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Mountain View News Saturday, June 5, 2021 

Arcadia City Manager Dominic Lazzaretto has appointed 
Deputy Fire Chief Barry Spriggs to the position of Arcadia 
Fire Chief. A 27-year veteran of the Arcadia Fire Department, 
he will succeed Fire Chief Michael Lang, who is departing 
from the Arcadia Fire Department to serve as Fire 
Chief for the City of Manhattan Beach. 

“On behalf of the entire Arcadia community, I would like to 
congratulate Deputy Chief Spriggs on his selection as Arcadia’s 
next Fire Chief,” said Mayor Sho Tay. “The Arcadia Fire 
Department is a world class organization and the City Council 
is honored to have him be our next Fire Chief.” 

Deputy Chief Spriggs began his career with the Arcadia Fire 
Department in 1993 as a Fire Technician. Between 1994 and 
2008, he held the positions of Firefighter, Fire Engineer, and 
Fire Captain. 

In 2008, he was promoted to Battal-ion Chief where he managed 
the Emergency Medical Services Division, served as the 
City’s Emergency Manager, and was the Training Officer for 
the Fire Department. 

In 2016, Barry was promoted to Deputy Fire Chief where he 
managed department-wide operations, including serv-ing 
as the City’s liaison during the interagency response to the 
Bobcat Fire. Barry has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Azusa 
Pacific University and is married with two grown children. 

“Chief Spriggs is uniquely qualified to lead the Arcadia Fire 
Department. I’m confident that our Class 1 Fire Department will be in great hands under his leadership," said City Manager 
Dominic Lazzaretto. "I also want to thank Chief Lang for his many years of dedicated service to the City of Arcadia. Mike's focus 
on talent development in the past few years makes appointing Barry an obvious choice and I'm sure both men will make Arcadia 
very proud in the coming years,” he added. 

“It is a great privilege to be named the next Fire Chief for the City of Arcadia,” said Deputy Chief Spriggs. “The men and women 
of the Arcadia Fire Department are the finest in the fire profession. I would like to thank the City Manager and the City Council 
for their confidence and support.” With his appointment, Deputy Chief Spriggs will become Arcadia’s 17th Fire Chief. He will 
assume command on June 21, 2021. For more information about the Arcadia Fire Department, please visit 


 Beginning July 1, 2021, the Unoc

with at least one being available on 
cupied Resi-dence Registration will 

a 24-hour basis, as well as the annual 
require an annual fee of $1,492. 

fee. In lieu of providing two authorized 
contacts, property owners may

The fee will allow the City to con-

designate a property management

tinue efforts to ensure unoccupied 

company as their contact. The prop-

properties remain secured, well 

erty management company should

maintained, and do not become a 

be located within 20 miles of the un

nuisance to the community. An un

occupied resi-dence and be available

occupied residence is a single-family 

on a 24-hour basis.

home that has not been occupied for 
at least 30 days. 

Property owners of unoccupied residences, 
including those that are al-

Houses that are actively under con-

ready listed on the registry, can be

struction, in escrow to be sold or 

gin paying the annual registration fee

transferred, or being actively mar-

July 1, 2021, and may register at Ar

keted by an identified listing agent 

cadia City Hall, or online at www.Ar

are not considered unoccu-pied. For 

Registration of unoccupied residenc

more information, please contact the 

es is required and includes providing 

Code Services Division at 574-5432, 

up-to-date contact information for 

or email DSD-CodeServices@Arca

the property owner, contact infor- 

mation for two authorized persons, 

Catch breaking news at:
mtnviewsnews.comMONROVIA CITY COUNCIL 
The Monrovia City Council is proud to proclaim 
June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and 
Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month. 
Nationwide, this month-long celebration demon-
strates how LGBTQ+ individuals have strengthened 
our community, by using their talent and creativity 
to help create awareness and goodwill. 
The first Pride March in New York City was held on 
June 28, 1970, on the one year anniversary of the 
Stonewall Uprising. 

News & Notices 


On June 8 at 7 PM, the City of Duarte will host its first hybrid 
in-person/virtual format City Council meeting. To remain 
compliant with current COVID-19 Health Orders, in-person 
attendance will be limited capacity with social distancing, 
and masks will be required. Doors will open at 6:30 PM. 

“Duarte is excited to greet residents again in-person -from a 
distance, of course - starting with our city council meetings,” 
said Mayor Pro Tem Margaret Finlay. “We are very appreciative 
of resident participation in our meetings, and believe the 
virtual and in-person format will maximize the opportunityfor citizen input.” 

Per current Los Angeles County Department of Public 
Health (DPH) orders, up to 30 people, which includes CityCouncil members and staff, can participate in the meetingfrom the Council Chambers. Up to 12 additional people 
can participate from an onsite overflow room. All in-person 
guests must have their temperature checked upon arri-val. 
Eating and drinking is prohibited. In-person attendees that 
wish to make a public comment(s) on agenda items, including 
oral communications and hearings, will need to fill out a 
speaker card(s) with staff and wait until their name is called 
to step up to the mic. 

Residents who prefer to participate in the meeting virtually 
can still do so via Zoom. Register to participate virtuallyhere. The City will also post the Zoom registration link for 
the meeting on the first page of the agenda packet, located on 
the City’s website. 

All speakers, both in-person and virtual, will have three 

Procedures may continue to evolve for future City Council 
meetings as Health Orders change. 

The city of South Pasadena last week 
reopened certain city facilities in accordancewith public health guidelines. The public 
may visit facilities to conduct business 
during specified business hours beginningthat date, in accordance with established 
safety protocols. Face coverings and socialdistancing will be required. Virtual services 
will continue to be offered for convenience 
and appointments are still recommendedto reduce wait times and ensure social 

The City has implemented all possiblesteps to ensure a safe environment for bothour employees and visitors. This includesworkplace modifications to provide forappropriate social distancing, plexy glassbarriers at public counters, and increasedcleaning and disinfecting of facilities. In 
addition, employees have completedtraining on how to clean and disinfect theirworkspace before and after each shift, or as 
necessary, for the protection of employee andvisitor health. 

“We are very excited to open the doors to 
your facilities so that we can serve you in-
person whenever possible,” said InterimCity Manager Sean Joyce. Over the last few 
weeks, employees have phased back to theworkplace as necessary to deliver services 
to the community, while maintaining safeoperations. As we transition to full reopeningbetween May 17 and June 1, employees willbe on site during regular business hours. Weencourage the public to continue to make 

services. The popular Library Takeout no-
contact borrowing service and MaterialsMatchmaker offering will continue duringthis transition as services are reintroduced. 
For more information about in-libraryservices visit the library’s website at: or call626-403-7350. 

The Planning, Building and Public Workspublic counters will start in-personscheduled appointments beginning the weekof May 31, but will continue to offer virtualappointments as well. Signs posted onlineat
departments/planning-and-building and 
in the City Hall courtyard will provideinformation on how to schedule meetings 
with staff. 

Mountain Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. No. 327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285Email: Website: 
appointments when visiting city facilities andfollow protocols posted prominently at eachcity facility per Los Angeles County HealthOrders. Face masks and social distancingwill be required at all times when inside thefacility and sneeze guards have been installedwhere necessary for the safety of visitors andemployees. Visitors may be asked to havetheir temperatures checked prior enteringcity facilities and be required to scheduleappointments for in-person meetings withdepartment staff to ensure that office capacityreductions are maintained in accordance 
with LA County Health requirements. 
For your convenience, virtual services,
such as online payments and meetings, willcontinue to be offered. 
Also last week, the South Pasadena Public 
Library began welcoming customers 
back into the library building with its“Library Abridged” modified in-person 
The Senior Center will re-open on June 7as it completes minor interior renovations.
The limited reopening will allow for certain 
activities to resume at 25 to 50% capacity,
depending on the activity. Staff anticipates 
additional guidance from the health 
department to be released shortly. The SeniorMeals Program will continue to deliver mealsthrough the end of June and begin in-personmeal service on July 6. 
The City is also taking measures to againconduct in-person City Council and 
Commission/committee meetings. Protocolsare being developed and physical barriersare planned for installation for the safety ofall. Live in-person council and commissionmeetings are expected to resume mid-Juneor early July. 
For more information visit: southpasadenaca.