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The 2011 Winter League came to an end with the 
Santa Anita Bowling Green Club garnering first 
place in the Trophy Level Championship games 
against the bowlers from the Long Beach Lawn 
Bowling Club March 12th.At the Groves Lawn 
Bowling Club in Irvine, California.

The Santa Anita Bowlers were Marinko Tudor, 
Shuman Chan, Margi Rambo 
and Dewey Tse. Congratulations 
on a well played season.

There are several “leagues” 
going on in the lawn bowling 
sport. The “Winter League” has 
two divisions. One is the Trophy 
Level for the more seasoned 
bowlers and the Development 
Level for the newer lawn bowlers 
that haven’t matured fully. 
Another ‘league’ is the “Valley 
League” that Santa Anita bowls 
in. This is a three club league 
between Alhambra, Pasadena 
and Santa Anita. In other parts 
of the southland there are the 
Gold Coast, Inland, and several 
others. They have their “World 
Series” in the “Waterbury All 
League Championship.”

Lawn bowling is an easy sport 
to learn. Many that have never 
tried the sport can be playing in a game after two 
or three games. “Easy to learn, Hard to master.” 
That’s the way the sport is. If you’d like to try it, 
go to the web site: www.lawnbowling-arcadia.
com. Lots of information for you there. Or, you 
can call Gene Plunkett at 626-351-5327 and get 
the lowdown.

Arcadians are rallying to provide support for 
the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in 

The Facebook page of Scott Shimamoto offers 
an invitation to a benefit comedy show he is 
producing Saturday, March 26 from 7 p.m. – 10 
p.m. at Zapata Vive Restaurant, 101 S First Ave.

He is offering 10-minutes to each stand-up 
comic who brings at least five people to the show 
or donates $50 to the cause.

Admission for others is $10 per person.

Meanwhile, First Avenue Middle School 
student Showta Fred Moriyama’s Facebook 
page encouraged friends to wear red and white 
on March 24th to remember those lost, and to 
support those that are missing by following the 
step-by-step web code link instructions to an 
invitation that ends with #5: Pray, as well as links 
to organizations that are collecting donations:
Make-a-single-donation/Disaster-Fund (Red 
Cross donation by phone: text “REDCROSS” to 
90999 to add $10 (billed to phone bill) 

Finally, the Los Angeles County Sheriff 
Department has issued an advisory about 
donations to bogus organizations.

Experts indicate that the best donation is 
money so that supplies can be purchased close 
to the affected areas. This saves on transportation 
costs and logistics.

Unfortunately, while many people are extending 
a helping hand, criminals use the opportunity to 
cheat and steal from those who are trying to help 
those in need.

The following three sections will help you make 
a better decision on how to provide help to others 
while protecting yourself, if you decide to assist:

1. Protect yourself from fraud

A. The Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s 
consumer protection agency, has provided a 
“charity checklist” to advise consumers about 
donating wisely to charities.

If you are asked to contribute to a charity, you 

a. Ask for the name of the charity if the 
telemarketer does not provide it promptly;

b. Ask what percentage of your donation will 
support the cause described in the solicitation;

c. Verify that the charity has authorized the 

d. Do not provide any credit card or bank 
information until you have reviewed all 
information from the charity and made the 
decision to donate;

e. Ask for a receipt showing the amount of the 
contribution and stating that it is tax deductible; 

f. Avoid cash gifts. For security and tax record 
purposes, it’s best to pay by check – made payable 
to the beneficiary, not the solicitor.

The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive 
and unfair business practices in the marketplace 
and to provide information to help consumers 
spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint 
or get free information on consumer issues, visit or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP 
(1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261. Watch 
a new video, How to File a Complaint, at
video to learn more.

The FTC enters consumer complaints into the 
Consumer Sentinel Network, a secure online 
database and investigative tool used by more than 
1,800 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies 
in the U.S. and abroad.

B. The State of California Department of 
Justice, Office of the California Attorney 
General, regulates charities and the professional 
fundraisers who solicit on their behalf. The 
purpose of this oversight is to protect charitable 
assets for their intended use and ensure that the 
charitable donations contributed by Californians 
are not misapplied and squandered through 
fraud or other means. The main elements of the 
Attorney General´s regulatory program are found 
as the following link:

Charity Research Tool

A searchable database of the information 
returns that charities file annually with the IRS 
is available on the Attorney General´s website. 
The database allows donors to research a charity 
before making a decision to give:

2. What and where to donate

If you are looking for a list of non profit charities 
that are working with the Japanese government, 
visit the U.S. Agency for International 
Development, or USAID, at

In response to the earthquake and Tsunami 
in Japan, the U.S. Agency for International 
Development (USAID) is dispatching a Disaster 
Assistance Response Team (DART) and has 
mobilized its partners, the Fairfax County Urban 
Search and Rescue (USAR) Team and the Los 
Angeles County Search and Rescue Team. Each 
USAR team will be composed of approximately 
72 personnel, search and rescue canines and 
approximately 75 tons of rescue equipment. The 
USAR teams will be accompanied by USAID 
disaster experts who will assist with assessments 
of the situation.

3. How you can help

Following a major disaster, most relief 
organizations and emergency responder agencies 
are extremely busy, even if they are outside 
the affected area. Organizations can become 
overwhelmed with too many volunteers. The 
best time to sign-up to volunteer is during a 
non-disaster time. This allows you to train with 
a disaster relief organization to be ready when the 
next emergency strikes.

To find a training or volunteer opportunity 
go to and enter 
your zip code, select “Public Safety and Disaster 
Preparedness” from the pull down menu. You will 
receive a list of potential opportunities in your 
area, such as joining a Community Emergency 
Response Team (CERT).

For more information about fraud, becoming a 
volunteer, and USAID’s emergency humanitarian 
assistance programs, please visit the following 




Deputy Robert Boese III

Captain Mike Parker

Sheriff’s Heaqdquarters Bureau – Newsroom

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

(323) 267-4800

All smiles on the faces of the Santa Anita Bowling Green 
Club winning team in the Southwest Division Trophy Level 
Championships. Shuman Chan, Marinko Tudor, Sybil Bernash 
from The Groves (host club), Margi Rambo and Dewey Tse


The event is one of several upcoming promotions amid the expansion of racing to a five-day 
race week beginning Wednesday, March 23. The horse track will also re-institute it’s “Free Fridays” 
promotion beginning March 25. And all patrons will receive free General Admission on April 1, 8 
and 15 in advance of the final day of Santa Anita’s 74th winter/spring meeting on April 17.

The track will also offer free box seats while they last on those remaining Free Fridays, as well as 
$2 beers, soft drinks and hot dogs.

Arcadia Police Blotter

For the period of Sunday, March 6, through Saturday, March 12, the Police Department responded to 
980 calls for service of which 116 required formal investigations. The following is a summary report of 
the major incidents handled by the Department during this period.

Sunday, March 6:

Around 2:19 a.m., a traffic stop was conducted at Live Oak and Fourth when a vehicle was observed 
traveling over the center divider. An intoxicated 29-year-old male Hispanic driver was arrested for 

2. Loss prevention personnel from Macy’s advised that they had detained a woman for theft around 
3:13 p.m. The suspect entered the store with two handbags and filled them with merchandise while 
in a fitting room. She also switched a $127 price tag on a sweater with a $12 tag and paid for the 
item. She then exited the store where she was contacted by loss prevention employees. A private 
person’s arrest was made, and a 51-year-old Asian was taken into custody for petty theft and over 
$600 in stolen merchandise was recovered.

Monday, March 7:

3. Units were dispatched to the 2500 block of South Fourth around 8:46 a.m. in reference to a 
forged check report. A check was mailed by a business to an insurance company, and it was later 
discovered that the check had been altered with a different payee name and amount.

4. Shortly before 1:00 p.m., a victim came to the station to file a fraud report. On March 2, a bank 
representative contacted the victim and asked about some unusual transactions in the City of 
Westlake. The victim went online and confirmed that unknown suspect(s) had used his credit card 
account information to make unauthorized charges in Oxnard, Ventura, and Westlake.

Tuesday, March 8:

5. An attempted robbery occurred at Advantis, 1041 South Baldwin, around 10:50 a.m. Two male 
African-American suspects, armed with replica black semi-automatic handguns, entered the store 
and pointed the guns at the victim. The suspects told the victim to kneel on the ground and then 
pulled out zip ties. Fearing that he was going to be shot after being tied, the victim grabbed one of 
the suspect’s guns and used it to hit the suspect multiple times in the face. The second suspect then 
used his gun to pistol whip the victim on the back of his head. The suspects fled the scene on foot, 
but they were later apprehended in the 700 block of Arcadia. The juvenile suspects, ages 15 and 16, 
were taken into custody for attempted robbery, commercial burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, 
false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit crime, and drawing/exhibiting imitating firearm. After 
being booked at the City jail, they were transported to Eastlake Juvenile Detention Center.

6. Around 1:22 p.m., a vehicle was observed traveling 79 mph in a 25 mph school zone, and the car 
subsequently rear-ended another vehicle at Holly and Duarte. A 19-year-old male Hispanic driver 
was arrested for reckless driving, excessive speed, no proof of insurance, and driver’s license not in 

Wednesday, March 9:

7. Between 3:30 p.m. to 6:43 p.m., a residential burglary occurred in the 1400 block of Orlando. 
Unknown suspect(s) entered the home by pushing out a window that was in a laundry room door. 
The suspect(s) then ransacked rooms and stole jewelry, a laptop computer, and a digital camera.

8. A 2001 white Toyota Tacoma was stolen from the 1800 block of Oakwood around 10:10 p.m. The 
victim actually saw the vehicle being driven away by the suspect. Officers conducted an area check, 
but the vehicle was not found.

Thursday, March 10:

9. Units were dispatched to the 400 block of Arborlada around 8:46 a.m. regarding a residential 
burglary in progress. Two male suspects were seen trying to enter house through a bedroom 
window. While the residents were calling the police, the suspects left the location in a vehicle driven 
by a third suspect. Sierra Madre Police stopped the suspect vehicle at Santa Anita and the 210 
Freeway, and three African-American suspects, two 25-year-olds and a 29-year-old, were arrested 
for residential burglary, and possession of burglary tools. Two of the suspects were also charged 
with felony parole violations.

10. Shortly after 10:00 a.m., APD officers assisted parole officers from the California Department 
of Corrections in the 800 block of West Duarte. During a parolee detention, it was discovered that 
the subjects were in possession of a large amount of marijuana for the purpose of sales. A 27-year-
old male Asian was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale, felon/addict in possession of 
firearm, possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, outstanding felony warrant, 
and receiving stolen property. Two female Asians, ages 25 and 29, were also taken into custody for 
possession of marijuana for sale.

Friday, March 11:

11. Around 1:51 a.m., a traffic stop was initiated at Baldwin and Huntington for a code violation. 
Officers detected the odor of alcohol from the vehicle and a field sobriety test was conducted on 
a 21-year-old female Hispanic driver. It was determined that she was operating the vehicle while 
intoxicated and was arrested for DUI.

12. A traffic stop on a vehicle for an equipment violation was conducted at Santa Anita and Orange 
Grove around 1:00 p.m. Record checks of the two occupants revealed that the driver was on parole 
for burglary and a 53-year-old male Hispanic passenger had 2 outstanding warrants and was also in 
possession hypodermic needles. The passenger was arrested at the scene without incident.

Saturday, March 12:

13. Around 3:52 p.m., a victim came to the station to report a fraud. A possible suspect, who 
worked at a loan company, had access to the victim’s personal and financial information. The 
suspect then used that information to make 10 unauthorized transactions from the victim’s 
checking account for a loss of over $1,600.

14. Shortly before 5:00 p.m., units responded to the 1000 block of Don Pablo regarding an attempted 
suicide. A 72-year-old man locked himself inside his bedroom and consumed a large amount of 
prescription medication. A suicide note was found at the scene, and the man was transported to a 
nearby hospital for treatment and psychological evaluation.

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