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love-struck lyrical tenderness. 
Nearly dismantling the drum 
kit to rubble at the finale, the 
backbone of the band, head-
slamming David Blackwell kept 
the beat and unleashed a fury 
on the toms which shook the 
ground a la Mount Saint Helens. 
VH1 will have to update their 
playful beach YouTube videos of 
these handsome guys since they 
entered the inferno. LA‘s hottest 
new band, Canto’s Up In Smoke 
2014 tour is back home. 

Review by Thomas Michael Brady 


Mountain View News Saturday, August 2, 2014 



Part-time Library Technician - Closes 08.31.14 

The City of Sierra Madre Public Library is looking for a part-
time Library Technician to assists patrons of all ages with 
basic library questions, research needs, readers advisory and 
computer use. The Technician will provide basic orientation 
and instruction for in-house and online library resources; 
informs patrons of acceptable library use and behavior.

 Essential Functions

The following duties are normal for this position. These are not 
to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may 
be required and assigned.

• Staffs the circulation service desk, including registering 
new library patrons, checking out and re-ceiving books and 
other items, performing procedures necessary for opening 
and closing of the library, answering questions from patrons 
regarding overdue payments and fines, calculating fines and 
fees, collecting money, and completing necessary overdue 
account paperwork;

• Assists with processing new library materials and 
maintain accurate records;

• Under supervision performs copy cataloging for 
assigned collections;

• Under supervision, scans images according to 
specifications for the Sierra Madre Historical Ar-chives, assists 
in supervising patron use of materials, researches history for 
the cataloging rec-ord, and responds to image requests via 

• Instructs patrons in use of computers, microfiche, 
reader-printer, eReaders etc.; retrieves re-quested reading and 
research materials; acts as an information source about library 
events and programs and other general information;

• Prepares book and informational displays;

• Creates flyers, bookmarks, calendars, and posters using 
desktop publishing software;

• Assists with office duties as assigned;

• Attends and participates in staff meetings as schedule 

• Performs other related duties as required.

 Qualification Guidelines

Knowledge of: Alphabetical and decimal numeric filing 
system | Basic computer use | Purpose and func-tions of the 
library | Effective public relations | General principles of risk 
management related to the func-tions of the assigned area | 
Techniques for providing a high level of customer service to 
public and City staff | Safe work practices. 

 Ability to: Communicate with individuals or groups utilizing a 
broad base of verbal skills | Comprehend, interpret and provide 
instruction in the use of a variety of technological tools | Apply 
common sense un-derstanding to perform semi-repetitive 
tasks | Apply library sorting and organizational standards such 
as alphabetizing and the Dewey Decimal system | Utilize basic 
functions of the library automated system | Comprehend and 
make inferences from written material | Work cooperatively 
with staff and the general public | Read and follow technical 
directions while working with a computers and other like 
devices | In-struct patrons on the use of library equipment and 
tools | Use independent judgment in non-routine situations, 
such as resolving problems with angry patrons | Move objects, 
carry and unload boxes of books and other library material in 
excess of 20 pounds | Perform special projects as needed and 
receive direction from library staff | Work a flexible schedule 
which may include evenings and weekends.


Associate in Science or Arts degree with proficiency in 
Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. Ability to use Internet 
and basic computer resources efficiently. Library Technician 
coursework or certificate preferred. Experience working in 
a public library is desirable. Experience using html, digital 
cameras, and scanners is desirable.


• $14.62 per hour. Approximately 15 hours/week; 
maximum 960 hours per fiscal year.

• A mandatory deferred compensation plan is offered in 
lieu of Social Security withholding.

• This is a part-time position and as such offers no sick 
leave or benefits.

• This is an “at-will” position and may be terminated at 
any time with or without cause.

 Application Process

Application deadline: Sunday August 31, 2014 or when 20 
qualified applications have been received. Candidates should 
apply online at
openings. Applications must be completed and demonstrate 
that the minimum qualifications are met. All statements made 
on the application are subject to investigation and verification. 
The most qualified candidates will be selected to participate 
in the testing process. All candidates who meet the minimum 
qualifications will remain can-didates until a final offer is 
accepted by the candidate selected. The City may conclude that 
none of the candidates, even those who meet the minimum 
qualifications, are appropriate for the position. 

 Testing will be scheduled for Monday, September 8, 2014. 
Testing process may include written and/or verbal exercises.

 Immigration and Reform Act of 1986

In compliance with the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986, 
all new employees must demonstrate eligi-bility to legally work 
in the United States by providing required documentation.

 Equal Opportunity Employer

The City does not make employment decisions based on sex, 
race, color, religion, national origin, ances-try, age, marital 
status or physical handicap, except when such qualifications 
are appropriate occupa-tional qualifications.

 Employment Standards

Employment with the City of Sierra Madre is contingent upon 
meeting the medical standards of the posi-tion. A candidate 
must pass a pre-employment physical examination and a 
reference and background check. The City of Sierra Madre 
makes reasonable accommodations for disabled persons, 
considering each situation on an individual basis. Please make 
direct requests for accommodation to the Human Re-sources 
Division. The provisions of this job announcement do not 
constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provision 
contained in this job announcement may be modified or 
revoked without notice.

- See more at:

 You would think that a woman of my maturity would rather 
not speak of birthdays. That is incorrect. First of all, as my 
mother used to say, “The only way to avoid growing old is to die 
young.” I listened and happily chose not to die young. And my 
father whispered another gem in my ear that made me appreciate 
birthdays even more. He said, “Your birthday is your own 
personal holiday. Enjoy it!” And so, in the spirit of wisdom of 
both my parents, I want to celebrate, a very special birthday. No, 
not mine - that’s in February, but the birthday of the Mountain 
Views News nee Observer! 

 It has been seven years this month that this paper was created 
and believe me, we are proud to be here. This paper follows in the 
traditions my parents spoke of. We will not die young and we will 
take the time to appreciate our own special day.

 As you notice, I keep saying we? Well that is because the Mountain 
Views is not just the paper that I own and publish. It belongs to 
many other people too. To the wonderful staff, contributors, 
volunteers, supporters and caretakers, and most of all, it belongs 
to the communities we serve. Without you, this paper would not 
be possible. Oh, and yes, to our detractors, we thank you too, 
because your unrelenting criticism makes us stronger.

 There are several people who have been with this paper since the 
beginning. Special birthday greetings to: Dean Lee, Pat Birdsall, 
Rich Johnson, Bob Eklund, Mary Carney, Kim Clymer-Kelley, Jeff 
Brown, John Aveny, and Peter Dills. This paper also has a stellar 
alumni that for a variety of reasns, mostly relocation, are no longer 
with us. They include Chris Bertrand who retired to Northern 
California to be closer to her grandson; Hail Hamilton who just 
recently retired and moved away; and Joe Russo, who spent many, 
many hours working with me on the production of the paper. 
Joe has married, become a wonderful 
father and now lives in the midwest. 
Our dear friend and contributor, 
Ralph McKnight, the original voice of 
the “Left”, passed away in August a few 
years ago. 

 We’ve also been blessed to add to 
our ranks many other fine writers 
including those listed on our masthead 
(Page B4). I hope I didn’t forget 
anyone, is so, I am certain you will let me know! For seven years, 
364 consecutive weeks, you have been with us in pen and/or spirit. 
We also wish to thank those who have been behind the scenes 
supporting the paper with their kind deeds and encouraging 
words. You shall remain nameless, but I want you to know that 
we truly appreciate you.

 And last but not least, thanks to my family who have withstood 
so much. They’ve been willing to share companion, mom 
and grandmom, sister, and aunt with the paper. You are also 
appreciated and loved.

 It has not always been easy, but I have the same commitment that 
I had when I suggested that Sierra Madre needed a real community 
paper. A few years ago, , I answered a question that was asked of 
me by someone in town, “Why Are You Doing this?” Now that is 
truly a good question. Let’s see. Perhaps my parents dropped me 
on my head when I was a child. No, that’s not it. Ok, well perhaps 
I just like working 100 hour weeks. Or better yet, maybe I just 
love pouring every penny I have into this enterprise. Hmm…that 
doesn’t sound right either. Ok, I got it. I publish this paper because 
I love it. I love sharing information with others. I love learning and 
writing about the treasures in our community. I love providing a 
needed service to the community. I love bringing people together, 
even when they don’t agree. 

 I love providing the opportunity for others to 
share their talents. And please know, there is no 
one associated with the Mountain Views that 
supports their families or even their cheapest 
hobbies with the money they earn, if any. The 
people celebrating with me today all participate 
because it is a labor of love, and we love to do this 
because you, the community have shown that you 
love us too!

 I wish that more people would look around and see what they can 
contribute to make our communities a better place. Many people 
do, but there are many more that don’t. If you don’t, you have 
no idea how good it would make you feel. Sharing your talents 
unconditionally is the best feeling in the world. And, when you 
have done it long enough to have a ‘birthday’ you really rejoice. 

 So, pick something, a school, a library, a church, an organization, 
someone who is sick and shut in, or even your next door neighbor. 
Take a little time to share what God has given you. When you do 
you will find that, birthdays roll around pretty fast but they feel 
really good!

 So, Happy Birthday Mountain Views News. We should all be 
very proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time. 
And, thanks to each of you for all you have done. 

 Susan Henderson, Publisher/Editor


Pat Ostrye, Paul Carpenter, Stuart 
Tolchin, Hail Hamilton, Stanley J. 
Forrester, Trish Collins, Teresa Baxter, 
Julie Puterbaugh, Bruce LaMarche, Ann 
Luke, and Meaghan Allen

BROTHERS (continued from page 1)

David and Aidan Blackwell above, Seamus Blackwell below right Photos by Zach Alvarez