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The LA County Health Officer Order was updated to align with the change in CDC recommendations 
around masking for fully vaccinated people. Additional modifications to the Order 
also included allowing indoor arcades and indoor playgrounds (bounce centers, ball pits, 
laser tag) to open at 25% maximum indoor capacity with safety modifications. 

Bars, breweries and wineries hours of operation limitations due to the pandemic have been 
removed, and employees who are fully vaccinated at food service facilities have the option 
of wearing a face shield in addition to a face mask when in close contact with customers; 
wearing a mask is still required. Employers must verify and document an employee's full 
vaccination status if a fully vaccinated employee chooses not to wear a face shield. In-person 
behavioral health (mental health and substance use) therapeutic and educa-tional support 
to typical participant levels with specified safety modificagroups, 
such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous or Patient Education groups, may return 
tions. The updated Health Officer Or-der and protocols 
can be found online.

 "I send my deepest sympathies to the families mourning 
a loved one lost to COVID-19," said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, 
MPH, MEd, Director of Public Health. "We must continue 
to be careful and take sensible precautions in the weeks 
ahead while we vaccinate more people, especially as we 
look to move to the least restrictive tier in the State's Blueprint 
for a Safer Economy framework. While fully vaccinated 
people can participate in some activities because of the 
protection vaccinations give them, it is critical-ly important 
that we continue to wear masks, avoid crowds and encourage 
everyone to get fully vac-cinated - both first and second 
doses. The majority of people in Los Angeles County are not fully vac-cinated and some are 
not able to be vaccinated. Getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is effective at preventing 
serious illness and death and protects our entire community." 


The Volunteers of the Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee are seeking 
nominations for the 2021 4th of July Parade Grand Marshal themed 

#SMStrong. Due to the holiday falling on a Sunday the Parade, hopefullybeing held on the BLVD will be held on Monday, July 5, 2021.
Parade Grand Marshal Nominees should embody the spirit of Sierra Madre, be an active volunteer inany of the local nonprofit organizations or in some way contributed to the betterment of Sierra Madre,
fully demonstrating how #SMStrong is how we survived 2020. Nominees may be an individual or 
volunteers or an organization. Last year’s GM was SMThrives. 

Nominations must be submitted in writing by Monday, May 3rd and should be sent 
to the 4th of July Committee, PO Box 1073 Sierra Madre CA 91025 or emailed or a DM sent to us via Facebook. Nominations should be no more 
than 1 page but at least a paragraph explaining why the honor should be given including contributionsto the Sierra Madre community submitted along with a fun picture of the nominee. 

Previous Grand Marshals have included 2020 SMTHRIVES, 2019 Bud Switzer, 2018 Steve Heydorff,
2017 Derek Podrebarac, 2016 Pete Siberell and Hometown Hero Kris Lowe, 2015 Clem and NinaBartolai, 2014 Pat & DeAlcorn & Hometown Heroes Sierra Madre Search and Rescue, 2013 VFWPost 3208 & Hometown Hero Mama Pete; 2012 Nel and Bob Soltz (Wistaria Vine owners); 2011 GayleBluemel & Hometown Hero John Shear; 2010 Lew Wantanabe; 2009 Midge Morash; 2008 SierraMadre Fire Department; 2007 Ward Family (E. Waldo Ward & Sons); 2006 Judy Webb Martin &
Toni Buckner & Hometown Hero Barbara Wamboldt; 2005 Police Chief Wayne Bailey; 2004 DougBerkshire; 2003 John Grijalva; 2002 Bob Quamstrom; 2001 Ty Gaffney; 2000 Dr. Bill White; and 1999Jim & Barbara Heasley. 

The 2021 Event is being reimagined to include as many of our hometown traditions as possible withcurrent Health Orders and social distancing requirements. So stayed tuned more details are comingsoon. Parade registration will open May 1st so be on the look out if you wanna show your #SMStrong 

This All-American friends and family event is made possible through the wonderful contribution ofdonors and sponsors. If you’d like to help please visit orfollow us on Facebook 





The City is updating the Housing Element of the Sierra Madre General Plan for the 
2021-2029 period. The Housing Element establishes policies and programs to address 
Sierra Madre’s existing and projected housing needs for all economic seg-ments 
of the community. As part of this effort, the City would like input from its senior 
citizen population on their housing needs and access to housing programs. 

If you have any questions please call Associate Planner Clare Lin at 626-355-7135 x 
404 or via email at 


by Deanne Davis 

“We came from Bethlehem, 
Georgia, bearing Betty Crocker 
cake mixes 
into the jungle.” 
Barbara Kingsolver – 
“The Poisonwood Bible” 

“Make someone happy today – 
bake a cake! A chocolate cake for 
that someone special or a white 
cake with peppermint frosting for 
a sweet snack after bridge. Bake 
a sponge cake for Grandma, as 
lovely-light as the kind she used to 
bake. Bake a cake – have a party. 
Bake a cake to take to a party. Bake 
a cake just because you feel good 
Betty Crocker’s Cookbook – 4th 

“Betty Crocker wasn’t selling 
cakes; she was selling care.” 
Kieran Flanagan, Co-Founder: 
The Impossible Institute 

Mother’s Day is coming up, 
Sunday, May 9th, to be exact, 
and I’ve been thinking about 
various mother memories. My 
mother was occasionally a really 
good cook and then, every once 
in a while, she would discover 
something new, like Oregano, and 
produce really terrible food. A little Oregano is a good thing, but Oregano in your hamburger 
just doesn’t work. At least it didn’t for me. Of course, being a devotee of “Chopped” on the Food 
Network, the chefs competing for $10,000 would probably make ice cream with it! 

Remember when people cooked things simply because they tasted good? Nobody ate kale or 
quinoa; salad was a token small plate of iceberg lettuce inundated with 1000 Island. Everybody 
owned a Betty Crocker cookbook and that’s where we went when we wanted to know what to do 
with a package of chicken parts. 

Back in the ‘50’s television showed us what wives should look like, i.e., June Cleaver (Donna Reed) 
on Leave It To Beaver, wearing a nice dress, frilly apron, pearls and heels all day every day. The 
children were sweet and only occasionally annoying. The husbands went off to work every day 
in a suit, tie, dress shirt, and wingtip shoes and made enough money to keep them all happy in a 
beautiful two-story house where we occasionally saw June vacuuming. The 
50’s homemakers mostly made cookies, wiped tears off charming little child faces and dispensed 
really good advice. The husbands wore that suit and tie at all times, except when mowing the lawn. 
In this age of working from home, not many husbands even own a suit and the last thing women 
want to wear all day is an apron and heels. Talking with some women friends recently, we asked 
each other when was the last time they wore pantyhose. Years! It’s been years! But they’ve still got 
their Betty Crocker Cookbook. 

The Betty Crocker Cookbook contained recipes like Chicken Cream Pie, Noodles with Browned 
Crumbs, Macaroni with Fried Tomatoes, Ham and Egg Pie. Seriously? All these recipes were loaded 
with cream, butter and very few vegetables. We’re much more aware of the dangers of food now. We 
eschew butter and cream, roast vegetables on the grill, but we’re chubbier than ever before. 

My mother had one and I remember being about 9 years old and making a cake to surprise her, 
which I certainly did. The directions called for lining the cake pans with waxed paper. Not realizing 
what that really meant was to cut out a circle of waxed paper to put in the bottom of the cake pan, 
I just tore off big pieces, made it fit the best I could, poured in the batter and put it in the stove. 
Luckily, I didn’t burn the house down. The waxed paper burned and scorched and made a dandy 
mess in the oven. I removed my cakes at the appointed hour then had to peel off all this burnt 
waxed paper, most of which landed on the floor. As I recall, the cake was pretty good and my 
mother wasn’t too furious at the little pieces of burnt waxed paper all over the kitchen. When one 
is 9 and has good intentions, they don’t always turn out quite as one plans. 

The description of Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book says, “It’s the kind of cookbook mothers 
hand down to their daughters, the kind of cookbook that people look for and snatch up at yard 
sales, no matter how dog-earned and worn the pages.” It also says, “Maybe the first cake you ever 
baked with your mom was Betty’s unforgettable Chocolate Joy Cake.” Or the first one you ever 
baked without her! Julia Child probably never burnt her waxed paper, but she did drop her chicken 
on television. 

Another favorite Mother’s Day memory is of my son, John, when he was around eight or so, going 
to the florist there in downtown Sierra Madre, and buying me three long-stemmed red roses for 
Mother’s Day. As he had to shop a couple of days before the special day, he had a real problem. 
What to do with the roses. Not knowing any better, he put them in the freezer, thinking that 
keeping them cold would be the best thing. Mother’s Day arrived, he took them out and, as you can 
imagine, they had not fared well. I have to tell you, friends and neighbors, those frozen roses meant 
the world to me. He was so distressed and I was so proud of him and felt so loved. 

If you haven’t bought your mom a card yet, you’ve still got time. My mother has been in heaven for 
quite some time, but today’s picture is of her holding baby me. I’m obviously worrying about what 
she’s going to put in my dinner. 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Where you’ll find “Sunrises and Sunflowers Speak Hope”
And “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter”
Both of these books are stuffed with hope and a good recipe or two.
The Emma Gainsworth Kindle novelettes are there, too,
Along with other goodies like “Noah and The Unicorns.” 

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