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Floyd Family to Speak at McClain BLM Really 

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Field Elementary 
Principal Named 

Pasadena Unified 
School District (PUSD) 
Superintendent Brian 
McDonald, Ed.D., 
announced Friday that 
Charlene Tucker (pictured) 
has been named Principal 
of Field Elementary 
School, pending Board 
of Education approval. 
Tucker has served as 
interim principal of Field 
Elementary since Fall 

 An instructional leader 
who focuses on students’ 
social-emotional growth in 
a thriving child-centered 
community, Tucker brings 
more than 20 years of 
experience as an educator 
and administrator.

 “Ms. Tucker’s 

as an educator and 
administrator, along 
with her commitment to 
excellence and community 
will benefit Field 
Elementary School greatly,” 
said Superintendent 
McDonald. “I am pleased 
to appoint Ms. Tucker 
as Principal of Field 

 Prior to joining Field 
Elementary, Tucker served 
as Assistant Principal 
at Sierra Madre Middle 
School and Willard 
Elementary. Before that, 
she was Interim Principal 
of Wilson Middle School 
in the 2019-2020 school 
year and served as the 
school’s Assistant Principal 
since 2008. Tucker joined 
PUSD in 2003 as a special 
day class teacher at Wilson 
Middle School. She began 
her career as an educator 
in the San Bernardino 
Unified School District in 

 “During my time at Field 
Elementary as Interim 
Principal, it has been an 
honor to collaborate with 
all stakeholders during 
these unprecedented times 
to ensure the continued 
success of all students in 
our community,” says Ms. 
Tucker. “I am eager to 
continue on this journey 
of success in the years 
to come as we develop a 
community that positively 
impacts all students and 
families here at Field 

 Tucker is in the first 
year of the Doctor of 
Education program at the 
University of La Verne 
College of LaFetra. She 
has a Master of Science 
in Special Education and 
credentials in education 
specialist instruction and 
administrative services 
from National University. 
She has a Bachelor of Arts 
degree from the University 
of Redlands. 

 Tucker was selected after 
an inclusive process with 
significant input provided 
by Field Elementary School 
stakeholders, students, 
employees, and parents. 

 Well known local civil rights 
lawyer Caree Harper will be 
joined Monday by family 
members of George Floyd 
during a rally in front of 
Pasadena city hall for Anthony 
McClain who was killed by 
Pasadena police in August. 

 The event, held by Black Lives 
Matter L.A. will also feature 
civil rights attorney Benjamin 
Crump, currently representing 
the family of George Floyd. 
Harper said there will be other 

 Harper said it is about time 
to bring national attention to 
excessive force by Pasadena 
police including the Death of 
Leroy Barnes Jr., the Death of 
Reginald Thomas Jr., the Death 
of Kendrec McDade and others 
including McClain.

In March attorneys Harper and 
Crump released new video of 
McClain’s death they said shows 

Library Marks Pride Monthwith Author Chloe O. Davis 

To commemorate Pride 
Month this June, the South 
Pasadena Public Library 
has invited Chloe O. Davis, 
author of The Queens’ 
English: The LGBTQIA+ 
Dictionary of Lingo and 
Colloquial Phrases, to 
present a virtual talk titled 
“The Power of Language: 
Unpacking the Diversity 
and Intersectionality in 
LGBTQIA+ Culture” on 
Wednesday, June 23rd at 

6:00 p.m.. The event, which is 
appropriate for high school 
students through adults, will 
be held via Crowdcast at: 
Davis notes she will 
“discuss how language 
shapes culture, highlight the 
many diverse communities 
and intersectional 
identities that make our 
LGBTQIA+ community, 
guide conversations on the 
importance of empowering 
queer identity, help bring 
visibility and understanding 
to queerness, gayness, 
Blackness, and transness, 
and speak on the value of 
LGBTQIA+ visibility and 

 Davis is a proud Black 
bisexual woman and debut 
author who works in the 
entertainment industry in 
New York. A graduate of 
Hampton University and 
Temple University, she 
has centered her creative 
platform on amplifying 
the narratives of Black 
culture and heightening the 
awareness of the LGBTQIA+ 

doubt on a weapon police found 
at the scene. Investigators had 
said it had McClain’s DNA on it.

 “How is it that officer 
Dumaguindin has the super 
senses and saw a handgun on 
the other side of the street and 
the other people surrounding 
them didn’t see this handgun,” 
Harper told reporters at a press 

 The video also showed McClain 
on the sidewalk bleeding 
after being shot. Harper said 
McClain can be heard saying 
““I can’t breathe.” One of the 
officers kneels on his back as 
he is handcuffed Harper said. 
McClain had been shot through 
his right lung. 

 “I can’t Breathe,” has become a 
phrase used by the Black Lives 
Matter movement as a call 
for racial equality and the last 
words also uttered by George 

community. Davis’s work 
as a dancer, actor, and 
creative has allowed her 
to travel to all fifty states 
and internationally where 
she spent fifteen years 
researching, writing and 
creating The Queens’ 
English. She celebrates 
the etymological diversity 
of over eight hundred 
terms used to describe the 
collective gay and queer 
experience and believes 
The Queens’ English is a 
starting point for important 
conversations around 
inclusivity, sexuality, gender 
expression and identity. The 
Queens’ English is currently 
available for checkout at 
the South Pasadena Public 

 This program is presented 
by the South Pasadena 
Public Library with generous 
support from the Friends of 
the South Pasadena Public 

The car McClain had originally 
been stopped for having no 
front license plate. 

 Harper also settled a $1.5 
million wrongful death case 
involving 19-year-old Kendrec 
McDade, killed by Pasadena 
police in 2012. McDade was 
unarmed at the time and had no 
criminal history. MVNews 

OversightHearingon RotatingOutages

 The California State 

Assembly Committee on 

Utilities and Energy, chaired 

by Assemblymember 

Chris Holden, will hold an 

oversight hearing, “Summer 


 Ensuring Reliability since 

the August 2020 Outages” 

on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 

at 1:30 p.m. The Committee 

will be hearing presentations 

and questioning the 

California Independent 

System Operator (CAISO), 

California Public Utilities 

Commission (CPUC),

and the California Energy 

Commission (CEC).

 “The rotating outages last 

August served as a warning 

that electric reliability must 

not be taken for granted. 

What was intolerable was 

the power was turned off

when many Californians 

were most vulnerable – in 

the midst of a west wide 

heat storm that saw record 

high temperatures, a global 

pandemic which limited 

people’s ability to seek 

shelter in public indoor 

spaces, and with fires raging 

throughout the state,” said 

Assemblymember Chris 

Holden. “This committee 

is asking the State’s energy 

principals to detail how the 

mistakes that occurred last 

August have been remedied 

for this upcoming summer, 

and just how prepared are 

we to meet ever-changing 

grid conditions for the 

foreseeable future.”

 Presenters include Marybel 

Batjer, President of CPUC; 

David Hochschild, Chair of 

CEC; and Elliott Mainzer, 

President and CEO of 


 For more visit: autl.


Mountain Views-News Saturday, May 15, 2021 

CLA Honors Altadena’s Katie 
Clark with President’s Award 

 The Altadena Library District 
announced Wednesday that 
President of the Altadena 
Library District’s Board of 
Trustees, Dr. Katie Clark is 
being honored this year with 
the prestigious President’s 
Award from the California 
Library Association (CLA), 
which “recognizes outstanding 
contributions, leadership, and 
achievement in support of 
California libraries by a Trustee, 
Friend, Elected Official, or 
other layperson who has given 
his or her time and talents to 
further the advancements of 
California libraries.” 

 Clark , is a central leader in the 
community of Altadena whose 
vision and tireless commitment 
to libraries have created a 
legacy of long-term, positive 
impact that will provide critical 
library services for Altadena for 
decades to come. 

 Clark was first elected to 
the Board in 2018, where she 
immediately championed 
transparency in Board 
governance, equity in the 
election process for the Board, 
and a visionary strategic 
planning process to guide the 
Altadena Libraries into a new 
era of library service. 

 Most notable of Clark’s 
achievements as a Trustee 
are her efforts to establish 
a sustainable future for the 
District, both financially and 
physically. In the spring of 

South Pasadena LibraryComic Book Club for Adults

 Join the South Pasadena Public Library Comic Book Club for 
June 3rd Meeting: Gender QueerTime: 7:00 - 8:00 PM 
Title: Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe

Maia Kobabe’s (e/em/eir) intensely cathartic autobiography 
charts eir journey of self-identity, which includes the mortification 
and confusion of adolescent crushes, grappling with how to come 
out to family and society, bonding with friends over erotic gay 
fanfiction, and facing the trauma and fundamental violation of pap 
smears. Started as a way to explain to eir family what it means to 
be nonbinary and asexual, Gender Queer is more than a personal 
story: it is a useful and touching guide on gender identity—what 
it means and how to think about it—for advocates, friends, and 
humans everywhere.

 Meetings are held online on the 1st Thursday of every month at 

7:00 p.m. 
Registration is required. Comic Book Club for Adults is intended 
for adult participants, and titles discussed may contain mature 
images and subjects.

 Each month a new graphic novel/comic book will be selected 
and discussed via Zoom. View upcoming titles (subject to change) 
and more on the Comic Book Club webpage at: southpasadenaca.

2020, Clark drove the effort 
to develop a ballot measure 
that would replace the existing 
parcel tax when it sunsets and 
provide funding for building 
projects and library services 
in perpetuity. Throughout 
the summer of 2020, amidst 
a global pandemic, Clark and 
her team of volunteers reached 
out tirelessly to the community 
about Measure Z, and in 
November 2020, it passed with 
73% of the community vote. 

 “Our District’s renewed 
commitment to community 
engagement, listening, and 
innovation in library service 
can be directly linked to the 
strong foundation Trustee 
Clark has built through her 
work on the Board of Trustees,” 
says Altadena Library District 
Director Nikki Winslow. “She 
is the true embodiment of a 
dedicated public servant.” 

 Throughout her tenure as a 
Trustee, Dr. Clark has played 
an essential role in many 
critical projects and goes above 
and beyond what is expected 
of an elected official, leading 
the transformation of the 
Board of Trustees into one 
that is proactively growing and 
working to improve District 
buildings and services in the 
best interest of the community 
of Altadena. The Altadena 
Libraries congratulate Dr. Clark 
for her award and thank her for 
her years of dedicated service.