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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 10, 2024 


Michele Silence, M.A. is a 37-year certified fitness 

professional who offers semi-private/virtual fitness 
classes. Contact Michele at Visit 
her Facebook page at: michelesfitness Visit her Facebook 
page at: michelesfitness.





Well, “next year” is here! What should we all look for in 
this coming college football season

I don’t like changes myself, but let’s face it.. change is 
here, and we’d better adapt and get ready.

It’s sad about the PAC 12 (gone) but time to get excited 
about UCLA, USC, Washington, Oregon in the Big10. 
(Big deal) Our PAC12 has been competitive with the 
Big10. Look at the Rose Bowl records with the classic PAC10 and 12 vs BIG10 with 
Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc. We’ve held our own. They've been 
great contests.

If I’m Coach Lincoln Riley I’d say “Let’s get it on.” If I’m UCLA, I would decide what 
the heck is going on with my football program! Is the head coach looking for an NFL 
job? Are Assistants leaving to go the cross town rival, and are others bailing out as 
well? USC is loading up with a new defensive staff. (Maybe too many officers and not 
enough soldiers?) We’ll find out shortly.

Reminders: You can’t just coach without good players. Those players need to know what 
you want and how to do it. Outcoaching doesn’t happen that often. Local recruiting 
will be a MUST for USC and UCLA. Put a fence around Southern California. We have 
three of the top high school programs in the country with Mater Dei, St. John Bosco 
and Corona Centennial along with so many other schools with absolutely great talent. 
(If they haven’t transferred to those three.) Why have we seen so many of their players 
on other teams?

Coach Lincoln Riley and Coach Kelly cannot allow payers to leave the state as they 
have before!

They have to give love California high school football. Show these coaches and players 
you believe in them. Let's protect and respect our high schools. 

How to do this? 

 1. Open the gates of practice to coaches and players during Spring Practice. 
(You can throw out me and the other media. We can’t see much anyway.) These guys 
need to know they are special to your program. You need to make players want to go 
to your school. 

 2. Be seen on high school campus. Guest speak at football banquets. 

 3. Win the recruiting battle in California first.

Pete Carroll used to say, “I go out of state for only a first round draft choice.”

Portal players? How many do you really need, and how good are they? You’re likely 
not going to get great players from great programs. (they can match your NIL $ offer.)

The old Pac 12 should be ready to play in BIG10 country. I would be excited if I was 
coaching at one of these schools. Why should the BIG10 be so challenging for new 
members?? Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin. They have strong alumni 
and some great college game traditions. But they all have football programs you 
should be able to beat. 

Get up for the big ones. This past year I would matchup Washington, Oregon, Oregon 
State, Arizona, Washington State and USC on any given day (and possibly UCLA) 
with those schools. And don’t ever count out Utah. They are physical and want to hurt 
you, I would not want to play them. 

Coaches, fans and players! Let’s get ready to prove the move is good for us and that 
we can compete.. and in fact win! We can’t look back. Let’s set the tone now. Here we 
come, ready or not. Let’s love the challenge.

Huddle up and buckle up.

Follow me at or @coachhyde.


Sciatica causes pain, numbness, or tingling along 
the sciatic nerve. This nerve starts in the lower 
back, runs down through the rear, and extends 
into each leg. Sciatica occurs when the nerve is 
irritated or compressed, leading to discomfort 
and other sensations along its route.

Several factors can contribute to sciatica. One 
common cause is a herniated disc in the spine, 
where the soft inner part of a disc presses against 
the sciatic nerve. Other causes include spinal 
stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), a bone 
spur on the spine, or even muscle inflammation. 
In some cases, lifestyle factors such as obesity 
and sedentary habits may increase the risk.

If you’re not into taking drugs for ailments like 
this, there are a number of non-drug treatments 
that can help. Once you find what works for you 
it’s easier to control and live without sciatica pain.

Physical therapy for sciatica typically involves a 
combination of targeted exercises and stretches 
designed to address the underlying causes of nerve 
irritation and improve overall musculoskeletal 
health. Try exercises such as pelvic tilts, knees to 
chest stretch while lying down, lie down on back 
and cross one leg over the other then pull legs up 
towards chest and quad stretches by lying face 
down and pulling one foot at a time to the rear 
with same side hand.

Applying heat or cold to the affected area is 
a commonly employed strategy in managing 
sciatica symptoms. The choice between heat 
and cold therapy often depends on the nature 
and stage of the sciatic pain. In the early stage 
with noticeable inflammation, cold therapy may 
be more suitable. Apply cold or ice packs and ice 
massage (massage affected area with an ice pack). 
As the condition progresses or becomes more 
chronic, heat therapy can provide soothing relief. 
Try hot packs, warm compresses, and warm 
baths or showers. 

Try Low-impact exercise. It promotes healing for 
sciatica without straining the spine excessively. 
Activities such as swimming and walking 
are particularly beneficial for individuals 
experiencing sciatic nerve pain. Low-Impact 
exercise helps to increase blood flow which 
promotes health and reduces inflammation. 
It also engages various muscle groups to build 
strength without hurting the spine. Low-Impact 
exercise increases joint flexibility and mobility to 
prevent stiffness which makes sciatica symptoms 

Chiropractic care alleviates sciatica symptoms 
non-invasively by focusing on adjustments 
to improve spinal alignment and function. 
Chiropractors use manual adjustment techniques 
to manipulate the spine gently. These adjustments 
aim to address misalignments, also known as 
subluxations, in the vertebrae. By realigning the 
spine, pressure on the sciatic nerve is relieved, 
reducing pain and promoting improved nerve 
function. Chiropractors may also incorporate 
soft tissue therapies such as massage, stretching, 
or trigger point therapy to address tightness and 
muscle imbalances that contribute to sciatic nerve 
compression. And they can offer suggestions for 
ergonomic modifications at home or work to 
create a spine-friendly environment, reducing 
the risk of aggravating sciatic nerve pain.

Lifestyle changes can help too. Excess weight 
places added stress on the spine and worsens 
sciatic nerve compression. Maintaining a healthy 
weight through a balanced diet and regular 
exercise helps reduce this strain, alleviating 
pressure on the lower back and promoting 
overall spinal health. A healthy diet also assures 
that the body gets the proper nutrients needed 
for health and repair. Prolonged sitting can 
exacerbate sciatica symptoms. Taking regular 
breaks to stand, stretch, and move around helps 
prevent stiffness and promotes blood circulation. 
Choose supportive chairs with proper lumbar 
support and maintaining good sitting posture 
to minimize stress on the lower back during 
extended periods of sitting. 

Alternative techniques such as acupuncture 
or yoga may offer relief for some individuals 
too. Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin 
needles into specific points on the body, aiming 
to stimulate energy flow and restore balance. It 
influences the nervous system, triggering the 
release of endorphins (natural painkillers) and 
promotes a sense of relaxation. Acupuncture can 
target areas associated with nerve pathways and 
pain regulation. Specific yoga poses can target 
muscles associated with sciatica, providing relief 
by reducing tension and enhancing flexibility. 
This emphasizes the mind-body connection, 
promoting relaxation and stress reduction. 
Stress can contribute to muscle tension and 
exacerbate sciatic symptoms, making yoga a 
holistic approach that addresses both physical 
and mental aspects of well-being.

For severe pain that doesn’t go away or for a 
specific treatment plan, it’s best to consult your 
physician. But if you have sciatica pain now and 
then, there’s no reason to give up on exercise 
or convince yourself that it is a permanent 
condition. Treatment for sciatica often involves 
a combination of approaches, and it's possible to 
manage it without relying solely on medication.

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