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March 11, 2013 marked the end of a long drawn-
out and grueling effort on the part of celebrities, 
corporate and political leaders and supporting citizens in the European Union who refused to give 
up on doing away with marketing, sales or import of cosmetic products tested on animals. After 2 
decades of disappointing delays and having their hands tied up in red tape, avid animal advocates in 
the EU who understand that lab testing on animals is cruel and unusual, finally celebrated the victory 
of a full ban. Good to know that there are enough humane humans in those 27 countries who feel 
strongly enough about the issue to have done what they had to do in order to nip it in the bud, and 
my thought is, “If Europe can be cruelty free, then why can’t we?”

 Why manufacturers of cosmetics or any other product for that matter, continue to use animals 
for lab testing is beyond me. There are equally reliable and less expensive alternative methods 
available for lab testing these days, and the more forward-thinking companies are getting on board. 
Pharmagene Laboratories, based in Royston England pioneered the idea of using only human tissue 
and sophisticated technology in the process of testing and developing their drugs. The scientists at 
Pharmagene found that the discovery process is way more efficient using tissue from humans versus 
animals. Even Pharmagene’s co-founder, Gordon Baxter says, “If you have information on human 
genes, what’s the point of going back to animals?” (Source: Pioneers Cut Out Animal Experiments, 
Andy Coghlan - New Scientist August 1996). In my opinion, the brutal use of live animals for lab 
testing any product is crude and archaic, and should be banned fully in every country throughout 
the globe.

 Humane Society International, along with several other animal rights organizations, campaigned 
feverishly with various concerned individuals to see the EU ban come into force in spite of strong 
opposition imposed by ‘higher-uppers’ in the cosmetic industry. The question (at least for me) is, why 
would those cosmetic corporatists oppose a plan that could save them money and serve them more 
efficiently, while at the same time promote a cultural philosophy of humane animal treatment? The 
only answer I could come up with, after reading as many news articles and publications as I could find 
on the subject, is that the top dogs in the cosmetic industry were grossly misguided by a toxic blend 
of ignorance and greed.

 A little knowledge and understanding can go a long way for those who are humble enough to be 
taught, but one must take the time to listen and learn. Corporate leaders come in all shapes and sizes, 
I know, but a truly successful leader is willing to learn from his own mistakes and allow himself to be 
led by others who might know better! Maybe it all boils down to the proverbial concept that “Pride 
goeth before the fall“, and if so then maybe it’s time for more industry leaders to let go of their pride 
and start looking inside. All I know is that, if I were in the position of leadership where animals were 
being treated inhumanely, I would not be able to sleep at night or look myself in the mirror in the 

 Perhaps now that the European Union has set an ethical precedence by converting to cruelty-free 
testing of cosmetics in 27 countries, the corporate leaders in the USA who are in a similar situation 
will be prompted to educate themselves on the subject and realize there are far better alternatives to 
lab testing than the cruel ‘dark-ages’ practice of using animals. One can only hope!

 I am thankful to the celebrities who dedicated so much of their time to take part in the “Be Cruelty-
Free” campaign that led to the banning of animal lab testing in the European cosmetic industry. 
Chrissie Hynde, Paul McCartney, Danielle Alonso, Colbie Caillat, Ke$ha, Judy Dench, Ricky Gervais, 
Francia Raisa, Torrey DeVitto, Fiona Gubelman and Joanna Krupa are among the celebrities who 
were willing to get involved with advocating a more humane global society on behalf of the animals. 
My heart goes out to all of them. We Americans should be humbled by the European Union’s tenacity 
in standing up for what is right, and we should be inspired to work equally hard at becoming a 
cruelty-free nation, not only in the cosmetic industry but every industry in the US. We have a lot of 
work to do, but the EU has proven that when people come together they can accomplish great things!

 For more information about the worldwide “Be Cruelty-Free” campaign and how you can 
get involved, visit this Humane Society International website page:



Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

Meet a cute and playful pup, Miles (A4559566). 
Miles is a wiggly, happy, four month old black and 
white neutered male Pit Bull mix puppy who was 
dumped at the Baldwin Park Shelter by his former 
family on April 11th. When full grown he will 
weigh about eighty pounds; he is going to be a big 
boy and needs obedience training. He is mouthy 
in a playful, puppy way and should be in an adult 
home until he has had training. He passed his 
shelter-administered temperament test with an 

Miles is the perfect indoor pet for an adopter who 
is experienced with large breed puppies - he wants to play and needs someone to give him 
guidance and direction. To watch a video of Miles please visit the following link: http://

To meet Miles in person, please see him at the Baldwin Park Shelter, located at 4275 N. Elton, 
Baldwin Park, CA 91706 (Phone: 626-430-2378 or 626-962-3577). He is currently available 
now. For any inquiries about Miles, please reference his animal ID number: A4559566. The 
shelter is open seven days a week, 12 pm-7 pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday-
Sunday. This is a high-intake shelter with a great need for adoptions. For more information 
about Miles or the adoption process, contact United Hope for Animals Volunteer Adoption 
Coordinator Samantha at or 661-309-2674. 

To learn more about United Hope for Animals’ partnership with the Baldwin Park Shelter 
through its Shelter Support Program, as well as the many dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes 
available for adoption in local shelters, visit