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Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis



Sierra Madre, CA. – November 17, 2014 – Raymond 
Chandler’s classic, The Long Goodbye, has been 
chosen as Sierra Madre’s One Book One City 
selection for 2015. Published in 1953 and featuring 
his famous detective, Philip Marlow, Chandler called 
the novel “my best book”. Set in Los Angeles in 1949, 
The Long Goodbye is notable for using hard-boiled 
detective fiction as a vehicle for social criticism, 
as well as for including factual elements from 
Chandler’s life. Within an anthology of American 
crime stories The Long Goodbye was praised as “a 
serious and significant mainstream novel that just 
happened to possess elements of mystery”. In 1955 it 
won the Edgar Award for best novel.

The One Book One City Committee is planning a 
series of activities related to Chandler’s “Noir” novel. 
Following a kickoff event on January 31, 2015, the 
Sierra Madre Library will host panel discussions, 
contests, book clubs, a mystery night, and a couple 
of surprises during the month of February. Starting 
this December, be on the lookout for posters and 
brochures providing specific details about the events 
and contest rules. Copies of the Long Goodbye are 
available at the Sierra Madre Public Library.

A committee of volunteer local residents meets 
throughout the year to review books and make the 
annual selection based on literary merit, popular 
appeal and connection to Sierra Madre or California 
history. One Book, Once City is a nation-wide 
community reading program designed to include 
encourage everyone in a city to read and discuss the 
same book. 

Read, Discover connect @ Sierra Madre Public 
Library Sierra Madre Public Library, 440 W. Sierra 
Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 91024, (626) 355-7186,

Walking Sierra Madre this time of year is 
such a pleasure. There are still pumpkins on 
neighbor’s decks and deck railings, which 
will last for months, till the squirrels find 
a weak spot. Those folks who say we don’t 
have Autumn color haven’t seen our leaves 
and it finally feels like Fall. I expect we’re 
all doing something about Thanksgiving. 
Brining our turkey (best thing ever for a 
moist and tender Festive Bird!), making a 
pie, being in charge of the sweet potatoes 
and, best of all, inviting family and friends 
to share the feast. I’m kind of wondering if 
any of you folks have ever had the following 

The Ghost of Thanksgivings Past

The Festive Bird is in the stove,

And time now for a nap.

I laid me down, closed my eyes,

And on the window heard a tap.

It’s far too soon for guests to come,

I need a little peace!

The stuffing’s ready, cranberries chillin’,

Pies overflow with pumpkin fillin’.

The tap just keeps on at my window,

But I’m not gonna look!

There’s nothing more for me to do,

This is one tired and sleepy cook.

So I snuggled deep down in my afghan,

Turned my head the other way.

I don’t care who’s at that window,

They can tap all day.

Off I went to slumberland and dreamed a 
lovely dream,

A kitchen, clean and washed and spotless, 
everything just right.

But then I dreamt a dreadful dream,

That made me shriek with fright!

The tapping at my window,

More insistent grew.

And what was out there tapping,

I’ll now describe to you.The Ghost of my 
Thanksgivings Past,

A turkey that was huge!

Tapped an enormous beak at my window,

And gobbled…. “J’ accuse!”

“Forty Thanksgivings, and more,” he said,

“Since you walked down the aisle.

Forty turkeys you’ve served up, 

With sweet potatoes and a smile.”

“Forty turkeys come and gone,

And still your gravy’s awful!

And the year the turkey hit the floor,

Should be declared… unlawful!!”

“Most of them were nicely done, I’ll give 
you that,” he said.

“But some were cooked so badly,

You should have ordered Chinese instead!”

What an awful dream, I thought, as I 
cowered in my bed.

The Ghostly Turkey wasn’t finished,

With his accusations many.

And I, offering excuses,

Discovered I hadn’t any!

But then he smiled and said to me,

“Your crimes are all forgiven.

For those who’ve gathered at your table,

Have rejoiced and laughed for hours.”

“We turkeys relish meals like these,

They are as sweet as summer flowers!

Enjoy today, with friends and family, 
gathered ‘round your table,

Give thanks for health and joy and peace…

Then share this Thanksgiving fable.”

And with a last gobble…gobble, the Ghost 
of Thanksgivings Past,

 Flew up, up, and away…

And I heard him exclaim, ere he flew out 
of sight…

“Happy Thanksgiving to all…

And for heaven’s sake, learn to make better 


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hope it’s 
the best one ever!


Sierra Madre United Methodist Church is holding its 
annual Christmas Alternative Gift Fair & Boutique on 
Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 
Celebrate the spirit of the holiday season with a gift 
that truly “gives back.” Your donations help support 
the relief efforts of local organizations such as San 
Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity, Friends in Deed, 
and Foothill Unity Center, and global efforts such as 
Heifer International, Imagine No Malaria, Church 
World Service, and missionary programs in Mexico. 
Sales from the popular handcrafted gift boutique will 
benefit Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley. Fair 
Trade items from the Ten Thousand Villages Store 
will also be available. Enjoy free refreshments while 
you browse. 

The Church is located at 695 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. in 
Sierra Madre. Call 626-355-0629 for more information.


The Firefighter’s Ball will be held on 
December 6th at St. Rita Parish O’Malley 
Hall from 8:00 PM to Midnight. The annual 
festivity that began in 1921 is sponsored by 
the Sierra Madre Volunteer Firefighters’ 
Association and will host live entertainment, 
refreshments, and spirits.

 Attendees are encouraged to bring a new, 
unwrapped gift to donate to the U.S. Marine 
Corp’s “Toys for Tots” program.

 Tickets to the ball are $5.00 each; however, 
contributions of any amount are sincerely 
appreciated. Ticket sales and donations 
from the Ball finance S.M.V.F.A. sponsored 
events such as the Christmas Eve visit from 
Santa and stocking distribution, the Easter 
Egg Hunt, continued sponsorship of youth 
athletic teams, and more.

Sierra Madre Police Blotter

During the week of Sunday, November 9th, to 
Sunday, November 16th, the Sierra Madre Police 
Department responded to approximately 347 
calls for service.

Sunday, November 9th

 At 4:55 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to 
the 100 Block of North Sunnyside a suspicious 
man walking and talking to himself. Officers 
located the suspect who informed Officers 
he was on both probation and parole and had 
recently been released from jail. While the 
suspect was speaking to Officers, they noticed 
his slurred speech and mumbling. After giving 
Officers consent to search, it was discovered the 
suspect had marijuana and heroin, complete 
with a broken pipe. The suspect was arrested 
and transported to Pasadena jail. 

Monday, November 10th 

 At 8:30 am, Sierra Madre Police responded 
to the 400 Block of East Montecito Avenue 
regarding suspicious circumstances. Upon 
arrival, Officers were informed by the resident 
that upon returning from a short out of town 
trip, they noticed the panels on the rear wood 
fence had been tampered with and left ajar. 
During the investigation, Officers came across a 
screwdriver that did not belong to the residence. 
While canvasing the area, the residents 
informed Officers that nothing seemed to be 
missing from their property. More importantly 
Officers determined there were no signs of pry 
marks or forced entry. The residents informed 
Officers that several neighbors had experienced 
the same issue of panels being tampered with 
on one or both sides of the fence. During a 
close examination of the screwdriver, a name 
was revealed on the tool, which matched that 
of a nearby neighbor. The neighbor informed 
Officers he had lost the tool some time ago and 
that he was not responsible for tampering with 
the panels. This case has been forwarded to the 
Detectives Bureau. 

Monday, November 10th

 At 6:24 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded 
to the station lobby regarding a personal 
identification theft. The victim informed 
Officers that an unknown person used their 
personal information to open up a credit card in 
the victim’s name. The victim informed Officers 
that he never gave anyone any permission to 
open a credit card in his name. Thankfully the 
credit card was mailed to the victim’s address 
and was never used for any charges. 

Friday, November 14th

 At 3:54 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded 
to the 1900 Block of Vista Avenue regarding a 
hit and run. When Officers arrived on scene, 
the resident informed them that shortly before 
3:50 pm, she walked outside and noticed her 
trees and shrubbery had been damaged by 
what appeared to be a vehicle. The resident 
explained she did not see or hear when the 
collision happened, but remembered going 
outside an hour prior, and noticing no 
damage to her trees and shrubbery. A partial 
tire print was discovered at the scene. Officers 
determined an unknown vehicle performed 
an unsafe turning movement, causing the 
vehicle to collide and damage the trees and 

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