Mountain Views News, Combined Edition Saturday, April 24, 2021

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Mountain View News Saturday, April 24, 2021 
Mountain View News Saturday, April 24, 2021 

MEET JANE FULLER: Singer and Guitarist 

Music-lovers of the San Gabriel Valley area should know musician Jane Fuller, 
a resi-dent musician at Corfu restaurant on Sierra Madre Boulevard. Her performance 
ven-ues over the years have included the old Café 322 further down 
the road on Sierra Madre Blvd., Colombo's Italian Steakhouse on Colorado 
Blvd. in Eagle Rock, and vari-ous farmers markets and clubs. 

Fuller’s next 

project will 
be a YouTube live stream with 
the theme “It’s Spring – Do Your 
Thing!” It is scheduled for Sunday, 
April 25 at 3:30 p.m., on 
the ApexoftheSoul channel. It 
will feature interesting visual effects, 
classic songs from various 
genres, and Fuller’s originals. 
She also typically gives away 
prizes on the live stream. You 
can check the schedule page on website, or check 
Jane Fuller’s FaceBook page. 
This will be a live chat, so readers 
can participate. 

“I often play in a duo or trio,” 
adds Fuller, “and during the 
April show, we’re going to be 
experimenting with the visual effects using the green screen. It’s going to be a fun show for 

Fuller is a theatre arts teacher for the LA Unified School district, though all classes have been 
on-line for nearly a year, with no direct social interaction. In the past, she has even involved her 
students with her public performances.

 Fuller has produced four CDs, including, “Night and Day,” “You’re Coming Back Again,” and a 
Christmas CD called “The Spirit of Giving.” Her most recent CD is called “Someone to Listen.” 
Her music can be purchased online via Apple Music and Spotify. 

Fuller began to play the guitar at age 10, when the folk music trend invaded the Catho-lic Church 
and Masses included guitars. “One of the girls at school showed me a few chords, and I had to 
learn quickly,” she says. Fuller explains that she had a strict nun in 5th grade who pushed her 
into leadership positions in stage, and in organizing the music for Mass. “I had to deliver for 
God,” she says with a laugh. “I had to learn the new songs for church, and this drove me to improve 
my guitar playing.” 

Fuller went to Alverno High School, and took classes at Pasadena City College. “I stud-ied under 
the famous Bobby Bradford at PCC and learned a lot about blues and jazz. I really learned a lot 
from him,” she emphasizes. 

She earned a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing and Literature at UC Santa Cruz, and a degree 
in theatre arts from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Fuller looks forward to the days of live performances, since she believes that part of her mission 
as a musician is to support local businesses. “It’s so much more than just supporting a business,” 
she explains. “A successful business brings in people, and the people are uplifted and come together. 
This creates a sense of community, and it’s really just like growing a garden. But in this 
case, the “fruit” of that garden that a healthy community produces are the people with naturally 
healthy immune systems.”

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Nigel, an orange and

white tabby, is a gentle

fellow and quite non-

assuming until he 

gets the zoomies and 

starts chasing and 

tumbling with his 

brother Brimsley, a

brown tabby. He is partial to feather toys and enjoys tearing the feathers from his toy. He

also likes bell balls and other plush toys. His favorite is the dragonfly toy too! He is bonded 

to Brimsley so the brothers must be adopted as a pair. Brimsley loves to play and is quite 

courageous & adventurous. He loves to wrestle and play with his brother Nigel. He loves all 

kinds of toys and especially loves the dragonfly wand. He is sweet and sits well for nail trims.

More pictures, adoption information and application on our website at the Babies page at 

Pet of the Week

 Squirt is ten years old and was surrendered to theshelter with her twelve-year old mom, Eve. Squirtand her mom are bonded and hoping to find aforever home together! 

Although Squirt is a little more reserved than hermom, in her foster home she’s actually startedmeowing for attention. While Eve head butts whenshe wants to be pet, Squirt will lay with her paw onyour arm or your face if you’re not paying enoughattention to her. Squirt is definitely coming out ofher shell in foster care, and can’t wait for a forever 
home for her and her mom!

The adoption fee for cats is $100. All cat adoptions include spay or neuter, microchip,
and age-appropriate vaccines.

 New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from VCAAnimal Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with information about how to carefor your pet.

 View photos of adoptable pets and schedule a virtual adoption appointment at Adoptions are by appointment only, and new adoption

appointments are available every day at 5:00 p.m. for the following day.

 Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters by

phone calls or email. 


HeyO' Sierra Madre! How ya'll doing? 

Your lovely local 501c3 non-profit, Free Animal Doctor, could use some stuff if you have it 
and don't need it! Plus a volunteer! Here are the deets (as the kids say, the kids from 20 years 

1) Towels. When we do Spay/Neuter clinics we put towels in every metal cage to make it more 
comfy. We also clean up with them. So if you have used towels you don't need, we need 'em!
They can be stained, frayed, even a small hole here or there, just as long as they are clean. Put 
them in a plastic trash bag, and drop them under the mailboxes at 70 E. Montecito Ave... we 
cannot get enough towels! Love 'em!! 
2) Portable canopies. Our big canopy got destroyed in the windstorm. We have a small one, 
but we could use one or two more. It's to shade our staff and clients when they come to the 
Spay/Neuter clinic and have to stand outside. Got one you don't use? We'll use it every weekend! 
Comment here and we'll connect. 
3) Wanna volunteer? We need help checking pets in on Sundays and Mondays. We have about 
20-25 people show up at about the same time, and we need to quickly process paperwork and 
get their pets safely into the clinic for surgery. 
It's 730am until about 930am on Sundays and Mondays at Gate 7 of Santa Anita, right off 
Baldwin before you get down to the mall. You don't have to volunteer every day, but a couple 
times a month minimum would be good. There is a minor bit of training involved, and you 
get much better at it with experience, so we are looking for a bit of a commitment if you wanna 
help. Let me know, again, comment and I will arrange for us to get in touch. THANKS!! 

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