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Join The Spero Foundation on Saturday, 
October 4, 2014 from 4pm to 7pm in 
downtown Sierra Madre.

While strolling through the historic Sierra 
Madre Village, participants will visit local 
businesses, taste fine wines and craft beers, 
sample local cuisines, listen to live music and 
participate in a silent auction. We are grateful 
to Dennis Hartman, Beer Manager, the Wine 
Warehouse and Billy Sullivan, Owner of The 
Bottle Shop for spearheading this event along 
with the Spero Foundation.

Tickets available now by visiting www. ($40.00 per ticket)

For more information go to the foundation’s website: 


June 29, 1920 – July 4, 2014

Five days after her 94th birthday, Genevieve 
Collins chose our Nation’s birthday to be 
her very own Day of Independence. On 
July 4th she passed away peacefully at home 
surrounded by those she loved. 

Surviving her are seven children, 
seventeen grandchildren, seventeen great 
grandchildren, two brothers, one sister and 
many nieces and nephews. Preceding her 
in death are her parents, three brothers, 
husband of more than fifty-four years, one 
young grandson and one young nephew. 

Gen was born in Wisconsin, raised in Indiana, 
along with her young children, she followed 
her husband to bases around the U.S. during 
WWII, and settled in San Francisco to raise 
her growing family. She then spent six 
decades living in the Collins family home in 
Sierra Madre and as a parishioner at St. Rita’s 
Catholic Church.

Throughout her life, Gen exhibited a love 
of learning through reading, traveling and 
joining in many activities. She graduated from St. Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana. In 
her late 40’s and with 6 children still at home, Gen returned to college, earning straight A’s and 
her teaching credential. For 11 years “Mrs. Collins” was a loved first grade teacher at St. Rita’s 
School. Gen ended her “professional” career at Pasadena City College. 

In retirement, she traveled extensively. Gen was ahead of her time with senior wellness, 
learning to swim in her late 60’s and remaining active in water aerobics into her late 80’s. 
She was part of the Women’s Health Initiative, believing data about her life and aging process 
would benefit women everywhere.

Her family and others who knew Gen remember her by many names: Mom, wife, Gram Gen, 
Great Gram, Sissy, Aunt Gen, teacher, matriarch and friend. Everyone who met Gen loved her. 
She inspired generations and will be missed by all who knew her!

Burial will be private. A celebration of her life is scheduled for 11:00 am on July 19th at St. 
Rita’s Church in Sierra Madre. The family requests, in lieu of flowers, please make donations 
to The Braille Institute Library in Los Angeles.

During the week of Sunday, July 6th to Sunday, July 13th, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded 
to approximately 375 calls for service.

Tuesday, July 8th

 At approximately 7:42 pm, Sierra Madre Police performed a traffic stop on a vehicle that did not 
have license plates displayed. Upon making contact with the suspect, he informed Officers that he 
had recently purchased his vehicle a year ago and his plates were stole a month prior, so he only has 
the dealership paper plates on the vehicle. A records check revealed the plates were never reported 
stolen and that the registration was expired two years. Through further investigation, an Officer 
removed the paper plates and uncovered the vehicle’s California plates that the suspect said were 
stolen. The suspect ultimately admitted he did not pay the registration and placed the paper plates 
to avoid paying any penalties. The suspect was cited for expired registration over six months and his 
vehicle was towed. 

Thursday, July 10th

 At approximately 5:43 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to the 140 Block of Grove Street for a 
medical assistance call. When Officers arrived on scene they found the male suspect bleeding from 
a self-inflicted wound in the bathroom. He was accompanied by a friend who stated he discovered 
the suspect and called the Police and Paramedics. The suspect informed Officers that he had been 
drinking all day and no longer wished to live, but did not actually remember cutting himself. The 
suspect was treated for his injuries and transported to a local hospital. The suspect was placed on a 72 
hour hospital hold for evaluation.

Thursday, July 10th

At 8:48 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to the 300 block of East Laurel Ave. regarding a restraining 
order violation. Upon arrival, Officers were informed by the victim that his wife, of which he has a 
restraining order against, drove by his residence as he was coming up the street. He stated the vehicle 
slowly approached the front of his residence then quickly drove off. He took note due to the fact that 
the vehicle had its headlights off and it was dark out. The victim took note of the vehicle’s license 
plate and recognized it to be that of his wife. Efforts to contact the suspect were unsuccessful as the 
suspect’s cell phone has been disconnected. This case has been forwarded to the District Attorney’s 
Office for violation of a restraining order.

Saturday, July 12th

 At approximately 11:36 am, Sierra Madre Police responded to the station lobby regarding an identity 
theft report. Officers were informed by the victim that she recently had been away on a trip, and 
upon returning she checked her bank account online. The victim noticed a transfer in the amount 
of over $5,000 from her savings to her checking was made, which then proceeded to an amount of 
over $9,000 wired to a bank in North Carolina. When the victim made contact with her bank, she 
was informed someone called to make the transfer and the bank mistakenly thought it was in fact the 
victim authorizing the transfer as she has regularly done so in the past. This case has been forwarded 
to the Detectives Bureau. 

Saturday, July 12th

 At around 12:10 am, Sierra Madre Police performed a traffic stop on East Foothill Blvd. on a vehicle 
that failed to have its headlights on. Upon making contact with the vehicle, Officer’s observed a driver 
and three passengers along with a strong odor of marijuana. When asked by Officer’s to provide 
a license, the driver stated he was never issued a license. Officer’s questioned about the odor of 
marijuana and were informed by the driver that he had a small amount in his pocket, and a few grams 
located in his trunk. Upon searching the trunk, the Officers located about 10 grams of marijuana 
and a cash amount of over $9,500. The driver stated he obtained the money through unemployment 
checks and construction jobs. Due to the large amount of drugs and large amount of money, it is 
believed the driver was illegally selling drugs for profit. The driver was arrested at cited for Possession 
of Marijuana for sales, Illegal transportation of Marijuana, and Possession of Hash Oil. The three 
passengers of the vehicle were released at the scene. 

Sierra Madre Police Blotter