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12 Mountain View News Saturday, March 11, 2023 
DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME: A pointless relic from the past 
[Christopher Nyerges is the author of Urban Survival Guide, How to Survive 
Anywhere, Extreme Simplicity, Foraging California and other books. He can 
also be reached via School of Self-Reliance, Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041, 
Yes, it’s that time of year again! Our lawmakers, in their infinite wisdom, 
continue to tinker with time. Manipulate the clocks and we can trick the 
people into supposedly saving energy. And twice a year, we’re all subject to 
the changes and inconveniences that occur as a result of the springing forward or falling back. 
We have to quickly adjust. It is part of our annual ritual, our relic from the past, where we go 
back to standard time from daylight savings time. 
But why do we do this? Where did this come from? 
Daylight savings time is a manipulation of the basic solar time within each time zone’s standard. 
It was said to be an idea of Benjamin Franklin, and was begun in the United States during 
world wars one and two, and eventually became “official” in all but two states. That right! 
At least two states have said “No, thanks, we’ll stick to standard time.” And now a few states 
are saying, “We’re sick of changing our clocks twice a year – we want to keep daylight savings 
time (or standard time) all year.” 
Daylight savings time is a quaint tradition of a bygone era that refuses to die. It is a pointless 
habit with little recognizable merit. Michael Downing, author of “Spring Forward: The Annual 
Madness of Daylight Savings Time,” demonstrates that the clock-change saves energy in 
theory only, but not in practice. 
David Letterman once asked the question to his audience during his monologue: “Why do 
we practice daylight savings time? It’s so the farmers have more light,” he laughed, answering 
his own question. “But how does that give the plants more light?” That’s a Letterman joke 
for you, but there is a truth hidden under his humor. Most people queried on the street don’t 
know why we have daylight savings time, and fewer still experience any tangible benefits from 
it, except perhaps the pleasantness of a later sunset time in the summer. 
There are two often-cited reasons for the use of daylight savings time. One is so that the children 
can have more light going to school in the morning. But consider: the children have an 
hour more of morning light in late October, when the clock is set back (“fall back”) to standard 
time. That is, it is the very use of daylight savings time which creates a darker morning 
as the days get shorter and shorter. The “falling back” an hour merely puts us back in sync 
with the local time zone. It is the use of daylight savings time that created the problem of less 
light in the morning, and only in that sense can you say that the “falling back” to regular time 
gives children that extra hour of light. In other words, this is a problem caused by daylight 
savings time. This is not a bonafide benefit from daylight savings time. 
My grandfather, and all my uncles on my mother’s side were farmers. I have some knowledge 
of the schedule of farmers. There is not one that I know who does not arise at the crack of 
dawn, if not sooner. There is no other way to function as a farmer. You then proceed to work 
as long as needed, and as long as you are able, daylight savings time or standard time. The 
manipulation of clocks in no way affected how much work they got done, or not done. 
I have talked to many people about daylight savings time. Some like it, some do not. Some 
are annoyed by it, some find the long afternoons of summer very enjoyable. Everyone has arrived 
late (or early) on the first Sunday (even Monday in some cases) after the changing of the 
clocks. Daylight savings time thus gives millions of people a quasi-valid excuse for lateness 
at least once a year. 
Let’s end daylight savings time entirely and adopt a year-round standard time. If I were asked 
to choose between daylight savings time all year, or standard time all year, I would definitely 
choose standard time. Why? Simple! Standard time is the closest approximately of actual 
solar time. It more closely represents the real world than does the manipulation of daylight 
savings time. 
Those who wish to start school or go to work earlier can do so! Such voluntary time alterations 
are fine if those individuals and schools and businesses choose to do so. It may even 
make the freeways less crowded at rush hours. But let’s keep the standard time year-round. 
Yes, this is a small thing in the context of a world always at war, with hate and suspicion in all 
political camps, with pandemics, and endless economic hardships all over the world. In that 
big-picture sense, this is just a little issue. But this is still an issue that causes headaches and 
freeway crashes at least twice a year. Let’s resolve it! I love the sun. Let the sun dictate our 
abstraction of time, not politicians. 
Since daylight savings time is a state-by-state decision, we can begin with California. Write to 
our Governor and ask to implement year-round standard time. You can write to Office of the 
Governor, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814, or phone at 916) 445-2841, or on-line at www. (if you live in another state, write to your governor if you agree). 
Take a poll of your friends and acquaintances before you write to the Governor. See if you can 
find anyone who derives tangible benefits from daylight savings time. Of course, if you like 
Daylight Savings Time, you will likely just continue with your life. Secondly, there is always 
the initiative process where a Proposition can be put on the ballot to be voted on by the people. 
This is a process that would take an organized effort and cost at least a million dollars, and 
probably more. 
Can anyone adopt LIZA? Who 
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There are just a few weeks left to register for the 2023 Wiggle 
Waggle Walk & Run! Walk or run around the iconic Rose 
Bowl Stadium to support animals in need. Then, enjoy 
a family-friendly festival at Brookside Park with vendor 
booths, food trucks, demonstrations, an agility course, a dog 
costume contest, and more. 
helping to save the lives of thousands of animals in our 
community with programs such as foster care, kitten nursery, 
animal ICU, wildlife. 
Registration Information 
Regular Registration 
All runners and walkers will receive a t-shirt, bandana, bib, and medal available for pick up at 
the event. 
Ages 10 and under do not need to register. 
Regular registration price will be available until Noon on March 31, 2023. (Day-of registration 
will cost $65.) 
Virtual Registration 
All virtual runners and walkers will receive a t-shirt, bandana, bib, and medal in the mail. 
Virtual registration will be available until Noon on March 31, 2023. 
Recognition Badge 
Recognition badges must be purchased in addition to a registration. 
Please note: Recognition badges must be purchased in your name, not your pet 
Show everyone who you are walking for! 
Add on a Recognition Badge and promote who you are walking/running with or for. You 
will write your pet’s name(s) on this big, 4” wide sticker to celebrate them! It is a great way to 
memorialize a pet that you walk in memory of or to honor the dog you have with you. You can 
even honor a pet that you have at home who isn’t with you at the event. 
Online registration closes on March 31. 
In-person registration will be available for an increased cost on the day of the event. 
For more information or registration visit: 
Join us at: 
Camp Raider 
Located at St. Rita School 
322 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre 
JUNE 26-JULY 28 
Open to School 
Age Children 
Water Days 
Special Guest Visitors 
For Special Project Days! 
Fun Fridays 
Call 626-355-6114 
8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. 
Register Now! Space is limited. 
Sierra Madre Little League is turning 65! 
We are excited to celebrate this historic 
milestone by raising $65,000. We want to 
continue to make SMLL the greatest 
baseball experience in SoCal by upgrading 
the fields at Heasley and SME in order to 
continue the tradition of little league in 
Sierra Madre for the next 65 years! 
New lights at Heasley 
New equipment and pitching machines 
Upgrading the fields at SME 
Your donations will help pay for: 
177 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite 550, Pasadena, California 91105 
(626) 792-2228 | 
Providing Objective and Experienced 
Investment Counsel to Financially 
Successful Families since 1915