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Mountain View News Saturday, March 6, 2021 Mountain View News Saturday, March 6, 2021 
City Asksto Dismiss 
Lawsuit byTournament 

Rose Parade and Game to Return in 2022 

Attorneys for the City of 
Pasadena filed motions 
Tuesday in United States 
District Court to dismiss 
all claims against the city 
as alleged in the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses’ 

 “The city’s motions 
clearly demonstrate why 
the Tournament of Roses 
should have never taken 
this matter to court,” city 
officials said.

 According to the city 
attorney’s office, “the 
motions make clear that 
this case is not—and 
has never been—about 
trademark rights.” The 
city and Tournament 
have a long-standing 
Master License Agreement 
wherein each party 
recognizes the trademark 
rights of the other. The 
Tournament’s lawsuit 
is about money and the 
desire of the Tournament 
to have flexibility to move 
the Rose Bowl Game out 
of its long-time home in 
Pasadena. The agreement 
between the city and the 
Tournament prohibits the 
Tournament from selling 
its rights to the Rose 
Bowl Game to the highest 
bidder, and then moving 
the Rose Bowl Game out of 
Pasadena. The facts of this 
year’s Rose Bowl Game 
lay bare the Tournament’s 
sole pursuit of dollars and 
nothing more, they said.

 The Tournament insists 
that this litigation “is 
not about moving the 
Rose Bowl Game out of 
Pasadena” in the future, 
yet the legal complaint 
demonstrates just the 
opposite. The Tournament 
wants a court of law to 
assure it that it can move the 
Rose Bowl Game. It is an 
attempt by the Tournament 
to ask the court to allow 
it to redraft the Master 
License Agreement for 
future hypothetical events 
that might never happen. 
The fact is, the current 
agreement between the 
parties does not allow the 
Rose Bowl Game to be 
played anywhere but in 
Pasadena for any reason, 
unless the city consents, 
like it did this year as a 
good-faith partner during 
extraordinary times.

 The Tournament’s 
lawsuit attempts to deny 
the mayor’s and the city’s 
First Amendment rights to 
speak to the press and the 
mayor’s constituents on 
a matter of fundamental 
public interest when 
it claims the mayor’s 
comment that “The 
football game belongs to 
the City of Pasadena and 
the people of Pasadena” is 
somehow an infringement 
of a trademark. It is a 
baseless and reckless 
claim to make, seeking to 
chill the city’s speech on a 
matter of public interest, 
they said.

“The city and Tournament 
have a parade and a game 
to host on New Year’s Day 
2022, which will hopefully 
symbolize a return to 
normal,” they said. 

 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses Association 
announced Wednesday plans 
to welcomed New Year’s 
Day and again bring joy to 
millions of people around 
the world with a live Parade 
down Colorado Blvd. on 
January 1, 2022.

 Officials said that following 
a year that has challenged 
the Tournament and 
people worldwide to an 
unprecedented degree, they 
are actively planning for the 
return of America’s New Year 
Celebration, including the 
live televised Rose Parade 
and Rose Bowl Game, to 
usher in 2022. 

“As we move forward with 
our plans to bring hope and 
optimism to the world, public 
health and safety remain our 
top priority,” said Bob Miller, 
President of the Pasadena 
Tournament of Roses 
Association. “The evolving 
nature of the pandemic 
requires flexibility, ongoing 

Pasadena Heritage to HoldWomen’s History Programs 

 Pasadena Heritage presents 
great programs during Women’s 
History Month, join them for 
presentation and discussion 
on the life of ground-breaking 
architect, Julia Morgan (pictured 
above) with Professor Emerita, 
Cal Poly Pomona, Ana Maria 
Whitaker (pictured right).
A Tribute to Julia MorganSaturday, March 13 | 10:00 AMTickets $15 nonmembers $12 
Presented live on March 13 
with a recording of this Zoom 
presentation available to ticket 
purchasers until March 28,2021.

 Pasadena Heritage presents 
A Tribute to Julia Morgan, a 
presentation and discussion 
on the life and work of this 
ground-breaking architect by 
Professor Emerita, Cal Poly 
Pomona, Ana Maria Whitaker. 
Julia Morgan was the first 
woman architect licensed in 

adjustments, and mitigation 
measures to be incorporated 
into our planned activities. 
We expect to announce more 
specific details on the Rose 
Parade and associated events 
as they become available.”

 Miller also said the 2022 
Rose Parade and will feature 
elements that were planned 
for the 2021 parade, including 
the theme “Dream. Believe. 
Achieve.” The 2022 Parade 
Theme will expand beyond 
the initial focus on education 
and will include a celebration 
of perseverance and strength, 
science and scientists, 
health professionals, first 
responders and essential 
workers, he said.

 According to a statement, 
the 2022 Rose Parade 
celebrates the determination 
of those who travel the 
path from dream to reality. 
By building a foundation 
of unwavering belief, our 
ambitions are limited only by 
the expectations we impose 
upon ourselves. Our lives, 

the state of California in 1904 
and ran a very successful firm 
for 42 years. She hired women 
draftspersons, architects and 
artists to work with her. Her 
projects were built in 47 
California cities and include 
institutional, commercial 
and residential properties in 
multiple styles. Julia Morgan is 
perhaps most famously known 
for having designed Hearts 
Castle, but she is also known for 
designing 20 YWCA buildings 
in California, Hawaii, Utah, 
and Arizona. Sue Mossman, 
Executive Director of Pasadena 
Heritage, will give an update 
on the future of Pasadena’s 
own Julia Morgan building, the 
former YWCA, and the City’s 
plans for rehabilitation. Learn 
more about this extraordinary 
woman as we celebrate Women’s 
History Month.

 For more information and 
events visit: pasadenaheritage. 

the lives of those we love, our 
community, and even the 
world can forever be changed 
when our hopes are nurtured 
with passion, fueled with 
knowledge, and sustained 
with perseverance. This year, 
we honor all those who reach 
beyond their grasp in the 
quest to make a dream come 

 “We look forward to working 
with the city of Pasadena and 
our other valued partners 
throughout the year as we 
prepare for the Rose Parade 
and the Rose Bowl Game 
in Pasadena on January 1, 
2022,” Miller said. 

Virtual Town 
Hall District 

 Join Councilmember 

Felicia Williams for the 

first District 2 Town Hall 

on Wednesday, at 5 pm. 

Panelists will include Police 

Chief John Perez, City 

Manager Steve Mermell, 

and Director of Department 

of Transportation Laura 

Cornejo. Please submit 

your questions via email 

by Tuesday to ddyson@ or ask 

them during the meeting.

 Please click the zoom 

link at: us02web.zoom. 


to join the webinar or 

Telephone: Dial: US: +1 

669 900 6833 or +1 253 215 


 Vice Mayor Andy Wilson 

will be hosting a Virtual 

District 7 Meeting on 

Thursday at 5:00 p.m. on 

Zoom. During the meeting, 

we will have updates from 

Police Chief John Perez, 

Director of Public Health 

Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, and 

Transportation Director 

Laura Rubio-Cornejo. 

Members of our audience 

will be able to submit 

questions to each of our 


 To join the meeting: click 

the link below to join the 

webinar: us02web.zoom. 


 Where To Watch both 

meetings on KPAS:

 Cable TV: Charter 

Spectrum Channel 3 and 

AT&T U-Verse

 Channel 99 Online:


 For more information 


Library CelebratesOne City, One Story 

Community Conversationwith Father Gregory 
Boyle, Author of the 2021 
Selection “Tattoos on the 

 To celebrate the 19th year 
of Pasadena’s One City, One 
Story community reading 
project, the public is invited 
to a conversation with Father 
Gregory Boyle (pictured), 
author of this year’s selected 
novel, Tattoos on the Heart, 
Sunday, March 14, at 2 p.m. 
on Zoom. Father Boyle will 
discuss his experiences writing 
Tattoos on the Heart. A 
question-and-answer session 
led by Pasadena Public Library 
Director Michelle Perera will 
immediately follow. The event 
is free and open to the public.

 Tattoos on the Heart is a 
series of parables about kinship 
and redemption from pastor, 
activist and renowned speaker 
Father Gregory Boyle. In this, 
his debut book, he distills his 
experience working with gang 
members into a breathtaking 
series of stories inspired by 
faith. Tattoos on the Heart 
reminds us that no life is less 
valuable than another.

 From giant, tattooed Cesar, 
shopping at JC Penney fresh 
out of prison, we learn how to 
feel worthy of God’s love. From 
10-year-old Pipi, we learn the 
importance of being known 
and acknowledged. From 
Lulu, we come to understand 
the kind of patience necessary 
to rescue someone from the 
dark—as Father Boyle phrases 
it, we can only shine a flashlight 
on a light switch in a darkened 

South Pasadena Public 
Library Crowdsourced Poem 

 The project will 
be written by PoetLaureate Ron Koertge

 April is National Poetry 
Month, and in celebration, the 
South Pasadena Public Library 
invites residents of all ages to 
contribute to a crowdsourced 
poem to be written by City of 
South Pasadena Poet Laureate 
Ron Koertge. Koertge’s idea 
for a South Pas community 
poem was inspired by 2017 
National Youth Poet Laureate 
Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill 
We Climb”, and by National 
Public Radio’s Poet-in-
Residence Kwame Alexander’s 
crowdsourced poem project 
“This is Our Dream”. The 
theme for our community 
poem is Beginnings, and it will 
be published on the library’s 
website in April.

 Poetry has the power to inspire 
and delight, and Koertge seeks 
to craft a poem with the help 
of his fellow South Pasadenans 
that can be enjoyed by all. 
Koertge says:

 “Beginnings mean different 
things to different people. 

room. This is a motivating look 
at how to remain faithful in 
spite of failure, how to meet the 
world with a loving heart, and 
how to conquer shame with 
boundless, restorative love.

 Founder of Homeboy 
Industries, the largest gang 
intervention, rehabilitation and 
re-entry program in the world, 
Father Boyle has dedicated 
his life to helping the most 
marginalized individuals find 
a place in society. In a moving 
example of unconditional love 
in difficult times, the Jesuit 
priest and bestselling author 
of Tattoos on the Heart and 
Barking to the Choir: The Power 
of Radical Kinship shares what 
three decades of working with 
gang members in Los Angeles 
have taught him about faith, 
compassion and the enduring 
power of kinship.

 One City, One Story is designed 
to broaden and deepen an 
appreciation of reading and 
literature. This year’s theme 
is “Books for our Times.” For 
more information on this year’s 
activities, visit: cityofpasadena.

 To attend, sign up at:

Planting a garden is for sure a 
new beginning. So is adopting a 
dog or cat. Quitting one job and 
getting another. A father makes 
a different sandwich for his 
kids’ lunch. Someone says she’s 
sorry and wants to start over. 
What does beginning mean 
to you? Send me some ideas, 
please, and let’s see if I can turn 
them into a poem. Pretend 
we’re sitting around a fire and 
we’re writing a story together. 
Not my story, but ours.” 
How to Contribute 

- Submit one or two lines or a 
phrase on the theme Beginnings 
(if you need a prompt, start like 
this: “A beginning is…”)
- Contributions are due by 
Friday March 19, 2021
- Three ways to submit: 
Email to library@ 
Mail to the Library with the 
word “Beginnings” written on 
the envelope

 Drop off at the Library Takeout 
door during Takeout hours 

-Contributors will be 
recognized by name unless 
anonymity is requested 
For more information visit: 

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