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Mountain View News Saturday, August 12, 2023 


The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District has been tracking 
West Nile virus activity in mosquito populations since 2003. Dead bird data is 
stored with California Department of Public Health.

Our agency reports data related to mosquitoes. Human cases are reported by the 
L.A. County Department of Public Health and Pasadena Health Department.

West Nile virus Facts

West Nile virus is the most common mosquito-borne disease that affect resi-
dents in Los Angeles County

Public health agencies detect West Nile virus every year in L.A. County. This 
means the virus is found naturally in our city environments, which means it's 

Our agency uses routine traps to colect samples of mosquitoes. The mosquito 
samples are tested for a mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile virus. In 
addition, dead birds, which can carry West Nile virus, are submitted for testing.

Year-to-Date Statistics for 2023

2023 WNV+ Mosquito Samples

A sample is a random collection of 10-50 mosquitoes from a trap. Positive mos-
quito samples from routine and randomized trapping provide insight into of 
the spread of West Nile virus.

City/Community Date of First Detection Positives

Alhambra 06/21/2023 1

Azusa 07/06/2023 2

Baldwin Park 08/02/23 1 

Bradbury 08/01/23 1

Charter Oak 06/22/23 3

Claremont 08/01/23 2 

Covina 06/08/23 42

East San Gabriel 08/01/23 1 

Glendora 06/22/23 4

La Verne 08/01/23 2 

Pasadena 07/25/23 1

Pomona 07/25/23 2

San Dimas 08/01/23 1 

Sierra Madre 07/11/23 1

South Pasadena 07/25/23 1

Temple City 07/18/23 1

 Vincent 06/20/23 2

Walnut 07/25/23 3

West Covina 07/20/23 4


Total # of Positive Mosquito Samples this Year 75


2023 WNV+ Dead Birds

People report dead birds they observe in their community. Positive dead birds 
are an indication West Nile virus is widespread in the region.

City/Community Date of First Detection Positives

Covina 6/2/2023 8

Total # of Positive Dead Birds This Year 8

Take a look at mosquito disease activity throughout California by utilizing the 
VectorSurv Map! To experience the full site, visit:


In this part of the world the Smith Brothers are King, at least in the San Gabriel Valley. If you don’t know 
them, they own and operate some very classy restaurants, and have been doing so for quite some time. 
Parkway Grill, Smitty’s and Arroyo Chop House are on their current roster, and a few years back Parkway 
Grill was dubbed “the Spago of the East” in the Zagat guide.

They must be doing something right and I think I have the answer – no, not like “what’s the secret of 
life” from the movie with Jack Palance playing Curly in City Slickers. It’s the service! Now, as the name 
suggests, the menu at Arroyo Chop House is all about the steak. Accord-ing to the menu, it’s the only 
restaurant in the two Valleys that offers 100% Prime beef for all steaks on menu- big words with Arnie 
Mortons, Taylors and The Royce an earshot away. 

The menu features a Tomahawk so big that even after the beef is off the bone it’s still 30 ounces. In addition, 
you’ll find traditional entrees such as filet mignon, rib eye and other steaks. Is it expensive? Yes. Is 
it worth it? Every time. My visit was on a Sunday night and it was a birthday celebration (yes, for me the 
“Chopper” is a special occasion type of joint, not too big and as of this writing you can still eat outdoors). 
Anyway, since I’d just had a steak at a friend’s BBQ Friday night, I was pleased when our server mentioned 
the Chilean Sea Bass, so that’s what I eagerly ordered. I felt the sea bass needed another minute on 
the fire, and I always hesitate ordering seafood on a weekend for the reason of storage, but rest assured 
you’ll have no problems at a busy restaurant

What else? We started off with bread and the BBQ shrimp salad - all good!! Asparagus and broccolini 
filled the appetizer dance card portion of the evening.

The best part of the meal? It really was the 
service. Our server Christopher was absolute 
greatness. I believe its my second go-round 
with him - I never heard the word NO. Can we 
split a salad? Yes. No cheese? Absolutely! Sauce 
on the side? YES. The night was perfect! The 
champagne flutes were never empty, he gave us 
a heads up ordering dessert, and he gave us the 
specials of the night completely from memory. 
Flawless !!

What to get? Many good choices you’ll be happy 
but make sure your server is Christopher!!

Arroyo Chop House open for Dinner at 5 PM 

Full Bar

Valet Parking

Reservations are a must

Expect $100+ per person


At a recent event, the Duarte Kiwanis Club celebrated their first annual Community An-gel awards. 
This year, Gaetano and Sylvia D’Aquino – owners of D’Aquino Italian imports – were celebrated. The 
D’Aquino’s have been long time supporters of many Duarte organiza-tions including Santa Teresita and 
the City of Hope. On June 8, 2009, they donated a statue of Pope John Paul II that was installed on the 
grounds of City of Hope. They then personally ar-ranged for Andrea Bocelli to sing in concert on the 
front lawn during the dedication ceremony. They also donated a similar statue blessed by the Vatican in 
donated on May 2, 2018.

Duarte Kiwanis President, Reyna Diaz, presented both Gaetano and Sylvia with Commu-nity Service 
Awards supporting the California/Nevada/Hawaii District’s children’s foundation as well as certificates 
and honors from Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio, State Senator, Susan Rubio, County Supervisor Kathryn 
Barger, and Duarte Mayor, Jody Schultz.

The crowd enjoyed the musical stylings of the Lime and Coconut Club. William Grosso sent a video 
message and newly composed music from Sicily. Ruben Hoyos provided the finale performance of traditional 
Italian songs including “O Solo Mio”. A wonderful time was had by all.

. If you are inter-ested in joining the Duarte Kiwanis or presenting at a future meeting, please contact 
Tina Car-ey at 

Members of Duarte Kiwanis Club, Assembly member Blanca Rubio, members of DART, members of Duarte 
Rotary Club, and the D’Aquino family

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