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By Susan Henderson

 Somewhere between when she got out of bed and the second inning of the tournament game 
on June 28th, 12 year old Devyn “No Fear” Netz thought to herself, “What if I pitch a perfect 
game? I could do that”. She mentioned it to her coaches who were a little concerned that the 
thought might overwhelm her performance, but they were wrong and she was right as she 
zoned in and never allowed her opponents to hit, walk, or steal a run or a base! 

On June 28, 2014, Devyn pitched a PERFECT game against the So. Cal. Storm at the Triple 
Crown Sports - Red, White and Blue Tournament at Dana Hills High School in Dana Point, 
Ca. Final Score, Cal Thunder 7 - So Cal Storm - 0.

 Devyn has a passion about softball that just twinkles in her eye. She’s been playing for as 
long as she can remember, she thinks she started around six years old. Somewhat inspired 
by her older brothers Dawson and Daniel Netz, she has exceeded even her own expectations 
with her love of the game.

A former Sierra Madre Girls Softball Association Alum, she, along with her parents Daniel 
and Lisa Netz decided that participating in a Traveling Softball League was more to her liking.

When I spoke with Devyn on Friday, her catcher, Carmen “Karma” Walters, 13, was with her and it was absolutely 
inspiring to listen to the two of them. When I asked Devyn how the other team responded to her after the game, 
they both agreed that the Storm never knew what had happened to them, at least not initially. A really thoughtful 
young lady, Devyn wanted to make certain that I included a “Thank you” from her to her teammates, too! 

To pitch a perfect game in baseball or softball is not an easy task. “According to the rules of the International Softball 
Federation (ISF), a perfect game in softball is a statistic credited to a pitcher when he/she completes a game and allows 
the opposing team no one reaching first base.”

And to further demonstrate the difficulty in pitching such a game, in major league baseball, there have only been 
23 such games in major league baseball history!

Devyn attends Bethany Christian School in Sierra Madre and Carmen attends Sierra Madre Middle School. Both 
are weighing their options on what the future holds for them college wise via softball.

Devyn’s parents, Lisa and Daniel Netz couldn’t be prouder. Mom has a smartphone full of pictures and Dad has 
an online gallery of photos. Their enthusiasm is not just showered on Devyn, their sons are also great athletes. 
Dawson plays in the Sierra Madre Little League and Daniel plays for Maranatha’s football team, his mom’s alma 
mater. Congratulations Devyn, for making Girls Softball History! Your nickname is well deserved!

Above, Devyn, right and catcher Carmen Walters left, hold the winning ball!. On the left, Devyn 
winds up to deliver her now famous pitch during another game. Photos courtesy of the Netz Family.



Sierra Madre, CA (July 18, 2014) – Alverno High School alumna Melissa “Mo” Martin was 
the surprise winner at the Women’s British Open at Royal Birkdale on Sunday, July 13. 

 A graduate of Alverno High School from the Class of 2000, Martin hit the best shot of 
her career on Sunday when she hit a three-wood hitting the pin on the par-five 18th hole 
at Royal Birkdale in Southport, England, settling only a few feet away from the hole to set 
up an eagle. An hour later, she ended the day with an even-par 72—winning the Women’s 
British Open by one stroke. 

 Martin started playing golf at the age of 4 after her brother came home with what she 
recalls as “a beautiful, glistening golf trophy.” 

 “He came home with a trophy and I just really wanted a trophy,” Martin recalls. “So I 
started playing golf and fell in love with the game. It really came in pieces how it happened.” 

 Once she fell in love with the sport, Martin’s drive was unstoppable. She spent hours in 
her driveway, hitting countless balls under her father’s instruction into a homemade net. 
She quickly started to collect trophies of her own, including the most prestigious junior 
tournament of its time, the Junior World Japan Cup, where she won her own “beautiful, 
glistening golf trophy” and got to meet the Crown Prince of Japan. 

 By the time Martin started at Alverno as a freshman in 1996 she had already won the 
Junior World Japan Cup and represented the United States there an additional three times. 
Although Alverno didn’t have a golf team at the time, Martin recalls the unique support 
and commitment the school provided her as a student and an athlete. 

 “Alverno was very supportive and the school’s nurturing environment helped me catch 
up—and not only catch up, but excel. I was allowed time to practice and to compete, which 
was really helpful to me,” she said. “After Alverno, I went onto UCLA and was able to join 
the golf program there and compete academically, which opened the door to becoming a 
professional and having the career I have today.” 

 As a female golfer, Martin has faced challenges and overcome some adversity although she 
is grateful to have put most of it behind her but credits the experiences she had growing up 
with helping her to do so. 

 “I got a lot of comments growing up, especially during high school, about being a female 
golfer. There would be individuals who wouldn’t want to play with a female,” Martin 
said. “I think there is still a stigma attached to female golfers, but we are gaining a lot of 
momentum on the professional levels and I am hopeful that young women interested in 
pursuing the sport, or any sport, will focus on their passions, desires, and different skill sets. I think that when they do that, it won’t ever fail them.” 

 Linda Reffner, Alverno’s former Assistant Principal, recounts Martin 
as a student: “She was an excellent student and worked on her golf game 
throughout high school, but hardly ever on a course. When Melissa qualified 
for the CIF championship, she had to be accompanied by a school official 
and so I became her coach for two days. Mo didn't win that tournament, but 
I was extremely impressed by her focus and determination. Most high school 
athletes who don't receive a scholarship in their sport at college will give up, 
but Mo talked her way into a walk-on spot at UCLA and earned a scholarship 
as a result. I have followed her career and admired the progress she made, 
both at UCLA and on the Futures Tour. She has had some impressive rounds 
in tournaments on the LPGA and after the first round at the British Open, 
Alverno alums and teachers lit up Facebook. Everyone was on the edge of 
their seats when she almost made an albatross on the final hole. We are 
extremely proud of her and so happy that her hard work resulted in such a 
great achievement!” 

When her opponent’s shot came up short to tie her at Birkdale, she turned to 
her caddie and said, “Is this real life?!” and it was. Ranked 99th in the world 
prior to Sunday’s win, Martin has been catapulted to a new level of athletic 
fame and certainly a new place in the LPGA history books. 

 “Mo Martin is truly the person she wants to be-- living the Alverno mission 
in her daily life,” said Julia V. Fanara, Alverno High School’s Head of School. 
We are proud of her accomplishments and celebrate her success as we do for 
all of our students and alumnae. We look forward to continuing to watch and 
support her growing career and this exciting new phase of her life.” 

Photos courtesy Alverno High School

About Alverno High School

Alverno High School is an independent, Catholic, college preparatory school for young women 
dedicated to preparing them to function in a society as informed, knowledgeable persons, who 
have the requisite skills to make and implement mature decisions about complex problems. 
Enlivened by the spirit of its Immaculate Heart Community sponsors, and mindful of the 
Franciscan roots of its founders, Alverno's program—academic, spiritual, aesthetic, social, 
and physical—is shaped by the staff, trustees, and students in light of the world for which the 
students are being educated. Alverno’s mission is to empower each young woman to be exactly 
the person she wants to be and since 1960, Alverno has empowered more than 4,200 women 

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