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A very cool thing about yoga is that you get to start where you are. You don’t have to be flexible, you 
don’t have to be skinny, you don’t have to have the perfect yoga clothes, you don’t even have to have 
your own mat. You do however, have to go to the class to get the benefits. 

All those super crazy looking yoga poses are really just party tricks. It’s the process of learning how to 
do them that is the real yoga. We start at the beginning, wherever that is for each of us and see where 
we are tight, we see where we are weak. We see what our balance is like. We get to know how we 
breathe, how we think and how we feel. All that is what we call ‘awareness’. We get to take a real look 
at our strengths and our weaknesses. Then we focus on how to use our strengths to our advantage 
and how to overcome our obstacles. We do this a little bit at a time. Each time we get on the mat we 
become a little bit more aware.

 As we learn to develop our strengths, we begin to apply them outside of class and really focus on 
creating the lives we want. We learn to leave our weaknesses in the dust. We feel empowered. It feels 
good. We get stronger. Our egos can help us out sometimes by pushing us to the edge of our ability. 
Our egos can hinder us sometimes - we push too hard and get hurt. So we learn to listen to when we 
need to push and when we need to back off. This is the journey. It seems impossible and it ends up 
being lovely. So don’t let all those experienced yogis intimidate you. They were beginners once too. 
They fell down too. They are on their own journeys. And they will tell you how sweet the journey 
really is.

 See you in class. Namasté, René

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