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Patticakes’ Owner 
Defends Mural

Local Man 
with Beating 
Death of 

A 40-year-old Pasadena 
man pleaded not guilty last 
week to a charge that he 
beat a muzzled 16-month-
old German shepherd to 
death with a hammer then 
removed the dog’s body 
from the owner’s yard.

 Young Song, an animator 
at Dreamworks, was 
arraigned and pleaded not 
guilty to one felony count 
of cruelty to an animal and 
one misdemeanor count 
of petty theft of a dog 
with a special allegation 
of personal use of a deadly 
weapon, a hammer, said 
Deputy District Attorney 
Alison Matsumoto. Bail was 
set at $40,000.

 Song allegedly entered his 
neighbor’s yard on April 
20 and shot the dog with 
a pellet gun. He allegedly 
returned to the owner’s 
yard a short time later and 
beat the dog to death with a 
hammer then removed the 
dog’s body from the owner’s 

 Pasadena Humane Society 
and SPCA CEO Steve 
McNall said the attack was 
caught on a surveillance 
camera outside the dog 
owner’s home. After 
reviewing the footage he 
said it was the worst case of 
animal cruelty he had ever 

 Song returns to court on 
May 26 to set a date for 
his preliminary hearing in 
Department N. If convicted, 
Song faces more than four 
years in state prison.

Patticakes’ owner, Mike McLellan

By Dean Lee


 Local residents began pouring 
into an Altadena bakery earlier 
this week to defend a large 
brightly colored mural of 
muffins, cake and coffee on the 
side of the business after county 
officials gave the owner 30 days 
to remove it saying the painting 
was advertising and out of 

 Patticakes’ owner, Mike 
McLellan said the county, in a 
letter dated April 25, threated 
him with six months jail time 
and a $1,000 fine for every day 
the mural stayed up. Each day in 
violation constitutes a separate 
violation the letter reads. 

 “It looks like, of course you 
have a $1,000 fine, but on top of 
that, you got to pay $2,366 also,” 
he said. 

Although McLellan vowed to 
fight the charge, he said both 
county officials and members 
of the Altadena Town Council 
have been helpful. Town 
Councilmember Jamie Bissner 
advised McLellan to bring the 
issue up at their next regular 
meeting May 17. 

 As of Thursday McLellan said 
he collected over 200 signatures 
in favor of the mural. “We 
got that in about a day and a 
half,” he said. “We have people 
coming in that have never been 
in here just because they heard 
about the issue and wanted to 
sign the petition.”

 He said officials told him 
two complaints led to an 
investigation of the mural. 

 McLellan also said the county 
would charge almost $9,000 
for a variance hearing, money 
he said he does not have. 
L.A. County Department of 
Regional Planning Inspector 
Jonathan Bell told McLellan he 
violated two codes (22.52.800 
and 22.52.880) dealing with size 
limits on signs.

 McLellan said he paid local 
artist Bill Madrid $2,500 for the 

 “He basically designed the 
painting,” McLellan said. “He 
came to me to, literally, with a 
sketch and I said fantastic, go 
with it.” 

 McLellan said if he is forced to 
paint over the wall he will paint 
it bright lime green and purple, 
“I will make this neighborhood 
hate that wall.”

New Council Sworn In: During Monday’s city council meeting, Councilman Steve 
Haderlein stepped down after 12 years serving District 4; Gene Masuda (second from left) 
was sworn in as the new councilman representing District 4; Mayor Bill Bogaard, District 1 
Councilwoman Jacque Robinson, District 2 Councilwoman Margaret McAustin and District 
6 Councilman Steve Madison were each sworn in for another four-year term; and Margaret 
McAustin (third from left) was elected vice mayor for a one-year term.

$4 Million

 The Pasadena City College 
Foundation received a $4 
million gift – the largest 
single donation in the 
college’s 87-year history – 
from the Westerbeck Family 
Trust, the school’s President 
Dr. Mark Rocha announced 

 The donation will be used 
to establish the Robert 
Westerbeck Scholarship 
Endowment. Rocha said the 
gift is the fifth largest single 
bequests to a community 

 “The extraordinary 
generosity of alumnus 
Robert Westerbeck and his 
wife Adrienne will create a 
permanent endowment for 
student scholarships and help 
to insure access to quality 
public higher education for 
generations of students to 
come,” Rocha said.

 Dr. Lisa Sugimoto, vice 
president of college 
advancement, estimates that 
the endowment gift could 
provide more than 200 new 
full scholarships annually. 

 “The impact of the 
Westerbeck Endowment on 
student access and success is 
incalculable,” Dr. Sugimoto 

 Westerbeck (known to his 
friends as Bob) attended 
Pasadena Junior College 
(PJC) from 1932 through 
1936, graduating from both 
PJC High School and the 

 The story of Westerbeck 
and his wife, Adrienne, 
is rooted in the PCC 
tradition of a fervent belief 
in education as the way to 
realize the American Dream. 
Westerbeck, who died in 
2006, often credited his 
success to the education he 
received at PCC. Adrienne, 
who died last year at the 
age of 103, taught organ 
and piano at PCC until her 
retirement in 1971.

 Rocha also announced plans 
to recognize the Westerbecks 
through the college’s Center 
for the Arts, which is now 
under construction and due 
to open in October 2012. 
“We will make sure that when 
you enter our beautiful new 
Center for the Arts, you will 
be able to hear ‘Adrienne’s 
piano’ as a new generation 
of music students take their 

Public Invited To Give Input 
on Next Public Works Director

JPL Open 

 JPL welcomes the public for 
its annual Open House on 
Sat., May 14; and Sun., May 
15, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The 
popular free event includes 
exhibits, demonstrations 
and childrens’ activities 
that highlight JPL’s 
ongoing research and space 
exploration. Many scientists 
and engineers will be on 
hand to answer questions 
about how numerous 
spacecraft study Earth, 
other planets, and the stars 
and galaxies beyond our 
solar system.

 Pasadena residents and other 
stakeholders are invited to 
provide input on the search for 
the city’s next director of public 

 All meetings are from 6:30 
to 8 p.m.: Tuesday, May 17, 
in classroom 3 at Victory 
Park Center , 2575 Paloma 
St.; Tuesday, May 31, in the 
auditorium at Jackie Robinson 
Center , 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave.; 
Thursday, June 7, at La Casita 
del Arroyo, 177 S. Arroyo Blvd.

City Manager Michael J. 
Beck, who will make the 
final selection, encourages 
Pasadenans to participate 
by voicing their opinions on 
the ideal qualities the next 
director of public works should 
possess and the issues the 
director should be prepared to 

 “I value the opinions of 
everyone in the community and 
look forward to their input,” 
said Beck.

 The Public Works Department 
maintains city parks and street 
trees, streets and roadways, 
buildings and vehicles, sewers 
and storm drains, street lights 
and traffic signals, and trails, 
streams and habitats.

 The new director will have an 
opportunity to present a fresh 
assessment of the department’s 
business practices, systems and 
customer orientation. 

 After semi-finalist candidates 
have been identified, Beck 
will appoint a community 
committee to assist him in 
selecting three to four finalists. 
He anticipates appointing a new 
department director by October 
or November.

 For more information call the 
Pasadena Human Resources 
Department at (626) 744-4366.

Mayor to Lead Bike Ride and Family Night

 The Mayor’s Bike ride will 
be an opportunity for the 
city to come together for a 
family-friendly bike ride with 
Mayor Bill Bogaard. This 
event will include vendors, 
entertainment, and prizes for 
children and adults.

 Opening Remarks – Begins 
at 5:30 with Mayor Bogaard 
and an introduction of 
elected officials.

Group Bike Ride – Departing 
at 6:00pm. The bike ride is 2.5 
miles and will include both 
new and experienced riders, 
and families. It will be a slow 
paced ride (10 mph) with 
designated ride leaders from 
C.I.C.L.E. and police escorts 
managing traffic.

Family-Friendly Event – The 
ride will return to City Hall at 
6:30pm for family activities, 
vendors, and prizes.

 Location: Pasadena City 
Hall, 100 N. Garfield Ave. 
Pasadena, CA 91101. 
Festivities will be located on 
the north side of City Hall 
along Thurgood Marshall.

 What to Bring: Your bicycle, 
in good running order, and 
plenty of night lights. All 
participants should be able 
to ride a bike safely with the 
ability to brake, change gears, 
and balance while stopping 
and starting. All participants 
under 18 must wear a helmet 
and be escorted by a parent 
or guardian. Children under 
age 8 should be on a tag-a-
long, bike trailer, tandem, 
or other safe child-carrying 
device to participate in the 

Pet of the 

Citizen Journalism Meet-up





The Pasadena Community 
Network and this newspaper 
are holding a workshop on 
Citizen Journalism. 

 This group is the place where 
aspiring journalists can learn 
from trained professionals 
and support their local 
community by covering 
what’s really happening in 
their neighborhoods.

 We will put the news in your 
hands. Learn how to find 
the story, the tools needed 
to capture the story and the 
means to tell the story using 
the power of video, audio 
and print along with online 
social media The next 
meeting is April 26 from 
6 p.m. to 8p.m. This week 
at the Donald R. Wright 
Auditorium (see below). For 
more info call 626.794.8585 
or visit

Learn not just how 
to blog but how to 
report the news

Public Invited To Celebrate 
Fire Service Day May 14

USO Show

Lamanda Park Branch 
Library will host Theatre 
Americana on Wednesday, 
May 25 at 6:30 p.m. as 
they present a USO show 
honoring our veterans 
and active military 
personnel. Enjoy music of 
the 30s and 40s along with 
contemporary songs as they 
take you on a sentimental 
journey through the history 
of the camp shows.

Lamanda Park Branch 
Library is located at 140 
S. Altadena Dr. For 
more information, phone 
Lamanda Park Branch 
Library (626) 744-7266.

Family Fun Day 
at La Pintoresca

La Pintoresca Park and 
Branch Library will host 
their annual Family Fun Day, 
a fun filled day of activities 
on Saturday, May 28 from 
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enjoy 
great food, entertainment, 
arts and crafts, a skate park 
competition, disc jockey 
and more!

La Pintoresca Branch 
Library is located at 1355 
N. Raymond Ave. For more 
information, call (626) 744-

 Meet the dedicated men 
and women of the Pasadena 
Fire Department during Fire 
Service Day on Saturday, May 
14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

At Fire Station 33, 515 N. 
Lake Ave. , firefighters will 
demonstrate life-saving and 
fire-suppression techniques 
includingvehicle fires and 
extinguishments, vehicle 
rescue operation using the 
Jaws of Life, and aerial ladder 
operations. Big red fire trucks 
and other apparatus will be on 
display, and there will be hot 
dogs and other refreshments 
as well as entertainment. Fire 
Station 33 is on the west side of 
Lake Avenue just north of Villa 
Street . Parking will be available 
in Lots C and D at Lake Avenue 
Church one block south of the 
fire station.

All other fire stations in 
Pasadena will be open to 
the public as well to meet 
firefighters and see big red fire 
trucks: Fire Station #31, 135 S. 
Fair Oaks Ave. Fire Station #32, 
2424 E. Villa St. Fire Station 
#34, 1138 E. Del Mar Blvd. Fire 
Station #36, 1140 N. Fair Oaks 
Ave. Fire Station #37, 3430 E. 
Foothill Blvd. Fire Station #38, 
1150 E. Linda Vista Ave.

For more information call 
(626) 744-4675.

Poochie, a two year old 
Alaskan Malamute mix is 
strikingly handsome and 
so much fun! He is very 
tall, has a lovely thick coat, 
and a happy personality. 
Poochie loves to play and 
needs a home where he will 
receive plenty of exercise 
and attention. Come visit 
with him today! 

The regular dog adoption 
fee is $120, which includes 
medical care prior to 
adoption, spaying or 
neutering, vaccinations, 
and a follow-up visit with a 
participating vet. 

Please call 626-792-7151 
and ask for A285759 or 
come to the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA, 
361 S. Raymond Ave , 
Pasadena CA , 91105 . 
Our adoption hours are 
11-4 Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday, 
Wednesday, Thursday, and 
Friday, and 9-4 Saturday. 
Directions and photos of 
all pets updated hourly 
may be found at www.

‘City Beat’ Topics: Fire Station 
39, Civic Center Project

 The closure of Fire Station 
39 due to earthquake damage 
and the Civic Center-
Midtown Improvement 
Project are among the topics 
on the latest edition of “City 
Beat” on KPAS and the 

 Moderator Ann Erdman is 
joined by Pasadena Mayor 
Bill Bogaard, Crown City 
News news director Tami 
DeVine andMountain Views 
News editor Dean Lee.

“City Beat” replays Mondays 
at 2 and 6 p.m., Tuesdays 
at 7:30 p.m., Wednesdays 
at 8:30 a.m., Thursdays at 
7 p.m.,Fridays at 8:30 p.m., 
Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. and 
Sundays at 8:30 a.m.

 KPAS is on channel 3 on the 
Charter Communications 
cable system in Pasadena 
and channel 99 on AT&T 
U-Verse. Streaming video 
of all KPAS programming 
can be accessed in real time 
publicaffairs and clicking on 
the KPAS icon.

 For more information about 
the program call (626) 744-

NASA Selects Investigations 

 NASA has selected three 
science investigations from 
which it will pick one potential 
2016 mission to look at Mars’ 
interior for the first time; study 
an extraterrestrial sea on one 
of Saturn’s moons; or study in 
unprecedented detail the surface 
of a comet’s nucleus. NASA’s 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 
Pasadena, Calif., would lead the 
Mars investigation.

 Each investigation team will 
receive $3 million to conduct 
its mission’s concept phase or 
preliminary design studies and 
analyses. After another detailed 
review in 2012 of the concept 
studies, NASA will select one 
to continue development 
efforts leading up to launch. 
The selected mission will be 
cost-capped at $425 million, 
not including launch vehicle 

 “NASA continues to do 
extraordinary science that is re-
writing textbooks,” said NASA 
Administrator Charles Bolden. 
“Missions like these hold great 
promise to vastly increase our 
knowledge, extend our reach 
into the solar system and inspire 
future generations of explorers.”

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