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Candidates Questioned 
on 710 Freeway Extension 

Asking for 
Help in 

 Only three out of six candidates 
running for city council in the 
March 5 primary municipal 
elections showed up to a public 
forum for the candidates held 
Thursday at Pasadena City 
College —questions asked 
included their stance on the 
710 freeway extension and what 
is the proper use of the for the 
Rose Bowl?

 All potential candidates, 
including incumbent Victor 
Gordo said they opposed the 
extension 710 Freeway but for 
slightly different reasons. 

 Residential real estate 
developer John Kennedy , who 
also said he was a manager 
of transportation, wanted to 
see alternatives to the freeway 

 “My view is that there are 
lots of other modalities to use 
to alleviate congestion in this 
community,” he said. “Light rail, 
bus and other means, other than 
traveling over street surfaces 
for the connection of the 210 
to the 710 freeway.” Kennedy 
added that he thought the 
Environmental Impact Report 
was flawed. 

 Kennedy is running for the 
District 3 council seat left open 
by Chris Holden. 

 Community activist, Ishmael 
Trone, also running for the 
District 3, said they should 
respect the desire of the 
residents not to have the 210 
connect to the 710 freeway. 

 Gordo said he would not 
support any tunnel plan that 
allowed truck traffic through to 

 When it came to the rose Bowl, 
Kennedy said he was appalled 
at the high cost of the current 
renovation project. He cited 
the project as $50 million over 
budget and at a cost of nearly 
$200 million something Gordo 
took issue with. Gordo said 
the cost can never go past $181 
million. the funding gap, he 
said, was $35 million. 

 Neither, district 5 candidate, 
Israel Estrada, or district 3 
candidate Rev. Nicholas Benson 
attended, Estrada said he was 
sick. Councilman Terry Tornek, 
who is running unopposed, was 
not included in the debates. 

The forum was moderated by 
former Sierra Madre Mayor 
John Buchanan and organized 
by the political group ACT.

By Dean Lee

 Pasadena Police are asking 
for the public’s help after 
two possible suspects got 
away during a shooting 
in which one person was 
sent to the hospital with a 
gunshot wound to the head. 

 Deputy Chief Darryl 
Qualls said the Pasadena 
Police Department received 
a telephone call Tuesday at 
approximately 2:12 p.m. 
from a male caller stating 
his brother had been shot.

 Investigators said the 
victim, 21-year-old Zane 
Goldstein, was shot near 
the intersection of Chester 
and Villa Streets. He was 
transported to a local 
hospital and underwent 
emergency surgery. 

 Goldstein died from his 
injuries Thursday according 
to police 

 His bother Zachary 
Goldstein, 24, of Pasadena 
was also hurt, but it unclear 
if he was also shot. Police 
said they do not believe 
the bothers have gang 
ties. Investigators said 
the shooting maybe drug 

 Qualls said two Hispanic 
males were seen leaving the 
location in a tan colored 
vehicle and are persons 
of interest. A 17-year-old 
suspect was taken into 
custody Wednesday for 
questioning. He could be 
charged with attempted 
murder police said. The 
suspect is being held at a 
youth detention center. At 
press time, his name has not 
been released.

 Anyone with information 
is asked to contact 
the Pasadena Police 
Department at (626) 
744-4241, or report 
anonymously through 
Crime Stoppers at (800) 
222-TIPS (8477).

Avon Closing Local Distribution Facilities


 Avon announced 
Wednesday that the 
company will close its 
distribution facilities in 
Pasadena and Atlanta, GA. 
Avon spokeswoman Jennifer 
Vargas said plans for the 
Pasadena facility are still in 
development. According to 
reports, about 170 employees 
will receive layoff notices 
next year.

 The closings are part of a 
plan to save $400 million a 
year through 2015 according 
to Vargas. 

 “The decision to close 
the two branches was 
difficult and not reached 
lightly,” representatives 
of Avon said in a press 
statement. “Avon’s Atlanta 
and Pasadena facilities have 
served Avon and Avon’s 
U.S. Representatives with 
distinction for many decades; 
however, these steps are 
essential in order to turn 
around the business by 
driving top-line growth and 
aggressively managing the 
cost base. These steps in the 
U.S., together with actions 
being taken globally, will 
help stabilize the company 
and begin the process of 
returning Avon to sustainable 

 The statement sent on to say 
that these facilities closures 
are part of the initial steps 
of the company’s global Cost 
Savings Initiative that was 
announced in December. 
The global actions are aimed 
at concentrating resources 
on high-priority activities, 
boosting efficiencies and 
reducing costs. 

 Avon’s commitment to 
its U.S. business and to 
Representatives and their 
Consumers is unwavering. 
These changes will allow the 
company to focus on those 
activities which can best 
support its Representatives, 
help them grow their 
businesses and meet the 
needs of their customers.

 The decision to close these 
U.S. facilities is necessary to 
right-size our U.S. supply 
chain footprint, reduce 

710 Study 
to Hold 

 Upcoming All Communities 
Convening Open Houses 
scheduled for January 23, 24 
and 26, 2013.

 During our All Communities 
Convening Open Houses, we 
will be sharing information 
about the five Alternatives 
that will be carried into the 
Draft Environmental Impact 
Report/Statement for in-depth 
environmental analysis. The 
five alternatives include:

 ·No Build

 ·Transportation System/
Transportation Demand 
Management (TSM/TDM)

 ·Bus Rapid Transit (BRT 6X) 
with refinements - Los Angeles 
to Pasadena

 ·Light Rail Transit (LRT 4X) 
with refinements - East Los 
Angles to Pasadena 

 ·Freeway Tunnel (F-7X) with 
refinements - Connecting the 
north and south termini of the 
existing SR 710

 Recent documents that have 
been posted online
(the environmental study 
process; Fact Sheets about 
each of the Alternatives; 
Frequently Asked Questions; 
and Screening Criteria and 
Selection Process) to become 
better informed about the SR 
710 Study. The Open Houses 
will take place at the following 

 Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 
6-8pm Maranatha High 
School 169 South Saint John 
Av Pasadena, CA 91105

 Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 6-8pm 
San Marino Community 
Church 1750 Virginia Rd San 
Marino, CA 91108

 Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013 9-11 
am Cal State Los Angeles 
Golden Eagle Building – 
Ballroom 5151 State University 
Drive Los Angeles, CA 90032

John Buchanan question candidates Photo D.Lee/MVNews

Scott Jenkins Elected 
Tournament President

Curiosity To Drill Mars Rock

Announces, ‘Dreams 
Come True,’ as 
Parade Theme 

 In a ceremony Thursday, the 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 
Association’s Board of Directors 
confirmed R. Scott Jenkins as 
president for the 2013-2014 
Tournament year. Jenkins will 
provide leadership for the 
125th Rose Parade presented by 
Honda and the 100th Rose Bowl 
Game presented by VIZIO on 
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014.

 Jenkins revealed “Dreams 
Come True” as the theme for 
the 125th Rose Parade. “The 
2014 theme is a reminder that 
not only is it possible to reach 
seemingly impossible goals, but 
that by boldly pursuing those 
goals, we have actually attained 
them,” said Jenkins. “Dreams 
have come true and continue 
to come true as a result of 
imagination, passion, creativity 
and hard work. And regardless 
of size or scope, dreams fuel the 
stories of our lives.”

 NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity 
is preparing, in coming days, to 
dill into a rock that may hold 
clues to a wet history on the 
red planet— only if the rock 
first meets rover engineers’ 
approval— it would then 
become the first sample to be 
drilled during the Mars Science 
Laboratory mission.

 “Drilling into a rock to collect 
a sample will be this mission’s 
most challenging activity since 
the landing. It has never been 
done on Mars,” said JPL Mars 
Science Laboratory project 
manager Richard Cook. 
“The drill hardware interacts 
energetically with Martian 
material we don’t control. We 
won’t be surprised if some steps 
in the process don’t go exactly as 
planned the first time through.” 

 The size of a car, Curiosity 
is inside Mars’ Gale Crater 
investigating whether the planet 
ever offered an environment 
favorable for microbial life. 
Curiosity landed in the crater 
five months ago to begin its 
two-year prime mission.

 The chosen rock is in an 
area where Curiosity’s Mast 
Camera (Mastcam) and other 
cameras have revealed diverse 
unexpected features, including 
veins, nodules, cross-bedded 
layering, a lustrous pebble 
embedded in sandstone, and 
possibly some holes in the 

 The target is on flat-lying 
bedrock within a shallow 
depression called “Yellowknife 
Bay.” The terrain in this area 
differs from that of the landing 
site, a dry streambed about 
a third of a mile (about 500 
meters) to the west. Curiosity’s 
science team decided to look 
there for a first drilling target 
because orbital observations 
showed fractured ground that 
cools more slowly each night 
than nearby terrain types do.

 “The orbital signal drew 
us here, but what we found 
when we arrived has been a 
great surprise,” said JPL Mars 
Science Laboratory project 
scientist John Grotzinger. 
“This area had a different type 
of wet environment than the 
streambed where we landed, 
maybe a few different types of 
wet environments.”

Pet of the 

Learn How to Produce 
Your Own TV Show

Pasadena Media offers a free 
television-training program 
for volunteers. Various Areas 
of training are available to 
Pasadena residents. Plan 
to attend an orientation to 
discover the right classes for 
you. Producers’ Training 
teaches citizens how to 
produce their own show for 
The Arroyo Channel. Studio 
training is also offered for 
volunteer crewmembers. In 
addition, on-going training 
and memberships are available 
in our citizen journalism and 
digital film groups. Call the 
office (626) 794-8585 or go 
explore all that Pasadena Media 
has to offer.

 Angie is a sweet, playful, 
four-year-old American 
Staffordshire terrier. She 
gets along well with other 
dogs and has been out on 
our Mobile Unit to several 
community events. Angie 
loves going for walks and 
playing with toys too!

 Angie’s regular adoption 
fee is $120, which includes 
her spay surgery, a 
microchip, the first set of 
vaccinations, as well as 
a free follow-up health 
check at a participating vet. 
New adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information on how to 
care for your pet. She also 
qualifies for our Seniors 
for Seniors program for 
eligible adopters. Ask an 
adoptions counselor for 
more information during 
your visit 

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A318424, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –
Friday, 9-4 Saturday. Pets 
may not be available for 
adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
from phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of all 
pets can be found at www.

Class Offerings 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Nightly

Orientation: 1st & 3rd Monday

Producers’ Training 2nd & 4th Monday

Camera 1st & 3rd Tuesday

Character Generator 2nd & 4th Tuesday

Lighting 1st & 3rd Wednesday

Audio 2nd & 4th Wednesday

Video Tape Operator 1st & 3rd Thursday

Technical Director 2nd & 4th Thursday

Stage Manager 1st & 3rd Friday

Teleprompter 2nd & 4th Friday

Citizen Journalism Every Tuesday

Digital Film Group Every Thursday


Pacific Asia Museum 
Lunar New Year Festival

The Gamble House 
February Lecture Series

 The Burbank-Glendale-
Pasadena Airport Authority, 
owner and operator of Bob 
Hope Airport, has elected 
new interim officers to head 
the Authority Commission. 
Among them is Pasadena 
Councilmember Steve 
Madison, named Secretary 
and new Commissioner and 
Pasadena Councilmember 
Jacque Robinson.

 Robinson has been appointed 
by the City of Pasadena to fill 
the Authority seat vacated by 
Holden. Robinson attended 
her first meeting Monday. 
The Authority is governed by 
a nine member commission, 
and each of the three cities 
appoints three commissioners 
to the panel.

 The other current 
commissioners are: Don 
Brown and Bill Wiggins of 
Burbank; Dave Weaver and 
Frank Quintero of Glendale; 
and Pasadena Councilmember 
Terry Tornek. 

 Pacific Asia Museum will 
hold its third annual Lunar 
New Year Festival on Saturday, 
February 2nd from 11 a.m. to 
5 p.m. celebrating the Year of 
the Snake. Admission to the 
events, performances, crafts, 
demonstrations, and museum 
galleries is free and open to the 

 For the third year in a row, 
Pacific Asia Museum invites 
the community to a pan-Asian 
celebration of Lunar New Year, 
a holiday celebrated by many 
cultures across Asia and the 
Pacific Islands. Inside the tented 
parking lot watch multicultural 
performances on stage, grab 
a snack at food trucks Mighty 
Boba, India Jones, Mandoline 
Grill and Paradise Cookies, 
and interact with our visiting 
artists from Jiangsu, China. 
These artists will demonstrate 
a variety of traditional art 
forms from China, including 
paper cutting, lantern making, 
sugar art, cloth art, Chinese 
knotting, and Suzhou silk art. 
This delegation also includes 
the Xiao Hong Hua (Little Red 
Flowers) dance troupe, which 
will perform twice that day.

 In addition, Pacific Asia 
Museum will reprise 2012’s 
successful Cultural Week 
featuring Xiao Hong Hua and 
visiting artists from China in 
partnership with the Ministry of 
Culture of the People’s Republic 
of China and the Consulate 
General of the People’s Republic 
of China in Los Angeles. In 
addition to their presence on 
February 2, on January 31 and 
February 1 (Thursday and 
Friday) the artists will work 
in the courtyard for visitors to 
observe, and Xiao Hong Hua 
will perform at 11 a.m. both 

 Bertram Goodhue’s Arts 
and Crafts Legacy; Saturday, 
February 2, 2013, 6 p.m.

 Author and historian Romy 
Wyllie will present a lecture 
on Bertram Goodhue, a gifted 
polymath of the Arts and 
Crafts movement. Architect, 
typographer, and graphic 
designer, Goodhue’s career 
spanned several movements, 
including Arts and Crafts, 
Spanish Colonial Revival, 
and Art Deco. Ms. Wyllie’s 
acclaimed 2007 book, 
Bertram Goodhue: His Life 
and Residential Architecture, 
provides many new insights 
into our understanding of the 
architect today.

$15 FoGH Members; $20 Non-
members – Lecture takes place 
at The Neighborhood Church, 
301 N. Orange Grove Blvd., 

 Bertram Goodhue’s Legacy: 
A Tour of the Caltech Campus; 
Saturday, February 9, 2013, 
10:30 a.m. 

 Join us for a one-hour 
tour of Bertram Goodhue’s 
sublime architectural legacy 
on the Caltech campus, where 
original buildings provide a 
rich display of an innovative 
design vocabulary that followed 
Goodhue’s groundbreaking 
work at the Panama-California 
Exposition in San Diego (1915). 
Accompanying us on our 
walking tour of the campus 
will be Romy Wyllie, historian, 
lecturer in this year’s series, and 
author of definitive monographs 
on Bertram Goodhue and the 
architecture of the Caltech 

$25 FoGH Members; $35 Non-
members – Tour will be located 
on the Caltech campus,