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With a nod to its past -- serving 
classic family-friendly 
American fare with colorfully 
clad-carhop waiters/waitresses 
on roller skates back in the 
1950s and 1960s -- Twoheys 
Restaurant in South Pasadena 
has recently revived the nostalgic 
tradition by debuting a new 
Curbside Carhop – 21st Century 
style. The newly-opened 
Restaurant, that has been making 
memories in the San Gabriel 
Valley since 1943, continues 
its legacy as one of Southern 
California’s well-known American 
eateries. Information: 

“We are proud to re-introduce 
the carhop dining concept that 
was first introduced by the 
Twohey family decades ago. 
We believe that bringing back 
this tradition allows diners to 
visit more often while enjoying 
our old time favorite/new menu items and practicing safety 
protocols from the safe haven of their own cars,” says Co-Owner 
Tanya Christos. 

Loyal customers now have the convenience of ordering breakfast, 
lunch and dinner from Twoheys’ ToGo Menus by calling 
30 minutes in advance to place an order and reserving one of 
six designated parking spaces by calling (626) 284-7387 and 
pressing #1. Upon arrival at the Restaurant, customers need 
to call back and let the Restaurant know the number of the reserved 
car hop parking space. The Restaurant will bring the 
ToGo food to each car on a classic carhop tray that clips to the 
vehicle’s window for a “contact-free,” but fun dining experience 
from the comfort of one’s car. The Restaurant is open six days 
a week, except Tuesdays, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

The legendary Restaurant’s Executive Chefs, Gerardo Talamantes, 
Sr. and Enrique Elias, have created three distinctive menus 
as part of the new take-out service that reflects both classic 
American fare from the original menu and new menu items 

Breakfast ToGo: Classic Buttermilk or Old-Fashioned Pancakes, 
French Toast, Belgian Malted Waffle, and handcrafted 
Corned Beef Hash. 

 Lunch ToGo: The classic Original Stink-O Burger, Twoheys’ 
Original Onion Rings, Heckels Prime Rib Dip Sandwich and 
Fish & Chips. ( 

Dinner ToGo: Handcrafted Meat Loaf, House-Roasted Turkey 
Dinner and Southern Fried Chicken. https://www.twoheys.

Cocktails ToGo: Meridian, Snake Trail, Seco Washout and 
Raymond Old Fashioned,

For family gatherings, Twoheys take-out Family Feast Value 
Meals ToGo, a selection of homemade meals with the freshest 
ingredients. Each are ideal for at home family dining of all 

Creative Catering For All Occasions:
In addition, Twoheys Restaurant offers their Food Truck with 
a choice of three Backyard Menu packages or a custom menu 
from any of Twoheys’ favorite menu items. As part of the Package, 
Twoheys provides a state-of-the-art sound system offering 
endless music for those who wish to hold socially responsible 


The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) is pleased that the Court of Appeal 
recognized that during a pandemic, it is vitally important for public health officials to quickly take 
affirmative measures to reduce transmission of COVID-19, in order to combat an ongoing surge of COVID-
19 cases and hospitalizations. The Court acknowledged that Public Health recognized that while 
temporarily restricting outdoor dining at restaurants would have an economic impact, the re-striction 
was an appropriate exercise of public health discretion because dining with others creates a circumstance 
where non-household members are gathering in close proximity with each other with-out COVID-
19 infection control precautions, such as face mask, thereby increasing the risk of trans-mission. 
Importantly, the Court of Appeal found that the trial court stepped outside of a court’s ap-propriate role 
by “mandating a nebulous risk-benefit requirement” on public health decision-making. This ruling will 
help public health officials continue to protect the health and safety of all Cali-fornians. 

distanced events. 
Three Sisters Catering is another option for custom catering. The company’s 
team of culinary professionals pulls out all the stops to customize 
everything from intimate cocktail receptions to small 
off-site gourmet parties and events. 

Unique Gifts For Friends & Family:
Twoheys retail items, beautifully wrapped gift baskets and gift 
cards, all make great presents for friends and family, first responders, 
teachers, neighbors and employees. Choose from a 
selection of items including bittersweet, milk and caramel toppings, 
Jones Coffee Roasters Twoheys Blend Coffee, Further 
Products hand soap and a selection of Twoheys logo apparel. 

The award-winning Twoheys Restaurant opened October 10,2020 in South Pasadena. Twoheys, pronounced “2ee’s,” originally 
opened in 1943 when owner Jack Twohey opened his first 
restaurant on Arroyo Boulevard in Pasadena. At that time, the 
restaurant had 37 seats and quickly became known as the premier 
hamburger place for the finest hamburgers, onion rings 
and hand-dipped fountain specialties. This former location 
featured memorable drive-up carhop service from the 1950s to 
the mid 1970s. The Little Stink-O, clothes pin and tear drop 
logo was trademarked by Mr. Twohey in 1943. It originated 
when he overheard a woman patron of the restaurant exclaim, 
“Oh-Stink-O,” when a gentleman next to her was served a hamburger 
generously garnished with onions and pickles. 

Throughout its illustrious history, Twoheys has welcomed 
well-known celebrities including American Actors Cary Grant, 
Mickey Rooney, Bill Murray, American Painter/Illustrator 
Norman Rockwell and Author/Screen Writer Ray Bradbury. 

 The new 5,200 square-foot restaurant’s interior, designed by 
Zoumas Design of South Pasadena and constructed by Peter 
Koulos Construction, brings together classic elements in a 
contemporary design - combining the warmth and nostalgia 
of a diner with a lunch counter and old-time soda fountain in 
a refined, open and bright space. The original Stink-o logo and 
signage has been updated for the 21stCentury with a youthful 
and whimsical design. 

Twoheys is situated at 424 Fair Oaks Avenue in South Pasadena, 
California 91030. For more information, call 626 284-7387, 
email or visit Follow 
and Tag Twoheys @Twoheys_Restaurant on social media. 


I read a recent article in the NY Times that said consumers, during hard 
economic times, buy more generic brands at their local supermarkets, 
and when the economy picks up they go back to their national brands. 
That makes perfect sense to even this college drop out. How does that 
pertain to our wine aisles? More and more of the supermarkets that 
you and I shop at Vons and Pavilions are coming up with their own 
store brands. No, they don’t own their own vineyards just yet - though 
I wouldn’t put it past Costco - they have existing wineries put together 
their store’s private label. Is this acceptable? Absolutely! Keep in mind 
80% of the wine that you are purchasing has grapes sourced from other 
wineries, or if they don’t have their own plot of soil, they use marketing 
companies to find wines. 

What about when a winery comes out with a lower end wine? In my 
book that is okay, too. Look at the big French champagne houses like 
Moet, Taittinger, and Crystal. They all have wineries here in California 
producing exceptional wines at almost half the cost of their imports. 

Recently I had the pleasure of a nice glass of Decoy cabernet at a friends 
here in Pasadena (hopefully you read my recent column about wine by 
the glass). I thoroughly enjoyed it with my crab cake and decided that 
the purchase of a bottle was in order. No, not at the restaurant - I read my own column and took my own advice 
for once. Decoy hails from the same winery that produces the very popular Duckhorn wines. While about half 
the cost of it’s older brother, I could get used to this more economic wine as it hails from the exact same area of 
Napa Valley. And, for the life of me I cannot tell much difference in the cabernet. 

The vintage is smooth, with perfect levels of fruit and tannins, and a finish that you’d expect from a higher 

priced cabernet. It’s a classic California cabernet with a touch of toasted oak. Closure: Corked 

This weeks wine term: finish: That means exactly what it sounds like - the last thought/taste as the juice goes 

down your throat. Many experts say that the finish is the true test of an exceptional wine. 

Each week I will give you my Dills Score. Starting with a base of 50 points, I have added 8 points for color, 7 
points for aroma or “nose”, 9 points for taste, 8 points for finish, and 8 points for my overall impression, which 
includes my value rating. 

Total Score 90; retails $30 on sale; can be found for around $17 at most area supermarkets, including Vons. 

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