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Mountain Views-News Saturday, May 1, 2021 Mountain Views-News Saturday, May 1, 2021 
Norton Simon 
to Reopen 

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 The Norton Simon Museum 
announce Thursday a 
reopening date after being 
closed more than a year due 
to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

 Beginning Thursday, May 
20, the general public can 
visit the Museum’s main 
level galleries and garden. 
Museum members will enjoy 
special preview days from 
Saturday, May 15 through 
Monday, May 17. The 
Museum is strictly adhering 
to guidelines issued by the 
City of Pasadena, and has 
implemented new health 
and safety protocols to 
protect staff and visitors.

 Temporary Hours: For 
the time being, the Norton 
Simon Museum will be 
open Thursday through 
Monday, 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. 
We will be closed Tuesday 
and Wednesday.

 For more information and 
tickets visit: nortonsimon. 

May is BicycleSafety Month 

 May is National Bicycle 
Safety Month, and the Los 
Angeles County Sheriff ’s 
Departments, including 
Altadena and unincorporated 
Pasadena, are encouraging 
drivers to slow down when 
passing bicyclists, and asks 
bicyclists to be visible, 
predictable, and safe on the 

 “Bicyclists are safest when 
they act like and are treated 
the same as drivers,” Sergeant 
Robert Hill said. “Please 
share the road with bicyclists 
and think of them as your 
closest friends or family. We 
all want to get where we need 
to go safely, whether that is in 
the car or on a bike.”

 The Los Angeles County 
Sheriff ’s Department suggests 
the following safety tips for 
bicyclists and drivers:
Slow down. Give at least three 
to five feet of space when 
passing a bike.
Wait for a safe place to pass 
when driving behind a bike, 
especially on narrow roads. 
California law requires 
drivers to provide at least 
three feet of space between a 
vehicle and bicycle.
If making a right turn, assume 
a bicyclist is traveling through 
the intersection unless they 
signal otherwise.
When making a left turn, 
yield to oncoming bicyclists 
just as you would for other 
Look for cyclists before 
opening a car door.
Never drive distracted or 
Bike Riders 
Be predictable, safe, and seen: 
obey traffic laws, use hand 
signals, use lights at night 
(front white light and rear red 
reflector), and wear a helmet.
Bicyclists must travel in the 
same direction of traffic and 
have the same requirements 
as any slow-moving vehicle.
Avoid the door zone: do not 
ride too closely to parked 
If there’s a bike lane, use it, 
unless making a left turn, 
passing, or approaching a 
place where a right turn is 
Yield to pedestrians. 
Bicyclists must yield the 
right-of-way to pedestrians 
within marked crosswalks or 
within unmarked crosswalks 
at intersections. 

 For more information visit: 

was also filed. Man Who Hung admitted to participating 

in a multi-year conspiracy 

to make false statements to 

firearms dealers in Oregon Protesters and to illegally transport those 

firearms to California. In his 

plea agreement, Hung admitted 

Drove into 

Agrees to 

that he engaged in the scheme 
to obtain the firearms and 

Plead Guilty 

“evade California’s firearms 

registration laws.” 
A San Gabriel Valley man who Hung also admitted to making 
drove his truck into a crowd false statements to firearms 
of peaceful demonstrators last dealers in Washington in 
year in Pasadena has agreed connection with his purchase 
Wednesday to plead guilty of four rifles and one shotgun 
to a series of federal firearms in March 2020. Hung admitted 
offenses, including illegally in the plea agreement, “the 
obtaining and transporting firearms dealers were not legally 
weapons, and possessing short-permitted to sell firearms to 
barreled rifles. California residents.” Hung also 

 According to investigators, agreed to plead guilty to illegally 
Benjamin Jong Ren Hung, 28, transporting those firearms to 
a San Marino resident, entered California. 
into a plea agreement with In the plea agreement, Hung 
prosecutors that was filed today admitted bringing one of his 
in United States District Court. illegally obtained firearms, 
Hung agreed to plead guilty to a Glock 26 9mm handgun, 
11 felony offenses – including to counterprotest in Old 
conspiracy, transporting and Pasadena against a group who 
receiving firearms across state had gathered on May 31, 2020, 
lines, making false statements to protest against inequitable 
during purchases of firearms, treatment of minorities by 
and possession of unregistered police, including the death of 
firearms – charged in a George Floyd at the hands of a 
superseding information that police officer in Minneapolis. 

Upward Mobility Act of 2021Passes First Policy Committee 

Assemblymember Chris 
Holden’s legislation, the Upward 
Mobility Act of 2021, Assembly 
Bill 105 that addresses barriers to 
upward mobility and inclusion 
for people of color working 
in California’s civil services 
system passed, Thursday, the 
Assembly Committee on Public 
Employment and Retirement.

 “Upward mobility is integral to 
achieving racial justice, and we 
should be setting the example,” 
said Assemblymember Chris 
Holden. “The existing systems 
in place at our own state 
agencies fail to create inclusive 
workplace environments, and 
hinder qualified individuals 
to move on up within their 
department simply based on the 
color of their skin.” 

Data from the California 
Department of Human 
Resources reports shows that 
the majority of Non-White civil 
service personnel are paid a 
salary in the “$40,000 and below” 
range, but when the salary 
range increases, the percentage 
of Non-White civil servants 
moving into management 
positions decreased. The exact 
opposite takes place for White 
civil servants.

 AB 105 requires diversity on all 
state boards and commissions 
that have volunteers. The bill 
would also reform processes 
that hinder upward mobility 
for people of color in the civil 
service system, giving attention 
to compliance, the appeals 
process, and annual parity goals 
for upward mobility.

 In September 2020, California 
took a bold step to address 
racial inequity in the private 

sector when Governor Newsom 
signed AB 979 (Holden) that 
requires diversity on corporate 
boards of corporations based 
in California. AB 105 will 
next be heard in the Assembly 
Appropriations Committee.
Specifically AB 105 would:

• Require the California 
State Personnel Board (SPB) 
to establish a process that 
includes diversity and best 
practices in each aspect of thedesign, announcement, and 
administration of examinations 
for the establishment of 
employment lists.
• The bill provides that 
the Department of Human 
Resources (CalHR) may 
develop model upward mobilitygoals to include race, gender,
and LGBTQ as factors to theextent permissible under stateand federal equal protectionlaws. 
• Require that CalHR submitwithin its annual workforce 
analysis and census report allof the adverse actions taken bydepartments against employees.
It calls for the report to includethe type of adverse action,
ethnicity, gender, and sexualorientation, if available. The 
goal is to see if there arepatterns of discrimination in 
the departments. 
Hung, who was driving a 
customized Dodge pickup 
truck with vanity license plates 
reading “WAR R1G,” accelerated 
toward an intersection where 
the protest was taking place, 
sounded a train horn installed 
on the truck, came to a stop, 
and then continued through 
the intersection. As he drove 
past the demonstrators, Hung 
caused the truck to emit a large 
amount of exhaust in what is 
sometimes called “coal rolling.” 
No protesters were injured 
during the incident.

 Hung was detained by 
local police following his 
confrontation with the 
demonstrators, and the FBI 
then took over the investigation.

 Investigators said a date for 
Hung to appear in court to 
formally enter the guilty pleas 
has not yet been set.

 This matter was investigated 
by the FBI’s Los Angeles Joint 
Terrorism Task Force, FBI civil 
rights squads and the Pasadena 
Police Department. 

South Pas 

The City of South Pasadena 

Youth Commission, in 

partnership with American 

Foundation for Suicide 

Prevention, will host 

two online webinars for 

residents of South Pasadena 

on Friday, May 21.

 The first informative 

webinar will run from 

4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It 
will address risk factors, 
warning signs for suicide, 
and strategies that can help 
save lives. This webinar will 
be geared towards youth to 
help provide information 
and skills to help their 
To register for the Talk 
Saves Lives webinar please 
visit: tslyc52121.attendease. 

 The second webinar will 
run from 5:30 p.m. to 

7:00 p.m. This webinar is 
designed for parents to learn 
how to recognize signs of 
depression and other mental 
health problems, initiate 
a conversation with their 
child, and help them get 
To registers for More Than 
Sad: Suicide Prevention 
for Parents webinar please 
visit: mtsparents52121.

 The webinars will be led by 
Louisa Rocque, director of 
American Foundation for 
Suicide Prevention for the 
Greater Los Angeles and 
Central Coast area. 

LitFest 2021 Goes Virtual 

 LitFest Pasadena is set to live 
stream panel discussions, 
readings, and conversations 
on a range of current topics 
and genres as part of their 
9th annual event -On 
Saturday and Sunday, May 
15-16, noon to 6:00 p.m.,,
In the past LitFest Pasadenaattracted hundreds of 
well-known writers, poets,
journalists, and essayists 
along with thousands of 
literary enthusiasts.

 According to organizers, 
unlike a commercial, 
book-selling event, LitFest 
has established a growing 
reputation as being writer-
centric, conversational, and 
issue oriented. This year’s 
virtual festival will be the 
first time audience members 
can participate from coast-
to-coast and beyond.

 Panel discussions will 
include The Twists and 
Turns of True Crime with 
best selling author and 
podcaster Rabia Chaudry, 
Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, 
and Pasadena’s own Chip 
Jacobs; Don’t Hit Repeat 
with Jinghuan Liu Tervalon 
and John Powers (film 
critic, NPR and Vogue) in 
conversation with Myles 
Matsuno and a screening 
of his First to Go: Story 
of the Kataoka Family 
documentary; Graphic 
Novels and Inclusivity with 
BOOM! Studios’s Shannon 
Watters, Josh Trujillo, co-
writer of the new Marvel 


Architecture in Pasadena 

 Join the Pasadena Library as 
they explore how Asian and 
Asian-Influenced architecture 
have helped to shape Pasadena’s 
cityscape during an event 
Wednesday, May 12 • 4 p.m. via 

 Pasadena has some of the best 
Asian and Asian influenced 
architecture in the United States. 
Greene and Greene’s Craftsman 
mansions, vernacular 
bungalows, the MidCentury 
Modern post and beam homes 
of Buff & Hensman, and the 
ubiquitous California ranch 
style all bear the influence of 
Asian architecture and have 
helped to visually define our 
city’s neighborhoods. Join 
us for a lecture highlighting 
the connections between 
traditional Chinese and 
Japanese wooden architecture 
and these 20th Century 

Captain America teen 
gay superhero, Amanda 
Meadows, senior editor 
at Oni Press, and Pamela 
Ribon, creator of the 
original comic series SLAM! 
and screenwriter for the 
feature film Moana, along 
with others; and Publishers’ 
Roundtable with Rare Bird, 
Red Hen Press, Unnamed 
Press, and TSEHAI 

 Other highlights include a 
reading by LA Poet Laureate 
Lynne Thompson, the East 
Pasadena Poets reading in 
traditional LitFest locations, 
the Pasadena Rose Poets 
reading in unusual places, 
Poets in Distress, Zephyr 
Poets, Omega Sci Fi Awards 
and Locavore Lit LA 
readers; a screening of 6th 
Grade Cannibals; journalist 
Rainesford Stauffer reading 
from her upcoming release 
An Ordinary Age: Finding 
Your Way in a World that 
Expects Exceptional; and 
you certainly don’t want 
to miss the Dark Pasadena 
segment coming to you from 
Mountain View Cemetery.

 The virtual LitFest Pasadena 
is accessible for viewing via 
the LitFest Pasadena 
Facebook page, the 
Light Bringer Project 
YouTube channel, and at:

 For a full list of authors 
and other information 
can be also found at: 

Pasadena building styles.

 The talk also highlights 
the architecture of the USC 
Pacific Asia Museum, Storrier 
Stearns Japanese Garden, 
The Huntington Library, 
Art Museum, and Botanical 
Gardens’s Japanese and Chinese 

 Presented by Dave Nufer, 
program developer and docent 
with Pasadena Heritage and 
the Los Angeles Conservancy. 
Nufer has given prior talks at 
the Library on the architecture, 
history and cultural 
contributions of other Pasadena 
ethnic communities: “200 Years 
of Black Pioneers in Pasadena 
and Los Angeles” and “Hispanic 
Influence on Pasadena and 
California Architecture.” To 
attend sign up at: pasadena. 
evanced .info/signup/