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If, as scientists have affirmed, 

we are all “from Africa,” should 

we not relish and cherish this 

history that we all share?

Much has been said and writ

ten about Martin Luther King 

Jr., and so today I want to focus 

upon Malcolm X, one of the 
most acute thinkers and focused individuals of 
the Civil Rights movement. I think he was widely 
misunderstood, perhaps for obvious reasons. 

Since it is impossible to do a complete biography 
of Malcolm X in a short article, I suggest you read 
the entry about him in “Black American History 
for Dummies” book. Also, I always feel that you 
learn more about a person by listening to what 
that person says, and does, vs. what others say 
about him or her. Much of what people “believe” 
about Malcolm X was from newspaper articles 
where he was described as a militant, a radical, 
a racist. Though we could objectively agree that 
that is partly true, keep in mind that Malcolm 
Little underwent a profound transformation, and 
began to change his more radical views as well. 
It would be very instructive to watch any of the 
number of interviews that Malcolm X gave to the 
media, which can be found on YouTube. 

He was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in 
Nebraska, and was gunned down on February 21, 
1965 at age 39. When Malcolm was six, his father 
died in a streetcar accident, with rumors circulating that Earl Little had actually been murdered. After 
his father’s death, and his mother’s hospitalization, Malcolm spent his adolescence years in a series of 
foster homes, or living with relatives. He got involved in criminal activities, and in 1946 was sentenced 
to 10 years in prison in 1946 for larceny, and breaking and entering. While he was in prison, he was 
exposed to the teaching of the Nation of Islam through fellow convict John Bembry, who Malcolm X 
later described as "the first man I had ever seen command total respect ... with words". Under Bembry's 
tutelage, Malcolm developed a voracious appetite for reading. 

After he joined the NOI, he adopted the name Malcolm X, X symbolizing the fact that his “real” African 
ancestral surname was lost. After his parole in 1952, he quickly became one of the organization's 
most influential leaders. As an articulate well-spoken man, he became the public face of NOI for over 
a decade, advocating for black empowerment and separation of black and white Americans. He was, 
beginning in 1950, kept under surveillance by the FBI, as he rose through the NOI ranks, establishing a 
few NOI Temples, and eventually became the leader of Temple 7 in Harlem. 

Besides his skill as a speaker, Malcolm X had an impressive physical presence. One writer described him 
as "powerfully built", and another as "mesmerizingly handsome ... and always spotlessly well-groomed". 

Hinton Johnson incident 

The American public first became aware of Malcolm X in 1957, after Hinton Johnson, a Nation of Islam 
member, was beaten by two New York City police officers. Alerted by a witness as to what had taken 
place, Malcolm X and a small group of Muslims went to the police station and demanded to see Johnson. 
When a crowd grew to about five hundred, the police allowed Malcolm X to speak with Johnson. 
Afterward, Malcolm X insisted on arranging for an ambulance to take Johnson to Harlem Hospital. 
Malcolm later asked the crowd of hundreds to go home, and they did. One police officer told the New 
York Amsterdam News: "No one man should have that much power." Within a month the New York 
City Police Department arranged to keep Malcolm X under surveillance; soon the police department 
assigned undercover officers to infiltrate the Nation of Islam. 

Malcolm X was the quintessential NOI spokesman for pro-Black themes, and even separation of the 
races, themes that were largely based upon the teachings of NOI leader, Elijah Muhammad. After he 
took a journey to Mecca, he began to grow disillusioned with the Nation of Islam, as well as with its 
leader Elijah Muhammad, who had impregnated several young girls in the NOI. Malcolm X subsequently 
embraced Sunni Islam After a brief period of travel across Africa, he publicly renounced the 
Nation of Islam and founded the Islamic Muslim Mosque, Inc. Needless to say, Malcolm’s popularity 
had eclipsed that of Elijah Muhammad, and tensions increased between Malcolm X and NOI. His home 
was firebombed on February 14,1965, and on February 21, 1965, while giving a speech at the Audubon 
Ballroom, Malcolm X was shot dead. Three men were convicted who were members of the NOI, though 
that point has long been debated as well. 

Many of the accusations of Malcolm X being racist and anti-white were from his early days, with his 
slogans such as “by any means necessary.” Malcolm was not a pacifist, and he believed that any man 
attacked should have the right to defend himself. 

Most of Malcolm X’s controversial views were severely modified after he became a Sunni Muslim, and 
realized that Islam in the world was quite pan-racial, and not at all like the U.S.-based NOI.
During Black History Month, it would be worthwhile to study some of the details of the lives of black 
leaders, and to attempt to understand these events from a black point of view. To those who believe that 
slavery in the Americas and the aftermath was not really all that bad, I encourage you to read “American 
Holocaust” by David Stannard. It was bad – and it was far worse than you ever imagined. 


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