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Salpi Mankerian receiving the Congressional Certificate of Recognition from Congresswoman Judy Chu. 
Photo courtesy of ABMDR.

Los Angeles, April 11, 2017 — On April 10, Salpi 
Mankerian was honored by Congresswoman Judy Chu, 
the US Representative for California’s 27th District, 
with a Congressional Certificate of Recognition, for her 
years of community service as a community volunteer 
and benefactor. The Congressional Certificate of 
Recognition was conferred on Mankerian during an 
award ceremony that took place at Congresswoman 
Chu’s offices in Pasadena, California. 

 As she presented the award to Mankerian, 
Congresswoman Chu said, “I’d like to present this 
Congressional Certificate of Recognition for your 
tireless volunteer work and generous philanthropy. 
For the past ten years, as a member of the Armenian 
Bone Marrow Donor Registry’s (ABMDR) volunteer 
corps, you have volunteered for and helped organize all 
of the Registry’s community-outreach and fundraising 
events. In addition, you and your husband, Mr. 
Viken Mankerian, have graciously hosted ABMDR’s 
annual benefit wine-tasting at your home in Sierra 
Madre, sponsoring all aspects of this very important 
event. You’ve exhibited such extraordinary altruism, 
volunteerism, and compassion, and you’re a role model 
for our new generation.”

 Congresswoman Chu also mentioned that Mrs. 
Mankerian has been equally active in organizing 
and supporting the annual benefit Fashion Show of 
Pasadena’s St. Gregory Church, as both a benefactor 
and Ladies’ Society member, and that she continues to 
serve as a committee member and volunteer with the 
American Cancer Society, USC Town and Gown, and 
the St. Leon Church Ladies’ Guild.

 About the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry: 
Established in 1999, ABMDR, a nonprofit organization, 
helps Armenians and non-Armenians worldwide 
survive life-threatening blood-related illnesses by 
recruiting and matching donors to those requiring bone 
marrow stem cell transplants. To date, the registry has 
recruited over 28,000 donors in 43 countries across four 
continents, identified over 4,200 patients, and facilitated 
27 bone marrow transplants. For more information, call 
(323) 663-3609 or visit

By Joan Schmidt

 At our last town Council Meeting, outgoing 
Temple Station Commander Coronne Jacob 
announced her replacement would be Captain 
David Flores. My ears perked up. Could that be 
our Dave Flores, first Special Assignment Deputy 
to the Monrovia-Arcadia-Duarte Unincorporated 
Area? Yes he was, and Council Members Dave 
Hall and Yvonne Bullock, since its inception were 
also elated.

 I spoke to Captain Flores early in the week, and 
introduced him to my husband Bob at Assistant 
Sheriff Richard Barrantes’ Retirement Party. Then 
on Friday, Captain Flores and Sergeant Mario 
Avola came for an interview.

 Back in the 90’s, Captain Flores and I spoke to 
the Community Development Commission for 
the unpaved Camino Real to be paved, He was 
very conscientious when assigned to our area. 
Years later I would meet him again when he was 
with the Asian Task Force. Sergeant Avola and 
I go back many years when he was the VIDA 
Deputy and worked the Program with at-risk 

 Captain Flores joined the Sheriff’s Department 
in June, 1987. Since that time, he has worked at 
various assignments and gained much knowledge 
and experience. He worked at Men’s Central Jail 
for three years. Then he was assigned to Temple 
Sheriff’s Station from 1990-1999. Besides being 
the MAD Special Assignment Deputy, he was a 
Training Officer, and worked on Gang Suppression 
and Crime Prevention. In 1999, he went to the 
Asian Task Force for three years. While there he 
was on the Suppression Team and promoted to 
Detective. Then he was transferred to San Dimas 
Station from 2003-2006, where he did Patrol and 
was a Special Assignment Deputy. In 2006, after 
promoting to Sergeant, he was at Men’s Central 
Jail for one year and from 2007-2008, spent one 
year at the Cerritos Station. In 2008, he went to 
the Internal Affairs Bureau which is a review 
board and does investigations. Then he became 
Chief Roberta Abner’s Aide at the Professional 
Standards and Training Division. He assisted 
in the Department’s Reorganization. The next 
assignment was Aide to Chief Jim Lopez, East 
Patrol. In 2013, he promoted to Lieutenant and 
was assigned to Men’s Central Jail, but pulled to 
do projects at the Internal Affairs Bureau. In late 
2016, he was appointed Executive Aide to Sheriff 
Jim McDonnell.

 Captain Flores main goal is to strengthen the 
LASD’s partnership with local communities. He 
wants to “bring in a spirit of cooperation, not 
hostility…the communities to trust us…a mutual 
trust and to improve the quality of life in the 

 I asked him about his new position-being 
Commander of Temple Station is really being 
Chief of Police to FIVE cities-Rosemead, Temple 
City, South El Monte, Duarte, and Bradbury, but 
he is so humble. He wasn’t interested in titles, but 
doing all he can to improve our community and 
working with residents. Captain Flores has such 
great enthusiasm. He certainly will be a great 
asset to our communities and improving the 
quality of life.


Senator Anthony J. Portantino, Sandy Russell, 
First District PTA, Terry Cralle, MS, RN, Certified 
Professional in Healthcare Quality, Kyla Wahlstrom, 
PhD- University of Minnesota (Researcher in School 
Start Times), Linda Shack, MD - Manhattan Beach 
United School District Medical Advisory Board, 
Mini Mehra, MD - Manhattan Beach United School 
District Medical Advisory Board, Patty Scripter, CA 
State PTA, Lisa Lewis, Start School Later Organization

 Experts say that most teenagers don’t get an 
adequate amount of sleep. Studies have confirmed 
that insufficient sleep in teenage adolescents poses 
a public health risk and has an adverse effect on 
academic success. For this reason Sen. Portantino 
has introduced SB 328 (School Start Time) which 
addresses the need for California middle and high 
schools to start the school day no earlier than 8:30 am.

 At the Town hall Meeting we will learn from a 
variety of experts about the benefits and challenges 
of shifting middle and high school start times later, 
followed by a Q&A so attendees can express concerns.

 Thursday, April 13 2017 7pm – 9pm, Creveling 
Lounge at Pasadena City College, 1570 E. Colorado 
Blvd. Pasadena, CA


LOS ANGELES COUNTY – On a 4-1 vote, the 
Board of Supervisors voted today to call on the 
county’s lawyers to develop a “sensitive location” 
policy and report back in 45 days. Supervisor 
Kathryn Barger voted no based on strong 
concerns about possible fiscal consequences of 
non-cooperation by the county with federal law 
enforcement authorities. Supervisor Barger also 
voted against another motion to formally establish 
a task force to develop a countywide “immigrant 
protection and advancement strategy” by the end 
of this year. 

 “Creating a task force and hiding illegal immigrants 
from federal enforcement only institutionalizes 
their illegal status and forces them further into the 
shadows,” Supervisor Barger said. “These actions 
are reactionary and counterproductive in the effort 
to help individuals seek a path to citizenship or apply 
for legal status to be in the United States.”

 “Rather than moving toward becoming a 
‘sanctuary’ state and county in violation of federal 
law, both the state and the county should be leading 
the effort to initiate congressional action to enact 
comprehensive immigration reform,” she added.

DUARTE, MAY 8, 9 & 10TH

DUARTE, CA, APRIL 12, 2017 – In preparation for fire 
season, LA County Fire Division II will host a Brush 
Drill in Spinks Canyon above the Cities of Bradbury and 
Duarte on May 8th, 9th and 10th, from 8:30-1:30 PM 
daily. Each session will begin with an overview of our 
current structural defense tactics and unified command 
communications. Immediately following, fire personnel 
will participate in a series of drills and exercises in the 
general area. 

 During the three-day exercise, Duarte and Bradbury 
residents and businesses will notice increased 
activity in hillside areas in addition to fire safety 
equipment moving through the streets in the adjoining 

 For questions about the drill or wildfire preparedness 
in general, please call 626-974-8371 or visit


About the City of Duarte 

The City of Duarte was incorporated on August 
22, 1957. With integrity and transparency, the City 
provides exemplary public services in a caring and 
fiscally responsible manner with a commitment to 
our community’s future. For more information visit or call (626) 357-7931. Follow 
the City of Duarte on Facebook at
duartecommunity; Twitter @CityofDuarte; Instagram 
@city_of_duarte and LinkedIn. 


by Jennifer Leach

Assistant Director, Division of Consumer 
and Business Education


 If you’ve ever gotten one of those calls, you know 
how alarming they can be. And that’s exactly what 
the scammers count on. They want you to act before 
you think – and acting always includes sending 
them money: by wiring it or by getting a prepaid 
card or gift card, and giving them the numbers on 
the card. Either way, your money’s gone.

 Here’s the story of Pablo Colón from Bridgeport, 
Connecticut, and his family. When both his sister 
and his father got a call about a family “emergency,” 
Pablo spotted the scam. And, luckily for the good 
people of Bridgeport, Pablo’s family owns a radio 
station – so he put the story on the air and warned 
his community.

 Talking about a scam is important – even 
if only one person is listening, instead of the 
thousands who heard Pablo’s story. So watch this 
video. And then pass it on. Today, tell someone 
about this scam, about Pablo’s story, about why 
we should all talk about the scams we see. And, 
whenever you spot a scam, please call you local 
police department.

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