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Mountain View News Saturday, August 12, 2023 

Returns to 
City Hall

Public Art Community 
Meeting at the Robinson 
Park Recreation Center

The City of Pasadena 
Parks, Recreation and 
Community Services 
Department will host its 
8th Annual Centennial 
Square Boxing Show event 
in front of City Hall, 100 
N. Garfield Ave., on Friday, 
Aug. 25, from 7-10 p.m. 
This free, family-friendly 
event features 12 bouts of 
action-packed, Olympic-
style boxing, with both male 
and female competitors 
ages eight and older. Boxing 
promotes physical and 
mental discipline, strength 
and well-being, and is often 
a good fit for youth.

 The evening kicks off with 
the national anthem and a 
color guard presentation 
from Pasadena’s 2nd 
Battalion, 23rd Marine 
Regiment. Attendees will 
also enjoy DJ music, classic 
cars on display, and food 
for purchase.

 For more information 
about the Parks, Recreation 
and Community 
Services Department 
and its programs, visit
And-Rec or call (626) 744-


 The City of Pasadena 
Cultural Affairs Division 
invites the public to a 
Community Meeting on 
Thursday, August 31, 6-8 
p.m. at the Robinson Park 
Recreation Center, 1081 N 
Fair Oaks Ave, to learn more 
about the Robinson Park 
Recreation Center Capital 
Improvement Public Art 
Project. This event is a great 
opportunity for residents 
to meet the selected artists 
and find out how they can 
participate in the public art 
development process.

 Artists Deborah Aschheim 
and Carla Jay Harris will 
introduce themselves to 
the community and share 
their artistic background 
and approach to the project. 
Throughout the coming year, 
both artists will conduct 
extensive research and 
community engagement 
through collaboration 
with Northwest Pasadena 
residents and stakeholders 
to develop specific content 
and artistic themes which 
will serve as the basis for 
the public art concept at the 

 The public art project for the 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center was developed 
through guidance from the 
Robinson Park Stakeholder 
Group and community 
members and is intended to 
prioritize community input 
and collaboration during 
the first phase of the artwork 
development process. 
This project serves as an 
exciting opportunity for the 
Northwest community to 
contribute their unique 
stories and perspectives into 
the formation of a permanent 
public artwork at the Center.

 The renovation of the 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center, located in Northwest 
Pasadena, was the second 
and final phase of the 
Robinson Park Master Plan 
adopted by City Council in 
2002 and designated as an 
eligible Capital Improvement 
Public Art project in 2015. 
Per the unique requirements 
of this project, the artists 
selected to the project will 
be responsible for initiating 
numerous opportunities 
for engaging with the 
diverse Northwest Pasadena 
community, ranging from 
large public events to small 
intimate conversations. This 
community-based research 
will then be incorporated 
into the artist’s Concept Art 
Plan, which will be presented 
to the City’s Arts & Culture 
Commission for review and 

 For more information 
about the public art project 
and Community Meeting, 
contact Corey Dunlap at 
net or visit CityOfPasadena.

City to Hold Colorado Bridge Virtual Meeting


 Six years after the installation 
of 10-foot high fencing along 
the Colorado Street Bridge as a 
temporary measure of dissuasion 
for suicide attempts off the 
structure, the Pasadena Public 
Works Department is set to hold 
another virtual presentation of 
new vertical barrier concepts 
in development. Little other 
information was given, the 
meeting is set for Tuesday, Aug. 
29 from 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

 In June 2017, the City of 
Pasadena began installation 
of 10-foot high fencing along 
the Colorado Street Bridge, 
which remains in place today 
as a temporary measure of 
dissuasion for suicide attempts 
off the bridge. 

 According to staff, “the 
city is seeking a permanent 
and responsibly-designed 
enhancement to the bridge 
railing to serve as an effective 
deterrent while preserving the 
national historic character and 
significance of the bridge. The 
vision of the city is to allow the 
community to experience and 
enjoy the Colorado Street Bridge 
and the Arroyo as a safe and 
beautiful environment now and 
in the future.”

 Over the past years, the city’s 
Public Works Department, 
along with architect, Donald 
MacDonald Architects have 
engaged the public in developing 
barrier design options, 
taking into consideration the 
feedback and advisement of 
the city’s Historic Preservation 
Commission, the Design 
Commission and the Public 
Safety Committee.

 Last year, at the directive of the 
Public Safety Committee, the 
Public Works Department hired 
a contractor and installed full-
scale mock-up panels of the top 
three preferred vertical barrier 
design concepts with two mesh 
options. Although the mock-
up panels were removed in 
February, the public can review 
the full-scale barrier mock-
ups and mesh options online 

 According to staff, all 
recommendations will be taken 
to the City Council for their 
approval of a single design as the 
preferred barrier enhancement 
for the Colorado Street Bridge. 
For additional information on 
upcoming meeting dates and 
(search Colorado Street Bridge). 

 Pictured Mock-up panels 
being installed photo by D.Lee/

Senior Center 
Free Cultural 

Pasadena Rental Housing 
Board Enforcing Compliance

The Pasadena 
Senior Center 
Free Summer 
Concert Series

 City officials reminded renters 
Tuesday that The Pasadena 
Rental Housing Board (“Rent 
Board”) held its inaugural 
meeting in May and has officially 
commenced operations. The 
Rent Board’s primary focus 
is to implement and enforce 
compliance with the Pasadena 
Fair and Equitable Housing 
Charter Amendment (Pasadena 
City Charter, Article XVIII). 
The Pasadena Fair and Equitable 
Housing Charter Amendment, 
commonly known as Measure 
H, was approved by voters in 
the General Election and came 
into effect late last year. This 
significant amendment has 
provided a comprehensive set of 
protections for tenants residing 
in qualified properties.

Under the Measure H provisions, 
new protections and policies 

New “Base Rent” Determination: 
For tenancies commencing on 
or before May 17, 2021, the new 
base rent is the rent in effect 
on that date. For tenancies 
commencing after May 17, 2021, 
it is the rental rate paid by the 
tenant upon initial occupancy.

Limited Rent Increases: Rent 
increases are now limited to 
once every 12 months and 
capped at no more than 75 
percent inflation. Currently, the 
maximum lawful rent increase 
until September 30, stands at 6 

Just Cause Eviction Protections: 
Tenants now enjoy enhanced 
safeguards against unjust 
evictions, ensuring security and 
stability in their housing.

 The Rental Housing Board wants 
to emphasize the importance 
of immediate compliance with 
the Pasadena Fair and Equitable 
Housing Charter Amendment 
and encourages landlords 
to accurately apply the rent 
rollback to qualified tenants’ 
new base rent, diligently adhere 
to the allowable annual general 
adjustment for rent increases, 
cease all evictions without just 
cause, and provide accurate 
notice as stipulated by the 
Pasadena Fair and Affordable 
Housing Charter Amendment. 
Doing so ensures that the rights 
and protections outlined in 
the amendment are upheld, 
fostering a fair and equitable 
housing environment.

 The Rent Board has the authority 
to impose fines and penalties on 
non-compliant landlords under 
the Pasadena Fair and Affordable 
Housing Charter Amendment. 
However, the board remains 
optimistic that instances of non-
compliance will be minimal. The 
Rent Board begins to implement 
the Charter Amendment it will 
be providing resources and tools 
for both landlords and tenants to 
assist with compliance.

 The Rent Board is dedicated 
to effective communication 
and outreach, utilizing various 
methods such as community 
posters, mailers, resident 
workshops, and collaborations 
with key stakeholders. Their goal 
is to support compliant landlords 
by sharing information and 
resources, ensuring swift and 
streamlined compliance with the 
Pasadena Fair and Affordable 
Housing Charter Amendment. 
Ultimately, the Rent Board 
aims to expedite resolution of 
disputes between landlords and 
tenants to ensure that tenants 
are protected from unlawful 
evictions and illegal rent 
increases and landlords receive a 
fair return on their property.

 Regular meetings of the Rent 
Board are scheduled for 6 p.m. 
on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 
of each month at the Robinson 
Park Recreation Center. 

 Television Producer 
Barbara Meltzer is set to be 
in conversation onsite at 
the Pasadena Senior Center, 
85 E. Holly St., with Annie 
Laskey, the center’s director 
of events, Thursday, Aug. 
24, at 2 p.m. for what Laskey 
anticipates will be a fun and 
fascinating behind-the-scenes 
look at television history. An 
audience Q&A will follow the 

 Meltzer was the assistant to 
the producer of The Tonight 
Show Starring Johnny Carson 
for 10 years – eight in New 
York City and two in Los 
Angeles – during Carson’s 30-
year reign as host of the iconic 
late-night talk show from 
1962 to 1992. 

 Anyone 50 and older 
is welcome to attend. To 
register for this free event 
or for more information, 
visit: pasadenaseniorcenter.
org and click on Activities 
& Events, then Special 
Events or call 626-795-4331. 
Neither membership with 
the Pasadena Senior Center 
nor residence in Pasadena are 
required to attend. 

 After leaving The Tonight 
Show with Johnny Carson, 
Meltzer became director of 
NBC-TV’s Creative Services 
Department in Los Angeles 
and, several years later, 
executive in charge of talent 
for PBS’s KCET-TV. In more 
recent years she has been 
the founder and president of 
Barbara Meltzer & Associates 
Public Relations & Marketing. 
One of the agency’s divisions 
serves the public relations and 
marketing needs of clients 
whose services, products 
and programs are targeted to 
adults 50 and older. 

South Pas All Abilities Club 
for Adults with Disabilities

 The South Pasadena Library has partnered with the South 
Pasadena-based Institute for the ReDesign of Learning (IRL) 
Transitional Adult Services (TAS) program to present a monthly 
program for adults with developmental disabilities. The All 
Abilities Club provides a welcoming and safe environment, where 
participants watch movies, listen to music, make crafts, and engage 
in other fun activities.

 The All Abilities Club meets in the Library Community Room 
(1115 El Centro Street) on the second Friday of the month from 
10:00-11:00 a.m. The Club is open to adult members of the public 
and adult family members, aides, caretakers, and teachers are 

All Abilities Club meetings will occur on:

August 11

September 8

October 13

There will be no meetings in November or December.

For more information visit:

Dad’s Band Plus One

 On Mondays from Aug. 
14 to Sept. 4, The Pasadena 
Senior Center. center will 
be transformed into a 
live music venue where 
everyone will enjoy a 
variety of styles. Aug. 14 
on the shady, tree-lined 
patio: Dad’s Band Plus One 
(New Orleans jazz). Aug. 
21 on the patio: JazzZone 
(classic jazz, funk and 
R&B). Aug. 28 on the patio: 
Susie Hansen Latin Band 
(Salsa Rhythms). Sept. 4 in 
the Scott Pavilion: Labor 
Day concert by The Great 
American Swing Band (Big 
Band). Each concert date 
will feature two sets by 
the same musical group – 
one at 5 p.m. and another 
at 6 p.m. Come for one or 
stay for both! Bring your 
own snacks, beverages 
and/or picnic dinner. 
Registration is not required 
for the concert series. For 
more information, visit: 
or call 626-795-4331. 

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