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San Marino Upcoming 
Events & Programming

Meditative March to 
Commemorate Climate 
Emergency Resolution

NASA Ingenuity Helicopter 
Mission Ends After 3 Years 

 NASA’s history-making 
Ingenuity Mars Helicopter 
has ended its mission at the 
Red Planet after surpassing 
expectations and making 
dozens more flights than 
planned. While the helicopter 
remains upright and in 
communication with ground 
controllers, imagery of its Jan. 
18 flight sent to Earth this week 
indicates one or more of its 
rotor blades sustained damage 
during landing and it is no 
longer capable of flight.

 Originally designed as a 
technology demonstration to 
perform up to five experimental 
test flights over 30 days, the 
first aircraft on another world 
operated from the Martian 
surface for almost three years, 
performed 72 flights, and flew 
more than 14 times farther than 
planned while logging more 
than two hours of total flight 

 “The historic journey of 
Ingenuity, the first aircraft on 
another planet, has come to 
end,” said NASA Administrator 
Bill Nelson. “That remarkable 
helicopter flew higher and 
farther than we ever imagined 
and helped NASA do what we 
do best – make the impossible, 
possible. Through missions 
like Ingenuity, NASA is paving 
the way for future flight in our 
solar system and smarter, safer 
human exploration to Mars and 

 NASA to Discuss Ingenuity 
Mission in Media Call Today

In addition to video comments 
shared from Nelson about the 
mission’s conclusion, NASA 
will host a media teleconference 
at 5 p.m. EST today, Thursday, 
Jan. 25, to provide an update on 
Ingenuity Mars Helicopter.

Audio of the call will stream live 
on the agency’s website.

Participants in the call are 
expected to include:

 Lori Glaze, director, Planetary 
Science Division, NASA’s 
Science Mission Directorate at 
the agency’s headquarters in 

Laurie Leshin, director, NASA’s 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 
Southern California

 Teddy Tzanetos, Ingenuity 
project manager, NASA JPL

Media who wish to participate 
by phone can request dial-in 
information by emailing hq-

 Ingenuity landed on Mars 
Feb. 18, 2021, attached to the 
belly of NASA’s Perseverance 
rover and first lifted off the 
Martian surface on April 
19, proving that powered, 
controlled flight on Mars was 
possible. After notching another 
four flights, it embarked on a 
new mission as an operations 
demonstration, serving as an 
aerial scout for Perseverance 
scientists and rover drivers. In 
2023, the helicopter executed 
two successful flight tests that 
further expanded the team’s 
knowledge of its aerodynamic 

 “At NASA JPL, innovation 
is at the heart of what we do,” 
said Leshin. “Ingenuity is an 
exemplar of the way we push the 
boundaries of what’s possible 
every day. I’m incredibly proud 
of our team behind this historic 
technological achievement and 
eager to see what they’ll invent 

Ingenuity’s team planned 
for the helicopter to make a 
short vertical flight on Jan. 
18 to determine its location 
after executing an emergency 
landing on its previous flight. 
Data shows that, as planned, the 
helicopter achieved a maximum 
altitude of 40 feet (12 meters) 
and hovered for 4.5 seconds 
before starting its descent at a 
velocity of 3.3 feet per second (1 
meter per second).

 However, about 3 feet (1 meter) 
above the surface, Ingenuity lost 
contact with the rover, which 
serves as a communications 
relay for the rotorcraft. The 
following day, communications 
were reestablished and more 
information about the flight was 
relayed to ground controllers at 
NASA JPL. Imagery revealing 
damage to the rotor blade arrived 
several days later. The cause of 
the communications dropout 
and the helicopter’s orientation 
at time of touchdown are still 
being investigated.

Triumphs, Challenges

 Over an extended mission that 
lasted for almost 1,000 Martian 
days, more than 33 times 
longer than originally planned, 
Ingenuity was upgraded with 
the ability to autonomously 
choose landing sites in 
treacherous terrain, dealt with a 
dead sensor, cleaned itself after 
dust storms, operated from 48 
different airfields, performed 
three emergency landings, and 
survived a frigid Martian winter.

 Designed to operate in spring, 
Ingenuity was unable to power 
its heaters throughout the 
night during the coldest parts 
of winter, resulting in the flight 
computer periodically freezing 
and resetting. These power 
“brownouts” required the team 
to redesign Ingenuity’s winter 
operations in order to keep 

 With flight operations now 
concluded, the Ingenuity 
team will perform final tests 
on helicopter systems and 
download the remaining 
imagery and data in Ingenuity’s 
onboard memory. The 
Perseverance rover is currently 
too far away to attempt to image 
the helicopter at its final airfield.

 “It’s humbling Ingenuity not 
only carries onboard a swatch 
from the original Wright Flyer, 
but also this helicopter followed 
in its footsteps and proved 
flight is possible on another 
world,” said Ingenuity’s project 
manager, Teddy Tzanetos 
of NASA JPL. “The Mars 
helicopter would have never 
flown once, much less 72 times, 
if it were not for the passion and 
dedication of the Ingenuity and 
Perseverance teams. History’s 
first Mars helicopter will leave 
behind an indelible mark on the 
future of space exploration and 
will inspire fleets of aircraft on 
Mars – and other worlds – for 
decades to come.”

2024 State of the City - Available in English and Mandarin

 Didn't catch Mayor Steven Huang, DDS's State of the City 
address? No worries! Tune in now to hear the Mayor reflect on 
the past year's achievements and challenges, while exploring the 
exciting opportunities ahead. The recording is available in both 
English and Mandarin at

Coffee Connections

Weekly on Monday and Wednesday from 8 - 9 AM, San Marino 
Community Center, Fireside Room 

 Come spend your mornings with neighbors, friends, and a hot 
cup of coffee at the newly renovated Community Center! Free 
coffee will be provided. Stay for a variety of organized activities 
like bingo, chair volleyball, and lectures beginning at 9 AM. This 
program is for active adults ages 55+. Registration is required.

Joyful Living Happy Life

Sunday, January 28 from 2:00 – 4:30 PM, Barth Community Room

 This workshop gives you tools to face challenges in the workplace, 
social life, and family life. Join the Unified Charity Foundation 
as they talk about the customs and traditions in a new land and 
how to remove cultural obstacles to prosperity. Registration is not 

Valentine’s Day Grams

 Calling all kids in grades K-8! Help us share some neighborly love 
with a local senior citizen. All it takes is a little creativity! Register 
for a kit online, pick up your kit at the Community Center (1800 
Huntington Drive) now to February 2, decorate the gigantic 
Valentine's Day Gram, and return your Gram by February 5. 
We'll deliver it to a local senior citizen to brighten their day. In 
exchange, participants will receive a free and cool activity kit for 
their random act of kindness. Know a senior citizen in town who'd 
love to receive a Valentine's Day Gram? Let us know by calling 
(626) 403-2200 or emailing

Lunar New Year Festival at Lacy Park

 Celebrate Lunar New Year with the Chinese Club of San Marino 
and the community at Lacy Park on Sunday, February 4, 2024, from 
10 AM to 3 PM! Enjoy a day of fun in the park with performances, 
entertainment, games, and delicious food. Admission is free, so 
mark your calendar and join us for a fantastic time!

Senior Trip to Paramount Studios Tour

Monday, February 26 from 10:15 AM – 5:30 PM

Cost per person: R $88 / NR $106

 Start your day at Eataly to experience the wonders of Italian 
biodiversity at the many restaurants, counters, and cafes providing 
a taste of foods prepared with the very best ingredients. Shop the 
market and browse a fine selection of Italian wines and bring 
home everything you need to make your own feast. From there, 
you’ll be whisked to historic Paramount Studios. You’ll have the 
opportunity to explore 100 years of movie and television history 
and get an intimate behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood’s first 
studio. Registration is required by January 26.

All City Track and Field Meet

Friday, March 15 at 4 PM, San Marino High School Stadium

 Registration is open now through February 16. Grab your 
sneakers and participate in this year's All City Track and Field 
Meet, sponsored by San Marino Community Athletics Association 
(SMCAA). All students born between 2009-2017 who are San 
Marino residents or attend a San Marino school are eligible to 
participate. Participants can sign-up for a maximum of 2 events 
and 1 relay. The cost per activity is $10; fees are non-refundable.

Parks & Public Works

Dead Tree Removal in Public Right-of-way

 Mariposa Landscaping, the City’s tree maintenance contractor, 
is currently completing the removal of 10 dead trees in the 
public right-of-way that were recently approved for removal by 
the City Council. This work is part of the City’s Multi-Year Tree 
Maintenance and Planting contract. The City seeks to balance 
public safety with preservation of the City’s urban forest, and only 
removes trees when the tree is no longer viable and there is no 
other option except removal.

 Fire Department

 Registration is now open for the California Residential Mitigation 
Program’s Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program. EBB helps 
homeowners lessen the potential for damage during an earthquake 
by offering grants up to $3,000 toward a seismic retrofit for 
qualifying homes. Registration will remain open until February 
21, 2024. For more information visit www.earthquakebracebolt.

 Fire Captain and Fire Investigator Jason Sutliff recently conducted 
an arson training course at the Los Angeles Fire Department’s 
Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center. The two-day course 
was sponsored by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and 
Explosives and provided instruction to arson investigators on how 
cigarettes start fires.


Design Review Committee

Wednesday, February 7 at 6:00 PM; Barth Room and Zoom 
Recreation Commission Meeting

Wednesday, February 12 at 6:00 PM; Barth Room and Zoom


 PASADENA 100 has 
organized a non-violent 
Meditative March to 
commemorate the 1-year 
anniversary of the passage 
of the Climate Emergency 
Declaration that set the goal 
of 100 percent carbon free 
electric power by December 

 Clergy will lead the 
procession that will focus 
on the moral imperative to 
stop burning coal and gas to 
generate our electricity. 

 The march begins on the 
sidewalk outside of the 
business office of Pasadena 
Water & Power PWP) at 150 
S. Los Robles Avenue and 
ends at Pasadena City Hall 
Plaza on Garfield Avenue. 
Marchers will chant, wear 
green armbands and display 

 At City Hall, City Council 
members have agreed to 
come down to the marchers 
to receive letters, flowers and 
other tokens of appreciation 
for their unanimous vote on 
January 30, 2023 to set 100% 
carbon free electric power as 
the City’s goal. 

 Co-Chair of PASADENA 
100, Cynthia Cannady, stated: 
“We are so proud of our City 
taking leadership among 
cities by setting this goal. It’s 
true that after one year, we 
are still formulating a plan, 
not acting with urgency, but 
good planning is part of the 
work. We are confident that 
we will achieve our goal and 
with that goal, also bring new 
technology opportunities 
to enrich our businesses, 
research institutions and 

 In January 2023, the 
Pasadena City Council 
passed a resolution setting a 
“policy goal” for the publicly 
owned utility company, 
PWP, to source 100% of its 
electricity from carbon-free 
sources by the end of 2030. 
PWP is now developing 
an implementation plan, 
however, concerns have been 
expressed that the plan that 
PWP will recommend to the 
City Council may fall short 
of the policy goal. 

 PASADENA 100 is a 
coalition of hundreds of 
individuals and 22 non-
profit and non-partisan 
organizations that advocate 
for Pasadena to transition 
to 100% carbon free electric 
power by 2030. 

City to Celebrate Jackie 
Robinson’s 105th Birthday

The City of Pasadena Parks, 
Recreation and Community 
Services Department is set to 
celebrate the 105th birthday of 
famed baseball player and civil 
rights activist Jackie Robinson 
on Jan. 31 from 2 p.m. to 4 
p.m., at the Jackie Robinson 
Community Center.

 According to officials, the 
birthday party will include self-
guided tours of Jackie Robinson 
memorabilia. This exhibit is on 
loan from the Pasadena Baseball 
Reliquary which features a Grays 
jersey, Negro League baseball 
items, historical pictures, and a 
model of Ebbets Field. Members 
of Jackie Robinson’s family 
will be in attendance. Light 
refreshments will be served.

 At 4:30 p.m. the public is invited 
to gather at the Jackie Robinson 
statue at the Rose Bowl Stadium 
for birthday cupcakes and free 
guided tours of the stadium 
and field departing every 30 

 “As we recognize our Pasadena 
native son, please join city 
employees in wearing a Jackie 
Robinson baseball jersey or 
shirt, or simply the number 42, 
which was his jersey number,” 
officials said.

 Jackie Robinson lived in 
Pasadena from 1922-47 where 
he learned to play sports. While 
living in Pasadena, he attended 
John Muir High School where 
he first excelled in baseball, 
football, track, and basketball. 
Robinson went on to attend 
UCLA before joining the 
Dodgers in 1947. Throughout 
his life, he contributed to the 
Civil Rights Movement and 
was the first African American 
to play Major League Baseball 
and become Vice President of 
a major American corporation.

 The Jackie Robinson 
Community Center, 1020 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave., was named after 
this trailblazer and is located 
in the neighborhood where he 
grew up. It was dedicated in his 
name on June 2, 1974.

 For more information about this 
event or to request a disability-
related accommodation, call 
(626) 744-7300.

Police Department gets New 
False Alarm Billing Company

 The City of Pasadena 
will begin Tuesday using a 
third-party partner, Central 
Square Corporation, for the 
management of its alarm 
permitting and billing. 
The partnership includes a 
website using Central Square 
Corporation’s proprietary 
software, CryWolf, to facilitate 
alarm permitting, billing 
and appeals. Central Square 
Corporation will administer 
all false alarm notifications, 
billing and collections for the 
City. The program will help 
to encourage alarm users and 
alarm companies to maintain 
the proper working order 
of alarm systems. The new 
software service will improve 
the reliability of alarms, and 
the readiness of public safety 
resources to better serve the 

 In calendar years 2022 and 
2023, the Pasadena Police 
Department responded to 
approximately 4,800 and 4,300 
respectively, incidents relating 
to false alarms, unintentional 
alarm system activation, system 
malfunctions, and other types 
of false alarms. Effectively 
processing false alarm fees 
helps to reduce responses to 
false alarms and allows police 
department resources to 
respond to actual emergencies. 

 Pasadena Municipal Code 
requires that City residents and 
businesses with an installed 
alarm system purchase an 
alarm permit from the City of 
Pasadena. The alarm permit 
covers a one-year period and 
expires on a one-year cycle on 
February 1st. The fee for the 
permit is prorated based on the 
application date and is adjusted 
annually on July 1st. 

 PMC establishes a fee for 
police response to two or more 
false burglar alarms in a twelve-
month period. A false alarm is 
defined by PMC as “an alarm 
signal that is activated by causes 
other than the commission or 
attempted commission of an 
unlawful act which the alarm 
system is designed to detect, 
necessitating a response by 
the Police Department where 
an emergency situation does 
not exist.” An alarm signal 
activated by violent conditions 
of nature or other extraordinary 
circumstances not subject to the 
control of the alarm subscriber, 
shall not constitute a false alarm. 

 PMC Section 5.24.070 (a) 
requires that an alarm company 
is responsible for ensuring that 
an alarm system is registered 
prior to installation whether 
the registration is completed 
by the alarm user or the alarm 
company. Failure to ensure 
an alarm system is properly 
registered will result in the 
assessment of civil penalties 
to the alarm business that 
maintains the contract with the 
alarm user.

 Central Square Corporation 
will begin working with the City 
of Pasadena tuesday. 

 For more information, visit

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