Mountain Views News, Combined Edition Saturday, February 17, 2024

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Mountain View News Saturday, February 17, 2024 

City Officials 
Residents to 

for Storms 

Ruff Endz and Ellis Hall 
to Perform at Today's

Black History Festival

The City of Pasadena 
is advising caution as 
approaching storms are 
expected this week and 
asking to take proactive 
steps to ensure the safety and 
well-being of all residents. 
As the storms continue to 
advance, city officials are 
working diligently to prepare 
for potential impacts and to 
provide essential resources to 
the public.

 The city encourages the 
public to stay informed and 
have essential supplies ready 
in case of an emergency:

- Emergency Plan: Have 
an emergency plan for 
your family, friends and 
neighborhood so that you can 
stay safe and connected during 
an emergency. This includes 
making a list of emergency 
contacts, identifying meeting 
points if you are separated, 
and having two-ways to get 
in and out of your home and 

- Emergency supplies: The 
City encourages residents to 
assemble emergency supply 
kits that include essential 
items such as non-perishable 
food, water, medications, 
flashlights, batteries, solar-
powered USB chargers, 
personal hygiene items, and 
important documents in a 
waterproof container. If you 
have a pet, make sure you’ve 
got enough food, water and 
necessary medicine for them 
too, along with a pet carrier 
and items like a leash or litter 
box. Preparedness kits will 
help individuals and families 
sustain themselves during and 
after the storm. Visit Ready.
gov/Kit to view more detailed 
information about what to 
pack in your emergency kit.

- Sandbags: Sand and sandbags 
are available for pickup at Fire 
Stations 37, 3430 E. Foothill 
Blvd. and Fire Station 38, 1150 
Linda Vista Ave. The limit 
is 10 bags per resident and 
self-serve. Fire personnel are 
available to assist with loading 
if they’re not responding to a 

- Outdoor items: Store 
outdoor items inside such as 
outdoor furniture, umbrellas, 
gardening tools, and all 
other items that can damage 
property with high winds.

- Flooding: In case of flooding, 
do not walk, swim or drive 
through flood waters. Turn 
Around. Don’t Drown! Avoid 
driving except in emergencies.

- Weather Updates: Stay 
informed about the storm’s 
progress through the National 
Weather Service website and 
Twitter (X) account. Regular 
updates will provide the latest 
information on the storm’s 
trajectory and potential 

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses with any power 
emergencies should call 
Pasadena Water and Power 
at (626) 744-4673. For water-
related emergencies, call 
(626) 744-4138. For more 
information, visit PWPweb.

 Pasadena Police and 
Fire Departments will be 
staffed for all patrol, jail, 
fire, paramedic and other 
emergency services. For life-
threatening emergencies, 
always dial 9-1-1.

 Pasadena officials also urge 
all residents to be prepared 
and sign up today for 
emergency alerts and other 
information at: PLEAS. Visit
PLEAS/ to register.

AT&T Looks to Cut Landline Services

 The City of Pasadena and Black 
History Planning Committee 
announced Ruff Endz and 
Ellis Hall as main entertainers 
at today’s the Black History 
Festival. The Black History 
Parade and Festival will be held 
today from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., at 
Robinson Park, 1081 N. Fair 
Oaks Ave. 

 The Black History Parade 
and Festival are an annual 
celebration of African American 
culture and heritage, and these 
performances promise to be 
the highlight of the festival, 
which takes place immediately 
following the parade from noon 
to 4 p.m.

 Ruff Endz is a critically 
acclaimed Hip-Hop Soul duo 
with several Billboard-charting 
singles including “No More” and 
“Someone to Love You”. They 
have been featured on major 
networks including CNN and 
MTV and have shared a stage 
with music industry icons such 
as Mary J. Blige and Christina 

 Ellis Hall, known as “The 
Ambassador of Soul”, is a singer, 
songwriter, and a multitalented 
musician with a 5-octave vocal 
range. He has performed with 
legendary artists including Ray 
Charles and Stevie Wonder and 
has recorded songs for major live 
action and animated films. He 
performs with internationally 
renowned symphony orchestras 
and is the lead vocalist and 
keyboardist for the soul-funk 
band Tower of Power.

 Additional performing artists 
include: Christine Marie, a 
multitalented rapper, singer, 
actress, and dancer; R&B 
Christian Williams “Traxx”, a 
Christian Hip-Hop performer 
and producer; the MEN OF 
PRAYZ Gospel Choir; Altadena 
Arts Choir; the Jasper Boyz; 
Soul Sister Line Dance; and 
Outspoken Dance Group.

 “Every year, the Black 
History Parade and Festival 
boasts an acclaimed lineup 
of entertainment, and 2024 
is no exception,” said PRCS 
Director Koko Panossian. “We 
are honored to welcome these 
talented artists who embody 
the message of love and unity 
that this event represents in our 

 The Black History Parade and 
Festival is a family-friendly 
event that features live music, 
food for purchase, a children’s 
zone, Historically Black Colleges 
and Universities (HBCU) fair, 
and educational activities. The 
festival is free and open to the 
public, and all are welcome to 

 For more information, please 
visit or 
call the Parks, Recreation 
and Community Services 
Department at (626) 744-7300. 
In case of moderate-to-heavy 
rain, the event will be canceled.

By Dean Lee

 In what could severely impact 
Pasadena, AT&T is seeking 
approval from the California 
Public Utilities Commission to 
no longer be obligated to provide 
landline telephone service, 
including essential services like 
Lifeline rates and 9-1-1 access in 
many parts of State.

 According to a memo from 
the Office of the City Manager, 
AT&T is asking to withdraw 
as a Relief from Carrier of Last 
Resort (COLR). 

 “The city is listed in a service 
region that may be impacted 
by AT&T’s request to withdraw 
as a COLR,” said Acting Chief 
Information Officer, Serjik 
Arzoumanians. “Alternative 
scenarios may unfold, such as 
another carrier assuming the 
role as a new COLR or the CPUC 
rejecting AT&T’s request.”

 A COLR is a telecommunications 
service provider obligation to 
offer basic telephone service, 
typically landline, to any 
customer within a specific area 
who requests it. This obligation 
ensures universal access to safe, 
reliable, and affordable telephone 
service the memo states.

 AT&T is also seeking removal 
of its designation as an Eligible 
Telecommunications Carrier 
(“ETC”). ETC status allows 
companies to receive federal 
assistance from the Universal 
Service Fund for providing 
affordable telephone services in 
designated areas according to 
AT&T’s application. 

 Arzoumanians also said, “While 
currently there is nothing 
conclusive regarding the impact 
AT&T’s proposals may have on 
AT&T customers in Pasadena, 
the Department of information 
Technology (“DoIT”) staff is 
engaged with representatives 
from both the CPUC and AT&T 
to monitor developments and 
will provide future updates as 
this process unfolds. 

 Continuing in March, the 
CPUC will hold several in-
person and virtual public forums 
throughout the State for AT&T 
customers to provide input. 
The next virtual public forum 
is set for March 19 and will be 
by remote access via webcast or 
phone only. 

 More information and a list of 
all public forums can be found at: Search “(A.23-03-
002) CPUC Public Participation 

 Residents can also email: public. With any 
questions about the forums.


 The City of South Pasadena 
seeks at-large community 
members to serve on the 
Library and Community 
Center Site Plan Ad Hoc 
Committee. This committee 
is tasked with exploring the 
development of a new library 
and community center that 
will serve the community for 
generations to come.

 The Library and Community 
Center Site Plan Ad Hoc 
Committee will consist of 
members from the City 
Council, City staff, the Friends 
of the Library, the South 
Pasadena Senior Center, 
Library Board of Trustees 
and Community Services 
Commissioners and at-large 
community members. The 
City is seeking five dedicated 
individuals to participate 
in this exciting endeavor 
as at-large members of the 
Committee. These individuals 
will play a vital role from 
inception to completion, 
contributing their insights and 
expertise to the project. In the 
initial phase, the Committee 
will work collaboratively 
in selecting a site planning 
consultant and in the crafting 
of a visionary site plan.

 This comprehensive 
engagement is anticipated to 
span multiple years and will 
require active participation, 
including attendance at 
meetings and involvement in 
site visits to recently developed 
libraries and community 

 Individuals who are interested 
in this transformative 
community project are 
welcome to submit an 
application for consideration 
by Thursday, February 28 
by 6:00 p.m. To apply and 
for more information, visit: There 
will also be flyers distributed 
around City counters with QR 
codes to the application.

 For any questions on the 
Committee or about the 
project, please contact 
the Project Manager and 
Deputy City Manager, 
Domenica Megerdichian by 
emailing dmegerdichian@ or by 
calling (626) 475-1743.

Chamber Votes to Endorse 
the Passage of Proposition 1

 At its most recent meeting, 
the Board of Directors of 
the Pasadena Chamber 
of Commerce and Civic 
Association voted to endorse 
passage of Proposition 1 on 
the March ballot. Proposition 
1 would authorize a $6.8 
billion bond to build mental 
health treatment centers 
and build housing for the 
homeless. It also changes 
how existing Mental Health 
Services Act monies can be 

 Currently, the Mental 
Health Services Act (MHSA), 
passed by voter initiative in 
2004, utilizes funds from a 
“millionaires’ tax” to support 
services for mentally ill and 
addicted persons. Passage or 
Prop 1 would redirect more 
of those funds to the state for 
mental health programs. 

 Proposition 1 also requires 
that counties spend more 
of their MHSA money on 
housing and personalized 
support services like 
employment assistance and 

 Proposition 1 would give 
up to $4.4 billion to the 
state program that builds 
mental health care and 
drug or alcohol treatment 
facilities. The types of places 
that would be built with 
bond funds would depend 
on future decisions by the 
state. Proposition 1 would 
require at least $1.5 billion of 
the $4.4 billion to go to local 
governments and tribes. 

 Proposition 1 would also give 
$2 billion to the state program 
that funds local government 
efforts to turn hotels, motels, 
and other buildings into 
housing and construct new 
housing. The housing added 
would be for people who are 
homeless, have mental health 
or addiction issues. Slightly 
more than half of the $2 
billion would be set aside for 

 In deliberating, the Board saw 
a need to be more aggressive 
in addressing homelessness 
in our communities, as well as 
mental health and addiction 

 “The Chamber Board can see 
the effects of homelessness 
on our community members, 
our businesses and our 
economy,” said Chamber 
CEO Paul Little. “The fact 
that Prop 1 repurposes 
existing funds and adds no 
new taxes was a heavy factor 
in the Board’s deliberations, 
as well as the real need in all 
our communities for mental 
health and drug and alcohol 
treatment. We all see a need 
for housing for the homeless 
and Prop 1 addresses some of 
that need.”

 Voters will consider 
Proposition 1 on the ballot 
for March 5.

Musical Grumpy Monkey 
Extended now to March 10

 Pasadena Playhouse, the State Theater of California and recipient 
of the 2023 Regional Theatre Tony Award, extends its world 
premiere of Grumpy Monkey, The Musical through Sunday, 
March 10. The production, commissioned by the Playhouse and 
based on the book Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne and Max Lang, 
has completely sold out its initial engagement and marks the first 
full production of the Playhouse’s newly announced youth and 
family programming initiative. 

 Grumpy Monkey, The Musical is adapted and directed by Nina 
Meehan, with music and lyrics by Daniel Mertzlufft and Jacob Ryan 
Smith. This professionally produced production is being presented 
at Porticos Art Space, located at 2033 E. Washington Blvd. 

 Meet Jim Panzee and all his friends as they enjoy a wonderful day 
of exciting adventures. There’s just one problem; Jim is in no mood 
for any fun OR games and no one knows why! The hilarious #1 
New York Timesbestselling picture book comes to life on stage in a 
world premiere musical. 

 Tickets are available at, by phone at 626-
356-7529, and at the box office at 39 South El Molino Avenue, 

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