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Does an Apple a Day 

Keep the Doctor Away?

Stressed? We are 
constantly dealing 
with the business 
and responsibility 
of life as it is today. 
Driving, cell 
phones and work, 
not to mention juggling kids, keeping a home and 
the news, can all leave us completely stressed out! 
The way the nervous system works, we have the 
fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system), 
where we are on alert and ready for task or survival. 
The flight response is triggered by a perception of a 
threat by a thought. The parasympathetic nervous 
system or resting/digesting mode, is when we 
are calm and assimilating the nutrients from our 

 But this does not happen just because we are 
eating. In fact, we may be eating on the move. If 
we are not getting adequate nourishment from our 
food – yet we are eating, it could be because we are 
not in digestion mode. This can cause all kinds of 
problems in our systems. Watching a suspenseful 
action movie while eating will not allow the system 
to calm down and digest properly. Because the 
food is not completely digested and we are rushing 
around eating a salad in the car or grabbing a latte 
on the run, the organs get taxed. The kidneys 
cannot do the proper filtration job, the adrenals 
get stressed because they are being over used 
to produce adrenalin to keep combating stress. 
We can get headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, 
anxiety, agitated, develop IBS and or adrenal 
fatigue and many more worse conditions. The 
more time we spend in the Sympathetic mode, the 
more we get used to it. It is then harder to switch 
to resting mode where our bodies need to spend 
time! Yoga and meditation can help us combat 
the effects of our hectic life styles. Restorative 
yoga can put us right at ease. We need breath 
practices that we can learn to do anytime to help 
us from jumping in to flight mode. Meditation 
can help us to spend more time in the calm/
resting mode during waking hours and train our 
systems to stay calm. Sometimes we can’t even 
get a good night sleep because we are fighting our 
battles in our dreams. That is because the mind 
is still thinking those un-restful thoughts. But 
yoga, meditation and breath practice can help us 
get a better nights rest. I promise! 

 Try our restorative class on Sunday’s at 5:00 or 
a gentle class in the morning first thing. Many of 
your little ailments might just fade away as you 
get used to leading a calmer, less stressful life.


See you in class.



Who doesn’t like an 
apple? We’ve been 
told since we were kids 
how healthy apples are. 
But do you really know 
why? Let’s take a look 
at what’s in an apple 
that makes it so good 
for us. 

 Pectin: A soluble 
fiber that can has 
shown to lower 
blood pressure, LDL (bad cholesterol), and glucose 
levels. It also helps maintain the health of the 
digestive system. 
Quercetin: May neutralize free radical damage which 
has been involved in age-related health problems like 
Alzheimer’s and reducing the risk of many cancers. 
Vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene: These fight 
free radical damage which helps reduce the risk of 
heart disease, diabetes and asthma. 
Flavonoids and Antioxidants: Some scientists 
believe that these substances make apples better than 
many other superfoods to combat potentially life 
threatening conditions.

 Recently, Chinese University of Hong Kong 
researchers reported that fruit flies given an apple 
extract lived 10% longer. The flies were able to walk, 
climb and move more easily as they aged. They 
believe the extract cleaned up free radicals which 
are the dangerous chemicals blamed for a host of 
maladies including aging.

 Apples have the mark of a healthy food because 
they are low in calorie density which means you get 
a lot of nutrients for little calories. They also have 
been called nature’s toothbrush since they can help 
clean our teeth and kill bacteria in the mouth which 
will reduce the risk of tooth decay. I think it’s easy 
to see how beneficial an apple is, so eat up. There 
are so many varieties of apples that you can never 
get bored with eating them. And remember, The 
Environmental Working Group’s 2014 Dirty Dozen 
list has apples as #1. So whenever possible, buy 

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center



Need a doctor? Nope, not 
me. I don’t need to pay a 
doctor all that money for 
4 minutes and 30 seconds 
of his time. I’ve got the 
internet and besides, I’m 
a Medic and have studied 
anatomy. Yeah, I’ve got 
this handled . . . well 
almost. So, here’s my story.

 The other night I woke with a knife-like pain 
in my upper right quadrant of my abdomen. 
So at 3 AM I go on to the internet at a favorite 
doctor site and it helps point out that my 
appendix may be rupturing. After reviewing 
my symptoms again with another website, I 
became even more concerned. I spend the rest 
of the night worrying about losing work time 
recovering from surgery and the cost. Finally, 
my wife says to either go to emergency, or suck 
it up and wait for Dr. Brown in Sierra Madre to 
open at 9AM. So I wait.

 I get over to Dr. Brown’s office, right there 
on Sierra Madre Blvd. in Sierra Madre, and 
he spends an amazing 90 minutes with me 
patiently going over all details of my history 
and giving me a thorough exam. Early on 
he agrees and says that the symptoms could 
very well be appendicitis. I keep my despair 
to myself as he continues. Finally, he asks me 
about my day yesterday and if I did something 
unusual. Nope, says I with confidence. Well 
. . . actually, I did help move two washing 
machines but my younger helper did most of 
the lifting. He looks at me with a knowing 
grin. Perhaps, I pulled a muscle in my gut he 
suggests. After some more poking around, he 
says, “Yup, I think you strained those muscles 
right here” as he probes to make his point. A 
short grunt later I agree. 

 Then it hits me. Being the self-sufficient, 
money saver that I was, I attempted to avoid 
wasting money on a short doctor visit by 
solving the problem myself. Dumb! All my 
past doctor visits have been done in record 
time (usually less than 5 minutes) and that 
after a 50 minute wait reading old magazines. 
What I ended up with was a long session with a 
very caring doctor who looked at all aspects of 
my life and physical condition to evaluate my 
complaint. This experience was a first for me. 
And . . . Doctor Brown saw me precisely at my 
appointment time. 

 The session ended with a check of my eating 
habits and a recommendation to take certain 
vitamins. He even encouraged me to contact 
him with any follow-up questions I might 
have. Huh? This must be a dream, but no, it’s 

 Doc Brown has an amazing background 
of experience and is actually interested in 
preventing problems, unlike many other 
doctors. He strikes me as the old fashioned 
type of doctor who used to come to the house 
with his black bag, yet he’s totally modern 
in his knowledge of medicine. I wish more 
doctors could be like him. He actually cares 
and has the knowledge to back it up, and he 
wasn’t even expensive!

 Doctor Warren Brown’s practice is called 
Proactive Care Partners and is located at 529 
W. Sierra Madre Blvd. in Sierra Madre. He can 
be reached at (626) 355-8595. Check him out at He’s a great 

 Got a question? Ask Bruce by 
phone-(626)335-3412 or e-mail: blamarche@ This article is provided by Bruce 
Lamarche, a member of Society of Certified 
Senior Advisors®, Bruce’s 
company, R & B Reverse Mortgage Services 
(Glendora) helps seniors make an informed 
decision about obtaining a reverse mortgage.

This story was 
originally printer 
on August 1, 2009. 
We checked and 
Dr. Brown is still 
very “real” ! 

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