salty minerals – are Far ahead of the Marker Band, 
thought to have been left behind scientists can see another clue 
when water was drying to a to the history of Mars’ ancient 
trickle. water in a valley named Gediz

 So Curiosity’s team was Vallis. Wind carved the valley, 
surprised to discover the but a channel running through 
mission’s clearest evidence yet it that starts higher up on 
of ancient water ripples that Mount Sharp is thought to have 
formed within lakes. Billions of been eroded by a small river. 
years ago, waves on the surface Scientists suspect wet landslides 
of a shallow lake stirred up also occurred here, sending car-
sediment at the lake bottom, size boulders and debris to the 
over time creating rippled bottom of the valley. 
textures left in rock. Because the resulting debris

 “This is the best evidence of pile sits on top of all the other 
water and waves that we’ve layers in the valley, it’s clearly 
seen in the entire mission,” said one of the youngest features on 
Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity’s Mount Sharp. Curiosity got a 
project scientist at NASA’s glimpse of this debris at Gediz 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Vallis Ridge twice last year but 
in Southern California. “We could only survey it from a 
climbed through thousands of distance. The rover team hopes 
feet of lake deposits and never to have another chance to view 
saw evidence like this – and it later this year. 
now we found it in a place we One more clue within the 
expected to be dry.” Marker Band that has fascinated 
Layers of History the team is an unusual rock

 Since 2014, the rover has texture likely caused by some 
been ascending the foothills sort of regular cycle in the 
of Mount Sharp, a 3-mile-tall weather or climate, such as dust 
(5-kilometer-tall) mountain storms. Not far from the rippled 
that was once laced with lakes textures are rocks made of layers 
and streams that would have that are regular in their spacing 
provided a rich environment for and thickness. This kind of 
microbial life, if any ever formed rhythmic pattern in rock layers 
on the Red Planet. on Earth often stems from 
Mount Sharp is made up of atmospheric events happening 
layers, with the oldest at the at periodic intervals. It’s 
bottom of the mountain and the possible the rhythmic patterns 
youngest at the top. As the rover in these Martian rocks resulted 
ascends, it progresses along from similar events, hinting 
a Martian timeline, allowing at changes in the Red Planet’s 
scientists to study how Mars ancient climate. 
evolved from a planet that was “The wave ripples, debris flows, 
more Earth-like in its ancient and rhythmic layers all tell us 
past, with a warmer climate and that the story of wet-to-dry on 
plentiful water, to the freezing Mars wasn’t simple,” Vasavada 
desert it is today. said. “Mars’ ancient climate had

 Having climbed nearly a half-a wonderful complexity to it, 
mile above the mountain’s much like Earth’s.” 
base, Curiosity has found these More About the Mission 
rippled rock textures preserved The Curiosity mission is 
in what’s nicknamed the led by NASA’s Jet Propulsion 
“Marker Band” – a thin layer Laboratory, which is managed 
of dark rock that stands out by Caltech in Pasadena, 
from the rest of Mount Sharp. California. JPL leads the 
This rock layer is so hard that mission on behalf of NASA’s 
Curiosity hasn’t been able to Science Mission Directorate 
drill a sample from it despite in Washington. Malin Space 
several attempts. It’s not the first Science Systems in San Diego 
time Mars has been unwilling built and operates Mastcam. 
to share a sample: Lower down For more about Curiosity, visit: 
the mountain, on “Vera Rubin 
Ridge,” Curiosity had to try 

Chris Holden Introduces 
Legislation to Keep theLights on in the West 

Assemblymember Chris of the regional power grid. 
Holden introduced legislation AB 538 is the next important 
AB 538 Wednesday to work step, creating a regional 
with states across the west and governance structure that will 
create a regional electric system enable California and other 
that expands the footprint for Western states to plan energy 
clean energy resources and procurement and deliveries 
enables better collaboration, months and years ahead – 
transparency, and integration improving reliability and cost 
across the western electrical effectiveness, helping California 
transmission grid system. and other Western states expand 
“Comprehensive planning local wind, solar, and other 
and dispatch across a broader renewable energy sources, and 
footprint is the best way to supporting the construction 
ensure that all Californians of the interstate transmission 
have access to affordable, clean lines needed to connect 
and reliable electricity,” said geographically diverse clean 
Assembly member Holden. energy projects with millions of 
“To meet our climate and customers across the West. 
energy goals, California needs According to the California 
to triple the amount of its clean Energy Commission’s 2022 
energy infrastructure, and we Integrated Energy Policy 
must ensure every community Report Update, the electricity 
has access to clean power day delivery and planning across 
and night. To do both at scale, the west is fragmented. 
we need to set ourselves up Centralized energy dispatch, 
for success: Regional western planning and governance of 
energy cooperation is the the grid “could significantly 
best way to deliver the clean decrease the ratepayer impact 
energy Californians need, of adapting to climate change 
while preventing blackouts and while decarbonizing and bring 
keeping energy costs down.” considerable economic and 
The California Independent environmental benefits by 
System Operation (CAISO) harnessing diversity in loads, 
is one of nine independent weather, and clean resources 
system operators or RTOs in across the West.” 
North America. Although Other research has shown that 
transmission in California there was no scenario where 
is interconnected across 14 California would not benefit 
western states, British Columbia, from CAISO expansion and, 
Alberta, and a portion of Baja the bigger the footprint, the 
California, most of the utilities greater the benefits to electric 
and federal entities like the customers, reliability, and 
Bonneville Power Authority achieving our climate goals. 
are vertically integrated and “Centralizing dispatch 
operate independently. The operations and transmission 
bill would enable the transition planning with the rest of the 
of the CAISO to a regional region would significantly 
transmission operator with enhance electrical reliability 
fully independent governance and affordability for California 
involving states across the households,” said Assembly 
west. Preliminary work with its member Chris Holden. 
western neighbors has resulted “California could go it alone, but 
in $3.4 billion in savings to then we would be a proverbial 
ratepayers and a reduction in energy island. The bottom line 
greenhouse gas emissions of is California can reduce cost, 
almost 800,000 tons. ensure we keep the lights on, and 
But the West remains one of importantly, achieve our clean 
the only regions in the country energy goals by collaborating 
without shared governance with other Western states.” 

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