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Mountain View News Saturday, April 15, 2017 

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis

Another word on the caterpillars, dear butterfly 
lovers: Friend, Yukiko Dreves, sent me a video 
she took up in Joshua Tree, weekend before last, 
of thousands and thousands of caterpillars on the 
roads, all heading in the same direction. It was quite 
something to see. We are going to have so many 
butterflies this year. Exciting to think about. Thanks, 

 Sierra Madre’s own Victor Espinoza is headed 
for the Kentucky Derby again! He rode Gormley 
to victory in the Santa Anita Derby last Saturday, 
ensuring a spot for them in the Derby May 6th, when 
Victor could possibly win his fourth Kentucky Derby 
and third in four years. Maybe even another Triple 

 We have a new business coming in where the 
children’s store used to be on Sierra Madre Blvd. right 
next to Happy’s Liquor! AND, magic is coming to 
Zugo’s the last Saturday of the month! More on that 

 Easter is tomorrow! A time of celebration that 
many folks think has a lot to do with bunnies; 
chocolate ones – yes, we all eat the ears first. There 
are exhaustive hunts in various parks for tie-dyed 
eggs and, if you’re lucky and get invited somewhere 
good for lunch, honey-baked ham. It might have 
something to do with new outfits, but extensive 
biblical research has not proven that, one way or the 
other. What Easter is really about is the fact that the 
stone was rolled away and there was an empty tomb. 
As the angel said, “He is not here, He is risen!” An 
amazing concept upon which many of us base our 
lives. It really is more exciting than chocolate bunnies 
and Easter eggs….unless, of course, they were dyed 
for you by your favorite four year old. 

Before Dawn….. Easter Sunday

The sky was gray, 

The world was hushed,

Before dawn… Sunday.

The women walked,

Toward a tomb,

Jars of spices in their hands,

To tend the One,

The One Who died,

Crucified that Friday.

The women walked,

Toward the tomb,

Mary Magdalene and another.

They walked, and worried, wondering

Who would roll away the stone.

The sky was gray, 

The world was hushed,

Before dawn, Sunday.

They stopped to rest,

Await the day,

Sad eyes filled with tears,

Sorrow for the One, Who died,

Crucified that Friday.

Another dawn, another day,

What did it matter, anyway?

The One who loved her as she was,

Who changed her life, was gone.

She raised her eyes to see the sky,

Streaks of pink and gold.

And then they saw,

The guards were gone,

The stone was rolled away!

The grief she’d felt since Friday,

Like the stone, was rolled away!

She grabbed that jar of spices,

And running like a child, 

Climbed the hill, 

To tend her Lord before dawn, Sunday. 

They looked inside that borrowed tomb,

Petrified with fright,

An angel sat there on the stone,

Clothed in brilliant white.

“I know the one you seek,” he said,

“Jesus, crucified.”

“He is not here, he’s risen!

He’s risen, as he said

He’s risen! He’s risen!

He’s risen, as he said!”

“Now go! And tell the others,

He’s risen, as he said!

Look not for the living,

Here among the dead!

He is not here, he’s risen!

He’s risen, as he said!”

And joy broke free...

Before dawn,

That first Easter Sunday. 


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