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Mountain View News Saturday, September 23, 2023 


by Deanne Davis



September 10th – September 16th, 2023

 Calls for Service Formal Investigations

 215 11

Total Year to Date for 2023 6,207 422

The following represents a summary report of some of the major incidents handled by the Sierra 
Madre Police Department during this period. This list is not intended to be considered exclusive or 

Monday, September 11th Possession of Narcotics & Warrant Arrest

At approximately 8 PM, officers responded to the 00 block of N. Baldwin Ave. regarding a welfare 
check of a subject slumped over inside a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers determined that the subject 
inside of the vehicle was okay, but was in possession of narcotics and paraphernalia. The subject 
had an outstanding warrant for their arrest. The subject was taken to Pasadena Jail for booking.

Wednesday, September 13th Burglary

At approximately 4 PM, officers responded to the 00 block of S. Lima St. for reports of a burglary 
that had occurred. The reporting party came home and discovered an open window and removed 
window screen from their bedroom. After clearing the residence, officers determined that a burglary 
had occurred. The Detectives Bureau is following up on this incident.

Saturday, September 16th Arrest for Robbery and Petty Theft

At approximately 8 PM, officers responded to the 100 block of N. Lima St. for reports of a disturbance 
in progress. Upon arrival, officers discovered that an argument occurred between the victim 
and an ex-boyfriend. Through an investigation, the suspect was

It occurred to me that I have been remiss in 
passing along all the special event days September 
has to offer… like National Cream-
Filled Donut Day, National Play-Doh Day, 
National Rice-Krispies Treats Day and so 
many more joyful moments we all could 
have been celebrating. Here are a few you 
might enjoy…

• 9/19 – International Talk Like a 

Pirate Day and International Butterscotch 
Pudding Day

• 9/20 – International Pepperoni Pizza 
Day and National String Cheese Day

• 9/22 – Hobbit Day, Dear Diary Day, 
Elephant Appreciation Day, National Ice 
Cream Cone Day and National White 
Chocolate Day

• 9/23 – Autumnal Equinox Day!!

 At a precise moment each September, usually 
on the 22nd or 23rd, the sun is directly 
above the equator, marking the autumnal 
equinox. This year, on September 23rd, 
the center of the sun will be directly over 
the equator at 2:50 a.m. EDT, according 
to In the Northern Hemisphere, 
the sun will get lower in the sky and 
days will become shorter until the winter 
solstice on Dec. 21.

You probably yawned through that part but 
here’s the good news: The long hot summer 
is finally coming to an end. We are so 
ready for cooler temperatures, some rain 
and pumpkin spice everything! OK, just one 
more to finish off the month…

• 9/30 – National Love People Day, 
National Chewing Gum Day, National 
Hot Mulled Cider Day and National Ghost 
Hunting Day

Speaking of Ghosts and Haunting, we went 
to see “A Haunting in Venice,” Kenneth 
Branagh’s third Agatha Christie mystery 
movie. We thoroughly enjoyed “Murder on 
the Orient Express,” (2017) and “Death on 
the Nile.” (2022) In each of these films, Mr. 
Branagh portrays Hercule Poirot, Agatha 
Christie’s Belgian detective. Poirot is one of 
Ms. Christie’s most famous and long-lasting 
characters, appearing in 33 novels, two 
plays and 51 short stories published between 
1920 and 1975. PBS is currently repeating a 
number of the Poirot dramas starring David 

“A Haunting in Venice” was nice and creepy 
with several really great murders. Go see it. 
Trust me!

Seeing as how I seem to be talking about 
movies, here’s another celebration moment 
we missed: Batman Day! Yes, there is a Batman 
Day and it was Saturday, September 
16th. Sorry, I’ve failed you again. Batman 
has been played by all sorts of people, Adam 
West on TV 1966-68. I vividly remember 
watching Adam West as Batman and his 
buddy, Robin, climbing up walls on ropes 
when it was so incredibly obvious they were 
flat on the ground. So campy but there wasn’t 
a lot to watch in 1966. Anyway, Christian 
Bale, Keanu Reeves, Robert Pattinson, and 
George Clooney all played the Caped Crusader 
but my favorite was Michael Keaton in 
1989 battling Jack Nicholson as The Joker. 
When Michael Keaton said, “I’m Batman!” I 
can only say it was swoon-worthy! 

Getting right into that Fall feeling, we had 
pumpkin coffee cake this morning and it 
was delicious. You need to have some, too. 
Like everything I cook, this is easy, doesn’t 
require anything exotic and doesn’t take forever 
to make.


Coffee Cake Ingredients:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a 9 x 9 
pan with cooking spray.

2 cups all-purpose flour

¾ cup granulated sugar

2 tsp. baking powder

½ tsp. salt

1 TB Pumpkin Pie Spice

1 cup pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie 

¼ cup vegetable oil

½ cup nonfat milk

Streusel Topping

¼ cup butter, melted

¼ cup all-purpose flour

 Cup brown sugar

1 TB cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and 
pumpkin pie spice in a large bowl. Whisk to 

Mix pumpkin, vegetable oil, vanilla till 
blended. Add to dry ingredients. Pour into 
prepared pan. Set aside. Mix Streusel Topping 
ingredients in a small bowl and pour 
on top of coffee cake mixture. Bake 30-35 

Let it cool for a few minutes then cut yourself 
a slice of pumpkin deliciousness. 

The picture this week is, of course, pumpkins! 
Halloween is coming. Have you started 
on your scarecrow yet for the annual Scarecrow 

My book page: Deanne Davis

There are treasures there! Trust me! 

Including “Just Desserts” A Fall Fantasy of 
Pumpkins Gone Wrong! 


 In his article in last week’s MVN, former Sierra 
Madre Mayor Glenn Lambdin expressed his 
alarm over increased bear sightings and intrusions 
into homes here in town. He also made clear 
his frustration about apparent indifference to the 
situation shown by officials at both county and 
state levels. The inference here is that we’ll have 
to rely on ourselves at the local level and our own 
local officials to make the right decisions.

 Earlier this year, Mr. Lambdin and our City 
Council were enthusiastic proponents of eradicating 
17 acres of undeveloped wildlife habitat 
in Bailey Canyon, allowing a Santa Monica developer 
to ig-nore local restrictions and build 42 
McMansions (in what our state calls a “Very High 
Fire Hazard Severity Zone”).

 And now they’re blaming county and state officials 
for failure to take appropriate action – seemingly 
oblivious to how their cheerleading for further 
development at our hillsides might bring yet 
more wild-life down into our community.

 Groundbreaking on the project is still some time 
off in the future, while the situation Mr. Lambdin 
complains about is happening now. But if 
problems of wildlife encroaching on our habitat 
are exacer-bated by Mr. Lambdin’s and our City 
Council’s support for continued encroachment on 
theirs, then further indifference shown by county 
and state officials to their complaints would be 

Howard Hays, Sierra Madre

Sponsored by the Sierra Madre Civic ClubAll Sierra Madre 
households are invited 
to create and 
participate in a 
Halloween Art Show that 
will be displayed on 
downtown merchants’ 
windows from October 20 
through November 4, 2023.
All ages from a single 
address are welcome to 
draw or paint any 
Halloween theme on paper 
‘canvas’ delivered free to 
your front door. 
Any medium you choose 
is acceptable—crayons, 
markers, pencils, paint, 
ink are just a few ideas.
Halloween ART ShowDowntown SIERRA MADRE 
Sign up on-line at 
before september 29.
Deadline to return completed artwork is October 13.
YourARTWORKHERElet’s decorate 
those windows!
Sierra Madre!
Be creative! 
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