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Mountain View News Saturday, November 18, 2023 

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Pasadena Heritage Director 
Sue Mossman set to Retire 

 After 45 years on staff and 30 
years as Executive Director 
of Pasadena Heritage, Sue 
Mossman (pictured) announced 
Thursday her plans to retire in 
the spring of 2024.

 “I love this organization and am 
proud of all we’ve accomplished 
- offering great programs about 
history and architecture and 
fighting to preserve Pasadena’s 
rich and rare architectural 
legacy,” Mossman said. “Seeing 
the organization accomplish so 
much and grow in effectiveness 
has been immensely rewarding.”

 Pasadena Heritage Board Chair 
Suzanne Marks shared, “The 
Board is dedicated to finding 
the best possible new leader 
and making this transition as 
smooth as possible. Every one 
of us deeply admires Sue and all 
her fine work, and we’ll be very 
sorry to see her go. But we honor 
her wish to retire, and our goal 
is to support the organization 
in every way possible as we plan 
for the future.”

 “A Search Committee has 
been formed, including current 
and past Board members, to 
find and hire a new Executive 
Director. Sue is very much part 
of this process, and we have a 
great team that is hard at work. 
We plan to enlist professional 
assistance where we need it and 
want our members, staff, and 
the community to help us as 
well,” said Marks.

 A few of the major 
accomplishments during 
Mossman’s tenure as Executive 
Director incude:

- Championing Bullock’s 
Pasadena (now Macy’s) as 
an exceptional historic place 
and achieving a better retail 
solution that left the building 
standing, visible, and still a real 
department store on South Lake 

- Saving the Stuart 
Pharmaceutical Company 
building on East Foothill, a 
Modern masterpiece that was 
threatened with demolition. It is 
now the centerpiece of a housing 
project and also houses an 
imaginative theater production 
organization, A Noise Within.

- Ending the 710 Freeway threat 
and restoration of a southwest 
Pasadena historic community, so 
heavily and negatively impacted 
by Caltrans ownership, to a real 
neighborhood once again.

- Acquiring the historic 1906 
Blinn House from the Pasadena 
Women’s City Club of Pasadena 
and engaging with the many 
community groups who use 
Pasadena Heritage’s new historic 
headquarters for meetings and 

 In her statement, Mossman 
expressed her gratitude and 
appreciation for those she 
has worked with throughout 
the past several decades, and 
reflected on the bright future 
ahead for Pasadena Heritage 
and its new leadership.

 “I’ve always been joined by 
an exceptional team of staff 
members, Board members, 
volunteers, and members. 
We’ve received support from 
the business and non-profit 
communities as well, and 
developed an open working 
relationship with the City. It has 
always been a team effort for 
which I will be forever grateful! 
I know the organization is 
strong and effective and can be 
even more so as new chapters 
unfold. I look forward to seeing 
that happen,” said Mossman.

 For more information 
about the Executive Director 
job opportunity, visit: 
Inquiries can be sent to search@ or mailed 
to Search Committee, Pasadena 
Heritage, 160 N. Oakland Ave., 
Pasadena, CA 91101.

Pasadena Heritage 
salutes Mossman’s decades 
of leadership and initiates 
search for next leader

Pasadena residents and 
businesses are reminded 
that City Hall and most 
City services will be closed 
on Thursday and Friday 
in observance of the 
Thanksgiving holiday. Specific 
closures, exceptions and 
reminders are noted below.

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses with any power 
emergencies should call the 
Pasadena Water and Power 
Department (PWP) at (626) 
744-4673. For water-related 
emergencies, call (626) 744-
4138. PWP’s Customer Service 
Call Center will be closed for 
the holiday, but customers 
can access their accounts and 
make payments through the 
automated phone system at 
(626) 744-4005 or online at

 The City’s Citizen Service 
Center (CSC) will be closed 
Thanksgiving Day and Friday. 
Individuals can contact the 
CSC via the web or by calling 
(626) 744-7311. Regular trash 
and recycling collection for 
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 
will occur on Friday and 
Friday’s collection will occur 
on Saturday.

 The City’s permit and 
payment centers will also 
be closed Thursday and 
Friday. Online permitting 
services are available 24/7 

 Pasadena Transit and Dial-A-
Ride buses will not operate on 
Thanksgiving but will resume 
regular service on Friday. 
Pasadena Transit and Dial A 
Ride will provide free service 
on Friday and Saturday for 
Black Friday/Shop Local 
Saturday. All parking meters 
are free and parking time 
limits will not be enforced 
on Thanksgiving Day, but 
shoppers are advised that all 
regular meter enforcement 
will resume Friday. Violations 
for overnight parking, red 
curb/no parking zones, 
driveway blocks and blocking 
fire hydrants will continue to 
be issued on both days.

 All Pasadena Public Library 
sites will close at 5 p.m. on 
Wednesday and will remain 
closed the following two days 
They will reopen on Saturday.

 Pasadena Fire and Police 
Departments will continue 
to be staffed for all patrol, 
jail, fire, paramedic and 
other emergency services. 
Always call 9-1-1 for life-
threatening emergencies. 
For non-emergencies, call 
(626) 744-4241. If you “See 
Something, Say Something.” 
Report suspicious activity to 
Pasadena Police Department 
at (626) 744-4241. The police 
department’s records section 
will be closed Thursday 
and Friday and will reopen 

 All recreation and 
community centers operated 
by the City’s Parks, Recreation 
and Community Services 
Department will be closed 
on Thursday and Friday but 
all parks will be open for 
picnics, fun and play. No site 
reservations are accepted for 
the holiday.

Tournament Hosts Community Open House

 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses celebrated the fifth 
anniversary Sunday of their 
Community Open House, in 
partnership with the Pasadena 
Community Coalition. This 
event brought people together 
to celebrate the diversity of the 
community, as well as honor the 
2024 President Alex Aghajanian 
(pictured right). He has been 
a volunteer Member of the 
Association since 1989 and is 
the current president for the 
Tournament of Roses, providing 
leadership for the 135th Rose 
Parade and 110th Rose Bowl 
Game on January 1.

 “Being celebrated at the 
Community Open House is an 
immense honor with profound 
personal significance, said 
Aghajanian. "I have a deep and 
meaningful connection to our 
community being a lifelong 
resident of the Pasadena and 
Altadena areas. This event 
embodies a sense of community 
spirit and celebrates the shared 
tapestry of experiences that make 
Pasadena a truly special place. 
The Community Open House 
is not just a commemoration of 
individual achievements, but a 
testament to the commitment of 
inclusivity of the 935 volunteer 
Members of the Tournament 
of Roses. Our volunteers 
work to bring people together 
and continue to enhance 
our dedication to improving 
connections to, and working 
with, our diverse community.”

 For more than a century, 
the Tournament of Roses 
has contributed to various 
communities through event-
driven economic impact and 
other forms of giving. The 
Community Open House 
is another way to celebrate 
our local community and 
our commitment to further 
community engagement and 

 The gathering of neighbors 
at Tournament House fosters 
a sense of unity. It serves as 
a powerful testament to the 
commitment of the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses to 
advancing diversity, equity, and 
inclusion and their dedication 
to enhancing relationships 
and community collaboration, 
including the valued partnership 
with the Pasadena Community 

 “This year holds special 
significance as it marks the fifth 
anniversary of the Community 
Open House. The inaugural 
event, which celebrated Gerald 
Freeny as the first African 
American President, set a 
precedent for honoring diverse 
leadership,” said Martin Gordon, 
Chair and CEO of the Pasadena 
Community Coalition. 
“Subsequent years continued 
to celebrate milestones with 
the recognition of two female 
Presidents, Amy Wainscott 
and Laura Farber, the latter 
being the first Latina President. 
These commemorations reflect 
the Tournament of Roses’ 
commitment to recognizing and 
celebrating a rich tapestry of 
leadership within the Pasadena 

 Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo 
pictured left.

Add Your 
Name to 
JPL's Jupiter 

 It’s not every day that 
members of the public have 
the chance to send their names 
into deep space beyond Mars, 
all the way to Jupiter and 
its moon Europa. But with 
NASA’s Europa Clipper, you 
have that opportunity: Names 
will ride aboard the spacecraft 
as it journeys 1.8 billion miles 
(2.6 billion kilometers) to this 
icy moon, where an ocean 
hides beneath a frozen outer 
shell. The deadline to join the 
mission’s “Message in a Bottle” 
campaign is only six weeks 
away. The campaign closes at 9 
p.m. Dec. 31.

 So far, about 700,000 names 
have been submitted. Once 
all the names have been 
gathered, technicians in the 
Microdevices Laboratory 
at NASA’s Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory in Southern 
California will use an electron 
beam to stencil them onto a 
dime-size silicon microchip. 
Each line of text is smaller than 
1/1000th the width of a human 
hair (75 nanometers).

 The chip will be attached to 
a metal plate engraved with 
the original poem “In Praise 
of Mystery,” written by U.S. 
Poet Laureate Ada Limón 
to celebrate the mission. 
Riding on the exterior of the 
spacecraft, the poem and 
names will be like a message in 
a bottle as they make about 50 
close flybys of the ocean world.

 The mission will log a half-
billion miles (800 million 
kilometers) during these orbits 
as the spacecraft’s payload of 
science instruments gathers 
data on Europa’s subsurface 
ocean, icy crust, and 
atmosphere to determine if the 
moon could support life.

 Once assembly of Europa 
Clipper has been completed 
at JPL, the orbiter will be 
shipped to NASA’s Kennedy 
Space Center in Florida in 
preparation for its October 
2024 launch.

 To sign, read the poem, and 
hear Limón recite it in an 
animated video, go to: go.nasa.

Ariana Cowper Recipient of 
Rose Bowl Game Scholarship

San Marino Board Member 
Needed for the GLACVCD


 The Tournament of Roses 
announced Wednesday the 
recipient of the 2023 Rose 
Bowl Game Keith Jackson 
Postgraduate Scholarship. 
Ariana Cowper (Indiana 
University) will be awarded 
a $10,000 scholarship toward 
her postgraduate education in 
addition to receiving a unique 
and specialized work-study 
experience at the 2024 Playoff 
Semifinal at the Rose Bowl Game 
presented by Prudential.

 The scholarship recognizes 
its recipient for exceptional 
undergraduate achievement at 
a Big Ten or Pac-12 university 
who plan to also pursue a career 
in the sports industry. 

 Cowper is a senior Sports 
Marketing and Management 
major at Indiana University 
with plans to graduate in May of 
2024. She is a varsity rower for 
the Hoosiers and has worked as 
a social media and digital intern 
for IU Athletics. Cowper served 
on Indiana’s Student-Athlete 
Advisory Committee Executive 
Board and volunteered as a 
Hoosier Hero Mentor, in Read 
Across America, Hoosiers Out 
Loud and Women Impacting 
Others. Ariana plans to pursue a 
masters in Sports Administration 
and completing a graduate 
assistantship within an athletic 
department after graduation.

 “Ariana has proven that she has 
an unwavering commitment to 
excellence in the classroom, in 
athletics and in volunteering, 
and is a deserving recipient 
of the Rose Bowl Game Keith 
Jackson Scholarship,” said Alex 
Aghajanian, 2024 President of 
the Tournament of Roses. “The 
Tournament of Roses, along with 
our partners at the Big Ten and 
Pac-12, are thrilled to honor her 
for all her hard work and help 
her on her journey to graduate 
school and beyond.”

 The scholarship is named on 
behalf of Keith Jackson, who 
was the voice of college football 
for several generations. Jackson 
was a man of many catchphrases, 
including “Whoa, Nellie” 
and “Big Uglies”, but was also 
credited with popularizing the 
Rose Bowl Game’s nickname as 
“The Granddaddy of Them All."

 The Keith Jackson Postgraduate 
Scholarship is funded by the 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses. 
For more information, including 
details on eligibility and how to 
apply, please visit: rosebowlgame.

 The scholarship includes 
$10k and an exclusive 
Rose Bowl Game work 
experience. Cowper was 
selected among candidates 
who attended a Big Ten or 
Pac-12 institution.

 The City of San Marino 
seeks a volunteer to fill an 
opening as a Board Member 
on the Greater Los Angeles 
County Vector Control 
(Mosquito Abatement) 
District Board of Trustees. 
San Marino residency is 
required, and the member 
appointed shall be an elector 
of the City. Board member 
duties and responsibilities 
include setting policy, 
establishing the budget, 
approving expenditures, 
and retaining legal counsel. 
More information about 
GLACVCD can be 
found at: glamosquito.
org. Applications are due 
November 30. If you have 
questions regarding this 
recruitment, please contact 
the City Clerk at (626) 300-
0705 or CityClerk@ 
Further details and the 
application can be found 

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