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Mountain View News Saturday, August 2, 2014 

Sierra Madre Police Blotter

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side

“Loud is the summer’s busy song. The smallest breeze can find 
a tongue, while insects of each tiny size grow teasing with their 
melodies, till noon burns with its blistering breath around, and 
day lies still as death.” John Clare

 I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description of August. All 
we can do is move slowly, remember that only “Mad dogs and 
Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun,” (Noel Coward); clip 
the burned leaves off our plants; water sparingly early in the 
morning and keep praying for that El Nino thing to show up this 
winter. John, best traveling companion ever, and I just spent 
nine days in Wylie, Texas to celebrate granddaughter, Emily’s 
4th birthday and her mommy’s birthday, too. Wylie is outside 
Dallas and they are, purportedly, in the grip of a drought also, 
except that it’s the greenest place I ever saw. It rained the day 
we left, they had flooding the week before we arrived and a flood 
warning was posted again today. I like their version of drought 
lots better than ours! 

“The pleasure of jogging and running this time of year is rather like 
that of wearing a fur coat in Texas in August: the true joy comes in 
being able to take the darn thing off.” Joseph Epstein

 Walking around town, we notice Monsieur Crepe has now 
sold over 10,000 crepes to hungry Sierra Madreans! Way to go, 
Aurelien Mosconi! We hope you sell 10,000 more! If you haven’t 
stopped in there lately, give yourself a treat! Don’t you just love 
the umbrella tables outside Cycle de Pro, T-Neer, iFruggi and 
Subway? So inviting. Perfect spot for mountain viewing!

 Had lunch a couple of weeks ago at Sierra Brigante, sat outside 
on the front patio in the shade, enjoyed something involving 
eggplant which was fabulous and a glass or two of wine with a 
dear friend. So pleasant sitting where we could admire our own 
personal mountains. Highly recommend it.

“August in sub-Saharan Los Angeles is one of the great and awful 
tests of one’s endurance, sanity and stamina.” Henry Rollins 

In our efforts to conserve water, which we have to confess, 
we’ve not been very good about lately, we got these nifty things 
called “Solar Sun Rings” which lock together with magnets, float 
around the pool and keep the water from evaporating. Last 
year’s pool cover was sort of a disaster. Yes, kept the water in the 
pool, but made it impossible to actually use or clean it. My pool 
guy, John, was out there cleaning it this morning and the Solar 
Sun Rings were a breeze to get around. Speaking of water, we 
have resolved again to use less. I seem to have become a water-
a-holic in the kitchen, using far more than necessary. Old habits 
die hard, don’t they? So, shorter showers, no water running, the 
lawn will have to fend for itself and we’re still being pretty good 
about that flushing thing. 

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is 
blowing, the birds are singing and the lawnmower is broken.” 
James Dent

The tomatoes have been delicious this year and the cantaloupe 
seeds we stuck in the tomato plant pot are putting out leaves. 
Dahlias look spectacular just now, they don’t seem to mind the 
heat, but roses are on strike till it cools off. Our neighbors the 
Giant Pumpkin growers have giant pumpkins already and it’s 
months till Halloween but pumpkins seem to love the heat.

We heard it on the grapevine that there’s a fox living somewhere 
behind our garage, or our neighbor’s barn. Rumor had it 
that every evening around 6:00 or so he (or she) walks up our 
driveway and wanders through the neighborhood seeing what’s 
going on. Well, we saw him! He was jumping around on our 
lawn one evening and then we saw him across the street in our 
neighbor’s yard nibbling on something! He’s lovely! Grey with 
a very fluffy tail.

 It’s not too late to put in a tomato plant! Be good to yourself 
and drink a lot of water. Take heart: Fall is on the way!

 May you have a perfect summer day every single day this 

 My book: “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of Laughter”

is available on; or at https://www.createspace.

and at the Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene Book Store! 

During the week of Sunday, July 20th to Sunday, July 27th, the Sierra 
Madre Police Department responded to approximately 423 calls for 

Monday, July 21st

At approximately 7:00pm, Sierra Madre Police Officers were driving 
North on Santa Anita Ave from Grandview Avenue. As Officers 
approached the center median, they noticed a male individual laying 
in the grass performing inappropriate acts on himself. The suspect 
seemed unfazed by the traffic passing through in the area he was 
exposed to. In an attempt to deter the suspect, Officers drove past 
him but the suspect continued his act. When Officers approached 
the suspect they noted that the suspect’s pants and underwear were 
unzipped and opened. When the suspect was questioned by Officers, 
he claimed that he was simply resting. The suspect was arrested and 
charged with the violation of performing a lewd act in a public place.

At 7:57pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to the 350 North block 
of Lima St. regarding a petty theft report. When Officers arrived 
the victim informed them that she had placed an ad on a webpage 
inquiring for assistance around her home. At around 6:15pm she met 
with the suspect who had replied back to her ad and has the suspect 
move boxes from her attic to another location. Shortly after the suspect 
left, the victim noticed her white cellphone was missing. The victim 
attempted to locate it in her home and was unable, so she then called 
the suspect to ask if he had seen it prior to leaving which he informed 
her that he did not have it or had seen it. Using the phone locator, 
she victim was able to determine her phone was located in Irwindale. 
Several attempts to contact the suspect went unanswered. This case 
had been forwarded to the Detectives Bureau.

At approximately 8:35pm, Sierra Madre Police responded the 300 
block of Sturtevant Dr. regarding a reckless driver. Upon arriving on 
scene, Officers were informed by on off-duty Officer and two victims 
that as they were traveling north up Mountain Trail Ave, the suspect 
rolled a stop sign and made a left turn from Grandview onto Mountain 
Trail Ave, nearly hitting the victim’s vehicle. As both vehicles traveled 
up Mountain Trail, the suspect tailgated the victim. The suspect then 
pulled up alongside the victim and attempted to ram their vehicle, 
causing the victim to swerve. The victim caught up with the suspect 
and used her vehicle to block the vehicle in as the off-duty Officer 
identified himself and Sierra Madre Police was called. The suspect was 
arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Friday, July 25th

At 6:10pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to the 300 East block of 
Laurel Ave. regarding a residential burglary report. Upon arriving, 
Officers were informed by the victim that after doing some errands 
away from home, he came back to discover his laptop, passport, and 
legal documents pertaining to a pending divorce and restraining 
order were missing. He indicated a separate laptop that was next to the 
one that was stolen was left untouched, along with all his check books 
and personal information in the desk the laptop was left on. When 
questioned by Officers as to who could have done this, the suspect 
informed them he believes it was his wife. He informed them that she 
had called multiple times throughout the day and when he informed 
her he was out on an errand she abruptly hung up. A thorough 
investigation determined there to be no signs of forced entry. This case 
has been forwarded to the Detectives Bureau.