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Mountain View News Saturday, April 24, 2021 

On April 21, 2021, at approximately 4:55AM,
Arcadia Police Officers responded to the 200 bllockof Arbolada Drive on the report of a package theft. Officers 
were able to track the package, ultimately locating 
two suspects in a car 1in the City of Monrovia. The 
package, which was stolen from inside the mailb·ox in 
front of the house, was located inside the suspect's car. 
In addition to the package, the suspects were in possession 
of mail n,eighboring cities alon,g with ,drug rellateditems. Both suspects were arrested. If you suspect you 
were a victim of mail theft, you can contact the police 
department at 626-57 4-5123. Please remember, if you 
''See Something, Say Something." 


The City of Arcadia is hosting a virtual CommunityForum on Homelessness on Thursday, May 6, 2021 
at 6pm. Please join us for an informational forum on 
homelessness and how Arcadia is addressing the issue. 
Learn about various grants available to support programs 
and services, the myths of homelessness, the status 
of the Homeless Resource Hub, and how Arcadia is 
working with a number of community organizations 
on a coordinated response. 

Participants may register for this event by weblink or 
Telephone: 1.669.900.6833Webinar ID: 945 5794 7517 
Passcode: 963391

 For more information, please contact Sara Somogyi, 
at the City of Arcadia at 626.821.4369 or ssomogyi@ 


Arcadia Public Library will 

Contactless curbside pick-up

reopen to the public on 

of requested items will still

Monday, May 3, with express 

be available by appointment.

services and temporar-

Passport, remote printing,

ily reduced operating hours. 

chat and telephone services

This marks the first time 

will continue as before, as

the public has been able to 

will online programs for

enter the library building 

children, teens, and adults.

since March 2020, although 

The Library’s electronic re-

the Library has continued 

sources and downloadable

to offer front-door pick-up 

books, magazines, movies,

services, passport services, 

and more are available 24/7.

and a wide range of virtual 

Library staff are looking for-


ward to welcoming back the

Library users will be re

public and expanding library

quired to wear masks and 

hours and services as condi

socially distance while in the 

tions permit.

building and to 

For more information,

follow posted COVID-19 

please call 626.821.5567 or


visit the Arcadia Public Li

The Library will be open to 

brary’s website at www.Ar

the public on Mondays and The

Tuesdays, from 4 pm to 8 

Arcadia Public Library is

pm; Wednesdays and Thurs-

located at 20 W. Duarte Rd.,

days, from 10 am to 2 pm; 

Arcadia. You can also follow

and from 11 am to 5 pm on 

the Library on Facebook and




The City of Monrovia, in partnership with Monrovia Unified 
School District and Centre Stage, is ex-cited to announce 
the return of the 3-day Monrovia Days Celebration 
for the city’s 135th birthday! 

With ongoing concerns around COVID-19, the Monrovia 
Days celebration will look different this year. Although the 
annual parade and carnival will not take place, all are invited 
to participate in the reimagined activities. All programs 
are subject to the guidelines as established by the LA 
County Department of Public Health, including maintaining 
physical distancing and wearing a face covering. Additional 
restrictions and / or cancelations may apply. 

Community Festival 

From May 14 through May 16, the community is invited 
to grab a meal from a restaurant in Old Town Monrovia 
and join the Picnic Pavilion Celebration at Library Park. 
Throughout the day, enter-tainment will be provided by 
students of the Monrovia Unified School District and 
Centre Stage. Participants will be required to sit at a table 
or in a designated park pod and are encouraged to bring 
their own seating. While at Library Park, the community 
can also take a free horse drawn carriage ride through Old 
Town Monrovia or capture memories with the free photo 

Community Art Project – Monrovia Rocks! 

To celebrate and memorialize the City of Monrovia’s 135th 
birthday, Monrovia residents are invited to paint a rock 
and donate it to be a part of a permanent installation at 
Library Park. To participate, locate a rock that is no more 
than 3” in length and paint it. When the rock is dry, drop 
off the rock at the Monrovia Community Center (119 W. 
Palm Ave.). All rocks must be received no later than 4 p.m. 
on May 7. The rocks will be placed prior to the Monrovia 
Days weekend at the installation in the north-east portion 
of Library Park. 

Special Monrovia Days Story Times

Gather the family and enjoy a few birthday celebration 
stories by tuning into the Monrovia Public Library’s YouTube 
Channel. During the Monrovia Days weekend, a new 
video will be released each day. 

Old Town Window & Home Decorating Contest

Old Town Monrovia businesses and residents are invited 
to decorate their business store front and home for Monrovia’s 
birthday! Registration is required and is now open at The judging will take place from 
May 6 to May 9, and winners will be announced on May14. 

Monrovia Days Family Adventure at Home 

The City of Monrovia is excited to present Monrovia DaysFamily Adventure at Home, a three-day challenge. Registered 
participants will receive special activity kits that 
includes arts and crafts, special games, challenges and activities. 
Upon completion of each challenge, participants 
will earn limited edition birthday badges. Registration is 
required and limited and is now open at www.cityofmonrovia.


Duarte Kiwanis 

member, Reyna 

Diaz has as gift for 

providing help just 

when it is needed. 

Recently, Reyna 

and her daughter 

traveled for 33 

hours by bus to 

bring 800 pounds 

of clothing and 

food baskets to 

Zacatecas, Mexico. 

They chose to go 

by bus so they 

could bring all the 

luggage to carry 

the 800 pounds 

of these goods to 

needy folks. 55 

families were also 

provided food 

baskets to help during the pandemic in this rural area of 

If you are interested in joining the Duarte Kiwanis or 

presenting at a future meeting, please contact Tina Carey at The club is currently meeting virtually 

through Zoom. 




 All next week, members of NASA’s Planetary

Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) will 

participate in a “tabletop exercise” to simulate an 

asteroid impact scenario. The exercise depicting 

this fictional event is being developed by NASA’s 

Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Center for Near 

Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), allowing NASA’s 

PDCO and other U.S. agencies and space science 

institutions, along with international space 

agencies and partners, to use the fictitious scenario 

to investigate how near-Earth object (NEO) 

observers, space agency officials, emergency 

managers, decision makers, and citizens might 

respond and work together to an actual impact 

prediction and simulate the evolving information 

that becomes available in the event an asteroid 

impact threat is discovered.

 The fictitious impact scenario will occur during 

the 7th IAA Planetary Defense Conference,

hosted by the United Nations Office for Outer 

Space Affairs in cooperation with ESA (European 

Space Agency), and will evolve over the five days 

of the conference, starting Monday, April 26. At 

several points in the conference program, leaders 

of the exercise will brief participants on the 

latest status of the fictitious scenario and solicit 

feedback for next steps based on the simulated 

data that is “discovered” each day. These type 

of exercises are specifically identified as part of 

the National Near-Earth Object Preparedness 

Strategy and Action Plan developed over a three-

year period and published by the White House in 

June 2018.

 “Each time we participate in an exercise of this 

nature, we learn more about who the key players 

are in a disaster event, and who needs to know 

what information, and when,” said Lindley

Johnson, NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer. 

“These exercises ultimately help the planetary

defense community communicate with each 

other and with our governments to ensure we are 

all coordinated should a potential impact threat 

be identified in the future.”

 So far, NASA has participated in seven impact 

scenarios – four at previous Planetary Defense 

Conferences (2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019) and 

three in conjunction with the Federal Emergency

Management Agency (FEMA). The joint NASA

FEMA exercises included representatives of 

several other federal agencies, including the 

Departments of Defense and State.

 “Hypothetical asteroid impact exercises provide 

opportunities for us to think about how we would 

respond in the event that a sizeable asteroid is 

found to have a significant chance of impacting 

our planet,” said Dr. Paul Chodas, director of 

CNEOS. “Details of the scenario – such as the 

probability of the asteroid impact, where and 

when the impact might occur – are released to 

participants in a series of steps over the days of 

the conference to simulate how a real situation 

might evolve.”

 The fictional scenario kicks off on April 26, when 

JPL’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies willlead the hypothetical impact scenario to see howinternational agencies respond to an actual impact 

astronomers “discover” a potentially hazardous 
NEO considered a risk to Earth. Details about 
the imaginary asteroid’s threat to our planet 
will evolve over the days of the conference, 
and exercise participants will discuss potential 
preparations for asteroid reconnaissance and 
deflection missions and planning for mitigation 
of a potential impact’s effects. But it is a real 
parameter that the international community has 
decided that a 1 in 100 chance of impact is the 
threshold to begin response actions.

The Planetary Defense Conference and its 
exercise serve as precursors to the launch of 
NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), 
which is the first-ever actual demonstration of 
an asteroid deflection technology, and the first 
test mission of the agency’s Planetary Defense 
program. DART is scheduled to launch later this 
year and will impact the asteroid Dimorphos in 
Fall 2022 to change its orbit in space, which could 
be a key technique for mitigating a potentiallyhazardous asteroid that is on a collision path with 
Earth, should one be discovered in the future. 
Through an international observation campaign,
follow-up observations of Dimorphos using 
ground-based telescopes will monitor the orbit 
of Dimorphos and measure the change in time it 
takes the asteroid to orbit its larger companion,
Didymos, due to DART’s impact.

“DART will be the first test for planetary defense, 
and the data returned after it impacts Dimorphos 
will help scientists better understand one way 
we might mitigate a potentially hazardous 
NEO discovered in the future,” said Andrea 
Riley, program executive for DART at NASA 
Headquarters. “While the asteroid DART impacts 
poses no threat to Earth, it is in a perfect location 
for us to perform this test of the technology before 
it may actually be needed.” 

Starting April 26, information on the exercise,
including a “fact sheet” of updated findings, will 
be available on the exercise page on the 2021 PDC 
Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenario page: 

South Pasadena wants 
input on the City Budget

Input received will be 
presented with a draft 
operational budget tothe City Council in May

 City of South Pasadena 
would like your feedback 
regarding priorities for the 
2021-2022 fiscal year budget. A 
community budget engagement 
program was developed by staff 
to facilitate a dialogue between 
residents and the City to 
better understand community 
priorities for future spending.

 Due to the health crisis and 
social distancing guidelines, 
the City has created a fullydigital community budget 
engagement program.

-Learn more about the City’s 
Budget The platform includes 
a brief presentation on City 
revenue sources and an 
overview of operating costs. 
-Provide input on priorities 
through survey. 
The online survey allows 
residents to provide input 
on specific City services and 

The City will be collecting 
responses to the survey through 
April 30, 2021. This input is 
requested prior to the City 
preparing the FY 2022 budget 
to allow for earlier input into 
the City’s budget development. 
Input received will be presented 
with a draft operational budget 
to the Finance Commission 
and the City Council at public 
meetings in May. The CityCouncil is slated to adopt a 
final budget by June 30.

 The Budget serves as a 
“blueprint” for providing City 
services and as a workingfinancial plan for the fiscal year. 
It reflects City policies, goals, 
and priorities and provides 
an overall plan for allocatingCity resources to a variety of 
programs and services. 

If you would like to participate 
in the budget process, please 
visit website: southpasadenaca.
gov. or submit your comment 
to: budget@southpasadenaca.
gov or via voicemail (626) 4037309. 

Senior Center Now Open

Pasadena Senior Center Reopens With Limited ModifiedServices –the center has been open only for social servicesand for older adults in need.

 The center now is open for additional, modified serviceswith occupancy limits. Every person who enters is subjectto temperature screening at the door, is required to usehand sanitizer made available and complete a brief healthquestionnaire.

Three rooms at the center are now open again: the Sy GraffFitness Center, the library and the computer lab.
The fitness center is open by appointment only with a limitof two people per one-hour block. Appointments maybe made on a first-come, first-served basis by calling 626795-
4331. Each person will be required to complete a briefhealth questionnaire before appointments are confirmed.
Fans have been removed to prevent the spread of droplets asrecommended by the Pasadena Public Health Department.
Masks are required at all times. All equipment and majortouch points are sanitized after each use. The library is openfor the purchase of books and puzzles only.
The computer lab is open by appointment only for a maximumof two hours, two people at a time, to allow for socialdistancing, with time limits monitored by volunteers at theWelcome Desk at time of entry. Computer screens, keyboardsand countertops are sanitized after each appointment. For 
more information visit: or call(626) 795-4331. 

LibraryComic Book 
Club for 
Grown Ups 

Join the South Pasadena 
Public Library Comic BookClub for Adults! 

May 6th Meeting: TheyCalled Us EnemyDate: May 6, 2021Time: 7:00 - 8:00 PM 
Title: They Called Us 
Enemy by George TakeiDescription: In 1942, at theorder of President Franklin 

D. Roosevelt, every personof Japanese descent on thewest coast was rounded 
up and shipped to one of 
ten “relocation centers,” 
hundreds or thousands of 
miles from home, where 
they would be held foryears under armed guard.
They Called Us Enemy isTakei’s firsthand account of 
those years behind barbedwire, the terrors and small 
joys of childhood in theshadow of legalized racism,
his mother’s hard choices, 
his father’s tested faith in 
democracy, and the waythose experiences plantedthe seeds for his astonishingfuture. What does it mean 
to be American? Who getsto decide? 
Meetings are held online onthe 1st Thursday of everymonth at 7:00 PM. 
Registration is required. 
Comic Book Club for 
Adults is intended for adult 
participants, and titles 
discussed may contain 
mature images and subjects.
Each month a new graphicnovel/comic book will be 
selected and discussed via 
Zoom. View upcomingtitles (subject to change)
and more on the Comic 
Book Club webpage at: 

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