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Do not forget your mother or grandmother on 
Mother’s DayMake your reservation now for the Four Seasons Tea Room75 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024 
RSVP (626) 355-0045
OpenTues - Sat11am - 4pmSundays 
open forgroups 
of 20 
or morePrivate SpaceAvailable 
for Bridal & 
Baby Showers, 

Sitting as a welcoming pillar of the Pasadena Playhouse, Elements Kitchen is one of the most 
intriguing restaurants in the Pasadena Restaurant scene. If you have lived in the area for any 
number of years you have witnessed many ephemeral restaurants in this location. An Opera 
House, an Italian restaurant and a Play House Café have been a few of the more notable 
ventures. Elements is not one of those passing us in the night, rather it is one of the most 
dynamic restaurants in Pasadena. I went there unannounced a few weeks back to do some 
detective work. I felt as though they were preparing for a big game. Everyone was hustling, 
the décor was elegant and I couldn’t wait to return for my dinner. The owner Onil Chibas 
has put some serious thought behind the look of the restaurant. They pass the eye test with 
a pristine interior that inspires the soul. They have a great bar in the front of the house and 
makes for terrific people watching, especially on the night of a big play. The bartender to 
your front is well equipped to guide you through their world of interpretive pre-prohibition 
cocktails. I did not tax their skills and went for the Gruet Brut from New Mexico. I would 
never and I repeat, never order anything from outside the Napa region when it comes to 
a sparkler, but this one I do recommend!! You caught me, and yes, I broke my own rule. 
Sticking with a bar theme (maybe you are in 
a hurry and waiting for the curtain table to 
open)? Bar Bites are available from 5 to 10 
P.M. Sausage plates, and beer battered Maui onions are fantastic choices but the Kimichi Tacos 
house made tortillas will win a blue ribbon. For night owls, Friday and Saturday Nights 
from 10 PM till midnight cocktail hour prices plus a burger are $5 and the Garlic truffle fries 
for $2 are a wallet saver.

Returning back this week to sit in the big boy section. This where your mind should start 
to hunger. The name Elements is divided into Chicken& Birds/ Beef and Lamb and Fish, 
thus the separation of Elements. Don’t be confused it is simple enough; the only pressure 
is on the server who has to remember all of the ingredients. Our Server was Carey Smith a 
veteran and was up to the task, he did peak at his notes a time or two. I am embarrassed to 
tell you how much I ate, but thankfully my friend and elite blogger, Josie Mora was along for 
this expedition. For starters the Beef Steak Tomato Tartare, yes, you read that right, listed 
right under the Element “Tomato” not oily like I would have guessed and the display with 
the Tomato egg Yolk was perfect, try doing that one at home!! Another appetizer that I could 
see enjoying at the bar was the Crispy Buffalo Chicken lollipops with candied carrot ribbons. 
Why Lollipops? They are round and plump, the shape of a 
lollipop. Just about the best chicken wing I have ever had. 
For soup, Garbure, you might know it as Peasant Soup of 
the South-west a France, under the Element of Cabbage: 
applewood smoked bacon and beans in a chicken broth. 
Foie Gras? Of course accompanied by house made pita 
rounds with roasted capers, again a delight. Let’s talk about 
the entrees, I must ask Chef/Owner Onil and his first Lieutenant 
Alberto Morales where the inspiration for the menu 
came from; it seems to come straight out of an elite French 
Cooking book. Half Duck two a smoke cured Duck Breast 
with Crispy and just perfect confit leg and thigh, with German 
potato salad. So many items to choose from, again 
some of these dishes are now my favorites. Just about to 
wrap this one up. Here comes the dessert. Go for the white 
Chocolate & coffee Mousse, makes sure you get plenty of 
whipped cream. All and all, a very memorable experience. 
Elements kitchen 37 S. El Molino Ave. Pasadena (626) 440-
0044 please check out the website for hours and updates 
from the menu

.. Your thoughts? Love to hear them, the Watch Dining with Dills on 
Sunday Nights at 7 PM on Charter 101. Follow me on Facebook

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills

Spot Of Tea, Anyone?

Four Seasons Tea Room In Sierra Madre Is An Elegant Place To Go

By La Quetta M. Shamblee

It’s hard to imagine a more delightful way to 
spend a spring afternoon than sipping on a 
Darjeeling brew, considered the “champagne 
of teas” at the Four Seasons Tea Room on 
north Baldwin in Sierra Madre. Proprietor, 
Rosa Jaime’s love of flowers and linens is 
apparent upon entering the French doors 
into an intimate foyer. All tables are adorned 
with beautiful sets of English-bone China 
atop delicate linens. Large windows create a 
sunroom ambiance in the Main Tea Room and 
the Small Tea Room, which will accommodate 
up to 30 or 20 guests, respectively. Once inside, 
another door leads outside to a welcoming 
patio with lots of greenery and seating for 
another 30 to enjoy a spot of tea.

Maggie Gonzalez greets and escorts arriving 
guests to their seats. After offering a decaf 
tea option, guests who choose regular tea 
have quite a selection of quality brews, 
including the most popular House Blend ( a 
Darjeeling and Assam mix), an English Earl 
Grey, snowflake and fruit flavored brews like 
apricot, pear-pomegranate and others. Tea 
is poured as guests at your table are probably 
still perusing the menu to choose from one of 
four basic options that range from only $17.50 
to $22.00 per person. The Full Tea, known as 
the “Afternoon Tea” is the most elaborate and 
includes a pouring of teas, five tea sandwiches, 
scones and a delectable tray of homemade 
sweets. Minus the scones and deserts, the 
“Sandwich Tea” is a lighter option. The “Salad 
Tea” features their mouth-watering House 
Salad with mixed greens, toasted almonds, 
mandarin oranges, blue cheese crumbles and 
their signature house vinaigrette made from 
rose petals. The “Cream Tea” is the perfect fit 
for those craving a fix for a sweet tooth. Their 
tasty scones are a favorite, arriving at the table 
piping hot, with a generous complement of 
fresh cream and jam.

Most tea rooms have disappeared from the 
scene across the U.S., perhaps in recent years 
viewed as a bit stuffy and inflexible for the 
laid back Southern California lifestyle. Four 
Seasons captures the nostalgic elements of 
the classic English Tea, while creating an 
environment that welcomes and introduces 
new generations to the tea party experience. 


The recent nuptials of Prince William and Miss 
Catherine Middleton provided the perfect 
international backdrop for Four Seasons Tea 
Room to take part in this historic event. Rosa 
says, “I sent out invitations for people to come 
and celebrate the Royal Wedding with a perfect 
cup of tea.” Apparently there was widespread 
interest as guests arrived, all fancied in hats, 
fascinators and gloves. Many guests ordered 
scones- to-go that could be baked at home 
to enjoy while watching the wedding live in 
the wee hours of the morning on April 29th. 
Other fun events have included a “Phantom of 
the Opera” murder mystery and “Peter Pan” 
and “Mary Poppins” teas for children.

After seven years in business, Rosa has some 
new ideas up her sleeves. She is discussing 
plans to open on Sundays, which only happens 
now for reservations requests for parties of 20 
or more. For the summer, she says, “I would 
like to have music on the patio after 4pm.” It 
will feature a buffet with cheeses and salads, 
with guests encouraged to bring their own 
bottles of wine – with no corkage fee. Rosa 
does all of her own baking, but says, “This 
doesn’t feel like work. It’s child’s play since I 
always feel like I’m simply having a tea party 
for friends.”

Feel free to drop in for a quick tour of the 
facility or to take a quick peek at the beautiful 
table settings. Visit their website to learn more 
at Reservations 
are recommended for Saturdays - call (626) 
355-0045. Four Seasons Tea Room is located 
at 75 N. Baldwin, Sierra Madre 91024.

Above - The Four Seasons has the ambience of fine dining inside and out. The Patio 
(below) is the perfect place for intimate outdoor events.

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