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First “Ground Up” Construction in Years

Story and Photos by Chris Bertrand

On Thursday afternoon, February 9, Sierra Madre Medical 
broke ground for their long awaited new, 7000 square 
foot medical facilities. About 50 well wishers from the 
community, city council, commissions and staff, Chamber of 
Commerce members, patients, family and friends joined Dr. 
Sami, general contractors Carol and David Jones of ACME 
Construction in Pasadena, and architect, Norberto Nardi, of 
Nardi Associates in Monrovia for the festivities.

Nearly eight years in the making, Dr. Sami reflected on the 
long journey to get to this moment, and thanked all who 
made possible “this new state of the art space for medicine” 
for the foothill communities. They plan that the sustainable, 
expanded facilities will offer additional space for primary 

care and medical specialties, including women’s health and 


Carol Jones introduced her project managers to those 
assembled, putting a face to the project’s contractors, who 
will do their utmost to deliver the construction project on 
budget and on time. She indicated ACME’s commitment to 
minimize the impact to the practice, the business district and 
neighbors during construction.

Norberto Nardi explained that the design of the building is 
intended “as a backdrop” and as a sustainable screen, leaving 
Dr. Sami’s beloved original building in place. 

Sierra Madre Mayor Pro Tem, Joshua Moran, spoke as 
representative for the city, praising the tenacity of Dr. Sami 
and his team in pursuing the project. “This is one of those rare 
projects where we as a city, and the city council, listened to 
the groundswell of support from the public for this project.”

Fr. Patrick Brennan, Director of Sierra Madre’s Mater 
Dolorosa Retreat House, gave the invocation and blessing for 
the project. 

His invocation verbalized the sentiments of those gathered, 

“We are here today to bless this ground that serves as an 
intersection between technology and human service. By 
God’s grace, in this very place there will be dedicated men 
and women who have given their lives to science so that they 
can serve the needs of countless men and women, young and 
old, who will come to the Sierra Madre Medical Group in 
need of assistance and loving care… Bless those whose vision 
has brought us to this moment, especially Dr. Hani Sami 
and his closest associates, those who will be involved in the 
construction of this building…all of those who will come 
here in need of compassion, care, and medical support… 
(and) this good earth,… as it will be so clearly made manifest 
in the Sierra Madre Community Medical Center.”

Jones indicated that after a few procedural steps, the official 
groundbreaking should take place within 24-48 hours. The 
Sierra Madre Community Medical offices will continue to be 
open during their regular Monday to Friday business hours. 

Sierra Madre Community Medical is located at 147 W. Sierra 
Madre Boulevard, and can be reached at 626-355-3443.

Dr. Hani Sami (R) cuts the cake at Groundbreaking with New Nurse 
Practitioner, Yi-Ping (Claire) Wen 

L to R: Msgr. Richard Krekelberg, Past of St. Rita Church, Fr Pat Brennan, Director of Mater Dolorosa 
Retreat House , David Jones, ACME general contractor, Carol Jones ACME general contractor, Dr Hani 
Sami CEO of Sierra Madre Community Medical, , Norberto Nardi, Nardi Associates, Architect.


On April 10, 2012, voters in Sierra Madre will go to the polls and select three people 
from a field of seven to sit on the City Council and elect a new City Treasurer and 
City Clerk. They will also vote on a local ballot measure on whether or not to 
extend the User Utility Tax and a related advisory measure. The city council 
race will fill two seats for new four year terms and one seat for the unexpired two 
year term vacated by former Mayor Joe Mosca. The Mountain Views News will 
provide our readers with comprehensive coverage of this election. This week, we 
are covering the two ballot initiatives .

The User Utility Tax Ballot 

 Measure 12-1 and Measure 12-2

Sierra Madre Voters will be faced 
with making a decision in April 
regarding two Utility User Tax 
(UUT) Measures, Measure 12-1 
and 12-2. Measure 12-1 will, if 
approved, extend the current ” UUT 
until its sunset or reauthorization 
and provide funding for vital city 
services.” Measure 12-2 if passed, 
will allow “voters to ask that the City 
Council use additional tax generated 
by the UUT to fund the General 
Fund’s Public Safety Services 
budgets, including maintaining the 
Paramedic programs.”

 Both are, in essence, an extension 
of the measures passed in April 2008. 
At that time, Measure U proposed a 
temporary increase in Sierra Madre’s 
UUT up to a total of a 12% tax and 
extending it to cover a broader range 
of taxable activities.

 Measure UA also passed in 2008. 
It was an advisory question about 
what to do with any additional funds 
raised if Measure U passed, just as 
measure 12-2 will do if Measure 
12-1 is passed.

 The User Utility Taxes, which have 
existed in Sierra Madre since 1993, 
go to the general fund. With the 
passage of Measure U and UA in 
2008, the specific purpose was to 
support public safety, i.e., the city’s 
Police, Fire and Paramedic programs.

 The 2008 UUT allowed the rate to be 
set at no greater than 12%, however, 
it is currently collected at 10%, less 
than originally projected. Part of the 
reason that the rate did not increase 
to the maximum allowed, has been 
credited to a ‘windfall’ of cell phone 
sales over the last 4 years. 

 The taxes are levied against the 
following utilities: Telephones, 
Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, 
Sewer, Cable TV, and Refuse. The 
city has created a chart on its website 
(listed below) which projects how 
much the UUT currently costs the 
average household.

Who supports Measures 12-1 and 

 Current Sierra Madre Mayor John 
Buchanan and Councilpersons 
Nancy Walsh and Josh Moran 
submitted the arguments in favor 
of the measures. Their justification 
says in part, “Today, the city is faced 
with even greater external financial 
challenges; the recent windstorms 
have placed a $500,000 (and rising) 
dent in reserves, the dissolution of 
the Community Redevelopment 
Agency leaves us with approximately 
$800,000 in potentially unfunded 
expenditures and the rising energy 
costs are draining our already 
whittled down budget. Should the 
original increases from Measure “U” 
be allowed to sunset, the city would 
face another loss of $1,000,000 
per year, which would lead to a 
significant loss of the services that 
make this town what it is”

Who opposes Measures 12-1 &12-2?

 City Council candidate John 
Capoccia, along with resident John 
Engle and former Councilman Don 
Watts oppose the measures. The 
ballot argument against Measure 
12-1 says in part, “The current UUT 
sunset clause will not revert back to 
8% until June 30, 2015. At the next 
city election in 2014, voters will have 
the opportunity to extend the UUT 
if justified.” 

According to the city, if the measures 
fail, “the current, maximum voter 
approved 12% UUT will remain 
in place through June 30, 2014.” 
After that date, the tax will begin to 
‘sunset’ (diminish) at a rate of 2% 
per year until it falls to a base rate of 
6%. “The loss of revenue will have 
significant impacts on the City’s 
ability to meet its expenditures and 
will result in service reductions in 
order to maintain a balanced budget” 
(City of Sierra Madre UUT Fact 

For more information on the UUT 
measures, go to: www.cityofsierramadre.

S. Henderson/MVNews

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