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Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 
Editor’s Note: Ms. Williams is the latest addition to the Mountain Views News family. A young writer 
alumni of Pasadena City College, she brings a new voice to our Arts and Entertainment section. 

Welcome Jasmine.

Review By Sean Kayden

By Stephen Chbosky 

When it comes to this next selection, ‘The Perks of Being a 
Wallflower’ is a definite must-read. Although copyrighted in 
1999 and reprinted in paperback in August 2012 by MTV 
Books/Gallery Books, “Perks” really brings in a new perspective 
in the delicate world of adolescence and growing up. Written 
by Stephen Chbosky and a New York Times bestseller, “Perks” 
really provides its unique perk from the perspective of our main 
protagonist named Charlie who provides his personal narrative 
by having three separate parts outlining the most defining and 
pivotal moments of his life. Each part lacks chapters and instead 
is written not just from Charlie’s point of view, but done so as 
letters to someone simply called “Friend”. This little fine quality is what gives “Perks of Being 
a Wallflower” its quirky charm and leaves something to the imagination of the reader; it is 
never revealed if the “friend” is an actual character or if Charlie is addressing the reader 
themselves. All that matters for the reader is that the focus is on Charlie, the socialization with 
his friends Sam (Charlie’s love interest) and Patrick (who can be just as reserved as Charlie 
is), and how he interacts with family. But there are also Charlie’s own personal experiences, 
how he is more of an observer than a participant of life, how he interacts at school, and the 
relationships maintained with those around him. His casual tone and mellow personality 
provide a very fitting combination for teenagers of the past, present, and even future which 
provides a very calming and introspective atmosphere of navigating the world of growing 
up. To also add to its flair, ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ has also been made into a movie 
adaptation and will be released later this month.


If you’re not watching “Breaking 
Bad,” we have a big problem. There’s nothing 
quite like the astonishing odyssey of this 
beloved series. 
Last Sunday night was the mid season finale 
to the greatest show on television. Many loose 
ends were tied up, but as anticipated, we were 
left with a cliffhanger that will surely put the 
final eight episodes in overdrive next summer. 
This fifth season had to follow-up probably 
the best season of “Breaking Bad,” which is 
not an easy task. Somehow B.B. managed to 
still be stellar as usual, but drastically different 
too. After a continuous being on the edge-of-
your-seat during the duration of season four, 
this current season was a lot more methodical 
in the terms of its brilliant storytelling, while 
additionally being tighter paced, and focusing 
heavily more so on the rise and (soon to 
be?) fall of Walter White. This first half of 
season five feels more like a direct response 
to the outcome of season four. It was all about 
covering their tracks and essentially boiling 
down to every man for himself, no matter the 
relationships, either personal or professional. 
At the same token, never does the show feel 
falsely depicted, contrived, or convenient in 
character motivations and actions as well as 
plots and subplots. Everything was seemingly 
perfect, but exhaustively contemplated with 
each beat by beat. It’s absolutely remarkable 
how the writers make references from 
previous episodes from even prior seasons. 
Seriously, with some of the best writing, 
directing, and acting on both television and 
the big screen, “Breaking Bad” continues to 
unravel with all its complexities, intricacies, 
and well-thought out plots into perhaps the 
finest television series of all time. 

 I’m not here to give away any spoilers, 
but to commend the show for being so damn 
good all these years and never once feeling as 
if it was running out of steam. With the final 
eight episodes premiering next year, I’d like 
to take a moment to advise anyone reading 
this to queue up your Netflix (or any other 
service you fancy) and start watching this 
unbelievable, one of a kind television series. 
I’ve recommended the show to a number of 
friends, many of whom have never invested 
any reasonable time to a given television 
series in their lives. However, these several 
individuals became hooked within the first 
few episodes and now watch it religiously. 
Regardless, “Breaking Bad” is worth every 
bit of praise and then some. It’s not one of 
the shows where so many people like it and 
you think you’ll be the one person who hates 
it. The show rattles your bones, hits you over 
the head repeatedly and tears you limb from 
limb at times. Like I’ve said, when watching 
this undeniably mesmerizing work of art, 
you’ll be utterly enthralled with the main 
characters, secondary characters, nuances, 
metaphors, foreshadowing, twists and turns, 
and the universe as a whole as you continue 
to go along. It’s a wild ride unlike anything 
you’ve seen and it’s coming down to the finish 
line, but it’s not too late to jump on board. 
You have ten months from now till the start of 
the final eight episodes. 
Do yourself a big favor and start watching it 
today. You’ll be delighted you did, as you’ll 
be experiencing one of the greatest television 
series of all time. And when Summer 2013 
is bestowed upon us, you’ll be prepared for 
what may very well be the best eight hours of 
television ever.


 The Tap Chicks are seasoned tap dancers who dazzle with youthful energy. A favorite at the L.A. 
County Fair for many years, their previous performances at the Sierra Madre Playhouse have sold 

 The Tap Chicks were originally formed at Pasadena Senior Center. They are choreographed by 
Pam Kay, who also provides musical accompaniment, comedy and vocals.

The fully costumed act dances to music ranging from Broadway tunes to 40s favorites to contemporary 
songs. The dancers are mature in years (ranging in age from 50 to 84) but young at heart. 
You don’t have to drive all the way to Palm Springs to see an act like this. It’s coming to Sierra 

 EXTRA: Also performing will be special guest vocalist Franny McCartney, formerly of Bette 
Midler’s Harlettes.

For the first time, this show will perform in an afternoon time slot, for the convenience of our 
senior audience members.

Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. The Sierra Madre Playhouse is at 87 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra 
Madre, CA 91024. Tickets are $20 general, $17 for seniors (65+), $12 for children under 12. Reservations: (626) 
355-4318. Online ticketing:






The most common question that I get as a personal trainer is “what 
should my diet look like”. If your goal is weight loss then you know 
that increasing cardiovascular exercise will help you lose weight 
and strength training allow you to keep it off. The real hard

work comes with changing the way you eat. The truth is that every 
diet works! 
No matter which discipline...Atkins, Mediterranean, Paleo and/
or weight watchers, any and all of them will help you lose weight. 
Our problem as a society is failing to stick to a diet, when that happens 
the pounds creep back on and then some. 

My philosophy to recommending dietary changes is constructed 
around the long-term outlook. “Take it off slower and keep it off 
longer” is my mantra. No matter which discipline you choose, make 
sure that it is something that you can follow for the rest of your 
My clients who have had the most success with weight loss 
have slowly reengineered how they eat over a matter of a few years. They set a longterm overall

goal but also short term and easily attainable milestones that keep their eyes on that prize. 
Say your overall goal is to lose 30 pounds, the first 5-10 pounds will quickly come off just as a product 
of the change in your dietary and exercise habits. It is the next 20-25 pounds but are challenging so then 
your next milestone needs to be smaller as well as given a greater length of time. Your next milestone 
should look something like 5 pounds every two to three months. I know that calculates to a year but for 
some of us the weight loss battle has lasted a lifetime. Advertisers would have us believe that what

we put on over several years should only take months to take off. They say nothing about keeping it off, 
wonder why?

Once you have met your goal, the harder challenge begins...trying to keep it off. There will be holidays, 
celebrations and situations where we will want to treat ourselves and indulge. I for one I’m all about 
the indulgence, hard work deserves reward. If your reward revolves around food, make sure you have 
earned it and remains a reward that you only get once in a while. If you have gotten carried away, 
gained weight back and think all is lost, remember YOU ARE ONLY ONE MEAL AWAY FROM GETTING 
BACK ON TRACK. Once you pick a diet, ask yourself if you can eat using its principles for the

longterm, thats what it will take for you keep weight off over your lifetime.

Sukha and stira are the words for comfortable and steady in Sanskrit. 

 If there was a goal in yoga, it would be just this. The yoga postures 
gradually get more and more challenging and yet we strive to have 
the same comfort and steadiness in each of them, whether or not 
they are beginning or advanced. In a step by step process (krama) we 
work toward calm and steady breath, calm and steady postures and 
ultimately a clam and steady mind. These are the teachings of the 
Hatha tradition, or classical yoga. 

 Sure we want flexibility. Sure we want toned muscles. And we want to have fun. But 
comfortable and steady leads to happiness. Sensationalism is just that. Over-stimulation 
or over-indulgence do not foster calm and steady. These things just add to our addiction 
to adrenalin. Over-stimulation eventually burns us out. Some styles of yoga and fitness 
can contribute to the addiction, leaving us temporarily ‘high’. But what we want is a lasting 
steadiness. A peaceful calm that allows us to access our wisdom, a clear mind and comfort 
in our own skin. 

 One of the ways that we can do this is by practicing longer holds in the 
postures. Concentrating on the steadiness of the muscles and breath. You see, we need 
to train the mind to be comfortable and steady. In our fast-paced world, it is no longer a 
natural state. It is a choice. A choice that we must work on everyday. From that calm, we 
make good choices for ourselves, wise choices. We can create a life of harmony.

 See you in class ready for some calm and steady. 

Namaste, Rene